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Modpost: Harrassment Policy

For those unaware, Captcha was turned on the comm temporarily so that mods could deal with a case of harassment. It has now been turned off, and the previous settings of the comm set back where they were.

Thank you for your patience.

That said: we would like to reiterate that Bakerstreet is a meme comm, and is not the place for harassment of other players. Remember: Don't be an ass to other people. Please. Respect each other.

This includes commenting to their threads with nasty comments, or PMing their inboxes, and isn't tolerated no matter who started said cycle first. Those responsible will be banned from the comm.

However - to effectively deal with this, we do need people to let us know when that is happening. Either through the problems post, or through PMs so that we are able to follow up on these cases. We can only take action if a formal complaint or report is made.

My personal open contact post is here.

Please don't bring up only off-site occurrences as evidence, unless it's been linked directly here, we can't police what occurs outside of this comm. This includes anon comms like wankgate, as well as tumblr and plurk.

Edited to add: New problems post link.

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