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why is this a text im getting at 3 in the morning
what has my life become

where are you, matt?
how 'amateur', exactly?
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I find myself getting stabbed less frequently at 3 in the afternoon.

35th and Dyer. On the roof.

No offense, but unless you're studying medicine all of a sudden, probably pretty amateur.
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less frequently. so you still get stabbed

be right there

for the record my stitches are extremely straight
i just meant like how bad is it
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Stabbing is a very specific term.

Bad enough to ask for help to come to me, not bad enough for a hospital.

[ of course, it's never bad enough for a hospital... ]
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what would you rather i use?
for some reason i get the feeling our definitions are very different

[Yeah, really. He could always just say he got mugged.]
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Well sometimes it's less of a stabbing then it is a cutting or a slicing.

Injured. I think injured works fine.

[ and watch Foggy have a stroke? no way. ]
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what are you ~slicing~ day to day?
accurate or underestimating? only time will tell

[You give him strokes anyway, he'll be fine. Maybe insist on getting you one of those canes with a knife in the top, but. He cares.]
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It's not really me doing the slicing, more the getting sliced.

I've had worse?

[ because that makes this injury less concerning, obviously. ]
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at least you weren't sliced and ~diced~
were you?

[Matt gets injured much the same way Peter does. Except Peter has a ridiculous healing factor, and Matt doesn't.]
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No dicing, thankfully.

Hey, be careful, all right? The area's not completely clear. Not that Hell's Kitchen ever really is.
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[Peter lands on the roof with a quiet thump, hood drawn over his head. One of the few nights he actually wasn't out on patrol. Incredible.]


[He takes a sweeping look over the roof; though his senses are heightened (including eyesight), the guy does have a tendency to wear all black.]