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happily taken;

the fake married meme

be it for a job, in order to get your inheritance or to fool your nosy neighbours, you're pretending to be married. now the question is, do you want it to be real or can you hardly wait for it to be over?

( taken from here )
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here wade comes to save the day~

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It was a pretty typical day for Wade. He spent the early afternoon stuffing pizza into his face and the last episode of the Friends rerun he watched was The One With The Proposal -- Chandler and Monica was his favorite power couple, okay. Like he said, typical day. Until he got a call from one of his clients wanting to meet up and discuss some pertinent information.

The guy was a mobster and had a moral compass similar to Deadpool before he started his quest to become a better human being -- everyone could thank his pal Spiderman for that one. Wade wasn't getting paid for a hit, it was for intel on a drug ring that had moved into his client's territory. It was still pretty dubious work. Wade was pretty sure that the guy planned on murderating the hell out of some of the drug ring's suppliers, but that wasn't blood on his hands. And really, was it that bad if a few less drug pushers were on the streets? Or that was what Wade used to try to convince himself that this was still morally acceptable.

He was dressed in civilian clothes, jeans, t-shirt, combat boots, hoodie pulled up over his scar-riddled face so as not to make passersby throw up their lunches. Also, he really didn't want the attention right now. Quickly, he turned down an alley back to the warehouse he was asked to meet his client at. It was inconspicuous and the entrance blended in. Wade knocked the first couple of bars of the Three's Company theme onto the door. What?
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doo doo da dooooooo DOOOOOO

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Peter's had a pretty average day too. Unfortunately it wasn't anything as relaxing as pizza and Friends (uh, YES, awesome), but he made it to all his classes without a SINGLE supervillain interruption. Peter's inclined to call that a win, at this point, even though he didn't have enough time to stop for lunch - but he got an A- on his last paper, which has him soaring high for the rest of the day.

Finally out of his last class, Peter is on his way home and considering buying a hotdog. It certainly isn't going to ruin his appetite - very few things can - so he decides, what the hell, and splurges on a dog with all the fixings. Chilli, cheese, relish - it's disgusting, and Peter is in Heaven.

It's as he's chowing down on the hotdog, weaving his way through back alleys to take a shortcut home, that he spots the shady character down the end of one of the alley spokes. Peter zeroes in on him, wondering if he should make a quick change, but then - he recognizes that heartbeat. Why does he - ?

It's Wade, Peter realizes, in his civilian clothes. Peter only has to hesitate a moment before heading down the alley - he can't be doing anything dangerous if he's in his civies now, can he? Munching on the last bit of his hot dog, Peter makes his way towards Wade just as he's knocking. "Fancy seeing you here."
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Wade was right in the middle of the next bar of his little diddy when Peter freaking snuck up on him! His scream was high-pitched and hilariously feminine as he held his hand over his heart. It felt like it was going to beat out of his god damn chest. But seriously, he could easily be the main heroine in a horror movie. Talk about blood-curdling. "Jesus shit-stirring Christ, Pete. You scared the fuck out of me! Where did you even come from?" The words flew out of his mouth without thinking. But then he realized where he was. Oh, hello! Still standing in front of clients door just after knocking and they could be out any minu -- oh shit.

The door flew open and there was Joe, looking as dapper -- and kind of distressed like he needed to poop -- as usual. He looked Wade up and down, "Deadpool? You're late."

Shit. Not a good way to start off. Wade shifted from foot to foot, in desperate need of dispelling some of his manic energy. "Joe! Buddy ol' pal. I could have swore you said six o'five," he looked down at his Adventure Time watch. "Uh... seven. Six o'seven. Anyway... Alright, let's get this ball rollin'!" He rubbed his hands together before clapping them once.

Joe looked over his shoulder, eyes scanning over Peter. Fuck! Wade almost forgot that Peter was here too. Christ. This was a dubious situation in general and only God knew how Peter would feel when he found out what Joe wanted to do to the drug pushers. He was so adamant about saving lives and all. Joe kind of wanted to put a bullet in his competition. Well, fuck. Joe's eyes locked onto Peter's. "You didn't say anything about a tag-along." His hand reached into his suit jacket, clearly reaching for a gun.

Wade's arm shot out, curling around Peter's shoulders and pulling him in close as he laughed. "Yeah, well, this is my person. Err -- husband. Peter. My husband, Peter. Say hi, snookums!" He planted a sloppy kiss right on Peter's cheek. Oh jesus. Peter was going to fucking murder him when this was done and over with. Fuckfuckfuck. "We haven't been married that long. You know how it is. We're both in that clingy stage still! Can't get enough of each other!" He laughed awkwardly, a death grip on Peter. What a clusterfuck this was.
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The scream had Peter flinching back, remains of his hot dog sliding out of his hand and onto the pavement, only very narrowly missing his shoe. So yeah, he's already bewildered when the door opens, mouth open and poised to say, just walking home, this is Queens you idiot - but there's another scary looking dude there, and the words die in Peter's throat. Uh. Shit. That guy doesn't look anything like Weasel, or the 'friendlier' (if you can call them that) sort at that bar Peter often finds Wade at.

Joe isn't exactly the most menacing name on the planet, but Peter is silent as the man gives him a once over. He's certainly not threatening, but this doesn't look like the type of guy that takes chances. His spider senses start screaming, blaring at him the next minute, and he's tensed, ready to fight or web the guy if he has to - but then, out of the fucking blue -

Yeah, Wade is so dead. His husband? It takes Peter a split second to catch up, mouth floundering on the words before he smiles, wide and innocent, and curls against Wade's chest. His mouth still has traces of the hot dog, and he laughs nervously, glasses slipping down the bridge of his nose. "....yup, yes, still, uh. Clingy." He rests his cheek on Wade's shoulder and tries the puppy dog eyes he uses on May to get an extra brownie when she bakes them for the girls at work.
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Joe paused, eyes still suspicious as he looked between the two of them. Apparently whatever Wade said was good enough because Joe's hand went slack again, no longer reaching for his weapon. He moved out of the way and beckoned for the two of them to come on. "Next time, I would appreciate it if you have the decency to tell me when you want to bring someone along, Wade," he said, clearly disgruntled by Wade's rude behavior.

Hopefully, there would be a next time that involved Peter. That would be good. He walked through the doorway, separating from Peter, but still making sure to stay close. Just in case. "Sorry about that, buddy. I didn't plan on bringing Peter along, but I literally just saw him on my way and you know. I thought, 'why the hell not?'"

Joe was clearly unamused and wasn't having any of it, but thankfully he chose to ignore Wade's chattering and continue on with what was planned. He headed to an office off to the side of the main, open area. There were lots of boxes and various equipment left in the main room, but it was obvious that nothing had been messed with or used in a while. When they got to the office, that was a lot different. It was nice and tidy and there were several chairs sitting in front of a desk. Wade was surprised by the lack of blood splatter. You know how hard it was to get out of upholstery. That was a good sign! Joe sat in the leather seat behind the desk, a stern look still on his face. "Both of you have a seat," he gestured to the chairs in front of the desk. "We have a lot to talk about, Wade."
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Peter doesn't even have an opening to suggest, why don't I just leave you to your business, see you at home! before they're in the lion's den with the door shut behind them. Peter wipes his mouth off on his sleeve, hitching his backpack higher on his shoulders and praying to god nobody looked inside of it. If someone saw the Spiderman suit...he didn't know what he'd do, but it would be something, sorry Wade.

The inside of the warehouse isn't as suspect as Peter might have guessed it to be, but he's got a feeling that 'Joe' isn't as warm and cuddly as he appears. Do you see the side eye he's giving you, Wade? You should be able to feel it, the intensity of it boring into the side of your freaking head.

Peter schooled his expression into a schmoopy, innocent smile, and plopped down in the chair next to Wade. The ringing in the back of his skull that was his spidey sense wasn't going away anytime soon, and he hooked his backpack subtly underneath his calf in case anybody tried to take it - although thus far, he hadn't seen any lackeys, and he tried to listen to hear any other heartbeats over his own.
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It was weird. Wade's ears felt hot and he had this weird, tingly feeling on the back of his neck. He looked over and noticed the side eye immediately. Peter was going to strangle him. It was going to be like Homer and Bart. He swallowed hard.

Wade sat down, loosely crossing one leg over the other, free hand immediately gripping his shin. He was basically manspreading and he wasn't ashamed. His knee was far enough over to touch Peter's leg. At least they looked kind of coupley that way? A little? Wade reached over and gave Peter's knee a squeeze for good measure. "So what do you need from me?" he stopped smiling, the merc in him coming to the surface. No more playing around. Peter was okay for the moment, so he didn't have to exaggerate the act.

Ironically, that change in Wade's persona is what got Joe to unwind a little. He relaxed more, sitting back in his chair, a smirk on his face. "It's like we talked before. I need to know who is supplying Stephenson and where they are located. I've had several of my previous acquaintances on this job and none of them came up with what I needed. So now we're here. You said this won't be a problem, Wade."
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Good, your Peter's Shit Detector is in working order. He was starting to worry for a second there, snookums.

Peter let his hands cover Wade's, long fingers playing with Wade's idly where his hand rested on his knee. He was alert, definitely, though he was trying his best to look like he wasn't, at all. If he could just fade into the background of this little exchange, that would probably be his best bet of getting out of there fine - and then they were so having a talk about what the hell kind of job Wade was taking and why it all sounded shady as fuck.

Peter took a glance around the office, not bothering to mask his curiosity - hopefully it looked completely innocent, as he interlocked his fingers with Wade, using his other hand to trace his 'husband's' palm.
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There was totally a retort about to come out of his mouth, but Peter's fingers entwining with his was a little distracting. And then Peter started tracing Wade's palm and dear sweet lord... What was he doing? What was he even going to say before he got distracted? Wade's eyes darted over to Peter nervously and his friend was just looking around the room like this was no big deal. He huffed.

Fortunately, Joe was oblivious to Wade's inner struggle. He scribbled something out on a piece of paper and pushed it across the desk to Wade. "This is the closest I've gotten. Apparently his right hand man, Junior, shows up at this massage parlor all the time. Junior knows me and he knows my men, so it's gotta be you to get what I need. I don't care how you do it. Just do it."

There was a barely audible shuffling in the distance, but Wade was too distracted to even notice it.

Wade picked the piece of paper up. It was an address. "Thank you, Nike. I can do that. I need half the money up front though. You know how I work, Joe." Even with the smile now on Wade's face, there was still a coldness underneath that he rarely let Peter see. Usually Wade was just being an ass in front of villains, being a terror by amping up the crazy. But this wasn't Deadpool the (sometimes) superhero. This was the merc with a mouth. The only way to be successful in this field was if your client knew that you were reliable. They needed to see that you were just as ruthless as they were. So Wade always obliged.

"It'll be in your account by the end of the night." The shuffling got louder and a couple of huge, linebacker built men in trench coats entered the room. "Get me the suppliers, Wade. I don't accept failure."
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Peter might not be the best liar when it came to people he cared about, but in front of someone like this? Peter could charm honey away from bees if he tried hard enough. He was always good at playing a little dumber with strangers; it happened with his classmates, mostly, whenever somebody asked him about the pictures he took of Spiderman.

Junior? The fuck kind of a bad guy name was junior? Peter barely held in a snort, instead turning his attention to someone approaching through the door. His hand slowed a little, gentle sweeps of his fingertip over Wade's digits, and he struggled not to frown as he listened. The heartbeats were strong, and he felt a tingle at the back of his neck - not good. His grip on Wade's hand got a little tighter, but that was the only noticeable change as the men entered the room.

And Wade - any trace of warm, lackadaisical confidence had bled from his voice, replaced with steely promise. Peter didn't know what to think about that - didn't have the time, really, as the men entered the room. In trench coats, no less. Come on.

He made a quick decision and shrunk himself into the chair a little, letting his eyes widen in faux surprise. He could take them down in less than thirty seconds, so. Still, he didn't like not having his mask on, letting these men see his real face. What's the use of threatening a man who can't die? Oh wait, he has a husband. Real smooth, Wade.
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It was so hard not to roll his eyes when the lackeys came in. Did this guy think that getting him outside of the Deadpool suit meant that he wasn't armed? Peter wasn't a shrinking violet, he was a tough cookie and Wade hoped that Peter knew he wouldn't drag his friend into a situation like this if he felt the tiniest inkling of true danger -- even after being caught off guard with the whole husband thing. Wade was a doof, but he didn't needlessly put someone he cared about in danger. There would be a bullet in Joe's head before he could even signal his men if need be. All evidence of Peter and Wade being at the warehouse would have been wiped clean as well.

Wade remained calm, trying not to crack a smile at Peter's acting. Baby boy could be in the movies! "You got it, boss!" He stood up from the chair, hand still firmly holding onto Peter's as he switched back to his goofy front. He immediately noticed Joe's men stiffen at the sudden movement. Apparently they didn't expect Wade to move at all. "Are we good here? Can we go?"

Joe arched an eyebrow at Wade's reaction. "We're good. Mickey, Vito, escort the lovely couple out of the building, please." Mickey and Vito waited by the door while Joe wrote a couple of things down in a notebook, not even making eye contact anymore. "We'll keep in touch, Wade."

"Of course, buddy. Talk to you later~," he said in a sing-song voice as he helped Peter out of the chair, hand still entwined with his and headed toward the exit of the warehouse. Vito and Mickey stuck close behind them, trying to come off as intimidating.

When they were finally outside, he tipped an invisible hat to the two goons. "Ladies, see ya another time." He shot them a peace sign and then walked down the alleyway, arm casually curling around Peter's waist.
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Yeah, because Peter wouldn't be rip-roarin' pissed if Wade killed somebody. This was just one giant shitshow and honestly Peter was itching to get the fuck out of there and maybe scale a building or two. Their power play wasn't working much at all, but even if Wade was catching them off guard, it seemed Joe had forgotten Peter entirely, and the lackeys gave him a scrutinizing but harmless lookover as they started to lead them out. Yeah, please, continue to underestimate him.

"Nice to meet you," Peter says, as genuinely as he can manage, tucking into Wade's side and keeping his head down as they were directed back to the exit. He kept his backpack between them, as innocuously as possible, but at this point he was pretty sure he was in the clear.

Wade's arm was a solid weight around his waist, and Peter only hesitated a second before he tucked his hand into Wade's back pocket. What? He saw it in a movie once, it looked kind of cute. So yeah, his hand is indirectly on Wade's ass, and Peter dips his head to hiss, "What the fuck, Wilson - "
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Of course he'd be pissed and Wade knew that. Since he and Peter became friends, Wade hadn't killed anybody. Yet, at least. The fact that he managed to stay on that track that well was a big deal. Peter's friendship meant a lot to him. But if it meant Peter's safety, yeah, he would put a bullet into Joe's head. It was just how Wade worked. He was still trying to be a better human being, but he had a long way to go still.

Wade arched an eyebrow at the hand in the pocket. Oho! He definitely wasn't going to complain. Instead, he was going to revel in each little bit of affection he got from Peter in this instance -- even if it meant nothing to Peter. It meant something to him. The poor guy was starved and Peter was... well. Wade didn't want to dig too deep into that. Peter was important. He'd end it at that.

He leaned his head so it rested against Peter's. To an outsider, it looked like they were being cute and talking intimately. Hah! Peter was gonna kill him! How was that for intimate? "Look, the last thing I expected was for you to show up when I was going to talk to my client, okay? And that was the first thing that popped into my head! He wouldn't have let you leave after you saw him."

He gave Peter a little squeeze, feeling eyes on his back until they turned out of the alley. "Fuck." Wade was bothered by the whole thing because now, yeah, they knew Peter's face. So if something did go wrong, he was going to have to fucking kill them because there was no way that he would let them live and terrorize Peter. Not happening. That was the last thing that the other man needed. And of course, the murderating would effectively end the trust between them. Bye bye, spideypool! He knew Peter. It felt like a dark cloud was hovering over him now. Just when he thought that he and Peter were starting to get close, too. The thought of losing his friendship... His phone buzzed loudly. Wade looked at his phone -- it was a text from Joe. "Hold on."

Checkmate, Wade. Get the job done and we'll all be safe and happy. :)

The subtle threat was clear to him. Get the job done or Peter would be affected. But he kind of ruined it with the smiley. Joe probably thought Wade was an idiot, bringing his 'husband' to a brief about a job.
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Peter had been warned off Deadpool when he first showed up on the scene. By Hawkeye, no less, which kind of irked Peter for a number of reasons - namely, that the Avengers didn't want anything to do with him until this guy in leather showed up and started making him and Daredevil look tame on the vigilantism front. The Devil, though, also warned him off Pool, and Peter was more inclined to listen to his judgement. Dangerous, he'd said, not out to help anybody but himself.

And Peter had stayed away. But when Wade finally found him, Peter was surprised. He was expecting someone a lot more...not Deadpool. How could you expect something like Deadpool? Peter liked his sense of humor, though, because to be honest, Peter wasn't exactly popular with the superhero crowd. He could use somebody to have his back every once in a while.

When he'd first told Deadpool he couldn't condone killing, he'd been surprised when the man so easily agreed not to - at least, in Peter's presence. Who knew what he did outside of that, but Peter just had a feeling...a good feeling. Maybe it was stupid - he told himself it was, privately scolded his own mind. Wade clearly did all kinds of shady shit when he wasn't with Peter, but that wasn't any of his business now, was it?

Peter turned his head, letting his lips brush Wade's ear. He could feel the eyes on their backs too, so hamming it up didn't seem like a bad idea. "How was I supposed to know you were meeting a client? You're wearing a hoodie for fuck's sake - " Peter knows Wade's right, though, that his quick thinking was the only reason they hadn't shed blood in the first place. Doesn't mean he's happy about it though.

Peter sighed, shaking his head. He wasn't going to move away from Wade until they were a fair few blocks away, though, and kept close at his side even when they rounded the corner. "Squeeze me again, I dare you."

At least they got out of there. But something in Wade's expression made Peter frown, uneasy, and he glanced down at Wade's phone. "What? What is it?"
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Wade swallowed hard, a shiver zipping up his spine at the feeling of Peter's lips against his ear. "Joe told me to dress casually so it wouldn't draw attention. Rolling up in my Deadpool costume would have caught attention -- Aww! It's our first lover's spat!" He tried to ease up his tone, anything to get back into their usual banter.

"Alright, no hugs. Got it," he sounded a little bit like a kicked puppy. Yeah. He was pushing it a little. It had just been so long and Peter was so warm and for a moment he could pretend -- no. He needed to stop this line of thought in it's fucking tracks.

Wade tilted the phone so Peter could read it. He was unintentionally a part of this now. "Fuck my life. I was really hoping he wouldn't act like that, but I should have known better. It's all good though, Petey. I'll get him his information and then we won't ever deal with him again. Fuck."
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"And you're doing this in the middle of the day because?" Peter's seen a lot of the seedy underbelly of New York City, but some of the nuances - such as meeting in broad daylight to discuss whatever it was Wade was doing for that guy - didn't make any logical sense to him.

"Maybe if you ask nicely," Peter corrects, because Wade's tone makes him feel like a total dick. He just means, with his arm around Peter's waist like that - hey, he doesn't have to justify shit. But still. It isn't like Peter is opposed to hugs, just...yeah. It had been a while for Peter, too, even just a platonic hug with a friend.

"What information?" Peter couldn't help but squeak a little. He wasn't afraid for himself, no, but if somebody followed him and he had to defend May - what would he even do? He wasn't in the business of offing people. "Jesus, of course. You revealed fake kryptonite, of course he's going to take it and use it against you."
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"Because that was what the client wanted. He's a stubborn old man, Pete. I can't talk sense into him. I just want his damn money," Wade admitted. This was his livelihood and the pain medication that did work for him was expensive, so here he was. "Look. I don't kill anymore. I have to take the jobs I can get. These ones pay less than the murdery jobs. What more do you want from me?" he sighed, torn. "Oh my fucking god. We are married. We're arguing like married people, Peter. We might as well go to Vegas."

"We're good. I can understand having boundaries." And he did. The last thing he wanted was to push Peter out of his comfort zone. So he needed to quit the bullshit.

"There's a drug ring that's moving in on the client's territory. The Stephenson guy is the one in charge. He wants me to find out who is supplying Stephenson. As soon as I do that, I get the rest of my money and then we part ways. See? No one dies. All is good." The last thing he needed was to get Spiderman in the middle of this. Jesus. Good job, Wade. "Well, I was a little off my game. I'll get who supplies Stephenson from his buddy Junior and then Joe will leave us be. You don't have to be involved in this anymore, okay? I got this."
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That shuts Peter up pretty fast, and he smiled ruefully, pressing into Wade's side. It wasn't even Wade's fault at all, it was Peter and his infamous Parker luck. Of course he'd stumble into Wade's business and make things ten times harder for everyone involved. It...was kind of a relief to hear it wasn't a hit job, though. Maybe Wade really was turning himself around, even when Peter wasn't present. That was...kind of awesome. "My first trip out of this city is not going to be to Vegas."

"I didn't mean - it's fine, Wade," Peter assured quietly, squeezing Wade back. He sighed, staring down at his feet as they walked. "I'm sorry. It's my own fault. I just...I thought I'd say hi." Which in retrospect was super dumb of him anyway. They weren't friends. Were they? Or did Wade just consider it strictly vigilantism, patrol buddies? Peter didn't even know what he thought of it himself, but maybe he's a little lonely. Shut up. "I shouldn't have approached you."

"That's...fine." Peter let out another breath, looking up at the sky. He was going to go climb the Empire State Building, probably. Or maybe the library. He just needed to get up somewhere high and relax for a second. "You let me know if you need help though, okay?" He still didn't want Wade getting hurt, even if he could survive it.
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The change from angry to quiet worried Wade. He knew Peter well enough to notice the changes. Good job, Wilson. "Okay. No fun, crazy spideypool Vegas adventure... for now." His tone eased up a lot. The last thing he needed was to be snappy. Peter was understandably angry and Wade fucking hated feeling like he let Peter down. And this was one of those moments.

The squeeze made him happier than he was willing to admit, but then he clammed up completely after Peter's words. Warmth flooded him and he felt like the world was off kilter. The fact that Peter approached him was something he didn't fully think about. That was a big fucking deal. The last thing Wade needed to do was fuck this up. So no. He wasn't having it. "No. I want you to approach me, baby boy," his words were kind of a jumble. Was he sweating? He felt like he was sweating now. But he was wearing a fucking hoodie jacket, so why was he surprised? "You had no clue. And if I had more time, I would have told you what was going on. It was just really, really bad luck for both of us. I just didn't want to get you involved in this so I feel like an asshole."

Peter's reaction to that bothered him severely. It made his stomach churn painfully. It wasn't that he didn't want Peter's help. He really did. "I'm sorry, Petey. I should have thought of something better to say when Joe opened that door. The last thing I wanted was to compromise your safety and I'm just mad at myself for doing that. Just let me fix it, okay? Please?"
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"You can't come up with anything better? You've got Brangelina to live up to." Peter teased, grateful that Wade let them slip back into their usual bullshit banter. No need to make this any more weirdly-tense than it was, honestly. He wasn't that angry, not as much as he seemed - mostly worried, mostly anxious. Wade hadn't even done anything wrong. It was Peter sticking his nose in something he shouldn't yet again. Why do you think he had powers in the first place?

The baby boy comment made Peter flush a little, but this time he didn't have a mask to hide under. He wanted to contradict Wade - he wasn't that much younger, thank you - but something about the way he said it didn't make Peter as annoyed as he might have been when anybody else questions his age. It wasn't mean to demean or discredit. "You're not, Wade, it's my own fault. I'm not - we're good, man. I promise."

Peter offered a thin smile, finally extracting himself from Wade's grip. They were far enough away now, they'd be fine. "No, it got him off the scent pretty fast. I still don't understand how that was your go to, but he didn't - he was going to attack or something, and he didn't." That was enough of a win for now.
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"I think Spideypool is a perfectly acceptable ship name, Pete. I feel like it is a perfect representation of our endless love." Well, you know Wade. He blamed himself for everything and would always find a way to twist it so he was still at fault. He had issues. "Speaking of our endless love. There's no way I could get you to karaoke that as a duet with me, right? I'll even be Diana Ross. No? Bueller? Alright. Okay."

He didn't even mean to call Peter that, funny enough. It was just something he had said to him when he was dressed as Spiderman and the nickname just got blurted out. His shoulder relaxed when Peter said they were good though. He was genuinely worried there for a bit. "Kiss and make up? No homo! No? 0 for 2, Wilson," he teased. Back to his old self again. Infuriatingly annoying. At least things were normal.

When Peter let go, he felt a little... empty. Wade shook his head, trying to push that out of his mind. He was just affection deprived. Yeah. Wade coughed. Well, it was pretty obvious to his freaking subconscious why that was his go to. Maybe because he couldn't stop thinking about Peter all the time and how good it would feel to kiss him. If only he could admit to himself why Peter was so important to him. Wade laughed awkwardly. "Yeah. I would never put you in harm's way willingly. You know that, right? You're my friend and friends don't put other friends in front of people that want to shoot them." He felt vulnerable asking that question, but he just wanted Peter to know.
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"It sounds like a spider drowning, Wade - actually, that's perfect, now that I think about it." Peter snorted, glancing up at Wade with a smirk dancing over his lips. Of course he did - and he said he wasn't a hero, he was already halfway there! "If I'm doing karaoke it's going to be Isn't She Lovely or Queen, not Endless Love."

Peter didn't have a nickname. Just...ever. His Aunt called him Peter, sometimes sweetheart but mostly Peter - though she could say his name any number of ways and it would still be music to his ears - and Harry called him Pete, sometimes, but that hardly counted. Gwen had started in with spiderboy, but they hadn't exactly had enough time together for it to stick.

And Wade sounds so genuine - though Peter will swear he doesn't like it, up and down - he's stopped trying to correct him, at least. That's an improvement, right? "You'll taste like tacos, and I really don't want to mix that with the hot dog aftertaste. Better luck next time."

When Wade called him his friend, Peter ducked his head a little, smile twitching at the corners of his mouth. It was kind of sad how happy that made him, actually. He didn't exactly have any friends left, so. Yeah. They were friends. "I know, Wade, you didn't have a choice. Seriously, I understand and it's okay." After a beat, " - thank you."
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"No. It sounds like a really cool spider, chillaxing with eight little floaties on his leggies in the pool and having a nice swim, Petey," Wade shot back. "And that makes me happy." Maybe his imagination was a little bit over-active. "But we couldn't do those as a duet!"

Well, he had at least five nicknames when it came to Wade. It was what he did. If he liked you, you had a million nicknames. So Peter was clearly very well liked by his friend. Even if said friend acted like an asshole a lot of the time.

"Good point. That is definitely not a good combination," he laughed. But he noticed Peter's wording and it made him flush a little at the thought. Yes, they were joking around and being stupid. But still. Wade could admit that he was definitely attracted to Peter, so yeah that thought was a pleasant one.

He sighed in relief, glad that Peter understood. That made him feel a million times better than he had. "It's the least I could. You look out for me, even when I don't deserve it. You bet your ass I'm going to do the same." Wade may have been an asshole and he may push people that are important to him away because he's an idiot, but he was loyal and protective of the people that mattered to him most. Peter was at the top of that list right now.
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"Alright, alright, spider in a pool, sure," Peter laughed, shaking his head. A bit? The magic 8-ball is busy, try again later. "Not with that attitude. Fine, It Takes Two, Marvin Gaye version."

Yeah, there was definitely a fondness there and Peter was...pretty happy to be called a friend. He seriously hadn't had one in quite some time now, and for all of Wade's faults, he had Peter's back when it counted, which was more than he could say about pretty much anyone else. And that counted for something.

"Exactly. Maybe if you carried some mouthwash, we'd be able to talk."

"I'd argue that you do, deserve it, I mean," Peter said, without thinking. But it was true. Honestly, just because Wade could survive things didn't mean he had to.
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"See? This is exactly why we're fake married, Peter. You know just what to say... ♪to make a dream come true. Just takes two~♪" Wade crooned the line from the song. Surprisingly enough, Wade wasn't that bad of a singer. Especially when it came to the oldies. Now his rendition of Firework by Katy Perry was a little rough.

"I can't help that I'm a little spicy, Petey Pie!" Shit. Now his brain was -- nope. He wasn't even going there. He was going to stop thinking. Right now.

Wade blinked at that, a little shocked by Peter's words. It was weird hearing that from someone that he looked up to for a good while. He looked down, self conscious all of a sudden. "I would beg to differ, but that's me." He snapped out of the weird serious moment, back into the comfort of his over-animated mania. "Anyway, snookums~! I got this. No worries. I'll let you know when I get the info from Junior, just so that's one less thing you have to worry about." He stretched, linking his fingers together over his head.

"Hey, you busy? I know you just ate a hotdog and all, but there's this new Chinese restaurant that opened up by my place that I've heard good things about. We could order take out and play games on the xbox. Nothing better than unwinding from almost getting shot by shooting others in a safe, fantasy environment," he said, trying not to sound too hopeful. He waggled his eyebrows at Peter and grinned.

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