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Hot for teacher

Hot for Teacher Meme
You know the trope. You probably know the song! No need to explain here. Now, you can play out your student/teacher desires!

  • "Student/teacher" is used very loosely here. You could play out someone getting with their tutor, a player wanting their coach, or even a person who's been lusting after somebody who taught them how to macramé.
  • Usually, a certain amount of ageplay is implied with student/teacher, but it's not necessary! Anyone can teach another person of the same age, after all.
  • Comment with your character and preferences. Be sure to be specific with said preferences by including exactly what side you want to play or some possible scenarios. How serious or dark or fluffy or sexy the threads are depend on you.
  • Reply to others.
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[personal profile] formerweapon 2016-10-11 06:41 am (UTC)(link)
Apparently, Tony had come up with an arrangement to let Peter join in on the training sessions at the facility when he wasn't busy with school, under an internship cover so his aunt wouldn't find it all too suspicious.

Seeing as some of the avengers were out on missions, Bucky took up being he's sparing teacher. Not that his fighting wasn't good but it could just be improved on. Besides, Peter tells him pop culture he's missed out on... among other things.

Buck's standing in one of the sparing rooms, one with platforms to accommodate Peter's fighting style with enough room open space for close quarter combat. One of the many sparing music playlists playing over the speakers, upbeat tunes ranging from a variety of genres. He punches the air a few times to check the tightness of the bandage on his hand before he starts stretching as he waits for Peter to come in.
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Peter thinks it's one of the flimsiest fucking excuses he's ever tried to feed to his Aunt, but for some reason she bites into it, hook, line, and sinker. Peter has a quiet, sinking feeling that it's because she's relieved it's not drugs, wants desperately to believe it isn't and look, Tony Stark has actually kissed her hand (Peter glared at him for hours afterwards, but May was charmed) and that's not something Peter can lie to her about.

Bucky, you're being way too good to Peter. He's well aware he's a trainwreck. Never formally trained, all of his moves come from what he's picked up on the streets or, I shit you not, TV and movies. Problem was, he was flexible, and fast enough, for the moves on TV to work. It's a travesty, honestly. He relies too much on his spider sense, but it works, and he maintains this careful balance while risking life and limb.

Peter's late, he knows he is, which results in him busting through the door breathlessly, backpack swinging haphazardly from one shoulder, threatening to decorate the floor with what were probably paper very vital to Peter's education. "Sorry, so sorry, train was late and - "
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Bucky doesn't run on strict schedules like the others, so he's not going to hound at Peter for being late to the session. After all, he's just a kid with a busier schedule than most his age so he's can't help but be amused as he hears him bust through the door. Once Buck's done with him, he'll be a better fighter, at least that's what he hopes for. Trying to get Peter from relying too much on his spidey sense, while it's great in a fight, he needs to react a little faster.

"It's fine, kid. I don't run a tight ship here, so you can relax." Buck gives a little wave of his hand before he jumps up from his spot on the floor, looking over Peter as he stands there in his comfortable clothes.

"You planning on training in those or do you wanna get changed first?" He points with his thumb at the cozy little locker rooms attached for convenience to the rooms, wanting him to be comfortable in whatever he chooses. Stark likes to keep a closet of workout clothes near everyone's individual lockers just in case.
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"Sorry," Peter pants, shoulders relaxing when Bucky seems so casual about him being late. He dumps his bag and starts stuffing his papers back into the appropriate places, brushing his hair out of his face as he does so. "Thanks, yeah, there was - a lot of traffic." And he's on his board, so getting into downtown Manhattan isn't exactly the easiest trip in the world.

"Depends on what we're doing, I guess." He's just in his normal t-shirts and jeans, with a hoodie zipped up carelessly overtop of it. It has holes in the sleeves from where he's worried his thumbs through the fabric, a nervous habit. "Think I should?"
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Bucky nods as he places a hand on his hip and shifts his weight to one side, watching Peter get himself situated again. "I can imagine so, glad that you got here in one piece." Every hour was always rush hour around here so he understands the ridiculous traffic around the tower.

"A little bit of everything, just so i can see what everyone else has been doing with you and then we can move on from there. Could work in some high intensity training if you want." While he doesn't think that Peter's current attire would hinder him much during training, there's no guarantee that he'll be gentle to them. He's sporting a t-shirt and sweats, ones that tony had personalized to have Barnes running down the leg as he did with everyone's workout pair. Probably didn't want them lost in the loads of laundry.

"Your call. I'd recommend that you do, but that's just me."
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Peter offers a grateful smile at Bucky's understanding. After having so many people on his ass, about everything, all the time, it's definitely a refreshing change of pace to have somebody get it, for once.

"Yeah, I don't mind. Whatever you think will help." That's the whole point, that everyone else is more experienced than Peter is, in this area. Not that Peter is a bad fighter, but relying on his spidey sense can only get him so far, even if it is something of an impressive advantage. He immediately starts shrugging out of his hoodie, heading for the changing room.

It doesn't take him long - perks of having to learn how to change into his suit under extreme duress - though Peter is less than thrilled by the personalized sweats, and despite his best efforts, it shows on his face. He'd rather not have his secret identity plastered all over stuff, thanks.