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the expanded heart meme

the heart meter meme

  • comment with your character.
  • respond to others
  • use the heart meter below to tell other characters how you feel
  • don't forget your hovertext!
  • have a grand ol' time

"i would kill you."

"i would physically and/or emotionally hurt you."

"i would manipulate you."

"i dislike you."

"i pity you."

"i'm indifferent toward you."

"you scare and/or intimidate me."

"i am unsure of you."

"i enjoy trolling you."

"i would like to get to know you better."

"i would like to spend time/have fun/be friends with you."

"i respect you."

"i hero worship you."

"i would rescue you/fight by your side."

"i would protect you."

"i would hug you/hold your hand."

"i would kiss you."

"i would date you."

"i would have sex with you."

"i could fall in love with you."

"i love you like family."
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needs moar hearts!

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