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The Date Meme


Here's how it works!

1. Comment to this post with your character. List the character's name, series, and any preferences you might have in the subject.
2. Using the RNG, pick from one of each of the two categories below. (Or if you'd rather pick them yourself, feel free to do that instead!)
3. The two of you are now on a date! The first list is where you took your date. The second list is your current relationship.
4. Have fun!


1. Restaurant. What better way to spend some romantic time than over food? Maybe you're at the fancy restaurant in town, or maybe you just couldn't afford anything nice, so you're at the nearest diner. Or maybe somewhere in between?

2. Games. The two of you are playing a game somewhere! You could be at a bowling alley, an arcade, a miniature golf course...the possibilities here are countless.

3. The Park. Of course, Mother Nature can provide an excellent atmosphere for romantic bonding! Perhaps you're taking a leisurely stroll through the lush grounds, or maybe you've laid out a blanket somewhere so the two of you could have a picnic.

4. Movie Theater. Or maybe the two of you are sitting next to each other in a dark room, sharing a bucket of popcorn while you're watching the latest film. Did you opt for a horror flick to keep your significant other latched to your arm -- or for you to latch to theirs -- or perhaps something they enjoy, like a sappy romance film or a cheesy action flick? Or maybe you compromised and went to see a sweet romantic comedy.

5. Skating. It's always nice to go skating, right? Are you at a roller skating rink, or did you find a frozen lake and decide to go ice skating? Which one of you needs help (you know at least one of you does)?

6. Beach. Ahh, the beach! Go ahead and set up camp wherever you like! Or if you don't watn to lay down and catch a tan, you can go swimming, or take a walk along the shore! Or if you don't want getting sand on your feet or in your shoes, go hit up the boardwalk!

7. Sunday Drive. Sometimes you don't really have a destination in mind. Sometimes you just want to drive and enjoy the scenery. Well, here's your chance to do that!

8. Amusement Park. There's plenty to do here! Take your date on the Ferris wheel, or the tunnel of love...or something more thrilling, like a roller coaster! Walk around with cotton candy!

9. Dance/Ball. School dance? Prom? Business gala? Whatever it is, you're there, and you've got a date.

10. Wild Card. Your choice! Feel free to pick something that's not here.


1. Blind Date. You had no idea who you were going out with until you arrived! Was it a complete stranger, or did it turn out to be someone you knew?

2. First Date. You finally worked up the courage to ask this person out, and they agreed! How awkward is this going to end up?

3. Steady. You guys have been going out for a while. This is just another one of many dates.

4. Proposing. This isn't just any date for you. You've brought your significant other out somewhere to propose to them! Make sure to warm them up for the main event!

5. Married. You're not just dating, you're a married couple! Whether this is a special occasion or you just decided to break from your everyday life, the two of you are using this as an opportunity to remind each other just how much you love one another.

6. Wild Card. Your choice! Feel free to pick something that's not here.

[Taken from an earlier meme]
whitewizardgirl: (day at the beach)

A first date at the beach. Aww, how cute.

[personal profile] whitewizardgirl 2012-08-07 12:13 am (UTC)(link)
It definitely was all kinds of awkward when she had first confessed to Atem. She really did care about him and she wanted to spend time with him. The gang thought it was cute too.

So much so that they decided to all go to the beach together as sort of a group date, to make it less awkward for the new couple.

Too bad they were still in that awkward phase, just trying to get used to being around each other. And their friends weren't exactly helping much.

Ryou was sitting under a beach umbrella, just putting on sunscreen and trying not to get burnt. She was dressed in her swimsuit with a long skirt as her coverup. She looked over at Atem, to see if he wanted to do anything.

"...Do you... want to go swimming or something?"
note_atem: (Pharaoh \relaxing\tired of everything)

[personal profile] note_atem 2012-08-07 12:18 am (UTC)(link)
It was definitely strange. He was used to sauntering around Domino in leather and chains ... not these swim trunks Jonouchi and Yuugi had talked him into. Really, he couldn't go swimming at the beach unless he had something and leather wouldn't have cut it. But it was still just rather strange feeling so exposed out here.

He wasn't sitting too far away from her, finally relaxing now that everyone else had run into the water. The sun was high in the sky and very hot today. It was at least one good thing about today. Eventually he'd gone to lying back, arms behind his head.

One eye opened so that he could look at her when she spoke. "...do you?"
whitewizardgirl: (Kef are you sleepy?)

[personal profile] whitewizardgirl 2012-08-07 12:28 am (UTC)(link)
"..We don't have to, if you don't want to.." He seemed more content with just laying in the sun. Her, she couldn't be happier under the umbrella. It was quieter here without the gang constantly around them. And they looked like they were having fun out in the water, so why bother them?

"Everyone did say that this was supposed to be our first date, so I guess they expect us to do... something together..."
note_atem: (This displeases me\Boo at you\Tiny pout)

[personal profile] note_atem 2012-08-07 01:39 am (UTC)(link)
Both eyes closed and he relaxed back again. Though listening to her talk he couldn't just let her go on thinking that way.

"Don't worry about what they're expecting us to do." He liked the company and he was glad that his friends were willing to go so far to help. In the end it seemed like they were inadvertently causing more trouble. He didn't want Ryou to feel so embarrassed or anxious just because they were around.
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[personal profile] whitewizardgirl 2012-08-07 03:21 pm (UTC)(link)
She wasn't really anxious around them, but she felt like they had ideas of what dating should and shouldn't be, and they were slightly different from what she was comfortable in doing. So, maybe a little embarrassed, especially if their friends were expecting something a bit more magical and overly fantastic to happen between them.

"...I'll try not to." Finally done with the sunscreen, she put it down in favor of getting a book out of her bag. She snuck one in before any of the girls could see it. A beach was a good place to catch up on reading, right?
note_atem: (Huuummmm../You don't say..)

[personal profile] note_atem 2012-08-07 04:44 pm (UTC)(link)
He went quiet again when she seemed to accept what he was saying. Sunbathing was a very nice idea. Perhaps he could pick up a tan, but who really knew? As long as he didn't burn... but this felt less like a date and more like they were just sitting next to each other. It wasn't how this was supposed to go, he was sure of it. And when he opened his eyes slightly to look at the others he caught them staring.

Of course once they saw him they went back to pretending but the damage was already done. His eyes went up to her. "What are you reading?"
whitewizardgirl: (smirky smile)

[personal profile] whitewizardgirl 2012-08-08 07:16 pm (UTC)(link)
Of course, Ryou being who she is would bring a horror novel to the beach. For a bit of light reading, naturally.

"My favorite author just put his latest book out, and I figured this would be a good chance to start reading it. He's starting to mix his genres a bit though, mixing horror with romance stories. It's kind of a nice change, or maybe he's just trying to widen his audience." Not that she cared, she loved the way he could write such wonderful passages of horror and suspense. A little romance on the side didn't hurt it one bit.

"Do you like reading every once in a while?"