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rain rain go away;

the rain meme

Ah, rain—the precipitation that the whole world has a love/hate affair with. It waters the garden for free and ruins baseball games. It cools you off in the summer and it causes more ice and sleet to appear in the winter. Sometimes it is lovely and falls at a decent pace for a few hours, other times, it blasts the whole eastern seaboard away.

Poems and songs have been written about it, people have danced in it, others have cursed its entire existence, and still more refuse to go out and drive in it.

Now it’s time to roll some dice and see what the weather will have in store for you today.


1. Comment with your character, series, preferences, etc in the subject.
2. Roll a number between 1-5 with the RGN for an intensity.
3. Roll 1-15 with the RGN for a situation.
4. Reply to other comments and play the scenario out!
5. Don’t catch a cold!


1. DRIZZLE ☂ It’s not too heavy or too light of a downpour, just enough to wash away stuff in the air, water the ground, and clean up the streets.

2. MONSOON ☂ It’s horrible and awful! Rain is coming down in buckets, no one can get anywhere, the wind is whipping everything about, and now the cable is out.

3. SHOWER ☂ Reminds you of early spring, doesn’t it? A nice shower to make everything all green and smell fresh again. Lovely.

4. FLOOD ☂ While rain is good, it can sometimes be bad. Grab a boat!

5. CATS & DOGS ☂ You’re lucky with this one. It’s not the worst storm in the world, but it’s still pretty heavy. Be careful when driving!


1. A DARK, STORMY NIGHT ☂ You know all those stories that start off with a stormy night before something goes wrong: a murder, an attack by ninjas, a crime. It is one of the best known clichés in the world, and you’re stuck in the middle of it.

2. HUMIDITY ☂ It’s that time of the year again when the humidity rises and the rain has two options: make it worse or make it go away. Good luck getting the latter.

3. GRAY RAIN OF DEPRESSION ☂ We all know this one. Stuck in the middle of no where, or right after an argument, or something that leads to angst, the rain decides to express someone’s feelings in a physical form, serious or over the top.

4. QUIET MORNING ☂ Nothing to do, nowhere to be… sometimes the rain is a welcomed addition to a quiet day. Gives you an excuse to stay in, curl up in a warm blanket and a book, maybe a loved one or a cup of hot chocolate. With sprinkles.

5. PUDDLES ☂ After it rains, what is the number one thing you have to do? Go put on some rubber boots and splash around of course!

6. SUDDEN STORM ☂ It might have been predicted, but sometimes storms just sweep in and do their thing with little to no warning. Hope you’re not outside.

7. THUNDER & LIGHTNING ☂ Loud, surprising, scary, ominous, comforting, fantastic to watch or listen to… some like thunder and lightning, others not so much. Of course, if this happens before a big confrontation, the universe is telling you something.

8. CAN’T GET WORSE ☂ You did not say that. You did not just say that. How many times does this need to be seen in movies and books before anyone learns?

9. STUCK ☂ No, no, no, no. This cannot be happening. What happened to the ten percent chance of rain? You forgot your umbrella and now you’re stuck in it!

10. RUINED PLANS ☂ You had all these wonderful plans to go outside, have some fun in the sunshine, do some errands, maybe a date… and the weather goes against them.

11. DANCING ☂ Sometimes rain is a cause for celebration, or you just feel like doing something spontaneous. Grab someone to join you and get wet!

12. RAIN BATTLE ☂ The most intense, important battles happen in the rain. Verbal spars, punching someone in the guts; it’s all dramatic and climatic. And no one slips.

13. DATE ☂ Aww, don’t let the weather ruin your date! It can be really romantic, being out in the rain, and it’s always fun to go with the flow.

14. A DAY INSIDE ☂ Sometimes, it’s just better to stay inside and enjoy something simple and easy like board games or catching up on TV shows, or maybe the bills.

15. WILD CARD ☂ Was there something I missed? Did you want to roll again or choose your own adventure? Go for it!
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5 ☂ 6

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When his mom had sent him on an errand to grab a few things at the convenience store, it was nice and sunny. Sure, there was a cloud in the distance but that didn't mean it was going to rain, right?! Hold on. Was it just him or was that cloud suddenly getting closer? Yup, it was definitely getting cloudier. And was it starting to get darker? Did he just feel a rain drop? Okay, now he was sure he felt more than just a rain drop. Wait. Oh shit.

Before the blonde boy could even process what was going on, there was a sudden downpour. Crap! He didn't even bring an umbrella with him. Oh well, he made it this far and he didn't want to go home empty handed. Minds well try to hightail it to the convenience store. With those thoughts in mind, he ran as fast as he could. When the store was in sight, he could see the eletronic sliding doors were opening to let a pair of people out. He used the rain water to make a very dramatic slide into the store.

"Woo hoo! Saaaaafe!!" Terushima cheered, pumping one of his fists into the air as once he made it to the safe haven. He was also pleased with his awesome stunt just now! Of course, his actions earned him some incredulous stares from the people who were shopping in the store. No matter! He wasn't one to be bothered by them, even if he looked like a dog that just got out of a bath.
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[personal profile] tsuranuku 2016-10-05 03:21 pm (UTC)(link)
Let's see. He's left with vegetable oil, la-yu, pudding, and then... What else? Kogane looks down to the note his family members wrote for him, pursing his lips. Why are there so many things? They could totally buy these from the supermarket when they went yesterday! He totally can't read some of these handwriting, must be his younger siblings or his dad. He feels like it's his dad.


And grandma's favourite biscuits! He can't miss that! What's the name again? His finger is tracing through the labels on biscuit section of the convenience store when someone slides to the store with a loud exclamation following. That instantly gets him to turn, and his eyes widen in amazement.

Wow, that's super cool!! And he voices that out loud. "Wow, you're really cool!! How did you do that?!" He quickly notices how wet this guy is and immediately looks outside through the glass door. "Ahhh!! It's raining?!" He turns back to the guy. "Uh, I have a handkerchief!" He fumbles to put the shopping cart down and reaches for his handkerchief on his pocket. "Here, you can use it!!"
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ME TOO!!! Also rip this convenience store

[personal profile] partyplay 2016-10-06 04:09 am (UTC)(link)
The first thing that Terushima thinks when he sees Kogane, is WOW. This dude is a giant!!! along with What's up with his hair? How does he style it like that??? For a few moments, he's just staring at the boy with wide eyes and in complete and total awe.

That is, until he hears the praise from him. His ears perk up and there's a huge grin curving on his lips. "Right? Right?! To be quite honest, I'm not sure! This was my first time attempting something like that but I thought... why not?!" He lets out a loud laugh (while still getting weird stares from the fellow customers who were passing by, Terushima please calm down.) "I let my feet slide against the rain water and it was the most awesome thing ever! I felt like I was gliding." Besides, hearing that he looked super cool while doing it just made it even more awesome. He couldn't wait to brag to his team about this.

"Yeah, it just started raining out of no where. Can you believe that?! It was bright and sunny when I left home." Terushima lets out a huff, feeling annoyed at the sudden weather change. What gives?! The sudden kindness from Kogane erases all of his frustrations. What a nice person!! "Wow, thanks man! You are a good guy." Terushima grins while lightly slapping the other boy on the back, taking the handkerchief and wiping away the rain water from his face. "Phew, I feel a whole lot better now."
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[personal profile] tsuranuku 2016-10-26 05:38 pm (UTC)(link)
Oooh! This guy goes with his instinct or something like that? Kogane totally respects people like that! (As if he doesn't do that too.) He makes another loud oooohhhh and ahhhhh sounds listening to Terushima's story, still watching the guy in awe. These two certainly needs to tone it down a little if they don't want to be kicked out of the store. Well, at least some of the staffs know Kogane well by now, as he runs this kind of errands every now and then (and stands out with his loud voice, who would forget him).

Kogane scratches the back of his head bashfully when he gets praised, smiling wide and everything. The slap on the back doesn't do much to the big boy, though. Perks of being huge. "Do you play any sports? Your reflexes are really good!"
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[personal profile] partyplay 2016-10-27 02:07 am (UTC)(link)
This guy was way too much! It's been a while since he's last received this much praise from someone else. The grin on his face only continues to grow wider. (Although you don't exactly deserve it, Terushima.) He was sooo going to brag about this to his team the moment he started back school.

"You have a great eye! I play volleyball." Even if he wasn't completely serious about volleyball, it still felt pretty nice to talk about what sport he plays. "You're a pretty tall dude! Do you play a sport as well?!" The sound of Terushima's loud voice finally grates one of the employees working at the store and they walk over to the pair telling them to hush, although it was moreso at Terushima than Kogane, since they recognized the taller guy.

"Oh shit, sorry." Terushima quickly apologizes to the the store clerk before turning to Kogane. "Maybe we should move to one of the aisles and talk?" Except not that it matter since the party boy was going to be loud no matter where he was at, but he did need to continue his errand run for his mother.
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[personal profile] tsuranuku 2016-11-07 03:34 pm (UTC)(link)
Volleyball?!? "ME TOO!!" Kogane immediately realises how loud he's being, though, so he puts his hand over his mouth, looking around apologetically ー a little too excited here. They really get hushed afterwards, so Kogane quickly bows out his apology, "So sorry!" He picks his shopping cart up with him, before nodding to Terushima and following him.

"Say, what's your name? I'm Koganegawa Kanji from Date Tech, first year!" If they're both playing volleyball, there's a chance they will meet in matches!
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"YOU TOO?!" Hearing the new information from the tall dude, made Terushima forget about what happened a mere five seconds ago and his voice grows not only loud but also a little excited. What were the odds of running into a another volleyball player here in a simple convenience store? Just before he could inquire more loudly, he could hear the clerk clearing out his throat, indicating that he was absolutely done with Terushima's shit. So, this time the boy finally decides to hush as he's pushing his shopping cart.

Whoa! The Date Tech?! This trip was full of surprises. "As in the "Iron Wall" Date Tech?! That's pretty awesome! What position do you play?" Granted, he didn't pay very much attention to meetings but, from what his manager had told him. Date Tech was one of the schools to watch out for in the tournaments, considering their high block rate. Considering how tall Koganegawa was, he just had to be a middle blocker. "I'm Terushima Yuuji! I'm the captain of the Johzenji volleyball club." He made sure to put heavy emphasis of the title of captain. Because, who wouldn't find the title of captain to be cool?! "Man, it just hit me that we are from the same prefecture. Maybe we'll even get to play a match against each other one day!
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i just realised i typed "cart" instead of "basket" the whole time...

[personal profile] tsuranuku 2016-11-22 06:52 am (UTC)(link)
Kogane nods excitedly, face lighting up with pride. "Yep! I'm a setter!" Just before he could ask back, Terushima has introduced himself, so he closes his nearly open mouth and waits. "Johzenji's captain?!" That's really cool! He knows Johzenji ー they're well-known for their unreadable play and exciting matches! He's never really seen it but it's probably going to be really fun playing against them! On top of that, the captain?!

...Wait a minute.

"Hey, which year are you in again?" Because Kogane has been totally talking to him without polite speech, he might be a senpai! He fiddles with the milk on his hand, before carefully putting it in his shopping basket.
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HAHAHA omg and I didn't even notice

[personal profile] partyplay 2016-11-24 12:59 am (UTC)(link)
Terushima looks at Kogane with wide eyes filled with admiration and awe. "Whoaaa, you are a setter?! You have to be the tallest setter that I've ever seen! That's really rad." Seeing Kogane's reaction to his title made him feel even more prouder. It was a drag to have all that responsibility, but hearing how impressed people sounded after the introduction made it worth it.

"Huh? Oh, I'm a second year!" A loud laugh escapes Terushima's lips as he responds. "What about you?" Honestly, the blonde could not figure out what year this guy was. He was tall, so he could be older than him? Then again, he also gave him the impression that he might be younger? Not that it matters, Terushima didn't really care about honorfics. "You are pretty tall, so I've had a hard time figuring it out!" So open about your thoughts, Terushima.
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[personal profile] tsuranuku 2016-11-27 11:41 am (UTC)(link)
So he's in second year! Kogane's got to fix his speaー Whoah! 'Rad'!!! Kogane has never used that word in his life before! Like, he knows what it means, but he never uses it because it just doesn't feel... right? But it sounds nice when it comes from the Johzenji's captain! Man, he's so cool! "Uh, no! Yes!" Which is it. "Thank you very much!"

Kogane bows his head a little. "Uh, sorry, I didn't use proper honorifics. I'm a first year." He may be an excited dork, but he's also a very serious and proper one ー at least, he tries all his might to be, even if the result isn't always great. "I get that a lot, I think some people think I'm a third year because of that." At least he has a young-looking face?
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[personal profile] partyplay 2016-12-03 02:48 am (UTC)(link)
[Terushima grins, lightly slapping the younger boy on his back, giving him a reassuring thumbs up.] No worries, man! I don't really pay attention to honorfics, anyhow. So it's all good. It doesn't bother me at all! [Especially considering that he could be quite rude and very informal himself.] Yeah, I can totally see why they would! Along with being the tallest setter, you also have to be one of the tallest first years I've seen. I wonder if you are even done growing... [Well, there was also that really tall glasses dude in Karasuno. Terushima was pretty sure that he was a first year too? Oh well, not that it mattered. The only one he had eyes on was that cute manager with the glasses.

Oh shit! Terushima was having so much fun talking to a fellow volleyball player, that he completely forgot about his mom's things. The blonde shuffles through his pockets, pulling out a very wet grocery list. An instant pout froms on the party boy's lips at the sight.]
Aw man... [He sighs. At least it was somewhat readable?] What kinds of things are you getting at the store? Are you on an errand like me?
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look at us lazy butts!!!

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I can't do that, Terushima-san! [Now that Kogane knows you're older, there's no way he can leave out all the honorifics! He can tell how good of a person Terushima is though, looking at how he just waves it off and even moving on to the next topic already. Kogane's eyes are sparkling from appreciation...!] Hmm, I feel like I am, but I'm not sure either. I hope I still am, though!! [Do you want to be a titan, Kogane. Do you.

The boy's eyes are all over the racks beside him before his new friend catches his attention back again with the grumble.]
Is there anything wroー Ah!! [Urk, the ink seems to be bleeding from the rain. But it does look readable enough!] Do you need any help?

[On the other hand, his list... Despite being dry and everything, some items listed are pretty much illegible.] Yes! This is my list. [You can look at it, Terushima!] I think my father wrote this bit, his handwriting is so messy... [WAIT!!! He suddenly flinches, back straight like a ruler.] Please wait for a moment! [The boy suddenly dashes away...

...and then back as fast as he's gone, with two packs of biscuits on his hands.]
Sorry, these are my grandma's favourite biscuits. They're not written in the list, so I'm worried I'll forget it, haha! [And plop those two go to the basket near Terushima's feet.]
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FOREVER LAZY but being lazy together with you is worth it uvu

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[He... couldn't? The blonde glances back at Kogane, tiling his head in confusion at the tall boy's comment. While a part of him wanted to ask what the deal was, it's not like he was bothered by being called with honorfics. If anything, he felt a bit like a senpai to this kid. So, he decides to let the topic go for now, at least.] Geez, man. I can't imagine if you grow taller. You'd be a living giant! [A loud hearty laugh escapes from his mouth, that was also accompained with a slap on the back to Kogane.]

Huh? Oh no, thanks! I think I can read it! [He grins at him, holding up the wet paper, with writing that was barely legible.] See? Like this thing says... brap. [No, that's not right. Terushima squints his eyes, trying to get a better look at the list.] Break? Breaf? Brea-- Oh!

Bread! My mom wants me to get bread. [It took you that long to read it, Terushima???? At Kogane's suggestion, the older boy glances over at the list.] Whoa! Your dad's handwriting is messy. It reminds me of one of those doctor's notes. [His sudden flinch, causes Terushima to jolt back a little from the surprise. He watches as he dashes away... only to come back with biscuits.]

No apologies needed, dude! You don't want to forget your grandma's favorite biscuits. [What a good kid! he seemed like a very family orientated person.] They look pretty good too! What kind are they? [Maybe his dad would like something like this? He's an old person, after all.]
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[personal profile] tsuranuku 2016-12-21 05:50 am (UTC)(link)
[The slap on his back doesn't bother him, as his mind is focusing more on 'living giant'. He doesn't expect this, but this Terushima-san surely is a little over the top, isn't he? Kogane laughs out loud.] Ahaha! Terushima-san, you're so funny! [He waves his hand in front of him with a huge grin on his face.] I'm not that tall! [No, you are that tall.]

Oh... [It looks like bread to Kogane, but if Terushima-san says so, he guesses it must've been brap instead. What is brap? Oh wait, it's not?

. . .

Ah. He was right the first time.]
It seems so, huh! [Even Kogane can do some follow-up too sometimes! Sometimes being the keyword here.]

Thanks, Terushima-san! [He sheepishly chuckles, letting Terushima see the package of the biscuit.] Milk biscuits! It's pretty soft and chewy, so it's just right for her teeth. They have other flavours too, but milk is her favourite. Do you want some too? I eat them too sometimes! It's pretty tasty! [Without waiting for Terushima's reply, he's already walking towards the biscuit aisle again, eager to show him all the other flavours.]
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[personal profile] partyplay 2016-12-25 03:52 am (UTC)(link)
You're a pretty funny dude as well!! [Terushima continues to laugh, and if he could, he would ruffle the hair on top of Kogane's head... except that he couldn't reach so it was impossible. Unless he jumped??? Maybe he should try that one day!] Seriously, you are really that tall!!

Whoa! Did you knew that it said bread the whole time?! [His mind was completely blown, how did you know Kogane??? Tell him your secrets.]

Milk biscuits, huh? That actually sounds really tasty! [He's almost tempted to grab a box for himself. Before he could even respond to the younger boy, he saw that he was already walking to the biscuit aisle. Wait what. What just happened? How did Terushima end up following him? Oh well! Not that he minded. When they get to the aisle, the blonde's eyes light up with excitement seeing all of the different flavors.]

Wow! There's a lot to choose from. The one with cream sounds really good, and there's even a matcha flavor?! I feel like my dad might like that one.
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[personal profile] tsuranuku 2017-02-02 11:43 am (UTC)(link)
Thank you very much! [Look at his head glowing and growing from the praise! If he had a tail, he'd wag it right this moment. Instead, he scratches the back of his head sheepishly, accompanied with a wide grin.] I hope to keep growing!

[Ah... He found him out.] I'm sorry! I'm used to my dad's handwriting, so... [ For how big he is, he sure can be pretty timid sometimes. ]

Yesー [He swears he was about to give a proper response, but something has caught his eyes and makes him shriek silently. He may or may not have grabbed Terushima's shirt in the process.] Terushima-san! They have new flavours!! New!! Flavours!! [Kogane, calm down.] Look at these, cookies and cream ice cream flavour, and cheesecake flavour, andー There are so many of them! I didn't notice them earlier!! [And the boy goes batshit crazy with hauling the bunch to his basket. Someone stop him.]