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He asked if I had any questions. Apparently, "how thick is the stick up your ass" was not a correct question.
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Legitimate question, unfortunate choice of situations, it sounds like. Do you need bail, a lawyer, or an ambulance?
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maybe a little bit of all three
you don't have to come if it's too much press attention
i could just break out in an hour or so when my arm heals, as long as they dont go for the mask
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I defended the Punisher at trial, they'll probably just think I have a thing for vigilantes. I'll make a call and be right over. They'll definitely go for the mask.
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yeah at this point i'd say your vigilante fetish is an established fixture
have i ever told you you're my favorite lawyer because you ~are~
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It saves me from a lot of uncomfortable questions.

Peter, am I the only lawyer you know?
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perfect getaway just slip into a bdsm club

what pff no come on im queens born and bred

okay maybe. to be fair i went to a science and math high school and now im studying biochemistry sooo i dont exactly see that many law students
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Talking from experience, are you?

Well, let's wait on the favoritism until I get you out of this. You never know, you might end up wanting to find a different vigilante-obsessed lawyer.
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no, ~i~ have webs. classier

you'll buy me time, at the very least, to break out. why, do you have any recommendations?
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You also have a skintight body suit and a mask. Just saying.

No breaking out! Not if you want me representing you. And no, pretty sure I've got that niche market all to myself.
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some of us have to be aerodynamic!

im not letting them unmask me. lucky you! i dont see a whole lot of money in it though
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I'll keep that in mind when I start crafting my argument.

I won't let that happen, Peter. I already put in a call to one of my contacts. And yeah, there's actually no money in it at all. Especially when my clients decide a jailbreak is the best course of action.
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leather isn't breathable enough for my sentae anyway

thanks matt. no one's come near me yet but i can't hear them and its making me a little nervous tbh
we could sell some pictures of daredevil?
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Tell them you're invoking your right to have your lawyer present for all interactions with law enforcement personnel.

They try to hassle you about it, give them my number and start talking about the ACLU, civil liberties, and class action lawsuits. That should buy you some time until I get there.

I kind of like keeping Daredevil out of the limelight.
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bless your soul. remind me to buy you lunch.

but if they try to unmask me? i mean if they try to book me, im just chillin in a cell right now because im injured

okay, how about artful shadow?
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It won't be the first time I've practiced law for food.

You said it was your arm, right? Grab it and start screaming bloody murder.

I can't see how there's a market for Daredevil photos. Why don't you try Captain America?
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they can't exactly subpoena me, i just need to get out of this cell

nice. seriously though, should take at least an hour to heal.

of course there's a market, there ARENT any Daredevil photos. also, you'd get to keep the money, that's my point
trying to photograph cap is like trying to photograph a bullet out of a gun
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Peter, I swear to you, I will be there before your arm heals.

I don't know. I guess one photo wouldn't hurt. The air of mystery is important, though. Daredevil is supposed to be shadowy and elusive. I don't want people to get used to seeing him, you know?
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you're a saint seriously im starting a petition for you to be anointed.

well if you control market flow you control price. probably get something good if its a reasonably okay photo tbh
it'll probably only enhance your level of mystique