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Trapped in a box

Trapped In A Box Together Meme

You're not sure how, you're not sure why, but suddenly you're in a box. What's worse, is that there's another person with you making quarters less than perfect.

①: Comment with your character | series | Preferences if any
②: Reply to others as if you're trapped in an tightly sealed non-open-able box that is rather cramped. Feel free to add more than two people to a box
③: Every now and then, the box will shift and roll to one side furthering awkward times
④: Play nice - Doesn't have to be shippy
⑤: Eventually you'll get out of the box but usually after you stop struggling
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Hitachiin Kaoru || Ouran High School Host Club

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Handwaved cr ok?

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[For Yunoha who had gone through much stranger circumstances - being stuck in a tight box with a friend was not part of the agenda. The worse part of it all was that she was awkwardly sprawled against his chest, bodies tightly wedged together. Her arms somehow found their way around the boy, fingers splayed out against his back.] K-Kaoru-kun..!

How are we going to get out? [Her voice trembles as she says this, the urge to hold Tama rising. Said green plushie was laying on its back nearby and Yunoha couldn't reach him from her position. She tried her best not to squirm when she thought about how she was laying on a boy. It was hard for her mind not to stray. Teenage minds generally did that. Her cheeks flush a dark red, a tiny and squeaky "so embarrassing.." slipping through her lips.]
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Fine by me, but I'm canon blind to Yunoha's series so have patience with me ^^;

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[Kaoru was a host, which required a certain amount of keeping his cool around even the loveliest girls, even when they got touchier than they were allowed. Usually in those cases, Kyouya-senpai or Mori-senpai would be close by to remind their patrons of the rules, or else Hikaru would star throwing a fit.

Being stuck with a lovely girl in a very, very cramped box, without anyone else to help them out of the situation, was nothing like anything Kaoru had been prepared to face.

And Yunoha was shy, and sweet, and a very good conversation partner the majority of the time, so they were definitely friends, but the situation was decidedly more-than-friendly; she was less hugging him and more clinging, and every time she moved to try and get some space, her whole body wiggled up against his. He wasn't a pervert by any means, and wasn't even sure if he liked girls that way, but his body was going to react regardless.]

Calm down, Yunoha-san, I don't think squirming is going to get us out of here... Don't you have any powers that might help??
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[Yunoha stops moving at his words, cheeks flushing even more redder. She mutters a soft apology under her breath, the teenager closing off the feeling of wanting to turn invisible. It always happened when her emotions got the better of her.] I don't think it would work for this situation anyways..

[Wanting the comfort of Tama, she wiggles her trapped arm until its free, her body straining forward, the girl trying her best not too move around but finding it impossible to do so. There was very little space for the two and Yunoha squeaks when she bumps her head against his chin, lips pursed in pain.]

O-Ow..! [She does manage to grab her plushie though which she nuzzles her face into, the tension in her body fading away.] This is probably an incovience to you. I'm sorry.
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[Kaoru mutters a sharp "ow" of his own when her head collides with his chin and makes his jaw click shut. He watches in the minimal light as he snatches something - the plush toy she always carries around - and hugs it tight to her body. Finally she's moved a bit away from him, and Kaoru sighs.]

This isn't your fault, Yunoha-san. And you know, if you wanted your toy, all you had to do was ask me to pass it to you.

Now... how are we going to get out of here...
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T-Tama isn't a toy! [She lifts her face up to send Kaoru an adorable look that wavered between a pout and a cheek puff. When it came to her plushie, Yunoha was very protective of him. After all it was the only thing that she considered a friend while growing up as a child. She practically had no friends growing up. Now that she was older and actually had friends, it was hard for her let go of that sentiment.] His name is Tama.

I dont see any openings in the box.. [It worried her. What if they couldn't get out? Feeling an ache in her legs she stretches them out behind her, feet making contact with the sides of the box. The box that they were in currently dissaproves of this action and in one quick movement flips over- Yunoha barely managing a screech of surprise from the dizzying sensation. When she opens her eyes the situation was now reversed. Instead of her laying on Kaoru the male was now pressed down against her own frame. She happens to glance up and lock eyes for a moment and she hastily looks away.]

auu.. This is so embarrassing! [Her flustered state eventually causes her to flicker into transparency; It fails to hide the flush over her face, though.]
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Sorry, Tama-chan. [Kaoru said kindly. He grinned a little and added.] I think I have a Tama-chan of my own, but his name is Hikaru.

[Jokes aside, Kaoru was just beginning to think about kicking down one of the walls of the box, if something like that would even be possible, when it seemed like Yunoha had a similar idea and sent the box toppling over onto another side. Kaoru was pulled along, and ended up lying on top of Yunoha, his body pressed line for line over hers.

Lucky Yunoha got to disappear when she was embarrassed; Kaoru was jealous of her powers right then, as he sat up and pressed himself to the wall.]

S-Sorry, Yunoha-san. I hope I didn't hurt you, or anything.

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I-It's okay! You weren't heavy at all. It just uhm.. Surprised me. [Her hands begin to idly pet Tama as if he was an actual animal and eventually the invisibility begins to go away until she was now solid.]

That's so sweet.. I'm an only child so I've always wondered what it would be like to have a sibling. [During the many times she's visited the host club Yunoha has never actually spoken to Hikaru more then a few words. She figured her shy demeanor bored him and made it a habit to shy away from him. The only person she ever spent time with was Kaoru. The fact that they were now actual friends was just amazing.

Shes seen plenty of girls attempt something similar but always be rebuffed in the end. Yunoha wasn't sure what was so special about her that allowed her the opportunity that many others couldn't. She peers up to send said male a tiny and shy smile.]
I'm glad that its Kaoru that's stuck with me. I don't think I could handle if it was a stranger.
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[Kaoru can't help but rub the back of his neck a little sheepishly as Yunoha praises him.]

I am glad it's Yunoha-san, too. I mean, imagine if it was one of the rabid fangirls from the Host Club? I'd be dead meat by now.. [He chuckled, but the thought was actually terrifying.]
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Oh.. That is a scary thought. They scare me too. A lot actually. [Most of the regular fangirls that frequented the Host Club Yunoha did her best to avoid. The hostile glares she's been receiving was intensifying as of lately ever since her closeness with Kaoru increased. The painful throbbing on her wrist is a reminder of the physical violence one girl inflicted on her in her jealous rage.]

If they found out I was stuck here with you.. A scratch will be the least of my problems. [She mumbles this to herself under her breath as she tightens her grip on Tama.]
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[That made Kaoru frown and lean forward a little.]

Wait... are you telling me you think they'll hurt you because we got stuck here together? Do they... do that kind of thing?
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[She fidgets when he leans in closer and Yunoha makes sure not to move. She didn't want the box to flip over.] U-Uhm.. A girl attacked me yesterday. Scratched my wrist up pretty bad.

[She saw no reason to lie to Kaoru. It was nervewracking to say it regardless.] There are a lot of girls who like Kaoru-kun and dislike me because I'm always around you. I-It's okay though. It doesn't hurt anymore.
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That's not something you should keep to yourself, Yunoha-san! [He says quickly, trying not to make it sound like he blames her for anything, because he doesn't.] Next time something like that happens, you need to tell the Host Club so we know who to ban.
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I-I will.. [Her eyes finally break away from Kaoru, hands squeezing Tama tightly as she stares at the wall of the box they were trapped, thoughts raging in her head. The lack of movement is what finally causes the box to open up on all sides, Yunoha falling backwards with nothing to support her. She squeaks when her back makes contact with the floor, the girl very much winded from it.] O-OOff..

[Yunoha takes the moment to stretch out all her stiff muscles, a hand idly running through her two toned colored hair.] We aren't trapped anymore! [What a relief.]
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[When the walls of the box collapse open, Kaoru also falls out gracelessly, though he gathers his bearings more quickly. He gets to his feet, stretches out his arms, and then leans over and holds his hand out to Yunoha.]

I wonder what made the box open... but I guess I'll be glad to never find out if it means never going back in there.
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[She reaches up to clasp the offerered hand and gets up onto her feet soon after, fingers still curled around his.] I-I think the reason why the box opened up for us was because we weren't moving.

[It only takes her a moment to realize she still hadn't let go and she hastily pulls her hand away with a blush.] U-Uhm.. Atleast you have something to tell your brother and friends, right? They'll probably find it hilarious.
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[Kaoru considers this with a small frown, and shakes his head. He smiles at Yunoha and murmurs.]

Well, I know I have to tell the guys about how some of the girls who attend the club have been harassing you... But maybe we can keep the being trapped part just between us?

[He's got his Host Club charm on.]
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I'm sorry for causing you trouble. [She bows in apology, a hand fiddling with the green headphones hanging around her neck. The scratched up wrist was now in plain view and it showed off how ugly the scratch looked up close. There was dark splotches forming around the injury in the familiar signs of a bruise.]

Just between us..? [She sends the boy a confused look, Tama tucked to her chest where her arms wrap around it. She takes note that he's using that charm of his but it has no effect on her where most days it would fluster her, surprisingly enough.] Are you embarassed about being trapped together?
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[The charm only continues to exude from him as he leans in and tucks a lot of her multicolored hair behind her ears.]

Embarassed? No. I just don't want anyone else getting jealous of me, for spending all that private time with you.
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[Her cheeks flush a dark red before she could even stop it when he leans in close, the arms around Tama tightening.] W-What..? [Yunoha found it hard to concentrate when he did that - and she wasn't sure whether he was doing it on purpose or not.]

That's not true. [She peers down at her feet to break eye-contact, half of her face tucking against the top of Tama's head.] Please don't tease me like that.. [She wasn't anything special. Just the shy, timid girl in the back of the class who was practically invisible. In this instance, that was pretty much the case.]
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[Kaoru knew she needed him to be serious, so the Host persona dropped just as quickly as it came on, but his smile didn't fade too much.]

I'm not teasing you, Yunoha. Is it so hard to believe I like spending time with you?
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[Her fingers curl around Tama tightly, the girl hunching her shoulders in as she refuses to look up at him.] I-I'm sorry..

I've never really had anyone spend time with me like that b-before so... [Whether it was purely for friendship or not. It was brand new territory. It also brought about insecurities that she didn't know how to handle. She's seen Kaoru use his Host club persona with her even outside of school and it's made her wonder if he was just pitying her because of how friendless and lonely she was.]
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[Kaoru's smile became softer, even a little sad, and he nodded.]

I kind of understand. I have always had Hikaru, but growing up no one could ever tell us apart; even our parents would mix us up. Although they might have been doing that on purpose... Anyways. The point is, I know how lonely it can be, when no one else wants to get to know you. But that's why I want to learn more about you.
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[She looks startled and surprised by his words and it shows on her face. She locks eyes with him for a moment, as if searching for any lies. It was sad that someone as sweet, gentle and shy like Yunoha had grown up so isolated that she didn't know how to handle it when others approached her with a hand in friendship or anything else for that matter.]

..Thank you. [She shuffles on her feet, looking embarrassed but happy at the same time. Her face beamed positively glowed as she said it, green eyes peering up at him from above Tama's head.] Kaoru-kun is sweet. I-I'm glad I met you.
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[Kaoru chuckled and nodded.]

I'm glad I met you too, Yunoha. And Tama-chan, too.