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Is it cool if I hold your hand?

First Date

It hurts when you pluck unruly hair with tweezers. The cheap aftershave stings. This dress isn't comfortable. But it's going to be worth it, because this is your first date! Your first date ever. do know you're going on a date, right? This isn't something your confused and unsure about or has been sprung on you in disguise?

Never mind, there are more important questions here. Is your date someone you just met and asked out, or they a longtime friend and acquaintance? Where are you going to take them? Dinner and a movie, pizza, the junkyard, an underground fight club, or a feast or ball because you're in the olden days?

Above all else - you're going to get that good night kiss, aren't you?

How to Play
  • Comment with your character, preferences, and information about what your character would do for a first ever date. So, basically, how formal vs. how casual and where they'd take their date!
  • Reply to others.
  • Thread. This meme can be shippy, serious, or silly. Whatever you'd like.
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[Bi with a preference for blue haired girls, definitely casual or she wouldn't be able to deal with the awkwardness.]