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Vampires are appealing creatures. They can be dark, mysterious, sexy, or just downright violent. They can even be hunky and sparkly in the sun! Vampires come in so many different varieties, it's hard to choose just one type. Whatever your brand of vampire, it's just hard to resist the draw of one of the oldest, most unsettling figures in horror to date.

So why not try your hand at playing one yourself? Or offer your character up for bait if you're more inclined to do so.

- Post your characters.Name/Series/Preferences in the subject field as usual along with whether your character is a vampire, outsider, or hunter(Unless you'd like to roll for individual threads!).
- Others respond after going to RNG.Roll 1-3 for what your character is and then1-3 again for what type (if you desire).
- Choose or roll for a scenario. You could make up your own after you roll for what your character's role will be if you want!
- Have fun!

1 - Sire
You're old enough to have created vampires of your own. Maybe one, maybe many, but they're all special to you in their own way.
2 - Sired
You were once normal, human, but then you were changed into something more. Do you thank your creator or hate them for changing you into a monster?
3 - n/a
Your creator is neither here nor there at the moment. You're just a vampire on the hunt or trying to fit in.

1 - Victim
You're a victim, someone to drain and leave behind. Maybe they'll take pity on you and allow you to join, be one of them.
2 - Willing
You've got the hots for vampires or just a morbid fascination. You're willing to let them drink from you and maybe so much more.
3 - Pawn
You're being controlled somehow by a vampire. Mind control, blackmail, whatever.

1 - Born

You come from a long line of vampire hunters.
2 - Moral Objection
Vampires are abominations that deserve to be wiped off the face of the planet.
3 - Vengeance
A vampire took someone dear from you or possibly made you into one of them. All you can think about is getting vengeance.

1 - hunted prey.
You're starving tonight and you're out scoping for just the right nighttime snack.
2 - newly made.
You're a newly made vampire or you've encountered someone who's recently been changed. How do you deal?
3 - mind control.
Some vampires have the ability to control humans' thoughts or actions and tonight is the night you have to do it.
4 - overpopulated.
Vampires have taken over the world and now humans are treated like livestock or pets that you can feed off of when you feel like it. Not all vampires think this is cool though...
5 - injured.
Not a lot can injure a vampire but there are those that will drain them for their blood or those that hunt them and know tricks that actually leave a mark. Do you help them? Or if you're the one injured, do you seek help?
6 - unaccepted.
You were changed or you've met someone who was once dear to you and changed... you're not sure how to accept them.
7 - close call.
It's too close to sunrise and you have got to find refuge with someone.
8 - player's choice.
For anything that's been missed!

1 - trail of bodies.
Humans are nothing but food and you've gone on a spree lately.
2 - hunted.
You're being hunted or you're hunting.
3 - outnumbered.
A bar or a club full of vampires doesn't bode well for humans...
4 - ravenous.
You've been starved or drained and you're going after the first person you see or you've stumbled across an extremely hungry vampire.
5 - entitled.
You're entitled to this person's blood, whether they want to give it or not.
6 - self-defense.
You have to defend yourself from those that want to hurt you.
7 - vengeance.
Someone is after vengeance...
8 - player's choice.
For anything that's been missed!

1 - real love.
You know this is real, even if the other person is reluctant. Maybe it's not even a worry between you two and you just feel like being together.
2 - confession.
It might not be the smartest idea, but you need to tell this vampire or human exactly how you feel for them.
3 - forever.
It's time to make your lover into some a vampire or maybe it's time to ask your vampire lover to do it for you.
4 - making it work.
There are obviously some problems, but you're going to overcome them.
5 - forbidden.
Either no one can know about what you're doing or you just receive dirty looks for doing it.
6 - not exactly normal.
Your attraction might not be normal or the circumstances surrounding your relationship might not be and it's time to discuss if you have a future or you're just kidding yourselves.
7 - defense.
Someone hurt your lover and now they have to pay.
8 - player's choice.
For anything that's been missed!

1 - blood offering.
There's nothing like a vampire feeding on you that gets you in the mood more. You offer them your blood in exchange for something else.
2 - coerced.
Some vampires have mind control capabilities and some have blood that's like a drug that will make you crave more.
3 - no sex better than vampire sex.
You're both vampires or one of you is dead set on becoming on tonight and you'll do anything to convince your lover it's time.
4 - pet.
Similar to another option except that a 'pet 'entails so much more than being treated like livestock or cattle.
5 - touched the monster's heart.
You're actually in love with each other even though you weren't sure it was possible. You just want to make love and show your vampire how you feel.
6 - so much stronger.
The human or weaker vampire might not want it, but thankfully you're strong enough to take whatever you want from them.
7 - mine.
It's time to claim what is rightfully yours and make sure they know it.
8 - player's choice.
For anything that's been missed!

Originally posted here.
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Osomatsu Matsuno | Osomatsu-san | ota

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[can be a victim, or some failure of a new vampire. i am open to all options!]
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oso being victim and this jerk being sire HOPE THAT'S FINE

[personal profile] spondulix 2016-08-20 07:13 pm (UTC)(link)
[Fitzgerald is a very well-known man. He takes great pleasure in his statue and power, branching out his businesses into the rest of the world like a practical conqueror.]

[But he has a secret. He's been around for much longer than anyone could ever guess, and his power all comes from very insidious means - ever since he became a creature of the night, he relished in it, using ruthless tactics to bring other vampires to their knees and recruiting those who he knew would be forever loyal to him. It's a strategy that has never steered him wrong.]

[He owns a casino downtown that he sometimes checks in on, and one night, he can't help but notice a certain young man doing pretty well for himself - it possibly may be just luck being on Osomatsu's side for that particular night, but it fools Fitzgerald to believe that the man may have something worth looking into.]

[As soon as Osomatsu exits the casino, a voice will stop him in his tracks - Fitzgerald is leaning causally against the wall of the building, his smile wide.]

Ah, well done! You had quite the lucky streak there, old sport. [He looks and talks like a remnant of the Jazz Age - he's old-fashioned, in more ways than one.] Tell me, what's your secret?
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PERFECTLY FINE i am so glad

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[maybe it was dumb luck. it was also possible that Osomatsu was cheating. whatever the case may be, he is loaded right now. five thousand dollars was nothing to sneeze at, especially not to someone who lived at home and still earned an allowance from his parents.

Osomatsu is a loser. ...but not tonight, apparently.

he's stuffed the cash deep into the pocket of his hoodie as he leaves the casino, but he pulls out a few bills to swoon over when the voice catches his attention. suspicious! he tucks the cash away, knowing he should probably just leave.

but. well. he's got to gloat, okay?]

I dunno! [he rubs his nose, grinning back easily at the other man] Just gotta get Lady Luck on your side, I guess. Lucky for me, I'm adorable! She completely fell for my charms!
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[Honestly, Fitzgerald doesn't blame Osomatsu for preening over his monetary gains - he would do the same thing, too. There's nothing quite like money, after all, and he gives the bills in the other's hands an appreciative lookover.]

That so? Ah, maybe that is the trick. [He says, stepping up to the other with his hands buried in his pockets.] Have you been courting Lady Luck for long, or was this your first date, so to say?
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[weird. who was this guy, and why was he so interested in Osomatsu's winnings? he bites his lip, but still does not shy away. he does, however, keep both hands tucked into the pocket of his hoodie, thumbing over the bills to keep track of them]

I wouldn't call this our first date. [he muses, eyes flicking off to the side momentarily] Usually she chews me up and spits me out. This is actually the first time in a while she's let me get to second base! [a snort and a knowing nudge here]
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That so? [Ah, so he's not quite a proficient gambler at all. But he seemed quite the addict to the game, nevertheless, and if there's a type of person Fitzgerald knows he can take advantage of, it's an addict. Plus, he has been feeling rather peckish, as of late...] You lucky dog, you!

[He then extends a hand for the other to shake, his smile wide.] And my, I've been rude. The name's Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald. I'm the owner of this establishment, actually, and it's quite good to meet someone so pleased with their experience here!

You are...?
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[addict was the correct word for Osomatsu. he was addicted to gambling, as well as alcohol, which is probably something that Fitzgerald would discover later.

for now, Osomatsu takes his hand and gives him a firm shake, immediately relaxing now that the other man has introduced himself. he owned the casino! so that was why he was acting so friendly. Osomatsu is relieved... he thought the guy might be after his money!]

Osomatsu Matsuno! You seriously own this place? [the name sounded familiar. maybe Oso had read it off of a plaque, or something] That is so cool!
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[Money is his vice, but he's not so petty as to steal someone's money from right under their nose! Well...maybe. It really depended on the amount.]

[His handshake is firm, his manner is polished - everything about him is constructed to be the perfect host and the very idea of wealth. He nods, blue eyes glinting in the light.]

Indeed I do. A pleasure, Osomatsu. [There's a pause, and he snaps his fingers, like an idea has just come to him.] Actually, I do hope this isn't impertinent of me, but I'd love to invite you up to my office for a drink or two. I'm quite the busy man, and sometimes, it's useful for me to take some time and really get to know my customers.

[He reaches forward to place a hand on Osomatsu's shoulder.] I'd really love your input. You could help me make this casino even better than it already is!
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[there was that strange feeling again. it lasts for all of two seconds, and then Osomatsu is focused on the word drinks. a rich guy wants to invite him up for drinking! that was... weird, in a good way! shit like this doesn't usually happen to him]

My input, huh? [his grin falters as he mulls over the idea] You're not mad because I just won in there, are you?
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Mad? [He laughs at that, his hand on Osomatsu's shoulder patting him good-naturedly.] I'm quite the opposite! No, no, old sport, I'm not going to punish you or take any of your hard-earned winnings. All I need is you.

[He finally steps back and gestures for Osomatsu to follow.] Come along, my office is on the second floor of the casino. I assure you, it won't take long at all. We'll have a drink or two, and you'll be on your merry way.
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Osomatsu turns to look over his shoulder at something. checking on something? seeing if anyone is following them? but the street is surprisingly empty at this hour, the only sounds coming from inside the casino]

Well. [he sniffs and then turns back towards the other man, who seems to be illuminated thanks to the flashing lights and vibrant colors. this moment feels very surreal. he should just go home, that's what his gut is telling him to do. but something about Fitzgerald is keeping him here. he is pretty charismatic] I'm not in any rush to go home anyway. Besides! Who would I be to turn down free alcohol?
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[Ah, how we all wish we could've trusted our instincts at the right moment. But it's too late for it now.]

That's the spirit! [He says, smiling over his shoulder as he moves through the casino, making his way to an elevator in the far end - there are a couple of security guards standing watch next to it, but at the sight of Fitzgerald and his guest, they stand aside. They're very pale, their ees sinken - one of them gives Osomatsu a strange, almost pitiful look as he walks by. Fitzgerald hums some kind of nameless tune under his breath as he ushers Osomatsu in, pressing the button for the right floor, and they go up.]

[The ride is very short, and the doors open right into Fitzgerald's office - and, of course, it's as lavish as expected. There's a large mahogany desk inlaid with golden patterns, standing on top of some kind of blood-red Persian rug. There's a mini-bar standing to the back of the desk, large bottles of alcohol lining the shelves, and there are bookshelves filled to the brim with books on either side of the room. Fitzgerald walks out and straight to the bar, picking out a couple of tumblers from the open shelf.]

Choose your poison. [He says, with a laugh.] Whiskey, bourbon, vodka? Wine? What would you like? I have it all.
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[what was with that security guard, huh? why'd he look at him like that? almost as though he knew something Osomatsu didn't know. then again, Osomatsu isn't a very intelligent person. you could fill seven hundred libraries with things he didn't know.


they get up to the room and his eyes almost pop out of his head]
Whoa! [all those little doubts from before are forgotten when he gazes into the room. this place looked so expensive! and it was a damn office! if only Osomatsu could have an office like this... how lucky!

he is drawn to the alcohol like a moth to a flame, and he's in front of the desk immediately. he almost leans on it, then reminds himself of where he is, and how rude that would be, and stops himself]

Uh... [Osomatsu's first instinct is to say beer, but there are so many other choices! he doesn't know] I'll have what you're having!
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Alright, then. [He picks up a bottle and looks it over with a satisfied click of his tongue.] Bourbon it is, then. Do take a seat.

[There are, of course, chairs that I totally did not forget to mention last tag, made of wood and furnished with a very comfy red fabric. He uncorks the bottle and starts pouring into the glasses he's picked out before and even puts some ice cubes in them, just so they're cold - anything for his guest.]

Tell me, Osomatsu, this is a little out of the blue, but this is a question I like to ask people when I meet them.

[He turns, offering him a glass with a knowing smile.]

What are your ambitions in life? I mean, what do you want to do, more than anything?
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[Osomatsu takes a seat near the desk, and looks around the room again. that uneasy feeling is creeping up once more, but he shoves that to the back of his mind. alcohol was coming! hooray!]

Ambitions? [what a loaded question! he takes the glass and ponders how to answer. honestly, he was an easy-going, free-spirited guy with questionable morals. he wasn't a bad guy, he didn't think, but he wasn't particularly good, either. he was still living at home, mooching off of his parents. he didn't want to work, at least not at this point in time. he wanted to goof off and play around with his family.

he takes a sip of the bourbon and wow it's strong! but good! this was really fine bourbon, probably a hell of a lot nicer than any other alcohol he's had in his life. he takes a bigger sip, feeling the warmth pool in his chest]

I mean. I guess, more than anything, I want to be with my brothers. [was that... an ambition? he doesn't know, but it was what he wanted to do, more than anything]
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Your brothers?

[Osomatsu might expect Fitzgerald to sit on the chair at the other side of the desk, but Fitzgerald moves to sit on the front of his desk instead, crossing one leg over the other lazily as he looks over the other. Ah, family could be a problem. It was much easier to grab someone who was on their lonesome, but then again, it isn't like all of the people he's turned in his immortal lifetime were on their own.]

Interesting. So you want to provide for them, do all you can to help them? How noble of you.
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[Osomatsu holds up a hand to stop Fitzgerald's train of thought] Ah! Provide for them? I... Don't know if I'd go that far!

[dammit, he wanted to make a good impression. he didn't know why, but it probably had to do with the fact that he was getting free alcohol from a very rich person. a guy like Fitz would be a good friend to have, if he played his cards right. not that Osomatsu knew anything about making friends]

Though, I guess it'd be nice to help them out. [he scratches the back of his head] We're all kinda poor. If I had my way, we wouldn't be like that, you know?

[he says this now, but he's probably not going to share any of his winnings from tonight with his brothers. he might buy them gifts, but that would be all! and it'd be his choice as to what he got them!]
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[He nods in understanding, though this really is helping along his decision to sire this young man even more. A desperate person, throwing himself into gambling, trying to pull his family together in the face of hardship...ah, what a nice story. He loves a good story. He swirls his drink in one hand, pursing his lips as he thinks.]

You know, you sort of remind me of myself when I was younger. I wasn't always rich, you know. I came from the very bottom, but I had no direction. I lived every day without knowing how to achieve any of my dreams. And then a man came along, and changed my life. I became a new man. And achieved all that I wanted to do.

[He pauses, for effect, and grins - his teeth are almost unnaturally white.]

And now that I think about it, well, want to change you and your brothers' life, don't you, instead of chasing some lucky highs every day without any real satisfaction to be gained from it? [His eyes are lidded as he sets his drink down on the desk.] I could help you, just like that person helped me.
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[uh. what.

Osomatsu listens to the story, a bit fascinated at first. imagine, him being compared to some big shot. the idea is laughable. maybe Fitzgerald gives the same speech to everyone.

and then he continues on, and the hairs on the back of Osomatsu's neck stand straight up. why did he get such creepy vibes all of a sudden?]

Look, man. If you're offering me a job... I don't know if I'll be of any use to you. [he shrugs, trying desperately to act aloof while he drinks] I haven't worked a day in my life, and I don't know anything about running a casino. I just really like gambling.
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[He shakes a finger, like he's scolding him.] No, no, you've got it wrong. It's not a job. I would've asked you for your resume and references if that were the case!

[Chuckling, he stands up, stepping forward and placing a hand right on the edge of the top of the chair, and then he leans in. Not enough to be too awkward, but enough to seem very imposing (and to provide a barrier in case Osomatsu gets cold feet). His smile is too bright, still. His eyes are also too bright. He practically shines with some strange light, but it's a very cold light.]

No, old sport. What I'm offering is the chance to become something better. [A pause - his eyes dart momentarily to Osomatsu's neck.] You'll say yes, won't you?
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[RED FLAG, RED FLAG! now Osomatsu is not going to ignore that twisting feeling in his gut. Fitz is too close, and he even looked a little scary at that moment.

just what was this something better deal Fitz was offering? did he want Osomatsu to sell drugs? his body?! any way Osomatsu looked at it, it didn't look good.

he tenses up and leans as far back into the chair as he can, trying to think of a way to escape]

Uhhhhh... It all kinda depends on what I'm saying yes to...
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You want me to spell it out clearly? Fine. [There's a sudden hunger in his eyes.] I'm going to make you into a vampire.

[And as soon as he utters that word, he opens his mouth, sharp fangs shifting out between his teeth, his skin suddenly white as porcelain. He didn't care if he was going to get a yes or a no. He has Osomatsu right where he wants him, and he'll gladly take that chance to turn him right here and now.]

[He lunges forward with surprising speed, sinking his fangs right into Osomatsu's neck. Of course, it's painful as painful can be - he's practically going to drain him of all the blood that he has.]
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[oh. that was. not what Osomatsu was expecting.


as fast as Fitzgerald is, the action seems to happen in slow motion for Osomatsu. his eyes go wide, the color draining from his face almost instantly. he's never been more scared in his life.

that is when the survival instincts kick in. Osomatsu was a fighter, and he wasn't going to take this... this... freaky-ass Halloween bullshit.

he does the first thing that comes to his mind and yells, slamming his glass into Fitz's head as hard as he can]
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[The glass slams into Fitzgerald's head, and he lets out a hiss, momentarily pulling away from Osomatsu's neck. Ah, how annoying. He lifts his head, shards of glass still here and there in his hair, and gives Osomatsu a very insidious and very shark-like grin. His normally blue eyes are bright red now.]

Really, old sport? [He instantly reaches forward, clasping the other's wrists and slamming them down to hold them to the arms of the chair.]

That little thing isn't going to stop me. Do stay still, would you?

[He's going back to sink his teeth into Osomatsu's already bleeding neck - he's not going to leave this process unfinished.]
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[dammit! Fitzgerald was too fast! Osomatsu did not even have time to get away from him. he was at least hoping to stun the other man... vampire...? but that didn't work]

L-Like hell! [he continues to struggle, trying desperately to kick at Fitz, but he's way too strong. a monster was going to overpower a beanpole like Osomatsu no matter how good at fighting he was. or wasn't] Lemme go! I taste terrible!

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