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for the record, it is not my fault you tried to outdrink me

and you're not dying, go get an ice pack
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I thought I finally had a shot at winning something, how was I supposed to know you have freakishly high tolerance?

I caaaan't

everything hurts and can't yell loud enough to make Bernard do it for me
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we have different skillsets harry
im the one that actually goes to college, you know that right

[He says that as if he goes out and parties like a regular college student.]

id tell you to stop whining but you drank a ~lot~ last night so you get a pass for the next hour
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Oh please, this coming from the guy who's repeatedly complained that alcohol tastes gross. also, your aunt would kill you

[harry just skips the parties and goes straight to the drinking. hooray unhealthy coping mechanisms.]

I'll whine as much as I want for as long as I want, you're not the boss of me
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i mean, it does. still gonna chug it to win a bet though. i won like fifty bucks man.
what aunt may doesnt know
she doesnt know

[Peter tries not to voice his dissent because he really doesn't have room to talk but. It's not good.]

don't i know it
actual five year old harry osborn everybody
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Unless I tell her

oh shut up

Did I do anything embarrassing??

[there's a long pause wherein harry groggily rethinks this]

I don't want to know, ignorance is bliss
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im not even a little hungover buddy, sorry to ruin your master plan. doesn't work if im sober as a nun

only every day

ohh you meant last night
i guess you'll have to wait and see
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No it still works, b/c she trusts me and you're suspicious

I'm going to slap you next time I see you Peter, swear to god

Oh good that makes me feel better, thanks for being vague and ominous
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why would she trust you when you're on a bender harry smh

why? im sorry i have a russian alcohol tolerance
maybe she's born with it~

i mean you just said you didnt want to know. ~do~ you want to know?
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It's not like I'm gonna tell her while I'm hungover
Sheesh, how dumb do you think I am

Because you're being a sarcastic shit and it's making my headache worse

Yeah, but when I said that I was expecting you to be a good friend and be like, "no Harry you didn't do anything embarrassing, it's fine"
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I dunno, last night was an eye-opener

think that's just the cell phone light bud, turn it down a little or have siri read it to you in her patronizing voice

no, that's a kiss ass. a good friend is one that will tell you the truth and still stick by you
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Wooow, thanks

What do I need Siri to do that for when I have you, asshole

A good friend also knows when to spare their friends' pride but I can see that's a foreign concept for you
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you are so welcome (:

awww harry im touched

no i understand that perfectly
its the fact that you had any pride in the first place that's confusing me
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Touched in the head, maybe

You know what
I'm burying my head under my pillow and ignoring you, I'm miserable enough without your insults
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oh come onnnn, you're such a drama queen
fine, i'll be there in ten minutes
drag your ass out of bed and get dressed, we're getting coffee
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it's too bright
too loud
why are you trying to torture me

[and he's 100% going to still stubbornly be in bed under a mountain of blankets and pillows. good luck.]
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stop being such a baby harry oh my god
are you really going to make bernard get the door
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you're a babe

just go away, there's no one here
[aka he tried to yell at bernard not to answer the door, but bernard tuned out harry's whining and welp, here he comes.]
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i'm a BABE

[He's fucking dying out here oh lord.]


[If Peter's arrival is preceded by his loud, unabashed laughter/cackling, well.]
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( moved this here so we don't have to deal with captchas! )