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/busts thru ur door IT'S SUNDAY SMUT PROMPTS

the  smut picture prompt meme



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[OOC: Redhead with a bow. Oh look, his weakness LOL 1>3>4>2? Let me know if this needs tweaking.]

Something Jon has learned quickly on this tour of the North, it's to keep his mouth shut about the dangers above the Wall. The Lords of the North were not yet ready to hear about it, to believe the things he and the other Night's Watch have seen. And it's more important now to be doing his duty of collecting volunteers and conscriptions from every territory.

When he reaches DunBroch, however, Jon stumbles into a completely different kind of distraction. Although Fergus is one of the Lords he knows is honorable and dependable, it's his daughter that captures the young Lord Commander's attention. With hair like flame and a personality to match, Jon's drawn to her like a moth.

To his surprise and happiness, Merida returns his interest, and then some. While the castle feasts and carouses several floors below them, Jon is in the girl's bedroom, sitting with Merida straddling his lap. They kiss fiercely, hungrily, while she rocks her hips against his.
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Merida hadn't been sure what she had been expecting when her Mother told her the Night's Watch were coming to try to drum up volunteers. Honestly, she hadn't really reacted to the news, apart from rolling her eyes and pointing out that if they took lassies as well as lads, they'd have less problems about enough people. Admitedly, she was aware that it likely wasn't true, but annoyance does a lot to make a person make rather stupid comments.

She really hadn't expected the Lord Commander to be so young, or so... The right word wouldn't come to mind - appealing did fit, but it felt wrong somehow. Didn't matter much anyway. She had enjoyed sitting talking with him, hearing his stories of protecting the Wall with great interest. She had returned with stories of protecting their lands, sharing her skill at archery. And then...

When the castle feasts, you can't hear anything out of that hall, let alone up in her room. He's warm, and hard muscle under the furs and black of his garb, and he kisses back as eagerly and as fiercely as she kisses him. She rocks her hips strongly against his, enjoying the feel of the friction, as her hand twists into his hair to try to bring him closer. The more she rocks against him, the more the skirts of her gown - simple but a richer fabric since they were entertaining guests - rise. She doesn't care. She just knows she needs to be closer to him.

She bites at his bottom lip, nibbling and sucking before pulling away to breathe heavily, trying to catch her breath. She's still pulling close to him.

"Some talent in those lips o' yours, Lord Commander."
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[OOC: Sorry for the delay. RL decided to be an ass yesterday.]

She's everything he's not-- fiery and passionate, and at least at that moment, doing everything with utter abandon. Perhaps, Jon thinks, that's where the connection is being made-- they both need at outlet, and a person to complement their natures. Whatever the reason, it's working very well.

Jon gives her a smirk at her words. "I've yet to have complaints, Princess. Not with my kissing and not with anything else." Proof positive that Merida's heat is having its effect on him. Jon Snow is flirting back.

He's also not wasting time. Even with the feast going on downstairs, their time isn't unlimited, so he reaches up and starts pulling apart the laces at the front of Merida's gown, reaching in to touch her breasts once it's loose enough.

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Merida continues to roll her hips against hers, giving a smirk at his own words. "Is that a promise then, Jon Snow?" she teases, leaning in to nip at his lips once again, hands moving to remove his cloak and clothing as with fast efficency. She leans back to help him remove the laces of her gown, and the fabric flumps forward. There's a soft mutter as his hands touch her breasts, and a noise comes from the back of her throat, letting him know that yes, that's the right thing to do.

She leans into the touch, moving herself so that she can rub her nipples against any rough fabric. She curls her hand further into his hand. "You know what to do with those hands," she says, leaning into leave a lingering kiss on his lips. There's a smirk of challenge on her lips. "That the only thing ye know what t'dae wi'?"

She leans back, pulling at the fabric of her dress to that it comes up and over her head. It doesn't take much for it all to be off, and she shakes her head, letting her hair fly out and leaving her very naked in Jon Snow's lap.
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"You have my word," he replies, with mock solemness in his voice but with complete sincerity. Barring anything interrupting them, he has every intention of giving Merida everything he's got to offer. It's been ages since Jon has had any kind of relief, and the Princess seems determined to work off a great deal of her own fire as well.

Jon's glad to have forgone his heavy, armored leather jerkin in favor of softer, more friendly clothes, as they're also easier for Merida to work at removing once his cloak is on the floor. He switches between groping her breasts and letting her rub them against the wool of his clothes.

Faster than he would imagine possible, Merida's divested herself of her dress completely and is sitting naked on him. With a laugh, Jon immediately leans forward to capture the pink tip of one breast between his lips while he shrugs and shakes out of his shirt and tunic, leaving himself bare to the waist.

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"Good word tae have," Merida breaths. The wool of his clothing is softer, but it also rubs just right against her, and her breath hitches as she grinds her hips down on to him, friction rushing through her with a pleasant shudder.

The feeling of his lips on her breast causes a soft moan, continuing to move on him, and softly running her fingers through his hair. His shirt and tunic, she moves out of the way as soon as he's shaken himself out of them, running her hands over his flesh with hungry abandon. He's hard muscle, and she's torn between wanting to explore and wanting more.

The instinct for more takes over, and she pushes at his shoulders until he's on his back, lying over him to kiss and bite at his neck and collarbone with a sense of teasing and want. Her hands roam over his chest, mapping it out, and moving down to his waistband.

"Yer still a bit overdressed for this wee feast," she whispers in his ear, biting at the lobe.
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Jon quickly finds he likes the taste of her skin as he scatters kisses over Merida's breasts, and he likes the way her nipples tighten between his lips even more. He can feel her hands moving over his bare skin, and he wonders what she might make of the scars that mar his flesh. If the Princess pays them any mind, she gives no indication, especially once she pushes him back onto the bed.

He chuckles, then decides to answer Merida's almost frantic intensity with some of his own. Jon reaches up and grasps her face between his hands. He kisses her with a growling hunger for a few seconds, then breaks it.

"Then I think you should do something about that," he answers, glancing down to note that her hands are free even if he's holding her head immobile and right where he wants it so he can crush his mouth to hers again.

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She can feel the scars, and traces them with her fingers. They're a mark of life, of fighting, and it's not as if her skin is without their own scars to mark her progress with weapons. She plans to explore them more later, if they've the time. It feels as if they're fighting against the clock, and it drives the need to be closer higher than it is.

She growls lightly as he breaks the hungry kiss, her head inching towards his once more to try to reclaim his lips. Her lips curl into a smirk at his answer and when he crushes his mouth to hers, there is a noise of pleasure, her figners curling into her chest and scraping down with her nails lightly.

She reaches his waistband once again, and begins to tease, one hand dipping beneath to just stroke at the coarse hair while the other remains on top of the fabric, stroking and squeezing at the hard flesh beneath. She moves along his legs and pulls her head from his grasp. Leaning down, she begins to nip and kiss at his chest, running her tongue along some scar flesh as she gazes up at him. She nips and sucks, and pulls his breeches down.
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Desperation. That's what it is that Jon is feeling, that's sweeping them both along in its powerful current. And it's not just the fact that if they dally too long, their absence from the feast will be noted and someone will come looking for them. No, it's more-- it's the two of them needing something deeply from the other.

Whatever it was, Jon can think of no reason to deny Merida what she requires, or to deny himself. He smiles at the noises he's coaxing out of her, and while he's momentarily disappointed that she moves away from his kiss, her ultimate destination is clear enough that the anticipation wins out.

He raises his hips to make it easier for Merida to rid him of his last stitch of clothing, which now leaves him just as naked as the Princess. Jon's cock sways in relief at having been freed from the confines of his breeches, but has yet to reach full mast. He imagines Merida will see to that soon enough.

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[personal profile] amhaighdeanbhanuasal 2016-08-03 10:36 pm (UTC)(link)
Merida looks up, wrapping her hand around his cock, and smirks at him. "Nice t'see yer joinin' me," she says, squeezing lightly, and pumping up and down. She leans up, kissing him deeply as her hand continues to pump at his cock, biting at his lips to try to gain some audible reaction from him. She pulls back, and moves back down again.

She leans in, and licks the head of his cock, looking up as she teases it with her tongue. She kisses it, before slowly stretching her mouth over the girth and taking him in. Her tongue licks up the underside, as she bobs her head up and down, her hand wrapped around what isn't in her mouth.
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Jon grunts when Merida nips at him again, and on reflex, he retaliates. With her leaning close enough to kiss him, it puts her rear in reach of his hand, so he gives her rump a slap in return.

Watching her descend back down his body, he groans loudly once her tongue makes contact with his cock. Jon's eyes follow her progress as she draws his between her lips. Merida's mouth is warm and wet and feels so good around him that his head falls back towards the bed despite his want to watch her at work.

"Gods... Gods, that's good..."

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[personal profile] amhaighdeanbhanuasal 2016-08-04 07:31 pm (UTC)(link)
There's a yelp as Jon's hand makes contact with her backside, and it makes Merida scrap her teeth along his flesh a little. She gives a glance of almost daring him to do it again - she didn't mind it.

She continues to lick her tongue around his shaft, lifting her head up to get some air, before lowering back down again to take as much of his cock in as she can. She sucks on the flesh as if it were a treat, and her hands lower to stroke around it.
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Jon's head presses back into the bed. Merida's lavishing his cock with the kind of attention he's never even dreamed of, and everything she does sends a kind of lightning up through him. When she combines the warm pressure of her mouth with her hands, he can't hold back the moan of pleasure it draws from him.

"Yes... oh yes yes yes..." He knows he can't last that much longer, but Jon's willing to go right up to that edge.
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Merida grins around him, grazing her teeth slightly against the underside of his shaft as she rises up, releasing him and slowly moving her hand up and down, flicking her thumb over the head. Her brow rises in challenge, and she smirks.

"Yer likin' that, then?"
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Jon nodded emphatically. "It's amazing. You're amazing." When her thumb moved over the tip of his cock, he shivered. "It feels so good." He looked at Merida and gave her a small smile. "In fact you might want to stop or slow down if you're wanting me to last too much longer."

His eyes ran over her body. "Maybe I can do something for you?"

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Merida smirked, squeezing on Jon's cock a little, twisting her wrist as she did so to move it again. "Ye runnin' out of steam there, lad?" There's a tease in her tone, and she leans in to kiss him hungrily. There's an ache low in her stomach, burning hot, and she wants to do something to release it. His gaze burns over her body and she pushes her shoulders back, shaking her hair over her back so that none of her front is covered.

An eyebrow raises. "An' what do ye have in mind?"
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Jon growled a little at the jibe. Although he knew there was no malice in Merida's words, the fire of her spirit was undeniable, and every time she spoke to him, it was like a challenge. He had every intention to rise to any challenge the Princess set before him.

"Bring that pretty arse of yours this way," he said hotly, guiding Merida to climb her way up his body until her legs were straddling his head. Without hesitation, Jon pressed his mouth to her sex and began to lap at her.
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Merida laughed at the growl, playful smile on her face. "Seems like Lord Snow's got some fire in him," she teases. There was another bruising kiss, Merida grabbing his bottom lip between hers and sucking on it for a moment or two. Her fingers press in hard to his chest, and she briefly wonders if they'll mark the other.

"Pretty arse, is it? An' what are ye plannin to do wi' tha-" her words die in her throat as she felt his mouth against her and instead there's a surprised yelp, her hips jerking towards the touch without any control. This was a new feeling and her eyes fluttered shut.

"Oh..." she managed to breath out, leaning forward heavily to rest her body weight on the wall. "Aye," she muttered softly, "tha's good..."
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The girl knew how to kiss, that much was certain, and she did it with the kind of intensity that Jon was recognizing as the greatest part of the Princess' personality. She was a firebrand, and he wondered just how often Merida actually got to act on such passions given her station. He was happy to provide the opportunity.

Although she clearly hadn't expected doing what Jon suggested, from the sudden softness of her words, he reckoned she was enjoying the surprise. He ran his tongue along the length of her slit, before using shorter, stronger strokes, coaxing her sex to open for him so that he could explore her further, his hands under her rear to give her support.
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That answer was rarely ever. Merida's being the Princess meant that people were wary of what to do around her, even if she was the one taking control. Jon was a refreshing change, in that respect.

Her hips jerked again at the feeling of his tongue, another whimper of a yelp escaping. She could feel his hands holding her and the way his tongue moved against her and it made her eyes stay closed, breathing deeply. A hand fell to stroke his hair, encouraging him.

"Like that," she said, trying to move to get the right spot hit, "right there."
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Jon traced his way along her sex, listening intently to both Merida's words and her sighs of pleasure. When he heard a particularly loud or significant change, he made a note of it. Soon enough, he discovered exactly the 'right there' they both wanted.

He focused his attentions on that spot, flicking the tip of his tongue and alternating that with light pressure of his lips. Jon coaxed out the small swell of her clit as well, rubbing it with the tips of his fingers.

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Merida leans into his touch, moaning a little louder as he finds the right place, the hand in his hair curling a little tighter to encourage him onwards. Her hips jerked at his touch, wanting to be closer, wanting more than just his tongue and his fingers but not wanting the touching to stop.
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Jon did know a few things, and he could surmise that Merida probably never had the pleasure that he knew how to bring her. And so he had no intention of allowing her to move from her current position at his mouth until she experienced it.

Taking a cue from the fingers tightening in his hair, he kept up his ministrations right where they were centered, then increased their intensity. Jon wouldn't be satisfied until Merida climaxed for him.
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The feeling grew tighter in her stomach, her fingers curling likewise into his hair. She's vaguely away that she's squirming against him, trying to press closer still, but all she was focused on was the way this knot in her stomach was building, like it was ready to let go.

She moaned, low and loud, as stars burst behind her eyes, body shuddering.

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