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>> premise

Hello, and welcome to The Care and Keeping of Your Pet! As you surely know, a pet is a big responsibility, and we're so glad you've decided to be a concientious master. A safe pet is a happy pet, and this handbook is certain to keep your precious lifelong friend as content as can be.

The history of the animal person is a long and difficult one, with their origins not being known even to this day. However, scientists believe that despite our common appearance - most animal people have humanoid forms except for the ears, tails, and sometimes teeth - we share no common ancestry, even if the ascent of this species corresponds with that of the homo sapien. We gained dominance over each breed thousands of years ago, beginning with the dog type, who have long been considered "man's best friend." Most breeds these days are docile and perfect for owners of any speed.

Of course, it is our duty as the superior species to take care of these animal creatures, and this is inherent in their genetic makeup. Everyone knows that an animal person, when matched with their correct human master, is loyal for life - a true "soulmate," if you will. Far be it for us to turn this away! Ever since the Great Domestication, these intelligent and loving animals have served us as friends, workmates, guardians, servants, and sexual companions and will for years to come. Despite recent hubbub from so-called "Pet People's Rights Activists," this way of life is wholesome and good. Scientific research shows that the natural desire of the pet person is to be owned and cared for by a human.

So, it's your first pet. What do you need to know?
As previously stated, pet people come in as many breeds as you can possibly think of. By far and away the most popular are the dog and cat types, but exotic birds and lizards have been gaining popularity among trendsetters from L.A. to Tokyo!
All pet types are best suited for certain jobs, and when hunting for one, it is best to search for a type that suits your needs best.
However, a "True Match" - when a pet person bonds with you and only you for the rest of their natural lives - comes naturally, and sometimes takes time before you can find the pet you will be able to give a forever home to.
According to all current research, pet people are completely sentient and like us in many ways. However, it is important to remember that they have many animalistic and feral characteristics. Do not be foolish and think that your pet is a person, despite the facts that many are clothed and may be allowed to read, write, and have "hobbies." Some traditional pet owners may eschew these frivolities, and that is within their right.
Pet people age more quickly than humans, at least physically, and many types have long lifespans. It is not uncommon for pets to be passed through the family. When getting your child their first pet, it's important to keep in mind that just because the pup is tiny now, a grown pet can be jumpy around a small child.
It is important to train a pet. Discipline will be necessary. This does not make you a bad owner. Failure to train early will result in a rebellious pet. Training is especially important if you want your pet to serve as a household servant.
Remember, your pet will be extremely protective of you, especially if you are Truly Bonded. It is best to socialize them early. A socialized pet is a perfect family pet.
These days, unowned and unbonded pet people are allowed to live as strays or "Frees" in certain designated areas. Some even hold "jobs." This is against their best interest, and owners who adopt these strays are to be rewarded. Still, the best place to get pets are from liscenced kennels or breeders.
Some masters find it beneficial to participate in activities with their pets, such as shows and other competitions.
Finally, much has been made about the sexual relationship between pet and master. This is a normal facet of the bond, and humans are sure to find pet people sexually alluring. But beyond that, it is only responsible and prudent for owners to care for their pet's needs. It is a well-known fact that the libidos of pet people are remarkably strong, and when they go into heat, it is usually more convenient for a master to relieve them. There is no risk of pregnancy. All rumors of hybrids are urban legends.
Despite this, masters must remember to not view their pets as romantic partners. Humans should stay with humans.

With that said, thank you and welcome to your first day as a pet's master!

>> how to play
Needless to say, The Care and Keeping of Your Pet is a bit biased and full of propaganda, but it gives a good idea of the world your character is now AU's into. They are either a pet person or a human master, and what that means for them varies.

So are they a devoted pet or a rebellious animal person looking to buck the system? A generous master or a cruel sexual sadist? Just a normal pet owner? Most likely they're something in between, but when you're raised in this world, it's difficult to see anything different on the horizon.

Comment with your character and say whether they'd be a master or a pet. Ideally, they could be played as both. Mention what kind of each they'd be and what they'd be like, (ie: "Xx-chan is a bunny girl who is happy to please her master" or "Asterothia is a cat boy who is aloof but loyal to his true master"). For pets, be sure to include features ("wolf ears, tail, teeth).

REMEMBER, pet does not automatically equal submissive and master automatically equal dominant. This is not a BDSM setting though BDSM can be included. How far you want to go with the actual "pet" aspect is up to you, as well. Your pet could just be your slightly-furry roommate or soulmate!
Comment to others.
Play out the scene.

>> prompts
This by now means an all-inclusive list, but it should get you going in the right direction.

First Time Pet/Owner: Usually, pets are gotten at a young age; you're an old dog. Can you learn new tricks?
True Bond: What all masters and pets yearn for...the pet's loyalty and adoration for life.
Love: It's expected for masters to love their pets, but to love them? Romance is strictly forbidden.
Old "Couple": Master and pet have grown together and know each other. You know, know each other.
Loss of Master: The pet has lost their master, perhaps even their True Bond. Is it possible to move on?
Young Master/Older Pet: Pets age quicker than masters, so it's possible to end up with a bit of an "age" difference.
Family Pet: This pet's been raised as part of the family. What happens when their feelings for a family member get more than platonic.
For Your Protection: You don't want to be a master, but you have to take in a pet for their protection lest they be in danger from the general public.
Stray: You're a stray or a "Free." Can you live like this with your biology screaming for you to make a match?
Servant: You're more servant than pet.
All Sex, All the Time: The only purpose for this pet is to service the master, and not in a way that means cleaning their house.
Guard: You're a loyal bodyguard, a service pet. You'll do anything for your master. Anything.
Pet Play: This is for those who prefer to keep their animals on leashes, have them eat from bowls, and keep away from clothing.
Breaking In: Training is important with any pet.
In Love with Another Master...or Pet: To lust after another's master is no better than treason, and to wish to be with another pet just cruel!
Punishment: Bad dog, no nookie!
Heat: All pets go into heat, and it's the responsibility of the owner to take care of this problem. After all, unchecked dry humping kills thousands every year.
Breeding: Breeders know the best qualities in each type and mate the cream of the crop together to continue lines. It's a hobby for some, a calling for others.
Pregnancy: So, about that whole "hybrid" thing. It maaaay be more true than you think, even if pet/human pregnancies are the stuff of salacious tabloids.
Territorial: Hey, hey, other dog person! This is your apartment. Stay the fuck out!
Kennel: Kennels are where unadopted pets are kept. They're generally agreed to be depressing places. Why not volunteer at one, keeping the pets healthy and happy with the kind of affection only humans can show?
Rebelling Against the System: Damn the Man! Pet people are people, too! Just be careful not to get talk. You know what happens to bad pets.
Instant Attraction: You ever just look at someone and know they're the one? That they're...your master? But what if you've been trying to fight it? Well, don't try!
Dominant Pet: You might be the pet, but you call the shots, at least in the bedroom.
Pet Show: Everyone wants to show off how perfect their animal is. Look at that ass! And you'll never believe their special skills...
Therapeutic: Pets, especially those bred for their kindliness, are perfect therapy for those who've been through trauma and heartache.
Jealousy: Who's that around your master? Oh, hell no. They better not be touching them!
Petting: Pet people are absolutely gaga for being touched. Even the most steely ones turn to mush for rubs.
Games: Playing with your pet and giving them exercise is a key to happiness. Of course, with a pet person, you might want to use other toys instead of a ball.
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Wade leaned up and rubbed his cheek against Peter's in return, remembering how much Peter liked when he returned that gesture. His hand stroked through the other's hair, petting gently as he reveled in all the affection. It felt different. It honestly made the butterflies in his stomach intensify because he realized that Peter knew how he felt now and didn't seem to run away. So that was a step in the right direction.

He pulled back from the kiss, eyes dark and intense as he looked into Peter's. "I love you, baby boy. And I will do whatever it takes to keep you safe and happy as long as I have air in these lungs."
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It was definitely different. Most of Peter's affection had always been geared towards comforting Wade, though he did love him, but this was affection for the sake of affection. This was something Peter didn't have terribly much experience with, but Wade seemed to be enjoying it anyway, so Peter figured he wasn't doing that bad of a job.

Peter smiled, tilting his head a little at Wade, eyes shining happily after Wade rubbed against him. They'd definitely have to navigate the species divide patiently. "Isn't that supposed to be my job?"
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Oh, Petey Pie was definitely doing a good job. Wade could almost burst from how happy he was in that moment. He was basically on cloud nine.

"Maybe it's both of our jobs," he laughed a little and leaned in to kiss Peter again. "I still can't believe you can talk," he said in between kisses. "You kept such a beautiful voice from me, baby boy." But Wade was happy. Everything worked out the way it needed to.
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Peter could tell, not only from the way Wade was smiling but just the energy he was putting out. He was happier than Peter had ever been able to make him before.

"Sorry," Peter apologized again, trying to keep up with Wade's excited kisses. "You assumed I couldn't and you...let me in." He smiled, hand running slowly down Wade's chest. "You like that I can talk?"
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It was like he discovered the ultimate combo to life. He was finally winning. It happened.

"I know, Petey Pie. Sorry. I'm not blaming you at all, okay? I understand why you kept it to yourself and I think you did the right thing," he backpedaled a little, trying to make sure that Peter knew that he was okay with everything and not upset. Wade was a little 'open mouth, insert foot' nowadays. He blinked, surprised by Peter's question. "Well, yeah. You don't know how many times I wanted to know your opinion on something. I just wanted to hear you talk about your thoughts and how you felt." He pressed another gentle kiss against Peter's lips before nuzzling his jaw.

"I may have fantasized a little about how your voice sounded," he laughed, embarrassed. "The real thing is way better than anything I could have dreamt up though. You could read The Iliad and I wouldn't fall asleep once. That's how serious I am."
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"Well, good. It was really hard sometimes." It almost seemed like Wade was baiting him to speak. Maybe he had been! Fuck. Well, Peter kept strong; he was a professional, after all. Peter smiled and hummed at the back of his throat, ear twitching against Wade's head as he drew closer to kiss and nuzzle him.

"What did you think it would sound like?" Peter brushed his thumb lightly over Wade's lips. "What do we do now?"
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Yeah. Wade was definitely trying to get Peter to speak if he could. There were a few times in the past where he felt like maybe Peter could, but he chose not to. But Peter never spoke, so Wade had given up on that dream. And look at him now. Peter was a tough nut to crack. It made Wade swell with pride.

He relaxed completely at the affection from Peter, so happy that he didn't have to hold back anymore.

"I don't know... something a little higher and quieter? Now that I've heard your voice though, I don't know how I ever thought you could sound different," he kissed Peter's thumb, eyes closing in complete love and trust. He exhaled loudly. "I don't know, Petey. That's a good question. I know that... I want to know everything about you. What your life was before you met me. And I want to show you how much you meant to me," he admitted. And other things, of course. Wade desperately wanted to make love to Peter, but he was doing his best to hold back. Which was hard -- no pun intended. Fuck. It was pretty obvious just how much Wade wanted him. Peter was right at his fingertips, but he wanted to make sure his baby boy was comfortable first and foremost.
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Like he said, he was a professional! All he really did was bite his lip to keep from speaking, but hey, it worked didn't it? The lengths Peter would go to for Wade's well being were endless honestly.

"What, like this?" Peter joked, letting his voice get a little higher and breathier just to tease Wade. He laughed softly again, letting his fingers trace over Wade's face, over his scars, the puckered skin rough against his fingertips. "Okay. We can - that's not hard." Peter pressed a kiss to the corner of Wade's mouth reassuringly. You wouldn't find Peter objecting to more lovin' from Wade. "I've been trained, I understand human culture. I just mean to say that sometimes the intricacies might escape me."
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Wade tried to keep a straight face at Peter's change of voice, but he couldn't help but laugh. His laugh was a little wheezy. "Okay, maybe that was a little bit ridiculous," he admitted. "But I had no idea what your voice was supposed to sound like, baby boy." Wade curled his arms around Peter, hands smoothing up the other man's sides as he smiled. The feel of Peter's fingertips was very much welcome. Peter made him feel like his scars weren't ugly, but something that was just an inherent part of himself now. His heart swelled at the tender gesture as he was reminded once again of why he fell in love with Peter.

"Good. It's my turn to learn everything about you," the words were spoken much more softly than his usual gruff voice. His eyes bore into his companion's. "Well, there are a few things we could do," his voice was low and full of need. It was hard for Wade to hide how he felt, especially when it came to Peter. His hand reached up to gently stroke at one of Peter's soft ears. "Honestly, I didn't think this all the way through. I just knew I needed to tell you how I felt."

His eyes mapped Peter's face, memorizing every little freckle. He wanted Peter. That much was clear. Especially thanks to the fact that he was half hard from Peter touching his face so tenderly.
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Peter hummed, ears twitching as he looked up at Wade. It was kind of flattering that he'd even been trying to imagine it at all. Peter traced one line that ran all the way from Wade's ear to his nose, running over the pattern in quiet, polite curiosity. They weren't ugly, at all, they were simply Wade. Wade had scars the same way Peter had a tail, it just was.

"You know most of it," Peter chuckled, tilting his head when Wade's tone lowered. "Oh? And what would you like to do?" Certainly seemed like Wade had an idea in mind, and Peter wasn't stupid. "I'd say phase one of your not-plan worked spectacularly."
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Wade's eyes closed in comfort as well as pleasure. The gentle touch felt good even though he didn't have as much feeling on the scars as he did on the undamaged parts of his skin. He pushed into the touch without even realizing he did it. Yup. Shit. If he could stop getting chubs from the weirdest things, that would be great.

"Yeah, it definitely worked," he laughed nervously. Wade cupped Peter's face, eyes still intensely staring into his love's. "Well... You remember when you were in rut?" he tried to say it casually, but it still came out as subtly as a brick to the face. Good job, Wade.
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Nah, face it Wade, you're a complete pervert. Honestly. There was a subsection on Pornhub for your type. Accept it.

"Yeah, I do." Peter's ear twitched curiously against Wade's hand. "You want to have sex." Yeah, subtle cues aren't really Peter's forte. It's kind of his job to sniff you out, Wade. "Okay."
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Well -- there was no arguing it. The first step to getting better was admitting there was a problem.

Wade spluttered at Peter's bluntness. "I -- well, fuck. Uh. Well." He didn't even know what to say to that. Peter always caught him off guard. How did he explain that it was more than him just wanting to have sex with Peter? Jesus christ. Wade was a hot mess. He did a double take when Peter said okay like this was a normal every day thing.

"Look..." he took a deep breath before leaning forward to press a kiss on Peter's chin. "I genuinely, very much do want to lay you down and make sweet love on a bearskin rug by the fire. I just want to make sure that you know that this is... it's because of how I feel about you -- because I love you, okay? I just need that to be clear. And I'm only interested in it if you are too. I'm layin' all my cards out right now before anything moves forward."
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Was it really that much of a problem, though?

Peter pressed his cheek into Wade's hand, nuzzling him and spreading his scent as his lips grazed his master's palm. He could feel Wade's anxiety, his hesitation, and he was trying to reassure him. "You don't have a rug." Unless you count the cat bed he bought Peter, which Peter never used because Wade was obviously a more comfortable choice to sleep on.

"I know, Wade. Humans don't have rut." Peter let his tail swish lightly over Wade's thigh. "I know how you feel. I can smell it." Both the arousal and the affection, he means. Wade has the crisp, warm smell of happiness, and Peter knows he means what he's saying. "I love you too."
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That depended on who you asked.

Well, it worked. Wade was definitely feeling better just by that gesture alone. "I could buy one right now. I'm that serious, Petey." The cat bed could work in a pinch.

His cheeks turned red. Shit. For a moment he forgot that Peter basically saw through to his freaking soul. Jesus christ. It was like he was some sort of psychic that could read his mind, but instead it was through scent. He took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down again. Peter returning his love was all he ever needed. There was no tricking himself because of his fear into thinking that Peter couldn't consent because he couldn't speak. He could speak. Clearly.

Wade shifted so he was on top of Peter, gently pinning him to the mattress with his warm weight. He leaned down to capture Peter's lips in a gentle kiss, the evidence of his want pressed against Peter's thigh.
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"It wouldn't get here for a while, though." Peter teased, letting his lips brush back and forth over Wade's skin. Yeah, because having sex in a cat bed wasn't perpetuating the dirty stigma around the whole thing. Nice one.

"When humans are intimate, it means more," Peter asserted, reaching out to brush his fingers along the red blotches in Wade's cheeks. There was no need, there, only want. Desire spurred by love, and to be honest, Peter was...kind of getting a thrill out of it. And yes, he could speak, he wasn't afraid to tell Wade what he was worried about, either.

Peter hummed happily when Wade rolled on top of him, tail swishing back and forth against the sheets as Wade pressed down, outline of his dick warm and solid against his thigh. Peter kissed him back, leaning up into the embrace, eager to give Wade what he wanted.
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"Good point, Petey Pie." Wade wouldn't have sex in the freaking cat bed. He was just trying to be funny.

His eyes closed in complete love and trust at the feel of Peter's fingers on his cheeks. Peter was always so gentle and that was something Wade wasn't used to. Maybe that was one of the reasons it was so easy for Wade's defenses to unravel when it came to Peter.

"I love you," he whispered the words again in between kisses that gradually got more and more intense. Wade grinded his hips against Peter's as he deepened the kiss, tongue pushing into Peter's mouth to explore and taste what it could.
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Oh, Wade, you absolutely would. But rolling around, covering the actual, full size bed with their scent was just fine with Peter.

"I love you too," Peter murmured, purring happily when Wade started kissing him like that. Definitely different than anything Peter had ever experienced before, and he tried to reciprocate in earnest. Wade's hips were pushing down against his, and Peter could feel his own dick starting to respond from the stimulation. Not another rut - only pheromones could replicate that - but new arousal that was for Wade and Wade alone. He bucked up against his mate, focusing on what felt good and hoping that would be good for Wade. This was...different from the training Peter had, but still good.
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Oh, it was definitely good. Wade was painfully hard now as he kissed Peter deeply, hips still rocking into his love's. He pulled back from the kiss, reaching down to help Peter remove his boxers and then remove his own as well. Wade leaned down to press another brief kiss to Peter's lips before reaching between them to take Peter's dick into his hand and stroking it.

His own was so hard that he was already leaking, a pearl of precome dripping down the tip. "Damn, baby boy," he said, voice thick with want.
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Peter moved with him easily, letting the fabric slip from his body, tail curling to allow for easy transition. Peter whined when Wade took him in hand, tail brushing Wade's dick as he reached out to reciprocate, copying Wade's movements in the hopes that it would feel as good for Wade as it did for Peter.

"Is this okay?" Peter pumped Wade slowly, watching as the cock drooled against his hand.
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Wade's hips jerked a little toward Peter's touch, a moan pulled from him. Shit. That felt way too good. It definitely, absolutely felt good. Christ. He needed to calm the hell down because it could very well end all too soon if he didn't. There was just so much built up want and now he was really here and Peter was touching him. It was almost too much for Wade to handle.

He nodded, "Yeah, Petey Pie. Shit. That's perfect." He continued to stroke Peter from base to tip, over and over, thumb swirling around the head teasingly before he continued to pump him.
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Peter tipped his head back in a groan before shoving his face into Wade's neck, sniffing and rubbing his mouth against Wade's skin. Spreading his scent as far as he could, hand still working Wade's dick in unison. With each pass of his hand, Wade's scent grew stronger, and maybe it was a little weird to an outsider, but Peter was having the time of his life.
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Jesus christ. The way that Peter was rubbing and scenting his neck was almost too much in combination with that hand stroking him. His hips rocked into Peter's touch of their own accord. But he was getting way too close. So maybe it was time for him to just focus on Peter for a little bit.

Wade pulled back reluctantly, letting go of Peter's dick and moving back so he was settling in between Peter's legs. He moved to lay in between Peter's legs, pushing his lover's legs back a little so he had access to everything. Wade leaned forward, his tongue dragging from Peter's hole, over his balls and up to the tip of his dick before sucking him down to the root.
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Peter scrambled to get closer when Wade tried to move away, whining unhappily at the shift in position. Did he do something wrong? Why wasn't Wade letting him touch anymore? Peter tried to find the words to voice these concerns when Wade started moving him, pushing at his legs and dipping his head down to - "Oh!"

Peter bucked, tail smacking against Wade's shoulder as he started licking him. Holy fuck, that felt so good. Wade's mouth was on his cock, which twitched at the sensation, Peter's hands digging into the sheets. "Wade!"
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The sounds Peter made went straight to his dick. There was nothing better than the sounds of the person you love as you pleased them. And this was a million times better than anything before. Peter meant so much to him.

So he pulled back up and then swallowed Peter's cock to the root again over and over just so he could pull more of those noises from his lover. His hands rubbed and kneaded Peter's thighs as he did so. This was way better than what he fantasized about.

Yes, he just admitted to fantasizing about going down on his pet. Wade was going to hell in a hand basket.

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