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oh, you look tired.

wake up, wake up, it's only a bad dream meme

bad dreams are ordeals, sometimes seemingly endless. when you wake up, your heart pounds, your head hurts, and you end up drenched in sweat. even if you know none of it was real, it takes a while to orient yourself.

it is pretty nice to have someone there to wake you up or to soothe you out of it and remind you that...

it's only a dream.

the usual rules apply. post with your character and preferences and then tag around, have your characters comfort others.
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It was the middle of the night. The bedroom was pitch black and all that could be heard were soft snores from Wade -- that right there was proof that he was pretty frigging deep into sleep. Normally, he made no noise at all and was a very light sleeper, but he was sleeping like the dead tonight. He was curled around Peter's back, body pressed flush against his boyfriend and face buried into the back of Peter's neck. His hand twitched against the other's chest -- that arm was flung across Peter, holding him close. It was Wade's ideal sleeping position. Well, shit. Any position crammed into Peter's personal space was ideal for Wade, if we were being blunt. Wade was a bit of an aggressive cuddler.

Ever since they moved in together, Wade's sleep schedule went from erratic and light to scheduled. He passed out around the same time each night, as long as he wasn't away for a job, and he slept all the way through. It was pretty crazy.

Wade shifted a little bit, rubbing his face against Peter's neck and his hand over Peter's chest. Even when half awake, he was still reaching out for Peter.
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Peter's sleep habits have always been kind of terrible. Even before the bite, he was always a night owl, up at all hours, studying, because he's just that much of a dork. It's only gotten worse, now that he's got the hero schtick going on. Stumbling in at three, four, five in the morning, getting up at six or seven because he has a lecture -

It's better, now, though. Just a little, at least. Since Wade moved in...Peter has someone to come home to. Someone to come home to that he doesn't have to lie to. When he's tired and bloody, Wade will just lay with him on the couch and stroke his hair until he falls asleep. No hidden tears or pleading, where do you go Peter?

Peter had never considered himself much of a cuddler before Wade came along, but he's never found a moment where he feels like he wants to pull away. Not from Wade. He's warm and comforting and solid against him, and the few nightmares Peter has, he manages to stifle when he feels Wade's presence at his back.

Not this one, though. This one is bad, and Peter twitches against the mattress, body tensing, distinctly uncomfortable and still buried deep in sleep.
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No, Wade knew where Peter had gone, so he never poked or prodded at Peter. Wade understood and maybe that was why things melded between them as easily as they had. Peter could be himself in his entirety -- Spiderman and all. More often than not, Wade would try to finagle his way into patrolling with Peter because, Two heads are better than one! Or four heads, if we're counting Whitey and Yellow. Really, it just made him feel better. He liked fighting beside Peter. So when he did get to go on patrol and joined his boyfriend in the stumbling, he would pass out around the same time and sleep like a baby stella. So yeah. Three to six in the morning was good for Wade. Especially when he had been sleeping at noon to four in the afternoon before. If he was lucky enough to get four hours of sleep.

A lot changed. Fast.

Wade instantly noticed the tensing of Peter's body. So many years of barely being able to sleep because you were so hyper aware of every minuscule particle of your surroundings. Wade's eyes cracked open. He pulled back, hand that was previously rubbing Peter's chest now pressed against his back so gently. His movements were still sluggish from sleep and he barely felt awake, but something was different, wrong. So here he was.

"Pete? You okay, baby boy?" he whispered, checking to see if Peter was sleeping or awake.
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Peter had been hesitant, at first, to welcome Wade on his patrols. But he'd been doing so well, they were doing so well, and now it become something of a regular occurrence. For the most part. There were still nights when Peter had to be out on his own, by choice or because Wade had something else that needed his attention. If he's being honest, he appreciates the company. Appreciates the transparent honesty they share that Peter hasn't been able to have with anyone since Before.

"Hng," Peter mumbles in his sleep, cheek smushed down against the pillow. His muscles are tense, and - is he quivering? His brow furrows, and Peter shifts, more pronounced this time. His fingers dig into the mattress, beneath the pillow, and it creaks under the pressure.

"No." The word is sharp, clear, and Peter shifts again, nervous. Afraid. "Don't - "
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Shit. Yeah. Peter was still asleep. Wade left his hand on Peter's back, wary of stimulating too much. He felt the tremors, his stomach going to his throat. It was when Peter started to talk that really got to him.

"Hey," he tried to say it soothingly, sitting up on the bed so he was right behind Peter, hand gently smoothing up and down Peter's back, very slowly. He had PTSD himself, so he knew how rough it could be. The last thing he needed was to shock Peter awake, so he tried to keep any touch as light as possible.

Wade swallowed, mouth stretched into a grim line as he watched Peter shift on the bed.
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It's not the first time something like this has happened. It's...probably the first time Peter has woken Wade up because of a nightmare, though. He usually wakes himself up and calms the fuck down. He also resolutely never talks about it. It's too painful, plus, Wade? He's been through a lot, way more than Peter, and yeah, Peter knows that their traumas aren't the same and all that, could never even be in the same ballpark and Peter doesn't want them to be. Wishes neither of them had to deal with any of it; he just, he feels ridiculous, when he gets in a mood. Wade lives every day of his life in physical pain, and Peter can't handle a stupid dream?

Peter doesn't hear him. The bed creaks again ominously - Peter could very well break the whole damn thing by accident, it's that bad. He cries out again, flinching and turning his head up, silent tears glistening on his cheeks. "Don't, please - !"

"Stop, stop, I can't - stop."
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If Wade knew that he missed out on those times where he could have held Peter and comforted him, it would bother him immensely. The pain they had gone through was different. Wade didn't see what Peter had gone through as something lesser. It was different. Peter still suffered deeply from loss. From grief. Those were things Wade understood clearly and he wanted to support Peter as much as the other had supported him. Physical pain can be ignored. Emotional pain, mental pain? That was worse than any of the sores or the lumps underneath his skin. Well, Wade was here to help with this one at least.

Wade eyed the bed warily at the creak. The sight of the tears on Peter's face put the first crack in that wall Wade was using to keep himself calm. All Wade could do was sit there and ride it out, hoping that Peter would wake up.

The words ate at him. "Pete, come on. It's just a dream. Hey." He didn't even realize what he was saying, the words flew out so fast. His stomach churned painfully at the helplessness that welled up within.
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Well, at least one of them had a healthier grasp on the situation. But Peter has always suffered in silence, and this is no different from any other time in his life, so. Good luck cracking that egg, Wade. Peter isn't going to have much of a choice when he wakes up, so, that's a start, right?

"NO!" That's definitely a scream, bone-chilling, full of pure desperation and pain. Whatever he's seeing in his head, it's only getting worse. He lets go of the bed, at least, arms poised and - jesus, is he wearing the webshooters to bed now? A line of webbing hits a lamp on the other side of the room, and Peter yanks on it with all of his considerable strength, sending it smashing directly into the ceiling.

"No, no, no - please no, god - "
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Breath is caught in his lungs at the sound of Peter's scream. The lamp shatters against the ceiling and Wade cringes. This was too much. He had to force Peter awake, even if that meant broken bones on his part. Not like they mattered. He regenerated, so he could afford getting smashed by Peter's super strength. Peter's mental health was more important.

"Peter!" Wade's hand grabbed onto Peter's, fingers forcefully entwining with his boyfriend's, free hand resting on Peter's shoulder before he gave him a good shake. "Baby boy, come on. Wake up!" He said loudly, right by Peters face, trying to pull the other man from sleep.

The sound of Peter's voice as he screamed in pain echoed through Wade's head. "Come on. Pete. It's just a nightmare. Wake up, baby boy," he was starting to sound desperate himself. This was too much for Wade to have to watch Peter go through.
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He resists, hard, wrenching his hand in a panicked attempt at getting away from Wade, or whatever Wade represented in his nightmare. He thrashes on the bed a few times, which definitely sounds like it's about to give way underneath them. It takes a few seconds, and a bit of shaking, before Wade's words start to pull him out of it. Baby boy. It gets a whimper out of him, as he starts to surface.

Peter flinches again, gasping as his eyes finally flutter open and's weird. Only way to describe it, really. His pupils dilate, and his eyes simply aren't the right color. Peter flips Wade over in an instant, retreating to the ceiling, chest heaving.

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Wade lets go of Peter's hand the moment he yanked it away and Wade didn't go for it again. He doesn't even care if the bed breaks, but he knows Peter and knows how irritated he would be if it did. The whimper about breaks him too.

He was about to try to give Peter another little shake to see if that would wake him up, but then he was up. Up so much that Wade is launched off the bed and Peter is suddenly on the ceiling. He noticed that weird change in Peter's eyes though and that was all he could think of as he lay sprawled on the bedroom floor in his boxers.

"Jesus, Petey Pie! You okay?" he asked as he got up off the floor and reached up to cup Peter's face. "It was just a nightmare, baby boy. It's okay."
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2016-10-12 05:44 am (UTC)(link)
Peter would be incredibly upset with himself if he broke their damn bed during one of his night terrors. That just - that would be so fucking unfair he might actually have a conniption, plus, you know, he'd be extremely fucking disappointed in himself and his own inability to keep his shit together.

"Wade. Wade." Peter repeats quietly, mostly to himself, closing his eyes and slowly letting the air fill his lungs, slow down his thundering heartrate. Wade's hands on his face are warm, and he presses his cheeks into them, trying to ignore the drying tears. "Just a nightmare. I was...dreaming. Yes. I'm...I'm fine."

He doesn't sound convincing, not by a long shot, but when he opens his eyes they're back to their lovely chocolate brown, and he slowly unsticks himself from the wall, though his hands are...kind of shaking a little. "I'm sorry, I guess...I woke you."
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That was exactly why Wade didn't want that to happen. Peter was very careful with his belongings and took such good care of everything he owned -- the bed included.

"Yeah, Petey. I'm right here. It's okay," he speaks soothingly, so unlike his usual voice. "You're alright, baby boy. Yeah. It was just a dream."

The moment Peter unsticks himself from the wall, Wade gathers him into his arms. He's shaking a little, hoping that Peter doesn't notice as he hugs Peter tightly, face buried in the other man's hair. Feeling so helpless while listening to Peter's heart-wrenching screams was something he wanted to keep them both from if at all possible. (It wasn't, but he could dream.) "Are you seriously apologizing right now?" he asked, squeezing a little tighter. "I always want to wake up when something like this happens," he says, pressing a kiss into Peter's hair. "You sure you're okay? That -- you didn't sound okay when it was happening."
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2016-10-12 06:10 am (UTC)(link)
He knew the value things had, he paid attention. That's not to say he valued things with big pricetags but - well, he had never had a whole lot, so what he did have, he desperately wanted to take care of. Never wanted to be a burden, on anyone.

Wade is so calm and kind, Peter can't help but melt into the offered comfort. He presses his face into the soft cotton of Wade's shoulder, using it to help slow his breathing. It's starting to feel like his heart isn't going to burst out of his chest, which is nice. He appreciates the tight hug, returning it in kind with maybe a little too much super strength.

"Sorry," Peter mumbles, cheeks reddening, though he relaxes at Wade's reassurances. "I don't - it was just a dream. I should...I shouldn't be upset." But he was, kind of. How could he not be?
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That was something he loved about Peter. He was so considerate. It was the polar opposite of himself. All his books and comics were worn down and his favorite blanket -- a quilt made by his maternal grandmother -- was barely hanging on to its life. It made Wade step back and consider the way he treated the things around him. He still had a Velveteen Rabbit approach to life though. Peter was Order, Wade was Chaos. Somehow they fit together just right.

Wade remained like that for a good amount of time, just holding Peter to him, trying to help ground him. The extra tight hugs were never a problem for Wade. Oddly enough, he liked them. His hand slipped into Peter's hair, carding through it in the same, easy motion ever so slowly.

"It's okay, baby boy," Wade says before he presses a kiss against Peter's forehead. "Dreams are sometimes more vivid than real life -- in my experience at least," he laughed a little bitterly. They had been in a similar position multiple times before but reversed. "Be as upset as you need to, Pete. You've seen some shit. Do you wanna talk about it?" This was the first time Wade had seen Peter this upset over a dream, so he was trying to figure out the best way to help calm him down.
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2016-10-13 01:19 am (UTC)(link)
Peter didn't like to contemplate his own mortality much. Yeah, it's likely he wouldn't be around to need the things he had, especially in his line of work, but. It didn't help him to think about it too hard, so. It's not exactly scientifically accurate but, well, opposites attract? Something like that, anyway.

He doesn't have the luxury of safety much, nowadays. But with Wade, he feels maybe just the tiniest blanket of security, and it helps him to relax. If anything ever happened to Wade, Peter doesn't know what he'd do.

Peter's quiet for a very, very long moment, sniffling into Wade's shoulder. Talk about it? He doesn't. Never has. Never...had the opportunity to. Not since Gwen died, there was no one who understood the full...scope of the issue. If Gwen were here, she'd totally kick his ass for keeping everything bottled inside but...she's not.

He's still wrestling with this when he mutters into Wade's neck, "...don't wanna worry you."
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Likewise. Wade didn't want to think about anything happening to Peter either. Peter did a lot of good in Wade's life, even if it was hard for the merc to actually verbalize just how much Peter had done. He tried to show it in little ways, but nothing was ever enough to represent how grateful Wade was for Peter's presence in his life.

That's why Wade wanted to help. Peter always helped him through his rough patches. They were here for each other.

Wade squeezed Peter a little tighter at that, a small, sad sigh coming from him. "I know, baby boy. I'd rather you talk to me than keep things bottled up though." He nuzzled the top of Peter's head. "But if it's going to hurt too much, we can shelve it and go watch Netflix instead? Pass out on the couch surrounded by popcorn," he grinned into Peter's hair, cheek rubbing over it still.
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2016-10-13 03:57 am (UTC)(link)
Wade just being by Peter's side was more than enough. Maybe Wade would never fully understand how much he meant to Peter, how he could mean so much when he thought so little of himself, but he did. More than Peter would ever be able to express; maybe they weren't so different after all.

Peter inhales slowly, lips brushing the scars on Wade's skin. If it bothers him, he says nothing - it doesn't, in fact, it's quite the opposite. It's a unique texture Peter has come to associate with...with home.

"No I. If you. If you want to. Uh." Peter feels a flash of panic, wondering if he really wants to open this very raw can of worms. "...if you want to hear it. I could. I could - "
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[personal profile] beaarthur 2016-10-13 04:53 am (UTC)(link)
Thankfully Wade was basically glued to Peter's side whenever the other needed him. He was pretty intuitive for someone who rarely stopped talking. Hopefully some day both of them would realize just how much they meant to the other.

The action causes a shiver to zip up Wade's spine. He clutches Peter a little closer, trying to be as comforting as possible.

Wade feels the change in Peter's muscles again and he immediately pulls back so he can look into Peter's eyes. "It's okay. I know I talk way more than I need to, but I promise I always want to hear what you have to say." He reached up, thumb brushing over Peter's cheekbone, eyes full of concern for the other man in front of him.
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2016-10-13 05:02 am (UTC)(link)
Sometimes Peter's wondered if he really emotes that much, or if Wade just instinctively knows. It's happened a couple of times, usually when he's studying and growing increasingly frustrated, and Wade knows just when to appear and soothe everything that's wrong with the world with just a few wisecracks and a smile.

He sighs, knowing he needs to get a fucking grip. So he does, slowing down his breathing and the jumble of panicked emotions in his head for a long minute before he speaks again. "I like when you talk."

"It was - " He hesitates, gaze flickering up to Wade's eyes before he leans into Wade's hand and let's his gaze fall back down to his shaking hands. "...Harry. I was watching him - take the serum."
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[personal profile] beaarthur 2016-10-13 05:38 am (UTC)(link)
It was probably a mixture of Wade knowing Peter's tells and instinct. Sometimes he just knew something was up without being able to explain it. Peter did the same thing. Even when Wade was doing his damnedest to keep that wall up, Peter would call him out on it and everything would come crumbling down. A wall of terrible jokes and irritating behavior that he had spent years perfecting, demolished with one sharp look.

Wade couldn't help the small laugh that came out at that. He felt warm and happy. Only Peter Parker would actually like when Wade talked. "You're the 1%, baby boy."

Even though Peter was looking down, Wade nodded on instinct. "Ahh. Shit. That'll do it," he said, understanding writ all over his face. "No wonder the lamp took a little joy ride." Wade said as he leaned his forehead against Peter's, thumb still gently stroking across Peter's cheek.
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2016-10-13 06:28 am (UTC)(link)
Wade, for all his defenses, quips and deflection, is an open book. At least, Peter thinks he is, if people bother to look close enough (it's just, Peter's the only one that looks.) But maybe just one person is all Wade needs; and if Peter can give him that, he's done something important.

"Oh no, Wade, I'm 100%." Peter murmured, kissing Wade's shoulder reassuringly as he pulled back.

"The lamp?" His brow furrowed in confusion, and he glanced over, spotting the shattered pieces on the floor. "Oh, shit, oh my god I'm sorry!" He so didn't mean to do that. Definitely a first, breaking something because of a stupid dream. "He um. He took the serum. And then it was - Gwen all over again. I lost both of them and I couldn't - "
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[personal profile] beaarthur 2016-10-13 02:11 pm (UTC)(link)
It's true. All he needs is Peter. Peter's love, his trust. That's all Wade needed to flourish.

That made Wade smile and laugh a little. "I see."

Wade wanted to kick himself after bringing it up. That was not something Peter needed when he was already having a hard time. "You're fine. It was an ugly lamp anyway. I'm just glad you're okay," he admitted. After that, he waited patiently, giving Peter time to talk about what happened. When Gwen was mentioned, Wade reflexively reached for Peter's hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze.
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2016-10-13 04:56 pm (UTC)(link)
Probably not the healthiest option for either of them but Peter has never been picky, especially when it comes to Wade.

"You didn't like the lamp?" Peter says, distracted and kind of feeling like shit that he broke it. Wade brings him back though, so patient and understanding. Peter knows he doesn't deserve any of the kindness Wade gives him so freely.

"Every time she just - she falls." Peter can't continue for a second, inhaling through his teeth. "And then Harry fell too. He's not - he's not even dead and I - I lost him. Because I couldn't - I didn't - I didn't help him. I should have helped him."
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[personal profile] beaarthur 2016-10-13 09:16 pm (UTC)(link)
Well, Wade wasn't exactly the poster boy for healthy, unfortunately. The healthiest thing in his life was his relationship with Peter. What was healthy was the fact that something as simple as Peter telling Wade that it was okay for him to be himself made him feel like he was worth something. His self esteem had come leaps and bounds thanks to Peter's support. And Wade didn't really have anybody, but now he did. And that was more than he could ever ask for. So even if there came a day where Peter moved on, Wade would be happy for him because for a little while, Peter shared in that happiness and made his life better. That was what mattered. So yeah, maybe he loved Peter a little too much and was a little too attached, but his heart was in the right place.

"I was. Pete. Jesus. I didn't really notice the lamp. I just wanted to make you feel better," he admitted a little sheepishly.

Wade curled his arms around Peter and hugged him gently, trying to be as reassuring as possible. "Pete, you did everything you could," he spoke softly into Peter's hair. "I'm so sorry, baby boy."

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