beaarthur: (Before | eyes closed shirtless)
Wade Wilson ([personal profile] beaarthur) wrote in [community profile] bakerstreet 2016-09-13 01:00 am (UTC)

Wade's tongue circled the tip of Peter's cock before he pulled back. His hand continued to stroke Peter as he moved to Peter's hole, tongue circling it teasingly before he dipped it in. Wade reached into the bedside table and pulled the little bottle of lube he kept in there out. He continued to lap and tease at Peter's hole, his hips grinding into the mattress of their own accord. Christ almighty. He wanted Peter so bad.

Well that was absolutely morbid! But yes, Wade was going wherever Peter went.

"God damn, Pete," Wade said, voice wrecked as he pulled back, pressing gentle kisses against the skin of Peter's thighs. "Just let me know if any of this is too much for you, okay?"

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