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when the clock strikes twelve

The { MASQUERADE } Meme 

Paper faces on parade
Hide your face so the world will never find you...


It's a splendid night for a party!

You received an invitation to a masquerade party and after wondering who exactly throws these things anymore outside of people in Italy and the strange people in that Vanilla Sky movie, you've decided to attend! Decked out in your best (or maybe not so best - it may have been last minute, after all), you descend on the party and prepare to make it a night to remember.

Is it your friend's annual Halloween party with a twist? Perhaps you're an international spy, trying to find out the best way to steal the Crown Jewels. Maybe this is part of Spirit Week at your high school and you really wish that your classmates would be more creative next time.

Elaborate Venetian, playful animals, dazzling supernatural creatures - whatever type of party it is, the night is young. Have fun.


This is not a RNG meme. Your characters' role and situation is entirely up to you. "But how do you play?" you might ask. It's as simple as 1, 2, 3!

1.) Post with your character. In the subject line type of your character's name and canon. If you'd like, in the comment section, you can describe what mask/costume your character is wearing and even include preferences (shipping/smut/gen).
2.) Tag around! This is a party after all, and your character can't find any of their usual crew behind their masks (or maybe they can and need to tease them mercilessly for their choice of costume).
3.) Profit!

First person to drop the chandelier buys drinks for everyone!
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[personal profile] mikodere 2016-09-18 05:38 am (UTC)(link)
This party was beyond exhausting.

Mikoshiba wasn't really the type for grand parties, he would much rather spend his time at home but this one in particular was supposed to be special. Being the prince of the kingdom, his parents had set up this party in hopes that he would find a partner that he could eventually settle down with. Which was fine, except that... he wasn't ready to have a significant other, yet!! He can't even speak to girls, let alone find one that he wanted to be with for the rest of his life. Just the mere idea was giving him knots in his stomach.

Luckily for him, most of the night seemed to have gone smoothly, he had been able to dance with some girls and even speak to them. He was even able to spout out his typical corny phrases like "You have the brightest smile in this room." or "Your prescene is beyond shiny that the chandelier above us should feel ashamed." At the time, the girls seemed to really enjoy his sweet words, but Mikoshiba on the other hand wanted to go into a corner and die of shame. It was beyond embarrassing! Why couldn't he shut up for just one moment?

Mikoshiba had just finished dancing with a girl and decided that this was the best time to sneak away. Besides, his throat felt dry from speaking so much and he needed to go to snack table to at least grab a sip of juice. Once he made it to his destination, he poured himself a small glass of orange juice as he sat back and watched the people mingled and danced with each other. He let out a long sigh, honestly, he wanted nothing more than to go home right now. Another part of him hated that he was so shy around people in general, if he wasn't, then maybe he would have a better appreciation for occasions like this. Oh well, there was no sense moping around right now. He had to at least make his parents happy and give it a try. With a hint of determination, he set his glass down and was headed back to the floor... only for him to lamely bump into a guy with a black tuxedo and quite honestly, a creepy looking mask.

"Oh, sorry!" Mikoshiba was quick to apologize to the guy. Hmm, hold on, had this guy been at the party the whole time? If so, he sure didn't notice him.

[ooc: Thief/Assasin/Spy AU is a go!! I'm fine with any of those! ;) And this is his tuxedo and mask]
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For as long as he'd known, people of his profession mostly preferred to be meticulous, hidden, silent, and quick. Mukai Taiyou agreed to the first three without any objection, but sadly had to frown his lips and shake his head to the last one.

After all, what was the joy in doing his job without meeting them, spending some time with them, then getting that one last look on their face filled with shock, anger, sadness, and betrayal?

But he wasn't unreasonable, see. He knew there were times that it was impossible, when a job must be done quickly without being seen. Then he'd pass by, unnoticed, blending to the crowd or the darkness of the corner with a face trained to leave no impressions. He could do that as well, sure, but if he had to choose, the other method was his preferred one.

And to his delight, today's job was one of those—a royal family in a masquerade ball. Oh, oh how he loved this. There was no better stage than this; his targets were in the same room, easily trackable, identities masked but he knew them while they didn't know him.

Well, they hadn't known him.

The easiest way to parents would be from their child, and conveniently, that child was wearing something that could be noticed from three miles away (that bright pink suit, really? Which princess' curtain did this guy steal the fabrics from? Being someone of his profession did not mean Taiyou couldn't judge his targets' fashion sense, okay.)

"Oh, no, I'm sorry! I wasn't looking the right way," the black-haired quickly apologized, bowing his body forward a little. "I—I'm not very used to the crowd, so I'm quite lost right now, please forgive me."
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"Huh? I...It's fine..." Wow, this guy was weirdly polite? Not that Mikoshiba noticed anything suspicious about him, it was just somewhat unusual. He was used to being scolded for not paying attention and how he should act more dignified. So this was... nice and different.

Not only that, the black-haired guy had also successfully made Mikoshiba feel quite guilty about bumping into him like that. If it was on purpose or not, the red head had no idea but he still felt really bad, especially since he was the one who was spacing out and not paying attention. "I mean, it's my fault. I was spacing out and not looking at my surroundings."

Mikoshiba's hand reached behind his head, his eyes would glance over at the guy before quickly averting away. He could feel his stomach was tying into even more knots. Shit. Why was he so terrible at dealing with people? He wanted to kick himself from how quickly this conversation got awkward.

"Yeah, uh, I'm not good with big crowds either, I feel you." Oh geez, what was with all the stuttering? Now he was beginning to look really pathetic. Some prince he was! "Um, I like your mask?" Okay now that just came completely out of no where. Mikoshiba was mentally facepalming himself for looking so lame in front of a complete stranger. His eyes started glancing around the room, looking for some kind of way to side step out of this conversation. It was time to abort this mission of carrying a conversation with someone...

let's do a project runway au next time

[personal profile] genwaku 2016-09-18 08:30 pm (UTC)(link)
From what he'd observed for the past two months, Taiyou had found out that the king and queen are decent leaders of this kingdom. They were doing okay economically and although there was a fraction of people who absolutely despised them, they were mostly liked by the people of the country.

But that wasn't the meat of his investigation. He wanted to know what kind of people they were, what they liked and disliked, how their daily lives were like, how they interacted with different people. The castle's security was tight, of course, but it wasn't something that could stop him, not when he was equipped with disguises and some untraceable herbs with different uses. He talked to their maids, he observed their bedrooms from afar, waiting eagerly for the day he could use the information he'd gathered for the grand finale.

Mikoshiba Mikoto was their only son who didn't seem very prince-like at first glance. Or second. Or third. While he wasn't exactly a loner, he wasn't very social either; parties and balls weren't something he seemed to be fond of.

Which was how Taiyou had expected him to want to hurry to get out of the ballroom at the party.

He'd been right.

Taiyou pulled a slightly sheepish, guilty smile himself when Mikoshiba apologized once again while he, too, found himself bowing forward again. "No, no, I wasn't—" he stopped then chuckled, scratching the back of his head. "I guess we're both at fault, then."

Just as Taiyou said that, he adjusted his shoulders with an uncomfortable look on his face as he looked around, blinking his eyes, then glancing back to Mikoshiba. He smiled nervously at the conversation attempt, eyes widening as those words reached his ears. "Really?" he said, eyes sparkling a little. "I-I really like making things but this is the first time I'm wearing it to a party like this," he said, scratching his cheek. "So I'm happy that you say that! I like your outfit and mask too, they're very unique." Taiyou wasn't actually lying here, he honestly really thought were 'unique', except not in a good way. "My name is—oh, wait, this is a masquerade so I shouldn't say my name, right?" he chuckled. "But well, I just moved to town and thought that a party would be a good place to start making new acquaintances."
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YES LETS, taiyou can wear zebra print and mikorin in cheetah

[personal profile] mikodere 2016-09-18 11:14 pm (UTC)(link)
What was up with this dude? Not that Mikoshiba disliked him or anything, there wasn't exactly a reason to hate him, but he was being overly friendly and polite. He seemed nice enough but almost too nice? From the day he was born he was taught to be naturally wary of other people. He had been sheltered his whole life and combined with how he was uncomfortable around strangers, he had a general distrust in most people. "Yeah... that sounds like a good compromise."

Enough of talking to this weirdo, it was time for Prince Mikoshiba to make his grand escape! Now to think of a good excuse to leave...

That was what he was originally going to do, but then Taiyou said something that caught his attention.

"Hold on, you made your outfit and mask?" Mikoshiba suddenly asked, taking another glance at the black tuxedo and mask. "That's awesome, it looks so well coordinated. Eh? Really?! You like it? You really think it's unique?!" Except that, it wasn't the unique you were thinking, Mikoshiba. Now his eyes were practically sparkling, and he had the expression of a puppy that just received a treat from his owner. His face was beginning to turn as red as hair from glee. Maybe this guy wasn't that bad? Compliments were his weak point. "You have great taste, man!" Much better than his friends. When he showed his friends the tuxedo he was going to wear, they all just stared at him with deadpan expressions. With the exception of Seo who said simply 'It looks dumb.' (He didn't ask for your opinion, Seo!!!)

"Yeah, that is the point of masquerade parties. I'd do the same, except that, well, people know who I am." A small sigh left his lips as he scratched the back of his head. Being a prince had his perks, but not when your whole life was decided for you and everyone in the world will be watching you. He actually had to envy Taiyou a bit, it would be nice to just hide his identity. Oh, so the guy was new here. Well, that would definitely explain why Mikoshiba didn't notice him. "Do you like it here in this town so far?" He had to give the guy credit, at least he had the guts to come to such a grand event and attempt to talk to people.
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taiyou says wtf he's not wearing that (pls make him wear that)

[personal profile] genwaku 2016-09-22 09:44 pm (UTC)(link)
One thing that made Taiyou good at interacting with his targets was how he could feel a change of emotions in them, however slight it might be. After observing Mikoshiba in a split second, he realized that the red-haired seemed uncomfortable by his words. Although well, in this case it wasn't too hard as Mikoshiba seemed to be someone who showed his feelings easily from his face. Okay, Taiyou admitted that he might've seemed a little too nice for a bit there.

But thankfully, he seemed to have chosen the right topic afterward. "Yes, I did! Really?" Taiyou said with a smile, a little sheepish at the compliment. Wow he knew Mikoshiba liked compliments, but he hadn't expected it to hit him off so well. That was good in one way, but bad in another: his own plan. He'd planned this out with a good detail, and a shift in real life, even if it were toward the positive, could potentially interrupt his plan. But at least he noted this one down as well.

"Oh," Taiyou said shortly. "I actually was wondering if you were someone important because people are looking at you... Or well, at us," he said with a lower voice, his head slightly moved to 'point' at the people around them, who weren't actually blatantly staring, but still glancing every now and then, whispering to each other. "Ah, I do! It's a nice town, not too small but not too big either, just right," he said with a smile, then chuckled as if he just remembered something funny. "I haven't had time to go around though, so I'm looking forward to do that tomorrow... Or the day after, if I ended up drinking too much tonight."
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c'mon taiyou don't be a spoiled sport D:

[personal profile] mikodere 2016-09-26 02:46 am (UTC)(link)
"You did!" Mikoshiba reassured, while nodding. "I've never heard of someone making their own costume. So it's very impressive!" While he loved receiving compliments for himself, he wasn't above saying nice things about other people. (Although it was more as an ulterior motive to receive more compliments back.) Now he's staring at Taiyou, with a big dumb grin spread across his face. What happened to the shy guy from earlier...?

"Huh? You mean... you don't know who I am?" He said, quite slowly. That was a surprise! Okay Mikoshiba, just don't mess this up and suddenly go all poetic prince on the new guy. He didn't want to screw this up by saying embarrassing things. His red eyes glanced around, taking note of where Taiyou was gesturing his head towards the people around them. Of course they would be looking at him. It's always been like this. Granted, this is what happens when you are prince but still, it would be nice not to have people glancing and whispering at him whenever he would speak to someone. "Sorry about them..." Mikoshiba muttered under his breath, loud enough for only Taiyou to hear. "Yeah? Well, I hope you enjoy your time in this town. It really is a nice place to live. For the most part, it's pretty peaceful." Of course, there was a bit of his own ego stroking on his part, considering his family ruled over this place. "Don't drink too much, man!" He said with a small laugh, while also lightly slapping him on his shoulder. "You don't want to regret anything when you wake up the next morning, right?"
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NEVER you can't make him!! (unless you play your cards (read: video games) right)

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Still smiling slightly sheepishly, Taiyou scratched the back of his neck, seemingly embarrassed but also a little proud of the compliment. "Thank you! You're too kind," he replied, bowing his head forward a bit with his arm across his chest to show his appreciation.

Taiyou blinked, fell silence for a moment, then leaned closer and said with a quieter voice, "Sorry, I really just came, so... And it's fine! It's not like you did something..." He bit his lower lip, face worried. "Could it be that I shouldn't be talking so casually with you like this?" A pause, a pretty long one, that ended when his eyes widened as he stared at Mikoshiba as if a realization had struck him in the head. "...Do you happen to be one of—um, a royalty, by any chance?"

"I will! If the people are as friendly as you, I'm sure I'll enjoy my time," Taiyou said with a small smile. The sudden slapping on his shoulder, however, caught him off-guard—he didn't note the prince to be a physical contact person. So this was might just be because a) Taiyou had just never seen Mikoshiba like that to a stranger (less likely as he'd or he's observed Mikoshiba in all types of situation for a while now), b) getting comfortable around Taiyou (slightly more likely... it would be great if it were this one, but he wouldn't get his hopes up), or c) he just went along with the atmosphere. C sounded like the most probable one, at least in Taiyou's mind, so he'd observe a bit more. "You really are friendly, huh," he said with a small chuckle, followed by a snort. "Don't we all? I wish drinking doesn't require getting hungover the morning after, it's nasty."
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So bribe him with 2D girls?? OKAY I WILL REMEMBER THAT!!

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Oh great. Mikoshiba didn't think it was possible to be redder than his hair, but evidently it was. "E-Eh?" While he was weak to compliments, being told that he was kind really got to him. Because well, that was the first time someone has ever told him that. "T-Thanks... Well, I only speak the words of truth, after all!" Wonderful. Now he was bowing down to him. Mikoshiba was starting to feel a little bad for being suspicious of this boy a little while ago, he seemed quite nice.

Before he could even respond to Taiyou, he had quickly answered his own question. The red head stayed silent for a few moments, averting his eyes away and nervously scratching the side of his neck. Finally, after what seemed to be forever, he responded with a slow nod. "Yeah...I am." He was tempted to throw in the words unfortunately, but luckily he was able to hold back his tongue. He didn't want to look to melancholy in front of the new guy, so he quickly tried to shake it off. "But like you said earlier. It's a masquerade party. It's a shame but I must keep my charismatic identity a secret, for now." He said with a more confident tone, while also running his hand through is hair in an attempt to look sauve. (Except that you don't look suave, Mikorin. Especially with that stupid tuxedo of yours.)

If it were possible, steam would probably be coming out of Mikoshiba's ears due to how heated his face was feeling. "Ah, you think so? Well, I try!" He let out a very lame laugh after saying that. (It was more nervous sounding, but he tried to laugh loud to hide the obvious meekness in his tone of voice.) Sorry Taiyou, but he was probably looking like the most lame and pathetic prince ever. "You seem like a really friendly person, yourself." Almost too friendly? Hmmm. Nah, he was probably just imagining things. Surely it was possible for guys like him to legitimately be this nice? "Yeah. It's the worst feeling to have to wake up to in the morning." Although Mikoshiba really had no room to comment about drinking, since he only ever maybe drank once in his life? Maybe twice. And of course, it doesn't take him much to become drunk out of his mind. "Do you drink a lot? If you need help getting back home, I'm sure me or one of my friends can help you."

yes exactly (wiggles eyebrows) also sorry this is so late... weeps

[personal profile] genwaku 2016-10-12 11:04 pm (UTC)(link)
Taiyou chuckled softly at what was apparent to be Mikoshiba's attempt to cover his embarrassment, rubbing above his lips while the chuckle faded into an amused sigh. Really, this guy was even more interesting when interacting up close like this instead of in surveillance, Taiyou was fairly glad he'd taken this job.

Observing curiously within the pause, Taiyou's eyes widen slightly at the answer, but then softened as he gave Mikoshiba an understanding nod. The words that follow made him chuckle yet again, partly acting and partly real from the hilarity of a man in a pink suit trying to look cool (Mikorin please). "Alright, then, I won't ask anything more!" he said, amusement lingered. "I'll enjoy the mystery for tonight... But hmm." He stopped suddenly, fingers trailing over his lips as he stared somewhere into the crowd but not particularly at anything or anyone as if he were thinking. "But it's hard to refer each other without names... What do you say we make up something like... code names?" Taiyou suggested with a grin. "Though, even when I say that myself, I don't know what kind of names would be appropriate..."

The blush on Mikoshiba's face was so apparent that Taiyou couldn't help to let out another chuckle, moreover at the sudden loud laughter that invited some stares and whispers from their surrounding. Oh no, this was bad. It might have been a masquerade party, but still his profession required him to not stand too much in the crowd; even when he used the person-to-person approach, he was mostly interacting with the person he needed to do his job on, with as little contact with others as possible. "Isn't it?" he said a sigh and his head shaking slightly. "Ah, no, no, that won't be necessary! I'd hate to trouble you, so I'll try my best to drink moderately," he said sheepishly. "In fact, perhaps you could observe me before I drink too much, because I was thinking about getting a drink. Would you like to join me?" Yes, he planned to subtly pull Mikoshiba into a less crowded area where fewer people would be around to watch them.
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IT'S OKAY MY DARLING, take as much time as you need /wipes your tears

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Mikoshiba's mouth lightly hung open at Taiyou's realization. "When you say it like that, it does sound difficult to talk to each other without knowing names." Because yeah, you can only go so far when calling each other 'you', 'him' and 'man'. "Code names, huh?" How cool is that?! This guy was pretty smart. "That's such a cool idea. Makes me feel as if we were secret agents, or secret assassins or something." Admittedly, Mikoshiba didn't really know what kinds of names would be appropriate for them. He places his fingers against his chin, pondering to himself. "How about this? Even if we don't know a thing about one another, why don't we think of code names for each other?"

"Well, if you are sure." Although, the idea of sending Seo to walk this guy home was absolutely hilarious but at the same time, he didn't have the heart to do that to such a nice guy because (shudders) Seo. No one deserved to go through that horror. "Okay! I don't mind at all. I'll be sure to keep my eyes on you and you alone." He lowered his voice a pitch in attempt to sound cool, while also adding a bit of a sensual tone in it. It didn't even take Mikoshiba five seconds to realize he was using his fliratious lines, which causes his face to turn as red as his hair. What made it even worst was that it just slipped out and that he was flirting with a dude, a guy that he just met. "L-Lets go, the refreshment table is not that far away!" The cool confident prince from earlier had disappeared and he was stumbling all over his words. While walking in the direction of the food table, he lightly grabs onto the sleeve of Taiyou's suit, not wanting to lose him in this large crowd of people.
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:') thank... also i tried a codename generator & the first name that came up was "maximum parachute"

[personal profile] genwaku 2016-10-18 11:44 am (UTC)(link)
Taiyou was trained well enough to not flinch at jokes like that because that was all they were, jokes, not something of a serious accusation. He flashed a smile, fingers continue to trail over his lips as he was deep in thought. "A code name for you, huh... Hmm." He had a few in mind, though none of them sounded like they should be given to a country's prince: Oblivious Redhead, Sap in Pink, My Suit Is A Joke, should he go on? But of course he wasn't going to voice them out, so he stood silent, gave the conversation an appropriate pause, then finally responded, "How does 'Pink Panther' sound for you?" Another pause. "Or 'Strawberry Ruby'? Because your red head is like a ruby, and your suit gives a strawberry feel," he let out a soft laugh. "I'm sorry, I'm not very good at this, even though I'm the one suggesting it..." He realized how lame all these names sounded, but he needed to stick into his characterization.

There was a sense of relief inside Taiyou right now, as if he just dodged a bullet right there. Huh, he wondered why... No matter, what mattered now was that Mikoshiba was agreei—flirting with him?! If Taiyou weren't on the job he'd crack into a cackle right there and then, probably saying something like 'please hit on someone your same level' complete with a grin. But he just chuckled instead, nodding then walking the direction Mikoshiba hinted, the chuckle grew slightly louder when he felt the other's hand grabbing his sleeve. How he wanted to grab that arm and held it within his just to see his reaction, but he wasn't going to do that, not now that people would surely see. He made no comment but putting on a smile as they continued to walk toward the refreshment table.

And they were there not too long after walking through the crowd, Taiyou chuckling some more as he turned his head toward Mikoshiba. "What would you like to drink?" And he still hadn't commented about that hand grabbing his sleeve.
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MAXIMUM PARACHUTE I'm dying that's the best I did one for kicks and I got "Morbid Waterbird" sobs

[personal profile] mikodere 2016-10-20 05:11 am (UTC)(link)
"Pink Panther." Mikoshiba repeated the code name, feeling a little cool saying that outloud. The name 'Strawberry Ruby' causes him to blush. "That's cute but a bit girly isn't it?" Says the feminine looking guy in a pink suit. Even though he said that, deep down inside he thought the name was really cute and what he said about him was almost flattering? Thinking of a codename for Taiyou was difficult than what he imagined, several came to his mind like: Mystery Guest, New Guy and even Needs a new Haircut and Shiny Forehead. He didn't want to say this outloud, but the guy definitely needed a hairstyle change. "How about, if you call me Pink Panther, then I'll call you Black Tiger? That way, our codenames are kinda matching. If you like it, that is."

He didn't bring up his flirtaious line, Oh thank god. Mikoshiba was already mentally kicking himself for letting that just slip out, especially to another guy. His heart was still racing like crazy from his earlier comment, he could slowly feel himself calming down the more time passed and when the other guy never brought it up. "I had something not too long ago, so I'll just take a glass of water. You get whatever you want, though!" While it wasn't a total lie from his part since he did get something to drink earlier, his main reasoning was due to his low tolerance for alcohol. He already made himself look like a fool in front of him, he didn't need to act like a drunk fool and embarrass himself even more. The whole time, Mikoshiba still had his fingers holding onto the other man's sleeve.

From afar, the prince noticed that two of the guards had been watching him interact with this stranger the whole time. They were slowly starting to approach them before the redhead waved his hands in the air, letting them know that it's okay and please don't screw this chance to finally have a normal conversation with someone. (Even though you were flirting with him just a few seconds ago, Mikorin.) Despite their questionable looks, they reluctantly agree and leave them be, but their eyes were still glued to the young prince. Phew, he dodged a bullet on that one! Hopefully Taiyou didn't happen to notice that...
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dsjfkd it rhymes... also i almost replied with daishou's acc, not that they're any different LOL /oi

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Oh god this guy was actually taking the Pink Panther name, he couldn't believe it. Well, he could since he had predicted it, but still, he couldn't believe this guy, y'know? (No we don't, wtf are you talking about Taiyou.) Well, at least Black Panther was... okay. It could be better, but it was surprisingly not as bad as he'd thought it'd be. Taiyou wasn't showing any of this on his face, though, as the expression he had expressed was a smile and rather sparkly eyes. "Oh, excellent! It's nice to have matching names, feels kind of exciting!" DEFINITELY N O T, what kind of lame setting was this? But the prince seemed to like it, and it was all that mattered for now. "I'm counting on you now, Sir Pink Panther."

Taiyou nodded as he walked toward the empty glasses, leading Mikoshiba who was still holding to his shirt's sleeve, was he doing it on purpose or just forgot (probably just forgot, ha.) He was aware that the redhead seemed to be gesturing something to someone, by the way his grip tensed around Taiyou's grip, it might be either his family or the castle's workers. But his family would've just walked and talked to them, so it was more likely to be the workers... and even more likely the guards. The fact that Mikoshiba hadn't walked away right then and there meant that he'd chosen to be with Taiyou instead, which was good, but that also meant the guards had their eyes on the prince still. He needed to find a way to get away from them. But well, he'd still got some time, he'd think as the time went.

"Sorry, Pink Panther," he broke the few seconds of pause they had. "As much as I don't mind you holding my sleeve, it's rather difficult to pour some drink into my glass—unless you want to pour this punch for me?" He chuckles slightly.
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THEY REALLY AREN'T even their gfs names sound similar... mikachan mikotochan

[personal profile] mikodere 2016-11-24 03:00 am (UTC)(link)
Hearing that Taiyou also thought it was exciting made Mikoshiba's cheeks turn a very light shade of pink. What a nice guy. It was slow, but Mikoshiba was taking a liking to him. It's been a long time since he's had a nice pleasant conversation with another person. (Even if it was all fake, bro.) He used his free hand to scratch the side of his neck, a very sheepish grin formed on his lips. None the less, he was very happy. "I'm counting on you as well, Black Tiger." It felt pretty cool to say that outloud. At this moment, he actually felt like a normal person and not a prince. It was relaxing to feel at least somewhat free, and be able to interact like an everyday person.

There was a look of confusion on Mikoshiba's face as he turns to face Taiyou, wondering what he was apologizing for. "Huh? What are—" At that moment, his red eyes grew wide when he saw that he subconciously held onto Taiyou's sleeve. Oh shit. First he spat out one of his fliratious dialogues to him and now he was holding onto his sleeve? Not only that, he was quite sure that his potential new friend would probably not want to be around such a weirdo like himself. Oh great, if anyone saw them then it probably looked like they were holding hands. This was embarrassing! Hell, just thinking about that possiblity made him even more embarrased. Mikoshiba's face was starting to turn several shades of red.

"S-Shit! S-S-Sorry about that." Mikoshiba was a stuttering mess at this point. He quickly lets go of Taiyou's sleeve and even starts to scoot away from him, going as far as to stand at the other side of the table away from Taiyou. Could this evening get anymore awkward? "G-Get whatever drink you want. I'll... just... be over here." His words were quite incoherent as he is nervously pouring some juice into a cup. Be careful not to spill that, Prince!