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Behind the harem doors...

A magnificent realm of delights constructed for the delectation of its sovereign, the harem spans many locations, many eras. Many kings were born of courtesans, many children of pleasure-slaves rose to become great scholars and military leaders. The surroundings are luxurious, but don't be fooled: it is as locked up and guarded as a precious jewel. Or a prison. Enter the harem and lose yourself in its enticements and politics.

Choose your Role
  1. Sultan/Emperor or Sultana/Empress: the harem is yours, and you may demand whatever you wish from its residents.
  2. Grand Vizier: the sultan's chief advisor, you are the closest and most trusted. You may even be selected to test new harem acquisitions, or judge new beauties.
  3. Ambassador: Nobility from another land, you are merely visiting the palace. As a gesture of rare goodwill, the emperor has invited you into the harem to be refreshed and entertained.
  4. Guard: armed and dangerous, you are charged with protecting the security of the harem. Never mind the glimpses of veils, the dazzling perfumes... keep your mind on your work.
  5. Eunuch: the primary guards and servants of the harem. You see all, know all, can manipulate the emperor and his many wives... but you cannot take any pleasure yourself in the erotic spectacle.
  6. Courtesan: a resident of the harem, you must obey and please your sovereign. Nor are all pleasures purely sexual: you may be a brilliant dancer, a skilled musician, a poet, a scholar. And you may sway your ruler with your service and tender words.
  7. Invent your own!

Choose your Entertainment
  1. The Acquisition: a beautiful person is captured, bought, kidnapped, or otherwise brought to the harem.
  2. The First Night: it is your first night in the harem. What will happen when the great doors to the chosen courtesan's room are closed and locked?
  3. A Feast: the sultan is in a good mood. A great feast is taking place! Even people not ordinarily allowed to enter the harem are invited to partake of its cool pools and beautiful musics. Strum the lyre, serve the chicken, and dance!
  4. A Fight: someone stole something from your room. Someone badmouthed you where you could hear it. People get bored, shuttered in like this... Whatever the cause, it's time for you to set some boundaries. Violently.
  5. An Illicit Love: you shouldn't do this. It's against every law of the harem. But the pull is just too powerful, and you must satisfy yourself...
  6. A Pleasant Day: sometimes you just want to fool around in the pool and talk about all the other girls and boys. SOL to your heart's content in the luxurious shaded halls of the harem.
  7. Invent your own!
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[There'd been a lot of fighting recently between Steve and Tony's kingdoms, and it was time for that to end. They still weren't in a place where they could really trust each other, so Steve had sent Scott, a relatively neutral party, to meet with Tony prior to Steve and his knights.

Things go well, for the most part. Tony shows Scott the castle, discusses new trading routes and the opportunities for amends between the kingdoms. They feast, and he sends Scott off to his chambers with a whole stack of papers constituting their alliance. (he'll have to brief Steve and the knights tomorrow).

Tony really wants this to go well. There's been a lot of bloodshed, both parties throwing down the gauntlet and getting pretty ruthless. So he sweetens the pot, and someone knocks on Scott's door.]
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Come in.

( the whole ambassador thing is stressful, needless to say. warring kingdoms aren't often good things, and scott's going through papers and rubbing his temple. given that stark's sent several servants already with food or drink at scott's disposal, he assumes this one is more of the same. )

You can leave the tray on the bed--I still got a lot of work to do.
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I'm afraid I don't come bearing any tray, sire.

[Peter has the decency to school the amusement in his expression (mostly). No, he's the last servant of the night and he's here for an entirely different purpose.]

Though if you'd like I can send for something.
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No, that's--fine. I haven't yet finished the last goblet of wine His Highness gave me--...

( scott turns and his voice trails off, eyes blinking from behind round glasses. one look at the boy tells him novels' worth of what the nature of this visit is, but scott's mouth is slightly agape all the same. )

... and you are?
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[He's not dressed like the others. He's got a cloak, fashioned in the red and gold of Tony's people, and not much else. Peter closes the door behind himself and leans against it.]

A gift. [Peter can't stop the twitch of his mouth, corners pulling at Scott's obvious surprise.] You can call me whatever you'd like, but Peter is my birthname.
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Peter. ( scott's taking in a breath and then slipping his glasses off, setting the rims to the side as he carefully pinches the bridge of his nose.

he's just a boy. does stark send people like this to his ambassadors all the time? and much more than that, does he keep many others?

it's obvious what peter is here for, but it takes quite a while to get used to. )

What exactly were you told to give me?
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[Poor Scott. He looks exhausted, too. Peter takes that as an invitation to move further into the room, approaching the side of Scott's table slowly.

The answer is yes and yes. Not many like Peter, though. Tony has more of a taste for women (though hey, he doesn't discriminate, clearly). Let's not acknowledge the fact that he assumed Scott's tastes skewed a particular way.]

Anything you want. And if you couldn't think of anything, I come armed with helpful suggestions.
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( all right, scott'll bite. he doesn't stand just yet, but he does regard the young man with a healthily curious expression. the boy looks to have a certain amount of intent now, for sure. ) Do tell.
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Well, as you've said you're very busy. I could be non-disruptive. [Peter's fingers trail lightly over the edge of the desk, eyes fixed on Scott.] - below the desk, as it were. Looks like you've got a lot of paperwork.

Or I could wait until you've finished and we could take to the bed. [Peter reaches up to unclasp the cloak.] Maybe you'd like a break right here. [He knows for a fact the desk can hold his weight.]