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Okay, yeah, judgmental guy at the Denerim markets. I'm buying g wine at 10:20 in the morning. You wanna fight about it?
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Really? For all he's aware it's a gift, or meant for later.

Some people are so foolish.

Has he said or done anything, or is he just watching you?

[Because, so help her, nobody messes with her friends, especially not on her home turf.]
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Or for my "master" as he so eloquently put it.

Before he found himself strung up, that is.

[Look, JUST BECAUSE she's disguised as a very well-dressed elf... And she thought most Garleans were fools.]
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What a fool! If you hadn't already taken action, I would have frozen his feet to the spot, myself. I won't let anyone talk to my friends that way.
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Well, he is still there hanging in the alienage...

[ The actual elves have something to laugh at for a while :') ]
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[Okay, that's funny - leave the bigot reliant on the mercy of the very people he's prejudiced against. She couldn't think of anything better.]

Just hung up there, then? Did you do anything else to embarrass him?

[Koko is a bad influence. Not that certain other friends of hers haven't had mischievous streaks, of course...]
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[ She thinks you mean best influence.]

Well, Sleep, quill, and ink may have been involved... I let him keep his smallclothes.

[She even practiced her Thedosian script!]
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I must see this for myself.

[Heading out towards the alienage it is, then! If Koko's there, she'll run into her along the way.]
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[Oh she is most certainly still there, laughing and toasting her handiwork with a local drunk. Human rogue just hanging there with naught but an undershirt and skivvies to keep the ropes from chaffing his delicate skin. Nice little sign draped across his neck and all, but the script is... likely not very legible, despite her practicing. Darn years of writing Eorzean!!!]

[She raises her barely-touched bottle when the Warden approaches.]

And here I thought you'd arrive just after the spell wore off.

[Keywords are the key, huzzah~]
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[The sight alone, of her friend and this random stranger both enjoying the spectacle, and the spectacle itself of course, gets a laugh out of her. She's...not sure what that sign was supposed to say, though. It might help if she knew what it was like to write Eorzean, but she sadly didn't visit Koko's world as much as the reverse. She should fix that...]

I have a Sleep spell of my own, but it'd be petty of me to use it now. [A glow in her hand says it's ready, though. Just in case he happens to be particularly violent when he wakes up. After all, the elf he was taunting has revealed herself to also be a mage, and she has no idea what his thoughts on that would be...]

It looks like he's been given what he deserves.
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[Whatever his reaction might be, he may at least respond better than a few Qunari she'd run into once...Good times, that. Good times.]

Only a little bit. Figured it would be best he hung until he cooled off, but I give it five minutes before I have to take my leave.

[Because now that she's revealed herself to be a mage, it's either 'be conscripted' or 'be long gone' lest the templars get called in. She chuckles regardless.]

Probably best I cannot write as well in your tongue... Then he certainly wouldn't be calming down any time soon.
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[The laughter fades from her eyes as Koko echoes that thought, herself. She could say this is one of her Wardens, but all it would take is some other Warden who doesn't know they should play along to ruin it. Whatever protection she could offer would surely run thin sooner rather than later.]

Dare I ask what you wrote?
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Oh, something about his mother being a hamster and his father smelling of rashvine nettle.

[Yes, she is serious. She wrote that.]
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[She smirks again, almost a laugh, but their hate-filled guest stirring a little, though not waking, quenches that immediately.]

How mature, [she remarks anyway, not sounding quite as snarky as she originally wanted to.]

...We won't be able to meet in Denerim anymore, you know.
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The way he went on, it was going to either be this or the guards finding out via a brawl. This was the lesser evil.

See you at the usual spot, Warden.

[And as though right on queue, she vanishes in a puff of smoke, only to reappear on a nearby rooftop. It'd be faster for her to flee to a secluded area and come up with a new glamour so that she could escape the city safely... and hopefully Templar-free.

There may also be a bottle of Aqua Magus with Katherine's name written on the attached tag in very labored Thesodian script. Aw, it was a gift she was purchasing!]