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Mod post: Revised Texting meme Schedule

Upon review, we noticed that the set schedule for the comm had both sexting and general texting memes listed for Tuesday, leading to the events of last week. After input from several anons we've clarified the texting schedule.

Revised schedule:

Tuesday: Sexting meme
Friday: TFLN Meme
Sunday: Midnight texting meme (Once/month, on the 3rd week), with other texting memes allowed for the other Sundays.

For the TFLN overflow, if the original meme reaches 5000 comments within the first 24 hours after posting, feel free to create another post for it.

Thank you all for your attention.

Another anon suggested the use of tags to help people find different memes. If anyone has input on that, feel free to comment here, or here (if anon). I'll be unscreening those comments as I get them.

Midnight texting meme posting date cleared up September 22, 2016. This post has been edited to reflect that.

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