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The Makeover Meme

Makeovers. Sometimes they're a personal choice and sometimes you get roped into them. Sometimes it's a bet. Sometimes it's a surprise. Sometimes it can be awesome and sometimes it can be hurtful. But they're always... interesting for everyone involved.

From super fluffy to super dark, makeovers span all manner of genres even if most people's minds generally go straight to makeup and shopping trips. Not to mention that some makeovers are not for the betterment or enjoyment of the person being made over. Please warn appropriately and respect people's requests.

So for this meme:
  1. you tag in with your character; make sure to specify if you're the person doing the makeover or the person RECEIVING the makeover and clarify any choices which you're not interested in/wouldn't work for you
  2. someone else either chooses a few numbers or resorts to the rng and tags you
  3. ???
  4. (fictional) profit?

  1. Voluntary: they actually signed up for this of their own free will but they have no idea what they might get
  2. Agreement: they've had someone on their back about changing for ages so... they agreed to do this
  3. Total Surprise: ...what the hell, guys. What. The. Hell.
  4. Involuntary: oh, they knew about it... and they like how they are JUST fine but you KNOW they need this
  5. Revenge: oh, they'll see how they like it now, won't they?
  6. Selfish: it's not really for their betterment; it's what YOU need
  7. Educational: they need this... but not for the reason they think
  8. Wildcard: and here goes every other possible reason

  1. Cosmetic: Their hair, their makeup, their clothes... this kind of makeover is only skin deep but that doesn't mean it can't have a big impact.
  2. Your Food: Your 'fridge has been cleaned out, new spices have been added, and they've switched out your normal coffee with Foldger's crystals. Good luck!
  3. Your Space: While they were out, you completely redecorated their personal space. Whether they like it or not, you'll just have to see...
  4. Your Home: You went even further than the last one and actually changed their entire house/apartment/etc.
  5. Manners: That whole talking while they're eating sloppy joes thing has GOT to go. Also, that's the wrong fork...
  6. Attitude: They really can't solve every problem by punching it in the face. Guess who's going to sensitivity training?
  7. Cybernetics: Maybe they want to jump higher, run faster... or replace a missing part. Either way, the new them will definitely need a bit of oiling
  8. Cursed/Blessed: Every word they speak is diamonds... or frogs. They trip on every crack... or they're walking on air. Either way, someone's done a number on their luck.
  9. Liar Liar/Cassandra: They're either always lying or always speaking the truth. Let's hope no one puts them in charge of any doors...
  10. Wildcard: For anything else you can think of.

  11. Good luck!
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'A deal's a deal, Parker.'

Harry must have said that at least a hundred times between the fateful day he finally won a bet and now. It kind of ended up being a double win, anyway. In proving that pigs could - indeed - fly (and in first class, no less!), Harry ended up with a pet from the whole ordeal. Who knew teacup pigs could be such good little companions? More importantly, though, it meant that Peter was required to let Harry take him suit shopping and dress him up to look like he belonged at a gala.

The sheer lack of enthusiasm from Peter was pretty much palpable, but that hardly dissuaded Harry. He'd been looking forward to this for weeks! Nothing would take this rare victory away from him. As it was, Peter wearing a suit was a rarity already. Even without his modest amount of money, he just wasn't the kind of guy to run around in flashy clothing. He probably couldn't give two shits about fashion.

And then you had Harry, the complete opposite, who loved his designer clothes and dressing to impress. He probably had more than he knew what to do with. That's part of why this was so fun, though. He wasn't shopping for him; he was shopping for someone with a different style, a different body type than his. It'd be a challenge! Probably a little more of one than he wanted if Peter decided to be difficult and decline to give constructive feedback, but... Well. He'd still figure something out, with or without Peter's help. He's fashion savvy enough to find styles that would look good on Peter and familiar enough with his tastes to make a pretty educated guess on some designs and colors he'd hate significantly less than all the rest. So, when they walk into Harry's favorite suit store, it's with a grin and arms held wide open. "Here we are, buddy!" he declared with an annoying dose of cheerfulness.

Wall to wall with suits of all kinds and colors, the place had it all. Welcome to Hell, Peter.
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2016-09-12 07:19 am (UTC)(link)
Peter is genuinely considering strangling himself with one of the belts from the rack on his right. The only thing stopping him is the knowledge that it would probably take a great deal of pressure to actually fuck him up, with his healing.

Harry absolutely played Peter in the long con, to the point where Peter conceded defeat out of sheer befuddlement. Harry had actually bought a pet pig and flown it in first class. How do you deny that a fricken' win? All so he could go out and spend more money on buying Peter a suit? Peter's life was nothing short of tragic at this point.

Given that one of Peter's more common forms of transportation was a skateboard, yeah, he didn't exactly run around dressed to the nines like Harry usually did. Maybe Peter would have fought it more if he didn't know it would make Harry so damn happy. But he seemed so...smug, and excited, when he showed Peter the pig - Bethany, excuse him - that Peter just resigned himself to it without too much fuss.

Doesn't mean he isn't going to make this unnecessarily difficult, because he's Peter.

"You take such pleasure in my suffering, I'm starting to think you're a sadist, Harry."
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Never question the tenacity of Harry Osborn. When he really wants something, be very afraid of his ability to go through ridiculous lengths to get it.

"Only 'cause I finally get to take you suit shopping. Karma finally came around, huh, Pete?" Because, y'know, Harry doesn't already return Peter's science tangents in spades with his 3am calls about his own asinine interests. After years of frequently losing bets and having to do stupid things for being dumb enough to bet Peter in the first place, though-- this is unprecedented. Of course he's going to take pleasure in Peter's suffering; he might not get another chance.

Harry nudged Peter forward, not bothering to contain his grin.

"Just remember: I could be really mean to you and subject you to stuff I know you'd hate."

At which Harry points to a what's supposed to be a glamorous (but it just looks tacky) lamé jacket on a far wall. Do you want him to force you into a sparkly, colorful jacket, Peter? Do you? Something that's so bad that not even Harry would wear it is bad, but he's not afraid to use it as a weapon..

"But 'cause I'm such a good pal, I'll only pick out stuff I think will look nice on you." Unless you start being too much of a shit, is the unspoken add-on there.
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2016-09-13 05:13 am (UTC)(link)
Yes yes, you have a ridiculous amount of time and money on your hands, Harry, and with anybody else it might actually be exciting. But no, you're the multi-millionaire who makes pigs fly (there's a reason you and Peter are friends, and he thinks he's found it).

"Karma, or the law of probability?" Peter muttered, mostly to himself. Seriously though, Harry has been all smiles all day. Peter files that away for future use, in the back of his mind. Yeah, Peter remembers that vocal dissertation on keishes like it was yesterday.

"You'd only be sabotaging any future chance of getting me to come in here willingly." Peter reminded, snorting and shaking his head at his friend.

"You wouldn't." Peter zeroed in on the fashion disaster Harry was pointing to. "I'd burst into flames the minute I touched it, Harry. God trying to cleanse my body."
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Because they're both a couple of over-the-top idiots?

No, Peter. It's karma. Don't bring your science nonsense into this. We also don't need to rehash out the stupid things Harry's had to do after losing bets. He'd prefer to forget about most of them.

"So... what you're saying is, there'll be more suit shopping trips in the future?" Harry piped in, his grin becoming obnoxiously wide. He hears what he wants to hear, Peter. Sorry. ...Yeah, okay, so Peter didn't exactly have a lot of places to wear fancy clothes to, but it wasn't really about that. Harry could find more than enough excuses for Peter to wear a suit. It was getting to see Peter out of his element that was fun. Besides, any opportunity to combine two of Harry's favorite things - Peter and suits - was one he was going to jump eagerly at.

Harry let out a good chuckle before clapping Peter on the shoulder. "No-- there are few people I'd subject to that level of cruelty. C'mon. I've already got a few styles in mind for you. Nothing complicated or flashy, I promise." Because at the end of the day, Harry wanted Peter to at least be marginally happy with what he was wearing. "I was thinking we could do some layering, too. Maybe a vest? You could get away with not wearing a tie that way--" And off Harry went, excitedly yammering about things that would look good on Peter. Things with lots of stylish pockets. Horizontal and diagonal stripes. Cuffed trousers. Things to visually broaden Peter's body and make him look less lanky. Vertical lines and baggy clothing were both a big no-no.

The first thing Harry dragged Peter over to were the suits themselves. They could focus on the dress shirts and vests after they found some suits Peter liked. ...Or barring any helpful enthusiasm, suits that Harry liked for him. Either way.

"So, how colorful do you wanna be? I'm assuming you don't want a bright yellow suit, but... y'know. Black and grey are classics. Safe. That's fine and all, but if you're gonna dress up, might as well have fun with it!" To prove his point, he gestured to a stylish cream and light blue suit combo on display.
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That's one way of saying it. You're not wrong.

Peter probably has enough dirt to bury Harry for years. He takes pictures of everything, remember?

"I said there was the slimmest chance you've ever seen, yes. Nothing's impossible - somebody could point a gun at my head and force me to come shopping with you. It's just not probable." Peter is sure Harry could and Peter will let him, because he's going to feel guilty about however much Harry spends on the suit anyway. So yeah, he'll be your date to whatever charity auction you have to attend because he's guilt-tripped himself.

"Are you sure I can't just lock myself in the changing room until they close the store? No?" Peter let Harry guide him through the store, going off on a tangent about what would look good on his body type. The answer is nothing, thank you, Peter hides under hoodies and layers for a reason. Okay, it's mostly comfort, whatever.

"...I like red and blue?" Peter offered, making a face at the idea of a bright yellow suit. Yeah, he's good on that front. He silences the snark that says none of this is fun, Harry, because watching Harry geek out is kind of worth it. Kind of. He's still grumpy. A flying pig. "...nice suit, but that's pretty much my skin tone, don't you think?"
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It's a good thing Peter's not enough of a jerk to lob it all at the media.

"But there is a chance," Harry pointed out optimistically. "Odds mean nothing to Harry Osborn!" Only when it comes to pursuing the most asinine of things though, apparently. Anything else, and he tended to get discouraged.

As they weaved through the suits, Harry shot a look at Peter. "No. You made a deal, and the deal was to let me take you suit shopping, which I can't do if you're hiding the whole time. Just trust me! You're in good hands." He paused to let a smug grin stretch across his face. "And I'll happily accept apologies in the form of compliments for doubting my abilities when you're all dressed up and looking like a million bucks."

"Ugh-- no, not together. That's so tacky, Peter," Harry countered, unknowingly dissing Peter's taste in superhero garb. He considered the preferences, though. "Red on its own would probably make you stick out more than you wanna, but we could do blue," he said with a thoughtful nod, immediately scanning for some tasteful blue suits. "No, 'cause being cream colored would require you to occasionally go outside in the sun." You're a workaholic, Peter.

This time, Harry found a tasteful royal blue three-piece that he pointed out to Peter. "What do you think? We could get you a pocket square and everything! Or is it too blue? We could get a different vest, probably. Unless you were thinking more... navy blue and not royal blue." Not that whatever Peter's answer is stopped Harry from holding the suit up to his friend to give him an idea how he'd look in it, humming in thought.
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Yeah, honestly. If he really wanted to make bank.

"Yeah, well, don't get ahead of yourself there, Harry," Peter snorted, minor annoyance evaporating under the force of Harry's genuine optimism, and the accompanying smile. Dammit, he was going to have a tough time saying no with Harry smiling like that.

"Uh huh, in your dreams, pal," Peter rolled his eyes good-naturedly, hesitating a little in front of the seemingly endless racks of clothing. The clothes in front of him, occupying just the armspan around him, are probably worth more than his tuition. "You'll be lucky if you get me looking past four digits."

That did get a muffled laugh out of him, one that had Peter pressing his face into his sleeve. Well, at least Harry's being honest? Peter couldn't really tell you why he picked those colors - maybe a sense of patriotism, maybe so taxis would see him - maybe because it was the last two bolts of fabric on the shelf at Hobby Lobby and at this point Peter can't really change it. "Yeah, because I'm going to tan in New York."

Peter gave a low whistle, blinking at the suit. It was definitely pretty bright, but it would compliment his skin color well. "I don't know, really, I mean - it's very blue. You don't think I'll stand out too much in this?" To be perfectly honest, that was exactly the color blue he was thinking of.
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geez that icon is so cuuute. harry's a puddle now, thanks a lot.

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Or, you know, Peter could just ask and Harry would probably happily throw half his fortune at him.

"Too late. Already miles away, buddy," he chimed, his victory having greatly boosted his confidence in being able to pull another suit-shopping trip on Peter. Plus, he remained fairly sure that once Peter started trying them on and seeing for himself that - with the right design choices - he could knock anybody dead, he'd be a lot happier with the trip.

"Oh, we'll see. What's that saying--? Don't count your chickens before they hatch? I'm the suit expert, and I know what I'm doing. You just keep your Debbie Downer comments to yourself until I've worked my magic." 'Cause after that, there won't be any. Harry is that confident in his ability to find a style that accentuates Peter's body type.

A sigh as Harry shot Peter another look. "It was just an example anyway, Peter. But I still think you'd look good with the right shade and a nice, complimenting dress shirt and tie."

The whistle was all Harry needed to be encouraged. Royal blue was gonna be the color Harry focused on then. He gave a pleased smile when he shook his head. "Nah. No more than you already would just struttin' your stuff in a suit. We could switch out the vest for a gray one, maybe. Gotta think about the tie. You could probably pull off not having one at all, and just leave the top of the collar open." He rubbed his chin, tilting his head this way, then that way, considering. "We'll hold on to this one. Might need a slimmer fit, but we'll see. How d'you feel about patterns? Like... some nice gingham where the horizontal stripes pop? Like, uh--" Harry paused to look around, and the nearest example was the wrong color, but it got the point across. "It'll help you look a little broader, and patterns can be fun."

Says the biased guy who obviously loved his pinstriped suits and patterned dress shirts.
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fff it's what he's good at xD my pleasure

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Um, ow. No thanks. Peter doesn't do well with gold bars chucked in his general direction.

"You always are!" Peter accused, but he was hiding a smile. He wasn't sure he'd seen Harry this genuinely happy - and sustained in it for more than three minutes - in months. It was a nice change; that alone was worth the trip but SHH! Don't you dare tell him. The idea that Peter is going to knock anybody dead will get an eyeroll of epic proportions.

"But which came first, the chicken or the egg?" Peter pushes his glasses back up the bridge of his nose and glances surreptitiously over his shoulder at the attendant. They...did not look happy to see him, though Harry probably fit right in. Peter snorted to himself and hid another smile. "Oh god, ties. My mortal enemy."

"Well count your blessings," Peter really can't tie a tie - Harry and May always end up getting annoyed at him enough to finish it for him. "Course you will, have you seen me? String bean alert." The talk about patterns just got a polite, if confused tilt of his head. This was probably what Harry felt like when Peter started spouting off quantum mechanics. "...whatever you like, buddy. This is your world, I just live in it."

Oh yeah. What's more infuriating is that he pulls it off. Peter doesn't know a whole lot about fashion, but he's pretty sure you're not supposed to mix patterns like that.
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Not literally. God.

"Oh, c'mon. Not always! But you gave me this opportunity, so you better believe I'm gonna run with it, buddy. If you didn't wanna go suit shopping, you shouldn't have tempted fate." Or Harry Osborn's unbelievable determination when he actually puts his mind to something. That's no doubt going to be something they talk about for years to come-- that he went through absurd lengths to make a pig fly just to take Peter suit shopping. Of course, there was a little ambition to actually win a bet for once, too.

That infernal question, though-- it gets Peter a very pointed glare. "That has nothing to do with anything. Can it, Parker." Not even your smart mouth can dissuade him. If he even notices the employees staring, he doesn't show it. It's not his concern. Getting Peter in a suit is his concern. "Yeah, I know. It amazes me that you can piece together advanced science, but you can't figure your way around a tie."

The confused flipping and flopping of the tie ends is pretty amusing for a while, but when Peter keeps cinching it wrong or wrapping it around too many times... Yeah, it's a little frustrating. "Just humor me, okay? Sometimes the fit is different between designers," he insists with a nudge to Peter's side. That sort of confusion is such a rare sight on Peter's face that it gets a good laugh out of Harry. It's admittedly pretty damn endearing to see Peter when he's out of his element. "Okay, I get it. I'll take care of the details, you just strut your stuff."

Who says? Speaking of mismatching... Something on display catches Harry's eye as they're wandering by. Nice pattern, complimentary colors, and more importantly, Harry has a weakness for sweaters. "Hey-- I know we agreed on blue, but try this ensemble on." And before Peter has a chance to argue, Harry's already pushing the jacket and slacks into Peter's hands and heading for the cardigans. If he's going to take Peter suit shopping, he's going to milk it for all it's worth, okay? He'll look adorable, and Harry wants to at least see him wearing it.
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"I didn't give you anything - ever the entrepreneur, Harry Osborn, you did this all on your own." Peter shakes his head, though his shoulders are shaking with silent laughter. Peter would absolutely be bringing this up until the day he died! Whenever Harry claimed that he didn't go overboard on things - exhibit numero uno, submitted to the court, thank you.

"What?" Peter's innocent face isn't fooling anybody. He snorts, gesticulating with his hands as they walk through the racks. "At least advanced science has a point! What's the point of a dangling piece of fabric? I mean honestly. Who came up with that? I bet you know, too. I bet you know the whole history of ties." It's a fond sort of teasing, though. He loved watching Harry geek out just as much as Harry liked watching him geek out.

"I'm going to die here, aren't I?" Peter asks, and it's more of a rhetorical question, though he takes the suit when Harry hands it to him and drapes it over his arm. He is so very, very out of his element, it's almost like being on a different planet entirely. "Strut my stuff, jeez, Harry, you make it sound like I'm going to be walking a runway."

"Really?" Peter adds it to the growing pile on his arm, though he does touch the sweater with a wrinkle in his brow. "I mean, I know I embrace the fact that I'm a science geek but like, do I need to walk around looking like my professor?" Because a cardigan screamed academia to Peter.
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[personal profile] goblinjr 2016-12-10 06:55 am (UTC)(link)
"You did! You said, and I quote, 'If you can actually make a pig fly, then I'll let you take me suit shopping.' If that's not giving me an opportunity, I don't know what is. Don't pretend like you didn't have a hand in bringing about your own misery." In Harry's eyes, it's not going overboard. It's getting his just reward.

"You know what!" Harry returns that so-called "innocent face" with a skeptical but harmless glare. "You could seriously argue that point with any piece of clothing, Peter. Nobody really needs clothing. It's not about that! It's about looking good. That's the point." He pauses to flash Peter a grin. "Well-- I dunno if I'm an expert on the history, but I know just about every knot known to man."

He pivots enough to cant his head at his friend with a small roll of the eyes. "Peter, it's not like I'm going to keep you here all night. Would you relax?" That's not to say he couldn't, but he won't. He's more merciful than that. "Hey, I could definitely arrange to have you walk a runway. Don't tempt me, buddy." He laughs before reaching out to nudge Peter's shoulder. "C'mon, if you're gonna wear a suit, you gotta show off a little. Walk around, see how it feels, if it fits well."

Exasperated sigh number fifty, coming up. "Just trust me! I wear sweaters with my suits all the time. Do I look like a nerd?" Be very careful with your answer, Peter. "Let's find you some dress shirts, then you can try 'em on. We'll go from there." He needs a starting point to make more educated decisions on what to pick out for Peter, after all. "And no, I'm not gonna make you wear a tie, or we really will be here all night."
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2017-02-10 03:01 am (UTC)(link)
"Honestly, though, it's probably the least creative solution," Peter points out, poking at Harry's side with his forefinger. "You have a big lab full of scientists at your disposal who could definitely design a pig jet pack. So, really, you got through on a weak loophole." So overboard. The one consolation is that Peter is pretty damn sure Bethany has Harry wrapped around her little hoof.

"This is America. I plead the fifth." The glare lacks bite, and Peter responds with a grin. "I mean, I don't know about you, but I need pants. During New York winters? I'd like to keep my cajones, thanks, not freeze them off." Peter threw his hands up in the air in mock offense. "Hey! I look good! Look at this." Peter did and over-exaggerated turnaround for Harry, modeling his beat up hoodie and jean combination, as per usual. "Fashion icon from the Derelict campaign." Don't pretend you never saw Zoolander, Harry.

"That's not the point, Har, I'm not sure I can survive more than an hour without my face melting off." Trust Peter to be a melodramatic little shit. "That is not part of the bet. I'll stage a mutiny." Peter just snorts and looks around for a dressing room.

"Well, you're different. You're, you know, you." Peter makes a vague gesture to Harry's person. Harry was a nerd, but not in his suits. When he was home, comfy in his glasses - well, that was a different look altogether. "Oh thank god. I was starting to wonder if this was going to turn into that 127 hours movie where I'd have to saw off my own arm to get away."
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[personal profile] goblinjr 2017-02-21 03:48 am (UTC)(link)
"You know how much shit I'd get for signing off on designing a jet pack for pigs? People already question my decision-making at Oscorp!" They'd all probably think Harry'd finally gone off his rocker or something, especially if they heard the reason behind it. "I'd say it's a pretty great solution, pal. Cunning, even! I mean, you never thought to tell me I couldn't, and I get to keep what's left of my image in tact." Oh, does she ever. Harry's already gotten her a big cushy pet bed, cute accessories, and more food than either of them know what to do with.

Harry snorted, shooting Peter a lopsided grin. "I'm not so sure. With all that running around you do, I bet you'd manage to stay warm." A fist concealing his mouth is all Harry can do to stifle back a laugh and an even bigger grin when Peter makes a show of displaying his current outfit. The passers-by - sadly - were not impressed. "You look like a hobo, Pete. Sorry to break it to ya." Not that Peter's clothing doesn't have its own charm, but the snootier employees didn't exactly see it that way. A couple of them kept wandering by, not-so-discreetly shooting frowns their way. "I don't know what that even means, but I'm gonna turn you into an actual fashion icon by the time we're done."

A whuff of air pressed past Harry's lips to match his eye-roll. "Al-right, already! Quit whining and get in there!" At which point Harry shoved the dress shirts he'd picked out into Peter's arms and bumped him towards the nearest dressing room door. Thankfully, the guy with the dressing room keys was less of a jerk than his coworkers and gave Peter a dressing room without a fuss.

"What kinda argument is that? You could pull it off, too. You just don't want to. For some reason, you like your little..." Harry trailed off to pointedly pluck at the hood of Peter's sweater, as if he didn't like his raggedy hoodies, too. "No, and you wouldn't have to. 'Cause at this rate, I'm gonna end up knocking your block off to get you to stop complaining!"
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2017-02-21 07:55 am (UTC)(link)
"Since when do you care?" Peter did have to suppress a snort at the mental image of Harry trying to explain his need for a pig jet pack to one of the R&D labs. Even if it was just the interns, they'd still look at him like he was absolutely crazy. Peter rolls his eyes behind his lenses, crossing his arms lightly over his chest. "What image?" Peter would 100% apologize to Bernard if he felt like it would actually do him any favors in the man's book.

"It's called a fit and healthy lifestyle, Harry," He's not late for everything, okay? Just...a lot of things. If the entirety of Queens would stop getting robbed every five minutes, maybe he wouldn't have this problem. Peter faux-gasped, pressing a hand to his chest. Oh, yes, he's aware of the eyes on him, as though he might try to make off with an expensive scrap of fabric, as though Harry isn't so very obviously his chaperone. "Are you kidding me? You haven't seen Zoolander? This just gets worse."

Peter took the suits and headed into the dressing room. The occasional muttered cursing could be heard from within, but, blessedly, for the most part, Peter kept it to himself. He tried on the combination with the sweater, first, nose wrinkling when he walked out and caught sight of himself in the mirror. A tan sweater and those thick-framed glasses of his? "I look like a schoolteacher." The jacket fit well around his shoulders, though, as Peter turned to Harry for his opinion.

"You have places to wear sweaters in your suits. When I wear a suit, it's an event." Harry absolutely did, the shit! Stole them all the time! Rude. "I'd love to see you try." Getting themselves thrown out of a fancy suit store sounded exactly like something they would do.
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"Since always?" Harry tried not to, but it never worked in his favor. He cares too much about what everyone thinks of him, especially when Oscorp has been under a magnifying glass these days. The last thing he needs is to be giving people ammunition for the theory that he can't run a business. For that remark, Peter gets a mighty stink face aimed at him. One that doesn't last long in favor of a laugh, 'cause... well, Peter kind of has a point. He doesn't have much of an image to maintain.

"Fit? Maybe. Healthy? That's questionable, bud. I've seen the way you've run yourself ragged." Just saying. (For the hundredth time. Harry is incapable of letting things go.) The dramatic show of offense sparks a laugh and a teasingly sympathetic smile from Harry, who pats Peter on the shoulder. "Sorry. But that's why we're here! So your fashionably gifted best friend can snaz you up." Really, Peter? Don't be so dramatic! "Ben Stiller is such a moron," he says, like he never watches stupid movies.

But what do you know, Harry didn't have to fight too much to get Peter into the dressing room. Small victories. He took a seat outside, grinning to himself whenever he heard some disgruntlement. That was to be expected. Peter made it perfectly clear how much he didn't want to be here, but Harry wasn't the least bit dissuaded. It's not very often he got to milk situations like this. The real challenge is trying not to look too much like an excited puppy when he hears the door to the dressing room start to open.

His success is debatable, considering how big his grin is when he gets a look at Peter. "No way. This is way too dashing for a schoolteacher," he remarked, getting up out of his seat to inspect (or admire, whatever) the fit for himself. He circled him a couple times, checking to see if the sleeves were the right length, or if the sweater was making the jacket fit weird. But... nope. The slacks were a little baggy on him, but they could fix that. Everything else? They were definitely on the right track. "How does it feel?" A beat. "Fit-wise, Peter." Not that it'll stop him from spouting off some smart-ass remark anyway.

"I could give you places to wear them to, but you hate those, too." But he gives them back! ...Sometimes. "I'm on a roll today, pal. Don't tempt your luck!" Oh, good grief, yes. And about the time Peter thinks he's gotten off scot-free, Harry reminds him that there's more than one suit store in New York.
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2017-03-13 05:20 am (UTC)(link)
"...alright, fair." Peter couldn't help but grin at that, cocking his head to the side. Harry projected an air of confidence, but it was always a toss up as to how deep it actually went. With everything happening around them, Peter knew Harry had grown a slightly thicker skin, but it was still rough waters.

"You want to test that? You, me, race around the block?" Peter raised an eyebrow, knowing full well the argument they'd had over and over again (not that Harry wasn't right, but, you know. It was the principle of the thing). Look, he lives to be a dramatic little shit. "How dare you. Comedic genius. That movie is a goldmine." Don't make Peter start pulling out examples of the stupid crap you watch, Harry.

He's making an effort to behave himself - because he doesn't want to be there, they both know that, but he's making good on a bet and as such, shouldn't make it too difficult on Harry. Peter brushed down the sweater before holding his arms out awkwardly, letting Harry circle him and trying not too feel too much like a human doll. The smile lighting up Harry's face was almost worth it. Almost. "Um, I mean, I never look at the size tags on stuff, how should I know?"

Peter makes a face at that, scrunching up his nose at Harry. "Since when have I ever had any luck?"
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"I would, but if I even let you step foot outside, I know you're gonna book it and weasel out of our bet. I'm not a complete idiot, y'know." Harry's not gonna press the issue much, though. He wants to, but he wants to enjoy spending the day suit-shopping with Peter more. "Yeah, well. You have zero taste, so." Harry has nothing but the finest taste in entertainment, thank you. (Ha.)

Oh, the look that earned Peter. Your lack of attention to your clothes is not an acceptable excuse to duck out of offering your input. "Well, you're wearing the clothes, aren't you? Are they too tight? Or too loose? Are they even a little bit comfortable? Too uncomfortable? As much as I'm sure you wouldn't mind, I don't want your dress shirt strangling you to death or something. Work with me, Pete." But he does stop pacing around Peter, having already established his opinion on the outfit. Now he's just waiting on Peter's (beyond the usual bemoaning of having to wear a suit), complete with some slight nitpick-y readjustments to the way Peter's jacket sits and the careless way the sweater's bunched up underneath it.

"Exactly. Which means - today? - you're destined to lose. Just give in and enjoy the shopping the spree and all the super expensive fabric you get to wear."

Says Harry, as if Peter gives two shits about either of those things.
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"Whaaaaaaat? Meeee? Bismirch the Parker name with dishonor? A bet is a bet is a bet, Harry." Peter mock-gasped, pressing a hand to his chest. He blew a raspberry at the assertion that he had no taste, which earned him a sneer from the cashier on duty. Yeah, they definitely appeared to be a Pretty Woman situation, and Peter rolled his eyes pointedly, turning his attention back to Harry. "Just because you're too bougie to appreciate middle-class art - "

"No, I mean, I dunno...it has a lot of layers." Of course Peter is thinking about changing into his Spiderman suit whenever he buys any article of clothing. "And I guess uh...I guess the jacket has a little limited mobility. I don't know! I'll wear whatever I guess." He's so not good at this. It becomes a bit more bearable when Harry fixes the crooked sweater, and Peter afixes his glasses to his face.

"Oh sorry. I mean, I'm thrilled Harry this is just fantastic."
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"I feel as though - to you - going suit shopping is besmirching the Parker name somehow," Harry countered with a raised brow and a side-glance ever-so-pointedly in Peter's direction. He has to turn his head to hide a smile once Peter wordlessly sasses the cashier, though. "You wouldn't know art if it slapped you in the face, you nerd." It's said with a far more careful nudge than he normally exercises-- because even Harry doesn't put it past them to instigate a fight in the middle of an expensive suit store.

Peter's input is met with yet another raised brow and some incredulousness. "It's a suit, man. It's supposed to have a lot of layers." In Harry's book, at least. It's pretty obvious at this point that the more minimalist styles aren't his thing, even when he's shopping for someone else, apparently. He chuckles though, clapping Peter on the shoulder. Poor guy acts like a fish out of water. "So was that the okay to put you in that lamé jacket, then?" The grin and his wink says he's kidding. ...Probably. "Would you just relax? The input's good." Except that it's not. Harry's just trying to give Peter a break. No need to make him even more uncomfortable. "We'll ditch the sweater - even if it does look good on you - and see if we can find you a roomier jacket without it looking baggy."

Which might be asking for the stars, given the nature of suits, but hey. For Peter, he'll try.

"Oh, shut it, will you?" he remarks with a laugh, bopping the side of Peter's head with his palm. "I promise, after this, I'll buy you some ice cream from that really awesome place we went to a couple weeks ago. I'm not planning on completely torturing you.

"But in the mean time, next one! Try the royal blue suit on this time, with the crosshatch dress shirt. Leave the sweater."
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"It is, without a doubt. I am nowhere near fancy enough to wear a suit casually." Peter made the sign of the cross over his chest, shit-eating grin stretching his lips at each end. "Excuse you, I am an artist!" Peter slings an arm around Harry's shoulders, barely refraining from giving his friend a noogie. What? They were in a place where a modicum of class was required. Peter could pretend, at the very least.

"Is it?" Peter asked genuinely innocently, examining the suit from all angles as he turned in front of the mirror. Well, the pants definitely fit well, which, if Peter is being honest, kind of surprised him. Finding pants that fit him in a flattering light wasn't something he usually achieved. "You are just loving this, aren't you." Peter's mock-pouting now, one hand in his pants pocket. "Whatever you say, I am your Barbie."

Peter grinned, eyebrows rising at the promise of ice cream. His head rolled with the bop, ruffling his hair. "With sprinkles, of course."

"Like you don't love to torture me," Peter laughed, accepting the suit and moving for the changing room again. "I think I need runway music. Do you think they'd kick us out if you asked for a boombox?"