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Age. Memories. It's all relative. Who cares if you act your age or not? Well, certainly not this meme. In here, your age will be changed, and possibly memories too. No longer is this just you thinking you're a kid again or being in an older body. Nope! Here, you can be a baby with a teenager's memories, an old man reliving his youth in a 20-year-old's body, and lots of other possibilities!

oo1. comment with your characters
make sure to put names, series, & preferences somewhere!
oo2. reply to others in character
oo3. use the rng and enter 1-6
oo4. optionally, roll again (1-6) to make things more fun!
oo5. play out what happens—anything goes!
oo6. made this up on the fly


baby congrats! you are now a small, adorable little hellion who needs their diaper change. WHO WILL SAVE YOU?
little kid oh, wow! you're a little kid again! have fun on the playground and being allowed to make more mistakes than when you were older.
teenager mistakes are no longer tolerated that much, but hey, you're reliving your youth again! whoo!
stay the same you know, you're boring. how did you manage to get this? roll the next set of prompts.
adult ah, life is good. your own job, bills, taxes... well. okay maybe it's not that much fun.
old person ah, now life is good. you got grand kids to spoil and a retirement plan, right?


keep your original memories this is the most boring option, but it can be fun if you use your future knowledge right!
have your memories match this is boring too, but fun to explore. deja vu is not a requirement.
mismatch: child memories! OH NO YOU'RE IN AN ADULT'S BODY EEEEEEW!!!
mismatch: teenaged memories! Oh, awesome! An older body and all of the opportunity to exploit your new privileges.
mismatch: adult memories!'re not. no. you can't be. this doesn't make sense. you're five, not thirty!
mismatch: old man memories! oh great. you're that stupid teenager or whatever again. you don't have time for this.
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[personal profile] beaarthur 2016-06-28 02:18 am (UTC)(link)
Injection after injection. Needles continuously pierced the skin all over his body until he was screaming wordlessly. He tried to escape the restraints that strapped him down to the bed, but no amount of shaking or pulling budged the fucking things. Hands were on his face now, forcing his eye open and he could see the needle a couple of inches away. Wade screamed again, trying to pull away, but there was nowhere to go. It plunged in.

Wade sat up in bed, gasping for air. Sweat poured down his face and chest. It was that dream again. He was back in Weapon X, being tortured over and over again. This was nothing new for him and this particular dream was pretty mild compared to some he had had in the past. His hands reached up to his face, wiping the sweat from his brow. Smooth. His forehead was smooth? What the fuck? He touched his face. There was stubble all across his chin and jaw.

There wasn't time to sit and contemplate, Wade was immediately bursting into the bathroom and staring into the mirror. "Holy. Shit." A shaking hand reached out to his mirror image, his fingertip tracing the line of his tanned jaw. All the scars were gone. All of them. It was like seeing a ghost. He pulled his hand away and gripped onto the bathroom sink as he was promptly sent into a panic attack. It was a hallucination. It had been so long since he had hallucinated this bad. Why was this happening now?
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2016-06-28 02:44 am (UTC)(link)
Peter was used to Wade shifting around in bed. They both did it, really, but there was a certain point at which you had to let go (they usually fell asleep snuggling, so) or risk getting elbowed in the face. This was one of those times, and Peter whined quietly when Wade bolted up from the bed. He was still sleepy, but he forced himself out of the warm pillow, yawning. No doubt Wade would appreciate his gentle touches to coax him back to bed - Peter knew he did, when it was the other way around.

"Wade?" Peter hummed quietly, sliding out of the bed, rubbing at his eyes and stumbling towards the bathroom light. "Hey, c'mere, it's okay. Just a dream - WAGH!"

Peter flinched back when he saw the guy standing in his bathroom, the very naked, very not Wade GUY. He scrambled, grabbing the bathroom door and slamming it shut so hard the wood creaked. Holy shit. Hooooly fuckin' shit. There was a random naked dude in his bathroom and Peter wasn't freaking out. He wasn't. (He was).

He held the door shut with one hand, reaching over to snag a pair of discarded boxers off his dresser with the other, and quickly slipped them on. He remembered, very distinctly, falling asleep with Wade. But...he hadn't, had he? He hadn't gotten drunk (miraculously, because alcohol had no effect on him) or something and picked someone up, had he?? What was HAPPENING?

So Peter was reaching for his phone with the other hand, intent on calling Wade. Just...he just had to call him.
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[personal profile] beaarthur 2016-06-28 02:59 am (UTC)(link)
Both relief and panic hit him at the same time when he heard Peter calling for him. Peter would tell him he was hallucinating and everything would be okay. But what if he didn't tell him that because Wade's skin wasn't scarred anymore. What if he wasn't hallucinating. Jesus fuck, this was messed up! He had been gripping onto the sink still when Peter got to the doorway and yelled. Wade's head darted up just as the door was shut. Well fuck.

"Peter?" Wade called out in a shaky voice. He could see the outline of himself in the mirror out of the corner of his eye and it sent another wave of panic through him. Wade reached for the doorknob, trying to open the door but getting nowhere. Hello, Peter was way stronger than he was, so he wasn't getting out of there unless Peter let him. And even if Wade was freaking out, he really didn't feel like having to replace the bathroom door.

"Pete, please. I think I'm hallucinating and I need to get out of this bathroom." He begged through the door.
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2016-06-28 03:12 am (UTC)(link)
Peter didn't dignify that with a response, hastily dialing Wade's number. Pick up you asshole. Of course, when the trap remix of Barbie girl started playing from the other side of the room, Peter felt the tension ease away. He hadn't accidentally, bizarrely cheated on Wade, thank god, his phone was here! He must be around...somewhere. Unless...had something happened to him?

The relief was over too soon, though, because there was still a naked dude calling his name from the bathroom at four in the fucking morning and Peter had reached his panic-inducing quota.

Peter took a deep breath, steeling himself. Why was he freaking out? He fought a giant lizard. His boyfriend was immortal. Peter could be a big boy and deal with a creep trespassing in his apartment.

He opened the door, grabbing the guy and pinning him against the wall with his forearm. The stranger was taller than he was, but Peter was certainly stronger. "You move a muscle, I swear to god I'll break your arm." His fingers flexed against the guy's wrist, as if daring him.
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[personal profile] beaarthur 2016-06-28 03:34 am (UTC)(link)
Wade heard his phone go off in the bedroom. Who the hell called at 4am -- well, Weasel did. Wait. Was Peter calling him when he was clearly right here?

Suddenly there was Peter and Wade felt relief once again. He started to reach out toward his boyfriend, but then Peter was pinning him to the wall. Holy shit.

"I had a wet dream that started out like this once." What? Peter's ridiculous strength was fucking hot and now it was distracting him from the fact that his scars were gone. He didn't move an inch. His mouth didn't count, right? Because that wasn't going to stop moving. This was Wade. "Peter, please. While I love when we roleplay in the bedroom, I don't think that time is now. As you can see from my face something fucking weird is going on."
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"You're not my type," Peter growled, wall creaking again as he pushed Wade into it. Clearly, he wasn't fucking around. "How do you know my name? Who are you, and where's my boyfriend?"

"Yeah, something weird alright. You've got about five seconds to tell me where the hell Wade is before I get ugly." He didn't care if Wade could heal from literally anything, the idea of him somewhere and hurting was making Peter feel sick. "And trust me, you don't want to see that."

Peter had a very strict line of 'do-not-cross', but he wasn't stupid. He picked things up from Wade, and while he discouraged that kind of behavior...he's still freaking out on the inside, okay? Cut him a break.
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"Well, you probably should have realized that before you touched my dick, Pete." The air flew out of his lungs at the push and he squirmed unintentionally. "I know your name because I am your boyfriend."

Shit. Peter didn't realize it was him! What a clusterfuck. At least having Peter close to him had stopped his panic attack in its tracks. Even if Peter was now pinning him against the wall and had no idea that it was him. The only version of Wade that Peter had known was the one with scars, so he could imagine how confused he was.

"Now look. I am going to be completely honest with you." Wade's face went serious and he looked Peter in the eye. " are about as ugly as a pile of fluffy kittens. No. Look. It's me, baby boy. Also, I might just want to see that because I think it would be really hot. Maybe we should keep roleplaying."
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2016-06-28 04:04 am (UTC)(link)
"I have never touched your dick!" He didn't even know this guy! Who in the fuck did he think he - oh, well there was the answer to that question. Peter frowned, arm tightening against Wade's chest. Probably making it hard to breathe, but Peter couldn't think about that right now. "I think I'd know my own boyfriend, dude. And you are not him."

Wade had never shown him a picture - hell, Peter didn't even think Wade had a picture. Sometimes he tried imagining what Wade might have looked like - blonde? Brunette? It didn't matter, and he never brought it up because he knew it made Wade sad; he was insecure in his own skin and Peter loved him just the way he was, no sugar-coated exterior necessary.

"Could a pile of kittens put a fist through your chest because I can." Peter growled again, eyes narrowing. The guy's heartbeat was a little fast - good, he was frightened, or at the very least, anxious - but he didn't hear it skipping a beat. "Keep it up, smartass."

"If you're really my boyfriend, prove it." Peter's grip tightened further. "I'm waiting."
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"Yes you have." He argued back. "And yes I am." He was being an ass.

It was easier for Wade to get rid of all the pictures after it happened otherwise he would have ate himself alive even more than he already did. He assumed he would never see that face again, so why torture himself? Except he fucking woke up with that face again and now all hell was breaking loose.

"Look, I know you've never seen how I looked before Weapon X. But I swear to you, Peter, it's me. I woke up from another fucking Weapon X nightmare to this and you aren't the only one that is freaking the fuck out. I don't know what happened!" Now Wade was losing it again. He managed to get the words out even though Peter's arm on his chest limited his breathing. The edges of his vision started to go a little dark now that he was starting to hyperventilate. This wasn't happening right now.

"My name's Wade Winston Wilson. You met me as Deadpool and you were Spiderman. I asked for a cake shaped like your ass for my birthday this year. I burnt your pancakes the morning after we first had sex and even though I was going to toss them in the trash you still ate them. And then I made you about a million more non-burnt pancakes because your stomach is a black hole, but still. What else do you want to know, Peter?! It's me."
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2016-06-28 04:27 am (UTC)(link)
The guy was babbling now, and Peter loosened his grip enough for him to breathe when he started wheezing a little towards the end of his sentences. Whoops, he didn't mean to squeeze the life out of him. Peter listened, jaw clenching as Wade struggled to explain but - no. No, how could that be possible? Peter did a double take, really looking the man in the face now - he could see, vaguely, Wade's jawline, could maybe imagine this guy bald...

The eyes made it click, though, and Peter let Wade go, backing up a few steps, hands out in front of himself, unsure. The cake and the pancakes...Wade was the only one that could have possibly known that. But it wasn't computing! Peter blinked again, as though that might help him reorganize the jumbled thoughts in his head, as the anger ebbed away into pure confusion.

"...Wade? Is that really - but you - " There was nothing Peter could say that Wade didn't already know, and he stumbled back to lean against the sink, quite simply blown away.
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[personal profile] beaarthur 2016-06-28 04:37 am (UTC)(link)
As soon as Peter backed up, Wade almost fell over, taking huge gulps of air. But that was probably not the best thing to do because now he was super dizzy. It also didn't help that he was still in the throws of a minor panic attack because he was no longer a fucking giant deformity.

He held his head in his hands and tried to get his breathing under control. "Yes, Pete. It's me. I swear." What the fuck was going on? How could this even be happening? If Peter was seeing the same thing, then he couldn't be hallucinating, right? How was this even possible? "I just woke up like this, Peter. I don't know what's going on."

It was weird because he used to wish for this to happen constantly the first year after his mutation. But now that it had happened... was this what he really wanted?
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2016-06-28 04:43 am (UTC)(link)
Watching Wade stumble jolted Peter out of his inaction, and he knelt beside Wade, reaching out a tentative hand to touch his shoulder. His smooth, foreign shoulder. Peter had mapped out every inch of Wade with his hands, with his mouth and it was just...really weird. "Wade, you need to breathe first. Breathe, babe. It's okay. You're okay."

He'd just woken up from a nightmare only to have Peter threatening him and pinning him to a wall. Some supportive boyfriend Peter was, jesus. He let his hand move, stroking gently down Wade's back. "I don't know either but - I mean - woah."

Wade had been very insistent that the effects of his mutation were completely irreversible. Peter had pushed it, at first, wondering if there was a way to help Wade's pain, but he'd been shut down pretty quick. Apparently Wade had pursued that course of action and it didn't lead anywhere.
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[personal profile] beaarthur 2016-06-28 04:55 am (UTC)(link)
The moment he felt Peter's touch, warmth spread through him. He started to get his breathing under control and he felt less like his head was going to implode. He took a deep breath and exhaled shakily. Wait. Peter touched him and there was absolutely no pain. Usually he had pain all the time and any kind of touch would hurt at least a little. But there was nothing. God. That was wild. How long had it been since he hadn't felt pain of some sort?

Wade pushed into Peter's touch. "I don't know what happened. I was sweating so bad when I first got up, Pete. So I went to wipe the sweat off my face and there were no bumps."

Now he was starting to shiver. For all Wade knew, the effects were supposed to be irreversible. He tried so many things and nothing ever worked. It just caused him more pain. The scars were supposed to be his burden to bear for all of fucking eternity. So how could this even happen?
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2016-06-28 04:59 am (UTC)(link)
Peter let his arm curl around Wade, drawing him closer into his side. He always tried to be so gentle with Wade, not wanting to hurt him. Wade had never told him every single touch hurt, and a lucky thing, too, or Peter would have avoided it simply to spare him any pain. But there were no scars, nothing, just miles of smooth skin.

"Yeah it's - it's all gone." Peter murmured, looking Wade up and down again. He was naked, so. It was absolutely mind-boggling.

"Hey, it's okay. Nothing hurts, right? Nothing feels weird?" Maybe it just...wore off. Could it really be so simple?
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[personal profile] beaarthur 2016-06-28 05:24 am (UTC)(link)
The last thing Wade would want was for Peter to stop touching him, so of course he wouldn't tell him that. It was at a level that was more discomfort than genuine pain and that was basically the equivalent of painless to Wade anyway. He leaned into Peter's side, starting to feel better even though he was still shaking.

"I can't believe it. I thought I was hallucinating." Wade went to get up, but started to get dizzy again. "Whew. I wish the world would stop fucking spinning literally and metaphorically. Please and thank you."

"Not really. I mean I'm a little dizzy, but you were also cutting off my airways with your beefy spidey strengthed arms. I don't feel any pain right now." It still had him reeling. There was absolutely no pain.

All he wanted to do was go lay down in bed and try to calm down.
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2016-06-28 05:33 am (UTC)(link)
"You're not. And I know that sounds fucking insane, but if you are than I am too, Wade." Peter pushed him firmly, keeping him sitting - not that he needed to, with Wade so dizzy, but he wasn't sure he was good to move yet. "Yeah it's - I mean - it's trippy. You look..." Completely different. Like completely.

"You didn't tell me you were cute as a button." Peter joked lightly, resting Wade's head on his shoulder with a little gentle tugging. "I mean, you're downright adorable. Still hot as hell the way you were, though. I mean, I could fry eggs on your abs, babe." Anything to hopefully distract Wade and calm him down.

"Hardly beefy, come on now. Also, er, sorry. In my defense, I thought you were a peeping tom in my apartment."
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[personal profile] beaarthur 2016-06-28 05:56 am (UTC)(link)
"Joint hallucinations? Does that mean our relationship just leveled up and now we have joint skills? I don't like this one, Peter. Let's get our skill points back." Now he was completely rambling and barely making sense.

"You think I'm cute?" Wade was absolutely flabbergasted, cheeks getting a little red. He couldn't take a compliment to save his life and that extended to before he had the scars. So this was definitely distracting him. "Jesus, Peterson. I don't even know what to say to that." It made him all warm and fuzzy, but he didn't know how to reply to that at all. If he had been in a less vulnerable place, he just would've used his bravado to agree. But right now, his shields were down. Dammit.

"A naked peeping tom. Just checking himself out in your bathroom mirror. We should literally roleplay that sometime. I'm way into it." Wade wheezed a little as he tried to laugh. "You're fine, baby boy. Though you pushing me up against that wall was hot, I'm not going to lie. We'll have to try it again when I'm not losing my fucking mind."

Wade moved to get up again. "Can we go snuggle in bed? I need to pretend this isn't happening for a few minutes." His voice was small and it was a big deal he was even asking. It made him feel just a little bit too vulnerable.
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2016-06-28 06:02 am (UTC)(link)
"If I have to share psychosis with anyone I'm glad it's you?" Peter offered, trying to soothe Wade. "Sorry, it's one of those spend it and lose it type of deals."

"Well yeah, dumbass." Peter smiled, watching the flush rise in Wade's cheeks. It was hard to actually see his blush, with the scars, especially when they were irritated. "I'm talkin' Care Bear cute, too, none of this knockoff shit. And don't call me Peterson." It certainly said something to Peter that the compliment flustered Wade; he was clearly still in a very confused state of mind.

"Sure, why not." Peter went along with it, latching on to the distraction. "And it's all, 'what are you doing here, what you like what you see?' and then we make out and get off so I don't call the cops."

"I thought I made you lose your mind," Peter nodded, slinging Wade's arm over his shoulders to help him up. "Snuggling sounds very good. Come on."
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[personal profile] beaarthur 2016-06-28 06:18 am (UTC)(link)
That actually made him feel better.

"That's a pretty hardcore level of cute, Petey Peterson. I don't know if I live up to that." Now he was just playing with fire.

"Ahhh, yeah. Peter. Have I told you how perfect you are for me lately? Because I don't feel like I express this enough." The anxiety started to fade. It helped that he couldn't see himself in the mirror right then otherwise it would probably set him off. Wow. That was the last thing he expected to happen. Wade getting set off by seeing his normal face, not the mangled one. What the fuck.

His mania was getting a little bit out of control and he could feel it. Deadpool was trying to take over so he didn't have to face the fact that something was wrong. He didn't know how Peter put up with him when he got like that. He gladly leaned on Peter as they headed to the bed. The moment his body touched the familiar mattress, he felt safe. Even the sheets felt different on his scar-free skin. It was crazy. He held his arms out to Peter.
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2016-06-28 06:50 am (UTC)(link)
"I most certainly think so." Look at that, Peter's even pinching his cheeks for authenticity. The deliberate use of Peterson has his eyes narrowing, this time in playful warning.

"I'm never going to get tired of hearing you say that, so no, Wade, I don't think you have." Peter helped him into the bedroom, collapsing with him on the bed. It was...definitely strange. It almost felt like he was climbing into bed with a different person. There were no rough appendages; Peter tangled his legs with Wade's, slinging an arm around him and hugging him close.

"You sure you don't feel weird?" Sorry if he was a little nervous but it was just so...out of the blue.
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[personal profile] beaarthur 2016-06-28 07:05 am (UTC)(link)
Wade let him do it, but he pouted the whole time. The look on Peter's face made that pout turn into a grin real quick though. He knew it wasn't a good idea to poke a bear, but god damn did he love doing it.

Maybe he'll just have to say it more then. It was definitely the truth. Peter was his lifeline. That feeling of safety amplified when Peter's skin was on his. That felt different too. Smooth on smooth. It was so weird. Wade curled his arms around Peter and tried to make his breathing deep and even.

"I feel extremely weird mentally, emotionally. It was like seeing a ghost when I looked in the mirror. I thought this person died a long time ago." Wade closed his eyes and sighed. He tried for so long to get this person back. Now he had his old face and he didn't know how to feel about it. "I still feel like me, but like I'm in a different body."
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2016-06-28 07:13 am (UTC)(link)
"You're still the same person, Wade, it doesn't matter what your meatsuit looks like." Peter let his free hand come up to rest on Wade's chest, over his heart. He bet it was weird. Wade had all kinds of understandable body issues and this was like a blessing and a curse for his suffering mental health.

"I hope you know I like you anyway you come. I'm dating Wade Wilson, not his sausage casing. Ain't no particular sign I'm more compatible with, I just want your extra time and your," Peter leaned over, kissing Wade's cheek. Stubbly, had a bit of that sexy five o'clock shadow thing going and it had Peter blushing a little himself. "kiss."
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[personal profile] beaarthur 2016-06-28 07:39 am (UTC)(link)
"You said meatsuit." Wade giggled. His heartbeat was steady now, even if it was pounding a little harder than usual from the stress. He reached up, covering Peter's hand with his own.

"Peter uses Prince. It's super effective." Wade felt warm and fuzzy. He definitely got him with a critical hit right there. Even though he never said it and would never admit to it, the only thing Wade had ever wanted was for someone to love him regardless of what he looked like. Peter's words always seemed to heal him when he needed it the most. He just came into Wade's life and started putting all of his broken bits back together again. "I love you," Wade smiled, leaning over to capture Peter's lips with his own.

How did he get this lucky? What did he do to deserve this man?
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2016-06-28 03:27 pm (UTC)(link)
"You're an actual five year old." Peter laughed, kissing Wade's shoulder gently. He let his thumb brush over Wade's chest idly, smiling when Wade covered his hand. They'd get through this, they'd figure out...what had happened. Peter almost thought 'a way to fix this' but...was there anything to fix? Peter would be the first to insist there was nothing wrong with either version of Wade - although he would prefer it if Wade didn't have to live in pain.

"Are you saying you're a grass type? Really, Wade?" Wade was just an incredible person. Hella hot on top of that, scars or no scars. Peter honestly didn't even understand the people Wade claimed were 'repulsed' by him. After a while, like, he hardly even noticed? He was too busy looking at Wade's eyes, or his smile, or more recently, his dick.

"Love you too, Wade," Peter kissed him back, hand coming up to cup his cheek. His palm brushed over rough stubble that almost made him pull back in surprise. It just - it was a little weird. It almost felt like he was cheating on Wade with...Wade. But there was no real roughness to Wade's face, and Peter let his fingers wander over Wade's cheek to his jaw.
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[personal profile] beaarthur 2016-06-28 09:23 pm (UTC)(link)
"Sometimes." He relaxed into Peter's touch. Honestly, it would be amazing to live without pain. What would that even be like?

"Maybe. I don't know. I waffle back and forth between grass and water, Peter. It's a very serious choice to make." Well it's kind of hard to feel hot when you lift up your mask and someone throws up on you. Then you know your face looks pretty bad. But Peter made him forget that he had the scars a lot of the time. It was crazy.

Wade leaned into Peter's hand, his eyes closing peacefully. The feel of Peter's fingers catching on his stubble was pretty crazy. Shit. He'd have to start shaving again. That was one thing he didn't miss. He didn't even own any razors anymore!

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