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six word stories

Just like back in the LJ days.

  • Write a story in six words.
  • Based off the sixwordstories/smuttysixwordstories comms that were created based on this story from wired in which they asked authors of all genres to write six word stories.
  • Each comment should be in it's entirety, exactly six words.
  • Your comment can contain more than one story. Just number or letter them like tfln.
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[Crouched on the tree branch above, clutching a long crooked stick as a 'staff,' Jack smiled down at Spider-Man. That alone might seem innocent enough, if the entire block wasn't covered in a thick layer of fluffy white snow.

Traffic was forced to a standstill, power was undoubtedly out in several buildings, and most of all, people couldn't understand why the sudden snowstorm in the beginning of July.

Well, Jack just wanted to celebrate the holiday in the only way he could! It would melt soon in the heat, surely.]
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Get down here before I make you get down.

[Peter's been chasing Jack up and down the city and he's really had about enough. He didn't even want anything, he was just causing mischief for the sake of causing mischief. And it was giving Peter a headache.

Peter tried not to fell like an annoyed parent as he stood at the base of the tree, hands on his hips.]

Seriously, I am not fucking with you. Get down here and fix this.