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Arabian Nights Meme

Scheherazade / Harem Shipping Meme
Straight out of the Arabian Nights, or any variety of the spin-offs and spoofs since, in a beautiful and fantastical realm of magic and djinn. You may be the great ruler, prince, or sultana of the realm, or you may be the tribute, captive, or arranged marriage spouse brought before that ruler.

1. Arranged Marriage - You’re both royals or nobles of some variety, but one of you has been sent far from home to be wedded to a stranger in a foreign land.
2. Ambition - You’re just one beauty in a harem of dozens—or hundreds—but you’re determined to stand out, to earn the exclusive attention of the ruler, and to take your place by their side as the ruler of this land.
3. Scheherazade - One night with the king (or queen). Perhaps your one-night spouse had their heart broken, like in the story. Perhaps they’re simply a monster, or they have other motives. They may kill you in the morning, unless you can convince them to delay, by at least one more day.
4. Tribute - Perhaps your land was conquered, or perhaps you’ve been sent here to secure an alliance. Either way, this wasn’t your idea, and you aren’t particularly happy about it.
5. Within the Harem - Both characters are residents of the harem. You hardly see the ruler, and they don’t matter. What does matter is the friendship—or love—that you have found within the harem, and, possibly, your plans for escape.
6. Outside the Harem - You’ve fallen in love with someone you shouldn’t. A guard, a servant, or someone outside the palace entirely. But in order to be with them, you’re going to have to break all the rules.
7. Arabian Nights - Wildcard scenario, play any elements from the Arabian Nights that you please. Magic carpets, powerful djinn, curses and treasure!

How to play:
-Post with your character, preferred role (ruler, harem, other), and any other relevant info
-Reply to others. Use RNG or choose your favourite scenario!
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[Will do !! let me know if you'd like me to change anything. c:]

Bucky has been a resident of the palace harem for quite some time and is probably one of the it's oldest members. He was traded off to the palace to settle some family debt and has been here ever since. Being one of the favorites for his ruler's guests, many have offered trades for him or to purchase him but all have been declined. He's seen other residents be traded or new ones being brought in, the typical clothing is usually silks and gold accessories, ones that make the faintest jingling as one moves. The room they live in is quite large, pillows cover most of the flooring and shoes aren't allowed. A small fountain lies at it's center, flower petals float atop the surface, making it a colorful display.

There were whispers that today, someone new would be coming in. Bucky is the first to greet the newcomers before the rest of the residents ask curious questions of what life they had before coming to the palace. Guards are stationed outside of the large double doors, on rare occasions, there are a pair inside as well. The ruler rarely visits unless he has important guests chose who stays in their rooms during their stay.

He was in the middle of braiding one of the younger residents hair when the doors opened and a young man, around his late teens was brought in. The living space was entirely co-ed, though everyone had their set spots within the room, women tended to be towards the center while the men towards the back.

"You must be the newcomer?" Bucky handed off the unfinished braid to another before standing and making his way towards Peter.
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Peter wasn't exactly ignorant of his new position in life. It's not talked about, persay, those people that lived in the deepest parts of the palace, but it's hardly the best kept secret of the place. Plus, you know, Peter had lived in the peasantry before coming here; that's where you found the best dirt, of course. It's unusual, in some respects- he's a little old to be just starting in the harem. You did what you had to, though, and Peter just counts himself lucky they took him at all.

The walk through the palace had been jaw-drop worthy enough on it's own, but the lavish room he's deposited in is something else entirely. Bigger than his house twice over, easily. Peter resisted the urge to whistle quietly to himself, wandering further into the room when the guards simply nudged him towards the door; so deep in the palace that Peter's not sure he could find his way out even if he tried.

"Yeah uh - yes. Peter." He offered his hand, a little awkward, mostly from nerves. He still had the fresh garments they'd provided him with tucked under his other arm, evidence of just how new he was. "I'm Peter."
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Bucky takes Peter's hand and gives it a firm shake before letting go, "Nice to meet you, Peter." He says before taking a step back and walks around him to look him over. He's bound to be someone's new favorite judging by his looks alone, stopping in front of him once more, he gives a tilt of his head for Peter to follow. "Come, let's get you cleaned and dressed."

He leads him behind a curtain that led to a grand bathing area, exclusively for the harem to use before they settled in the main room for the day. "You can leave your clothes here." Bucky stands next to a marble bench, with large vases of flowers on each end, "I'll start a bath for you." He smiles before walking off towards the middle of the room.

The bath itself is large enough to fit at least 15 people comfortably, with little sections to fit 5 people in, which is something he's going to have to get used to here. It just made getting ready faster and easier than doing it individually, considering how many of them there are. He sits down on the rim of section, filling it with warm water before getting up to get soap for him to use. Hope he likes the fragrance that they have to use, a flowery sweet smell, its a bit strong at first but he'll get used to it over time.
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"...and you are?" Peter asks, before he can stop himself by wondering if he shouldn't really be questioning things. The guy is circling him in what Peter can only describe as 'sizing him up', and he follows after Bucky a little slower than he probably should. He thinks it's funny, perhaps, that he's wearing his best clothes and they look terribly shabby next to the luxury of this place.

"Thank you," Peter's mouth catches up with his brain, remembering to be polite despite the overload this day was rapidly becoming. He sets down the folded clothes, sorting them for ease of use when he comes out of the bath. Peter wonders, idly, where the clothes he's wearing will go. Will they straight up burn them or repurpose them for a servant in some other quadrant of the palatial estate?

Peter hesitates only briefly before he begins to disrobe, pulling off his shabby jacket and shirt, untucking it from his dress pants. He strips down perfunctorily to his underwear, registering faintly in the back of his mind that the new outfit doesn't come with underwear at all.
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At first, he had ignored Peter's question about who he was, he wasn't the first to ask this of him upon his greetings or his circling assessment but it was best to explain everything all at once then in pieces. Everyone's felt the same feeling upon their arrival.

Giving him a nod of acknowledgement before walking over to a series of low marble shelves, where all the bathing items were located, picking a few washing towels and a bowls of soaps. Setting them on a silver tray that he brought over to the bath, placing it close to his side. Leaning over to test the water temperature with a sway of his hand, watching as the little waves danced on the surface.

Unfortunately, Peter's going to have to get used to Bucky washing him this one time. It's a part of his job, he's done it to everyone in the main room that followed after his group. He's seen many either sold to other high members of society or simply traded for another, it happens every few months, some of these faces he might never see again.

"When you're ready, you can sit." He calls out, not looking over in Peter's direction yet.
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His new - colleague? supervisor? what's the hierarchy in this place? - seems like the strong silent type, apparently. He still doesn't have a name. Peter's gaze tracks the guy over to the shelves, all of the soap and bath salts stacked neatly there. It's more than the store back home, with all of the handcarved soaps. But then, the harem definitely has to be bathed properly, so is he really that surprised?

Peter approaches slowly, eyeing the man curiously. He's perfectly capable of bathing himself, so why isn't he just leaving him to it...? He tries to swallow down his skittishness as he sits on the edge of the tub, still in his underwear. He's only barely keeping his mouth from running off that yes, he can bathe himself - he's not sure it would be appreciated.