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in a thousand lifetimes

soulmate meme ;
▸ post your character ◂
▸ you're now in a universe where destined soul mates exist! ◂
▸ rng for the type of au and for the ~situation~ ◂
▸ tag around ♥ ◂

type of au;
1. tats, your character has a tattoo of the first words the love of their life will say to them
2. familiars, your character has an animal tattoo representing their soul mate on them
3. glow, the first time your character sees their soul mate, their chests glow!
4. world in color, life is literally black and white, until you see your soul mate for the first time
5. choose your own, i'm definitely missing a milly because i'm lazy, pick your own

1. first meeting, you've never met this person before.
2. childhood mates, you've always known this person -- but on one particular birthday, everything changes.
3. together, you've been in a relationship for awhile now! happily wed or not, you decide.
4. not together, you've known you're soul mates for a long time, and yet have avoided a relationship.
5. choose your own, self explanatory c:
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( s'okay! no one knows Ava's canon really. She's a fairly new and very small addition to the whole MCU canon anyway)

[ Honestly, when the mark had appeared on Ava's wrist, she'd assumed it had something to do with Black Widow and her own code name, Red Widow. She hadn't thought much about it; it wasn't even close to the weirdest thing that happened to her, so for the most part she forgets about it until she meets Peter Parker. Even then, she doesn't think much about it until she sees the spider tattoo on his wrist. Her breath catches and she reaches out to grab his wrist, stopping herself before she actually makes contact with him.]

Where did you get that?

[ Her voice is urgent and frantic. She realizes belatedly that she probably sounds like a crazy person so she turns her hand over so he can see nearly the exact same spider tattoo on her wrist. ]
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- what?

[Peter was surprised when Ava grabbed his wrist - they'd only just met, really, more acquaintances due to the nature of their work than anything else. He didn't pull away because his spidey sense didn't warn him - she didn't mean any harm, why would it?

Normally he spun some bullshit story about his fascination with biology, but given that Ava knew he was Spiderman, Peter shrugged a little.]

It just appeared. Thought it was something to do with the bite - [He cut off, blinking when she turns her wrist over to show him the carbon copy of his tattoo. Um. What?]
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[ She moves her wrist closer to his so that their marks are side by side. She doesn't mean any harm, not at all. She's simply confused. She's heard stories about soulmates and tattoos, but she hadn't believed them. Fairy tales like that didn't exist in her world. ]

Mine too. I thought--it had something to do with my powers. [ so not a bite, but close. She glances around them. ] This isn't really my home city. Do you know any place we can go that's quieter.
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[That's about when Peter noticed that they had the exact same mark, and he frowned, tilting his head a little to look at them properly. He found himself nodding, looking back up at Ava with equal confusion.]

Uh, yeah - yeah, sure, we can go up to a rooftop.
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[ She nods a little. She's confused and worried, nerves jumping in her stomach. She gestures to him. ]

Lead the way. It's sort of your territory. I can't--I don't climb walls.
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[Peter leads the way down an alley, extending his hand to Ava.]

Hold on?
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[ She hesitates slightly then takes his hand. When he says hold on, she steps closer, arms circling around his neck. She has to look up at him this close. ]

Like this?

[ Her voice sounds breathless even to her. ]
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[Peter lets his arm loop around her waist, glancing around quickly before he raises his arm to shoot a web.]

Yeah, I've got you.

[And then they're in the air, using his agility to propel them up the side of the building, swinging into an arc on the roof.]
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[ She knew, logically, what would happen, but it still makes her gasp when their feet lift off the ground. She buries her face against his shoulder, but only for a moment. She wants to see this. A smile curves her lips and that smile turns into a laugh as they swing onto the roof.]

I don't know why you ever walk.

[ but of course she does. He can't swing around everywhere. People would eventually notice and it'd cause a fuss.]