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Must be Thursday. Time for Mid-Fuck!

Are you tired of building up to the act? Do you sometimes wish for a chance to skip the conversation and go straight for the scenario you've always wanted to experience?

In that case, rejoice! This meme was made for you.

  1. Post with your character in the middle of having sex.
  2. Any scenario and level of description is allowed!
  3. Other characters reply as your character's partner in that fuck!
  4. Keep going and finish the act.
  5. Go for another round or have fun with cuddling and afterplay.
  6. Have fun!
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For Bucky Barnes | formerweapon

[personal profile] spideyguy 2016-10-31 05:09 pm (UTC)(link)
Somehow, Peter thinks, they always end up here, one way or another. When he met Bucky one night on Coney Island, selling roses along the boardwalk, they'd instantly clicked. Bucky's interest became abundantly clear when he bought a rose, only to turn around and press it into Peter's hand again. That night had ended in a dimly lit alleyway, pawing at each other with the fervent secrecy of doing something they knew they probably shouldn't be.

The next time Peter saw Bucky, the man was in uniform, and it all went downhill from there.

Now, months later, Buck's on leave and Peter ends up meeting him at his friend's apartment. Pretty much as soon as Peter is through the door, they're kissing, and Peter can tell Bucky is pretty much starving for contact, affection. Peter can't say he's been trying all that hard to get any action either; when you're dirt poor and too sickly to serve, the ladies aren't jumping to be with you. Luckily, though, he brought some oil; he'd had it for some such occasion.

So Peter obliges, kissing Bucky back, hard, hat flopping to the floor when he ends up pinned against the wall. He has to take a breath eventually, laughing a quiet wheeze as he squeezes Bucky's shoulders. "You've filled out."
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[personal profile] formerweapon 2016-11-02 09:57 am (UTC)(link)
Bucky wasn't going to be staying for very long, maybe a week or so, until they're back off to fight across the ocean. The time spent away from Peter with nothing but a few letters to keep him company were almost unbearable. When they walked around the cities over there, girls always seemed to flock to them but it just wasn't the same even if he'd entertained them for appearance's sake.

But as soon as he saw Peter walk through that door, he couldn't keep his hands to himself any longer. He's on him before he even gets the chance to close the door all the way, hands on his hips as he pushes him up against the wall. He's been waiting months to do this to him again, craving his touch since the last time he saw Peter.

He smiles as they break for breath, "Military training will do that to 'ya" he says as his hands are pulling at Peter's shirt, un-tucking it from his pants and letting his hands slip under the hem, onto the warm skin underneath.
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There's a part of Peter that knows this can't last, that Bucky could be taken away for good by this damned war any day now, but a greater part of him just wants to focus on the here and now. The letters aren't much, but they're enough to put air into Peter's lungs, knowing that with each letter, Bucky's lasted at least another couple of days.

"Well sign me up, soldier," Peter murmurs his tease, setting Bucky's cap askew when his fingers run up through the back of Bucky's hair, tugging him closer. His fingers are worn from battle, running over the smooth skin of Peter's abdomen, and he shivers pleasantly, pressing his hips forward, against Bucky's.

"Really should get you out of that uniform. Ain't dignified. General Washington's turnin' over in his grave."