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"We were lovers before we were born into this world."

The Reincarnated Lovers Meme
Everyone knows the feeling of when you see someone and you know you've seen them before. Isn't that a part of déjà vu? But what if the connection you have with that person goes beyond the superficial recognition of familiarity? Perhaps you were connected the most intimate of ways. Some religions and philosophies believe in reincarnation of souls, and it's said that souls could be reincarnated together - once again to follow out the same path they did before.

Or maybe not. Maybe it could be a second chance for fixing things that went wrong before, like the a tragedy or circumstances keeping you apart. But can you take that chance? Do you even want to?

  • Comment with your character, stating preferences and pertinent information.
  • Tag around to others and roll the RNG to determine what your scenario will be.
    • The first roll determines the parameters of the "past life," the second the parameters of the "present life." The meme is intended to take place in the present, but there's nothing stopping you from playing out flashbacks to the "past."
  • Play out the scene!
  • WARNING: There will probably be triggers here.
  1. Medieval: The two of you lived in the middle ages or an equal high fantasy setting. Kings, queens, knights, wizards, your doomed love was set among the sword and shield.
  2. Feudal Japan: During this time, honor reigned supreme and warriors lived and died by the sword. Perhaps the two of you lived here?
  3. War: World War I, World War II, World War...III? Whatever the tension was, the two of you weren't living in happy times.
  4. Not Human: You were gods, demons, monsters, angels - or at least one of you was.
  5. Sci-Fi: The two of you found love in a world of science and technology...maybe a base on the moon?
  6. Taboo: In a past life, the two of you were related, yet still somehow fell in love. Or perhaps there was a big age gap, or different social standings. Whatever it was, your affection was "wrong," somehow.
  7. Intended for Someone Else: One of you was engaged, intended, or taken by someone else.
  8. Not Allowed: For some reason, you couldn't have your love back then.
  9. Tragically Cut Short: Somehow, your love ended in tragedy and one of you died.
  10. Living Happily Ever After: The two of you grew old together, had a family, the whole shebang, and died of old age. As a reward, you get to be with your loved one again.
  1. (Not So) First Meeting: You could swear you've seen this person before...but where?
  2. Need to Be Near You: You don't know why, but you have to be close to this person, to protect them, to love them.
  3. Memories: You're having memories of your past life and it's freaking you out.
  4. The Reveal: Somehow, the truth is revealed to you about who you used to be and what you life was like with this person.
  5. But I'm Taken: Unfortunately, you've already moved on to someone else who doesn't fit into the picture of your past.
  6. You Have to Be With Me: You're determined to rejoin with your past lover...even if they're not interested.
  7. He Doesn't See Me: You're afraid your lover only sees the past "you" and not the you who exists now. Are they in love with a memory?
  8. Madness Ensues: It's getting hard for you to tell which life is the "real" one, the one you have now or the one in the past. Perhaps you only see one way of release: becoming reincarnated again.
  9. It All Worked Out: The battles are fought, the war is one. You've earned your happy ending in this life and the two of you can live together.
Meme inspired by the anime/manga Please Save My Earth. Feel free to repost this as you feel fit.
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I don't even know I'm just gonna

[personal profile] spideyguy 2016-07-04 10:20 pm (UTC)(link)
Peter's seen a lot of things. It's inevitable, in his line of work. Everyday there seem to be new people around the block, too; Hell's Kitchen is thriving, the Avengers are growing ranks -

And then, there's Deadpool.

Deadpool, who will rip his own heart out for a cheap joke. Deadpool, who smells like blood, gunpowder, and tacos. Deadpool, who keeps showing up out of the blue to save Peter's bacon.

He might as well face it, they're kind of friends.

So now, Peter's here. Different day, same shit. This particular, self-proclaimed criminal mastermind claims to have some type of precognition. Normally, Peter would scoff, but at this point she kind of has him on the ropes. The cavalry arrives with a lot of screaming and some katana-swinging - in all fairness to Deadpool, he did go out in a blaze of glory.

Now they're both a mess on the pavement, but something seems to be stopping her from delivering the finishing blow (to Peter, anyway).
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[personal profile] beaarthur 2016-07-05 01:02 am (UTC)(link)
Deadpool currently had a massive hole in his left thigh (how the hell was it even hanging on), a broken right fibula and numerous bullet wounds littering his body. Someone had been rude enough to stab him in the shoulder and the knife was literally sticking out of his back. It was so hard to refrain from making any backstabbing jokes. He may have made a few already.

He really tried to protect Spidey, but that didn't seem to go as well as he'd hoped. The majority of the bullets he took were because he jumped in front of the other man.

Bea and Arthur were far out of reach and his guns were nowhere to be found either. Fuck. This was a mess.

Now he's here, laying on the ground miserably waiting to regenerate or to get shot again. He dragged himself closer to Spiderman, but someone decided it would be cute to shoot him right in the ass cheek. His yell may have sounded like Goofy.

"What the FUCK was that for?!" he yelled as he clutched at his ass. Deadpool looked up at the chick, the white eyes of his mask glaring daggers at her. "Back away from the spider, please."
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2016-07-05 01:19 am (UTC)(link)
Deadpool was not looking great. He'd taken a lot of bullets for Peter, and currently had most of his insides out on the pavement. Peter winced sympathetically, pinned to the concrete by a twisted piece of metal. Probably the remnants of a streetlamp; Peter's too tired and bloody to untwist it and get up.

"Oh no, I can't do that," She simpered, one of her goons raising his gun threateningly in case Deadpool tried to move again. Peter gave a half-hearted sigh. There was nothing he could do but wait for her spiel to be over. Couldn't even web her for a distraction - one cartridge was empty, the other, fizzled out. He was stuck. "I can't let either of you go, especially the spider. But I'd like the pleasure of killing you myse-"

She stopped, midsentence, a strange look passing over her face. Her eyes flickered between the two of them, as if trying to comprehend something. Peter just groaned and flopped back, extending a hand towards Deadpool. "Mind putting me out of my misery here, buddy? If I listen to any more of this I'm gonna explode."
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[personal profile] beaarthur 2016-07-05 04:18 am (UTC)(link)
Insides Out on the Pavement would make a good band name. It worried him that Spiderman couldn't handle a piece of metal. That meant that he was basically worn out. Deadpool needed to do something as soon as he could.

Especially the spider. His eyes narrowed at that, hand hovering over his thigh where his last knife was hidden behind a pouch.

"You might need to hit the button on your life alert. I think your program stopped working," Deadpool babbled, reaching out toward Spiderman. If he could just get over there, maybe he could get that metal off of Spidey before anybody else tried to shoot him. He could use the knife to take out the chick if he timed it right. God. He knew what it felt like to be one of those targets at the shooting range now. His whole body throbbed painfully.

Her hand went up to her temple, pressing against it. If they were lucky, her head would just implode. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. "You were them," she erupted into laughter. It sounded full on crazy and Deadpool didn't like that at all. "I can't believe it. This is the last thing I expected to happen! Lucifer and Michael in the flesh!"

Why the hell was this crazy lady babbling about biblical crap?
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2016-07-05 06:29 am (UTC)(link)
Peter just closed his eyes underneath the mask, willing it to be quick, painless. Well, less painful, at any rate. He wasn't feeling too hot just then, so maybe his optimism was a little lacking.

He honestly felt kind of bad that Deadpool had gone to all that trouble, put himself out on the line for Peter, gotten shot for him, and this was just how it was going to end. Fitting, though, that it's just another run of the mill villain. Peter never needed his life to go out in a blaze of glory or anything. Just him doing what he did best.

"...Lucifer and Michael?" That did catch his attention, and Peter lifted his head wearily to glare at her. Diminished effect, through the mask, but still. She'd moved on, beyond listening to him.

"Well I can't kill you now. It'd be such a waste of a millenia!"
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[personal profile] beaarthur 2016-07-05 09:18 am (UTC)(link)
Deadpool inched closer to Spiderman, hoping that this sudden distraction was enough for him to sneak over to the other man. Waste of a millenia? What the hell was she talking about?

"I saw it. I saw you two fighting. I saw him," she jutted her chin toward Spiderman. "Throwing you out of Heaven for your treason. Oh, boy. You are still cursed to follow what you left behind. Poor Lucifer. Will you fight one another again? That's the real question."

What. The. Fuck. Deadpool just blinked at the crazy lady. "Somebody put her back on her meds. She's off her rocker."

This was it. His thigh wound and broken bones were healed up just enough to get the fuck out of there. Deadpool pushed himself up off of the ground, lightning quick. He shot over to Spiderman, putting every bit of his enhanced strength into untwisting that piece of metal off of him. He was hunkered over enough that any bullets from the goons around them would hit him, not Spidey and they definitely did. Guns started going off and he felt a bullet hit him right in the shoulder. He winced, but forced himself to keep pushing, muscles flexing painfully as the tissue ripped and reformed itself. Another two in his lower back, but it didn't hit the spine so he wasn't paralyzed. Goody!

They didn't have time for him to struggle right now. Finally he managed to undo it and he threw himself over Spidey to wait out the gunfire. Gunshot wounds? Meh. He was just bleeding out a little bit, was all. Fuck. Hopefully he could stay conscious enough to get the hell out of there. "♪♬Hey, I just saved you. I'm bleeding out like crazy. Spidey, here's my number. So call me maybe♪♬," he sang half-heartedly.

His vision started to go all googley. Uh oh.

"NO! Stop shooting!" she yelled at her goons. The majority of them stopped, but a few gunners continued to shoot. She began to scream, distracted by the insubordination.
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2016-07-05 02:13 pm (UTC)(link)
That...wasn't making any sense, but at the same time, Peter had a strange feeling about what she was spewing. And really, he had no reason to doubt her abilities - she brought him to his knees, and anyone who could do that had at least one grain of rice in their crazy stew.

"Deadpool!" Peter couldn't do much but watch as Deadpool shot over to him, freeing him and then using himself as a human shield. Gloved fingers ended up on the front of his suit, hovering over the worst of the wounds and wishing he had some webbing to help patch the poor guy up.

"'Cause you make me feel like I've been locked out of heaven, For too long, for too long - " Peter actually played along - definitely the blood loss, getting to him.

He could think of worse ways to die, all in all, and closed his eyes behind the mask, fingers tightening on Deadpool.

The shooting stopped, however, when the woman jerked the guns out of her cohorts hands with her psionic powers. She'd changed her mind? What?

"You'll destroy each other better than I ever could." Satisfied, seemingly so anyway, she snapped at her goons to start dispersing. Neither of them were really in shape enough to give chase, so.
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[personal profile] beaarthur 2016-07-05 04:59 pm (UTC)(link)
Peter wasn't the only one that got a weird feeling. Deadpool assumed the weird tingly feeling in his gut was just the burrito he had earlier though. They always did a number on him and yet he still kept eating.

Deadpool groaned, still splayed over the top of Spidey protectively. His body was healing overtime, so hopefully that would be enough to move eventually. If he was lucky. Shit he was gonna need to eat a lot of tacos to recover from this one.

His eyes narrowed when they began to leave. What the fuck.

Within minutes the goons were already gone and she gave one look back to Spiderman and Deadpool. "Just don't destroy the rest of us in the process."

Um. He looked at Spiderman. "You okay?"
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2016-09-02 10:40 pm (UTC)(link)
Peter just let his head loll back, closing his eyes under his mask. Now that the threat was gone, his fight or flight mode was shutting down - not that Peter was really in any position to do either, but you get the point. Adrenaline was dropping back to zero, and his body wanted to sleep and heal.

"Hm?" Peter muttered, a little drowsy and out of it at this point, as the goons retreated. They were going to have to move soon - he could hear the sirens approaching, cutting off the streets; the last thing they needed was to get taken in and unmasked, especially like this. "Yeah, m'fine. You 'kay?"