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To the window, to the wall.

Inspired by the plurk meme: Your character is minding their own business (or maybe not), when another shoves them up against a wall. To kiss them, fuck them, or fight them. What happens next is up to you.

1. Tag with your character's name, fandom, and preferences in the subject
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3. Profit
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Wade's lips dragged across Peter's skin, from the hollow behind his ear and down to his neck. He sucked greedily at the juncture where neck meets shoulder, desperately wanting to leave more marks on Peter's skin. Logically, he knew that the marks wouldn't stay because of Peter's own healing factor, but it still gave him a possessive thrill to know that he put them there. For a moment there was visible proof that Peter was his and that was all he needed. Wade's hips pressed snug against his boyfriend's (even if they hadn't explicitly said the word, he still said it in his head) as he buried a hand in the other's hair.

How many times had they been down this road already? Wade was trying so hard to be patient and to not push Peter too far too soon. But damn, he had a sneaking suspicion that when they finally did the deed it was going to be like that scene in Scary Movie. And he refused to clean that off the ceiling.

After he was satisfied with the mark he left, Wade moved from Peter's neck back to his mouth. He tried to slow himself down, nipping at Peter's full lips playfully before claiming them with his own.
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They'd been at this for a few weeks now. Not much had changed, besides the obvious, which Peter was eternally grateful for. They still went out on patrols and ordered ridiculous amounts of takeaway. The difference was, when they were done, Peter could lean over and lick the teriyaki sauce off Wade's mouth. Which he did.

Peter was definitely afraid of moving too fast. While it wasn't exactly a crisis of sexuality (you loved who you loved, it had never been an issue. He was raised in New York, and Aunt May was an absolute hippie), the facts remained: he had never been with a guy. He also hadn't been with anybody since Gwen. Or before Gwen. Wade knew that, but - well, let's just say making out on the couch was about as far as they'd gotten before Peter had to pull the plug.

He was currently folded over Wade's lap and a pretty ridiculously acrobatic position. It was one of those nights where they'd hung out without needing a patrol. Peter preferred kissing when out of the spandex and leather combo anyway. Leather made the weirdest noises when you sat on it.

Peter hummed quietly, fingers massaging gently over Wade's neck as he left his marks. The more you did it, the longer it took to heal. Those might even last an hour. Peter pressed against Wade's chest, pushing him into the couch once they were lip-locked again. He kind of wanted more, but my god, just being close to Wade like this was more than Peter had ever dreamed about having again with another person.
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Fortunately, Wade had no problem with taking it slow for Peter. His main priority was Peter's comfort. But man, this was pure torture. He was in a constant state of wanting Peter anymore. They would make out, maybe cuddle a little and as soon as Wade got home, oh boy. He hadn't spent this much time with his hand since he was a teen. It was ridiculous.

Wade moaned into the kiss, his tongue darting out to deepen it. Oh, Wade definitely wanted more -- the evidence was sandwiched uncomfortably in his jeans -- but he was trying to let Peter control the pace. Even if ol' reliable was begging for it. His hands slipped from Peter's hips and up underneath the back of his shirt, desperate to feel more of the brunette's warmth against his skin.

God. This was too good to be true.
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Peter was not completely oblivious to Wade's problem. The first couple times he'd stopped, when he felt Wade's erection, but he learned that if he just ignored it - well, they could continue, and Wade never said a word about it. Never pushed. And hey, it wasn't like Peter didn't have the same problem, sometimes - he thought he might be a little better at controlling it, but how long had it been for Wade? Peter wasn't judging.

One such moment was happening now, Wade's dick nestled against Peter's ass, since he was seated on the man's lap. Peter shivered pleasantly at the touch, considering whether or not he should take it off. Maybe...

Fuck it. Peter pulled back enough to slip his shirt off, before he could talk himself out of it. He offered Wade a soft smile, pressing back, up against his chest and kissing his own line down Wade's neck.
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Well it didn't help that kissing was one of Wade's favorite things. It really got him going. See, he kind of had an oral fixation. But come on, merc with the mouth, right? Honestly it had been a long time. Especially for someone that had a pretty ridiculously high sex drive. And even the sex he did have left a pretty negative effect on him. Usually people treated him as an experiment. Wade was good with his mouth and his hands (honestly he was pretty good at the majority of things sexual, it was the one thing he felt confident in), but once someone got what they wanted from him, they were gone. So drawing out the act was actually good for Wade too. The longer they put it off, the less his fear controlled him.

Wade groaned when Peter removed his shirt, his hands sliding along warm skin reverently. "Jesus Christ, baby boy." He managed before Peter was distracting him with kisses on a very sensitive place. Wade tilted his head back, offering his neck to Peter without thinking twice. "Ahh... Peter." His hips rocked up against Peter's ass, an involuntary reaction from the feel of the other man's lips.
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And here Peter was, thinking the comments about his ass were gratuitous. Peter had never had someone who could keep up with him; everything healed, making his refractory time pretty persistent. Wade was certainly not an experiment to Peter, and he thought he'd proved that, doing what they were doing now.

"You should tone down the expletives every time I undress. Gonna give me a complex or something," Peter teased, voice low in Wade's ear as his lips traced the scars. It didn't bother him, honestly; the hesitance Peter sometimes had was only a result of worrying that he might be hurting Wade. He did say the scars hurt, and the last thing Peter wanted to do was cause him discomfort.

"Maybe we should...maybe we should lie down," Peter murmured, fingers curling around Wade's ears. His dick was hot and heavy against Peter's backside and he was feeling something all-too-similar happening down in his own groin. Maybe a cool down and some languid kisses in bed would be good.
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Oh, Wade could definitely keep up with him. His refractory period was essentially non-existent.

A shiver zipped up Wade's spine. "Are you really asking me to tone down the cursing?" he laughed breathlessly. "Maybe if you weren't so fucking hot, baby boy." God. Damn. The things this man did to him. His hands continued to slowly drag up and down Peter's back in a light touch. Yes, Peter wasn't as bulky as Wade was, but he was still built.

"Oh?" He definitely perked up at that. "Uh, yeah. Let's do that. Bed sounds good." No, Wade. Calm yourself.

Wade hooked his arms around Peter's hips, trying to get the brunette to wrap his legs around him before he got up off the couch. His hands were on Peter's ass, hefting him up as he immediately started in the direction of Peter's room. Maybe he was just a little bit too eager.
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"I know, what an exercise in futility, huh?" Maybe he had a penchant for lost causes. Shh, don't look at him like that. Peter shook his head, stealing another kiss from Wade's mouth. "I most certainly am not. I mean, objectively, I'm not bad but you act like I'm a Hanes underwear model or something." People would not pay him to get naked.

Wade's muscle was harder, more cut, than Peter's. Peter was proportional and lean, so it was less noticeable.

"Yeah? Wade - !" Peter laughed and clung on through sheer reflex when Wade got up with Peter still in his lap. Oh boy. Peter really didn't mean to blue ball poor Wade so badly. Maybe one of these nights he'd get the courage to give Wade a hand job. The least he could do, really.
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"Uh... I think this begs to differ." Wade rubbed his dick up against Peter's ass again to prove his point. Peter didn't seem to realize just how good-looking he was and that was cute and all, but Wade was going to prove his point eventually.

Wade stumbled down the hallway, nipping and kissing at Peter's neck as he walked. Had he ever been this god damn hard before? He was surprised he was still standing because all the blood in his body was essentially in his groin. And still he continued to stumble. If he could just stop tripping over things right now, that would be great. Christ. You'd think he didn't know how to walk.

Fuck it. This was close enough to the bedroom. Wade pushed Peter's back up against the wall, hands going from Peter's ass and then smoothing up his sides. Wade devoured his mouth like it was his last lifeline, his tongue stroking past the other's lips, begging for more contact.

Wade blue balled himself. That was his life.
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"Wade," Peter chided, cheeks tinging red when Wade reminded Peter of his erection. He wasn't unaffected, either, dick hard and warm between them. Still, Peter was just a natural dork, and sorry Wade, but he didn't buy into that. The bite hadn't actually changed how Peter looked; so he was still that scrawny beanpole of a nerd that he'd always been.

Peter laughed when Wade stumbled, hands smoothing over the back of his head as he held on and tried not to fall on his ass. "You doing okay?"

Okay, so being pushed up against the wall in unexpected, and Wade was kissing him before he could say much of anything about it. Fuck, now that was a kiss, doused in desire. Peter whined quietly, letting Wade in, legs tight around his waist. Alright, for all Peter got pinned in his day to day life, he never thought it could be kind of hot.
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Yup. Wade always wanted to make Peter blush because he was completely and utterly adorable.

"M'fine!" He managed to get out in between kisses.

The noise Peter made went straight to his dick. He could feel a bead of precum squeeze out of the head, lost against the material of his boxers. Fuck. He'd spent a lot of time imagining Peter in basically every position he could conjure up, but now that Wade had him here pinned against the wall... God help him. It was almost too much.

Wade continued to kiss Peter deeply, his tongue stroking against the other man's as his hips ground into Peter's in desperation. It turned Wade on even more knowing that Peter was feeling this like he was. Honestly, he wanted nothing more than to get on his knees and let Peter fuck his mouth until completion, but he didn't quite know if Peter was ready for that just yet. But God did he want that.
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"You're - stumbling," Peter huffed, nipping at Wade's lower lip.

Peter couldn't help himself, grasp on Wade tightening as Wade pushed his hips up against his, seeking friction. Shit, Peter could feel his own dick twitching in response. He wanted more - obviously, with the way they were pretty much humping each other against the wall - but Peter wouldn't deny he was a little afraid of taking that step.

"Wade - mmph - " Peter got distracted by Wade's mouth again, flush rising higher and higher in his cheeks. Wade hadn't said it, but Peter could definitely tell by the way he was kissing him - he fucking wanted it, Peter was the one holding back. His back dragged down the wall a little, grinding his ass down against Wade again.
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"Ahh -- fuck." Peter grinding his ass on him was almost too much. Everything was almost too much, honestly. His entire body was lit up like a Christmas tree right now and it was all because of Peter Parker.

Wade pulled away from the kiss, pupils blown as he tried to catch his breath. "Pete," he managed to get out breathlessly. "Look, I know that you want to take it slow and I'm all for it. But I really, really want to suck you off right now. So I am begging you. Let me take care of you, baby boy." He leaned forward to nip at Peter's jaw, his lips dragging back to Peter's own. Wade didn't need anything in return. He got off on pleasing the one he loved, so this would be good for him too. So good.

He pulled away again. "I-If that's too much, it's okay. We can keep doing this." But I'm probably going to blow a load in my pants like a god damn teenager. Jesus.
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"Wade," Peter laughed nervously, fingers tracing over Wade's face, over his lips, as he made his case. It wasn't like he wasn't on board but - "I can't let you do anything to me that I'm not ready to do to you." And he didn't know if he was ready to do that for Wade. Peter hooked his heels around Wade's thighs, pressing in closer as Wade seemed to kiss every inch of skin he could find.

"...doesn't mean we can't take care of each other," Peter admitted, again, before he chickened out. He pressed one hand flat to Wade's abdomen. He would hate to be the cause of more laundry. "Is hands okay?"
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"You do realize you just kinda cock blocked yourself, right?" Wade teased, hips still lazily rocking into Peter's. His eyes closed for a moment, appreciating the feel of Peter's fingers on his face. "You're so benevolent." Wade wasn't used to someone caring for him in that capacity. Usually he wouldn't even get an answer, his face would just get shoved right into his partner's groin. Which wasn't something he complained about. But he liked that Peter put him into the equation too. It made him feel good.

But then Peter was saying that and images flitted through his mind. That was definitely a step in the right direction. "...I see." His nose brushed over the hollow behind Peter's ear before he sucked another mark on the man's neck. "Uh... yeah. Hands are definitely okay." Wade would be happy with just about anything right now. All he knew was that he wanted Peter.
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"It's a curse I live with every day," Peter laughed, moving with Wade's hips, pressing his back into the wall. His fingers moved to trace circles over Wade's eyes as he shut them. "Is that your way of saying I'm a total virgin dork? Because I'll have you know I'm not a virgin." Of course Peter would consider him. The fact that Wade had been with people who didn't - oh, Wade deserved so much better than what he got.

"Then maybe we should try the bed." Peter's hands moved to Wade's back, pressing into his skin and arching forward when Wade sucked another mark into his neck. Shit, that sent tingles up his spine. "...Unless you'd like to try getting our pants off up against the wall."
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God. Peter knew just how to touch him. Every brush of his fingers affected him deeply, whether it was obvious or not. All he knew was that he wanted Peter to keep doing what he was doing. If he believed in that stuff, he would swear that Peter was made for him.

"You're my dork." Wade tried to hide his sudden embarrassment. He never implied that Peter belonged to him out loud. So it was weird how natural that felt coming out.

"Is that a challenge, baby boy? I am the king of clothing removal. I can do it. But I want you to be comfortable first and foremost." He punctuated his words with a grind of his hips, his hands reaching down to grab Peter's ass. Fuck yeah. As hot as it would be to jerk Peter off up against a wall, it would be more comfortable to move it into the bedroom. They would have better access to each other's bodies that way and Wade wanted to make this good for Peter.
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"Is that so, Mr. Wilson?" Peter wasn't smirking, hiding it by kissing Wade soundly, not contradicting his statement. He hadn't exactly defined what they were but - did Peter really need to? Wade was his boyfriend. He figured that was pretty obvious. Time to change the Facebook status - if he had any friends to Facebook ha.

"Hm - maybe first time wall, second round bed?" Peter offered, because damn it if the wall wasn't kind of hot. "I don't know if you'll be able to make it to the bedroom before your dick drills a hole in my wall."

"Whatever you want, Wade," Peter sighed happily, pressing down into Wade's grip, his own dick twitching between them. "Either way I'm breaking the dry spell I inflicted on you."
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"Yeah, I'm thinking it is." Wade was still trying his best not to jinx all the good that had happened since Peter came into his life. So he was especially careful about labeling what they had. That was something he was definitely skittish about.

Wade groaned, his knees going week for a moment. Peter was perfect. It was official. Not just one round, but two. A man after his own heart. "Baby boy. You know just what to say. I can do whatever you need me to do."

He couldn't contain his laugh at the dick drill though because it was pretty true. Had he ever wanted someone as much as he wanted Peter Parker in this moment? No. Not even Vanessa. That realization shocked him. And it wasn't just physically either. Wade gave Peter's ass a good squeeze, hips still pressing into the brunette's.

A rendition of the hallelujah chorus began to play in Wade's mind. The drought would end tonight!

"I think it's time to get rid of these pants." Wade immediately reached between them, unbuckling then unzipping his jeans and letting them fall down to his ankles. This time instead of Spiderman boxers, he was wearing Spiderman boxer briefs. The line of his dick was long and hard in his underwear, the area around the tip darker from the wetness of his precum. Now he just needed to get those damn pants off of Peter and they would be good. Maybe Peter needed to invest in break away pants if they were going to do this.
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"Hm, guess you better prove it." Ah, another classic misunderstanding between the two of them. Maybe they should work on their communication, as a couple. Well, come on, they were both mutant oddities, there had to be some upside! And Peter not being able to break Wade that easily (and vice versa) was certainly one of them.

"I think you're right," Peter's chuckle morphed into a groan, forcing himself to lean back against the wall while Wade messed with his zipper. The Spiderman motif made Peter laugh, shaking against the wall, and he eyed Wade with amusement. "Really? Were you planning on that or what?"

It certainly was a sight, though, and Peter reached down to run his fingertip over Wade's length, feeling the cool drag of the fabric and the contrast to the heat trapped within. He smiled, resting his hand on Wade's chest. "Shirt, too. I'm not going to be the only one completely naked."
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"I think I can do that, baby boy." A lot of their interactions were basically a misunderstanding. Somehow they managed to stumble through each one though.

"Maybe I was, maybe I wasn't." He totally planned it. What? It wasn't normal to wear underwear with your superhero boyfriend on them? No?

Wade thought his knees went weak before? Hah! His hand shot out to the wall behind him to brace himself at Peter's touch, hips arching hard toward him. Yup. It had definitely been a long time and he was extra sensitive. Especially with all of the makeout sessions they had been through already. Wade was pretty damn worked up.

His hands sliped underneath his shirt, pulling it up and over his head in one go. Wade didn't even care right then. All he knew was that he wanted Peter, even if that meant exposing skin. Wade pushed back just enough to tug Peter's pants off, making sure to hold him so he didn't hit the ground. Not that Peter needed his help at all. Honestly he could just stick to the fucking wall without Wade holding him up whatsoever. And damn was that hot. They would have to experiment with that one down the road.

The moment he got Peter's pants off, his hand immediately went to cup the other man through his underwear, then smooth up over Peter's dick. The motion only made Wade want to swallow it to the root, but he was going to be good and do what Peter wanted. "Is that for me? You shouldn't have."
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"Don't think, show me," Peter challenged good-naturedly, stealing another kiss from Wade's mouth. Peter had yet to get tired of doing that; he honestly wasn't sure he ever would. He liked Wade, and Peter was pretty shy on physical affection so. They were a right couple of goofballs, weren't they?

"You're living the fanboy dream, aren't you?" Peter accused with a laugh, pressing his thumb against Wade's dip, the dark spot on his boxer briefs. Peter could have sworn he heard a creak in the wall and he grinned, eyebrows rising. "Doing okay, Wade?"

"You'll tell me if I hurt you, right?" Peter asked, smoothing his hand over some of the scars and ridges of Wade's skin. "I'm serious, Wade. You'll tell me?" The last thing he wanted to do was hurt him during something so intimate.

Tugging off his pants took a lot of skill, and Peter gave a whistle of approval. He's a boxer man himself (it's not a suit day, those were boxer briefs or simply briefs), and his have fucking chemical formulas on them. He's such a nerd, honestly. Peter groaned at the warm hand against his dick, even through fabric, and rolled his hips forward. "I really shouldn't have. Go ahead and unwrap it. Hope you like it. Doesn't come with a gift receipt and it's kind of hard to return it without one - "
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Oh he planned on it. Wade was pretty open with affection, to the point that some would call him a tad bit clingy. So this was going to be an interesting dynamic.

"Ahh -- yeah, Pete. Living the dream." He pushed his hips toward Peter's hand, trying not to put a hole through the wall. That would be bad.

"Yeah, baby boy. I'll let you know." Wade swallowed hard, the feel of Peter's hands on him almost too much for his sensitized skin. It was easy for him to trust Peter. So there were no worries on his end. "Just don't stop touching?" The question sounded nervous even to his own ears. It was hard for Wade to ask for what he wanted and God did he want Peter's hands on him.

Wade cackled at the sight of Peter's boxers. "Oh you beautiful nerd." He tried to calm his laughter, but it was difficult. How was Peter simultaneously adorable and mind-meltingly hot at the same time? It was something Wade just couldn't understand.

But that grin quickly turned predatory as he leaned forward, lips brushing the shell of Peter's ear. "Oh, I'm gonna love it, baby boy. And I promise you the day you feel comfortable, I'm going to swallow your dick and fuck you with my mouth until you cum down my throat. Remember that." Wade dragged his lips across Peter's jaw to his mouth, his tongue delving into the other's and his hips grinding desperately. Fuck. He just wanted to work Peter up a little more now that there was barely anything between them and god damn the feel of Peter's dick hot against Wade's own was so fucking good. Yes, Wade complained about be tortured, but then turned around and tortured himself some more.
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If he was worried about rejection, he really shouldn't be. Peter was more than happy to snuggle with him for as much time as he possibly could (however, there was school, and patroling, and faking pictures for the Bugle).

"Don't you go selling this story to some tabloid, now," Peter chided, grinning at the jerky restraint Wade was trying to employ. He really would appreciate not having to explain the hole in his drywall to his landlord, thanks.

"Mm, couldn't pay me to stop," His hands wandered, tracing Wade's pecs, down to his abs. Wade was self-conscious about it, Peter knew, but he wanted it to be clear that none of it bothered him. Because it didn't. Peter tugged him back in, closer, pleased that the pants were gone - though now they had to get past their underwear, which frankly, needed to be gone five minutes ago.

"I like chemistry, okay?" Peter laughed, tipping his head back. Wade's mouth brushed his ear, air warm and thick against his neck. Wade's words got a surprised squeak out of Peter, eyes wide as Wade kissed him again, claiming and exploring with his tongue. Peter undulated in kind with Wade, the scratch of fabric on fabric clear and present in his ears. He's practically aching for skin on skin, and Wade's promise only makes him harder. He's certainly never talked like that to someone, and honestly it kind of made him feel dirty. The best kind of dirty, naturally.
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"I'm gonna do it. I can see the headline now, 'Spiderman and Deadpool. Dick on Dick Action.'" Wade laughed.

Wade felt relieved at Peter's words, letting out a long drawn out groan at the feel of Peter's fingertips on him. His whole body shivered.

Wade's hands slipped into the back of Peter's boxers, squeezing his ass as he continued to claim the other's mouth. This was a moment that he always wanted to remember. Finally. Skin to skin. Hand to ass. He could weep. It was too much. That last bit of clothing needed to go though.

So he reluctantly pulled away. Wade pushed the fabric of his boxer briefs down his thighs, his dick springing free. It was rock solid now, the head nearly purpling. Another dribble of precum squeezed out and all Wade wanted to do was get those fucking boxers off of Peter. His hands smoothed up the other man's thighs and he leaned forward to barely brush his lips against Peter's. "Alright, baby boy. As adorable as I find your nerdiness and these boxers, I think it's time we took 'em off." He pulled away, once again making sure to hold onto Peter as he carefully slipped his underwear off and then dropped them to the ground. Wade immediately surged forward to claim Peter's mouth again.
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