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Some risks are worth it

Risky Rendezvous

  • Comment: info, preferences, prompts you like, desired roles, etc.
  • Reply: to others.
  • RNG: if you'd like. Otherwise, go nuts.

  1. petplay: All good pets need to be trained. Of course, they naturally want to please master or mistress, so taking to the leash and collar is in their blood. You may want to give them a helping hand, though, and keep those temptations like acting like a human out of their sights.

  2. daddy/baby girl: Or something more gender neutral. Whatever the case, you love taking care of your little one and spoiling them...unless they need punished for being a brat. They may be too young, but you can't help yourself.

  3. medical play: The doctor will see you now.

  4. bondage: Whips and chains excite you. Ropes aren't too bad, either.

  5. religious: Forgive me father, for I have sinned. And now, I'll have to confess it all.

  6. let go: You've got all your shit together in life. In your private life, though, you like to let go and lose yourself - either by being rough and controlling someone else or being controlled.

  7. student/teacher: Young teacher, the subject of school girl fantasies. You know the drill. Somebody's staying after class.

  8. non-con: They say no, but you know they mean yes.

  9. master/servant: Maid or butler uniform optional.

  10. newlyweds: There's nothing like your wedding night.

  11. cheating: Your cheatin' heart may or may not be in the right place.

  12. robbery: Give up all your goods and give up something else, too.

  13. incest: It's all relative.

  14. crossdressing: Girls will be girls and boys will be girls.

  15. police: Ready for a game of good cop, bad cop?

  16. wanton: Oe of you has all the trappings of a slut, with all that ill-repute, and the other has to put them in their "place." Dirty talk, sexy clothing, toys, maybe even glory holes, oh my! The more perverse, the better.

  17. strangers: You'd never do this with someone you just met! Good thing you've really known each other forever.

  18. prostitution: All the naughtiness of an appointment between a prostitute and a John.

  19. nurturing: We know all of you love a mother or father figure.

  20. someone else: Usually, a lover calling out someone else's name is anathema, but now, it's apropos..


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[personal profile] spideyguy 2016-06-15 04:14 am (UTC)(link)
[ooc: sure dear! let me know if you want to add anything. both. both is good ;P ]

Peter is a little more worried for this birthday than any previous. He's turning 21, but he insisted he didn't want to do a bar crawl. Seriously, he promised he'd walk out if Gwen or Harry tried to do any such thing. So, without the typical option available to them - honestly, guys, we don't have to do anything for my birthday why don't we just watch a movie or - "SHUT UP PETER!" - they had to get creative.

Hence Peter's worry. Gwen and Harry getting creative wasn't something he needed in his life.

The problem arose when Peter stopped hearing his friends complaining. That meant they'd thought of something, and the fact that their suspicious silence happened over a month before his actual birthday was anxiety inducing. Not that he tried to figure it out, because a) Gwen was scary when she was planning a surprise and b) Peter was still trying to pretend they were just going to enjoy a movie and maybe pizza.

So imagine his surprise when...that's...what they did?

Seriously, they all met up at Harry's and just did pizza and a movie. It's beyond weird - Peter can't remember ever winning an argument with Gwen, and Harry was usually a ridiculous, sulky human when he didn't get his way. But it's Peter's birthday, and maybe he buys into it because he's hoping, in vain, that they'll actually let him be on his birthday.

No dice. He should have known it was a ploy to lull him into a false sense of security.

"Here," Gwen presses an envelope into his hand, with a smirk that screams DANGER WILL ROBINSON! Peter flips it over, frowning at the address scribbled on it. "Go get your present, Peter."

Harry looks way too smug. Peter tries to insist he doesn't need a present from either of them, but Gwen shouts him down with, "But we planned it, Peter, we went to the trouble, the least you can do is go see - "

So here he is, in Brooklyn of all the freaking places. Neither of them was going to come with him, either, which, what the hell? The other part that didn't make any sense - he'd opened the envelope on the subway over, and it was full of money. Like, $400 in cash. Harry's contribution to their evil little plot, probably.

The address leads him to an apartment building, thought it's certainly not the nicest of buildings, so, what? He's hopelessly confused, and Peter sighs, trudging up the stairs to the sixth floor (607, to be exact). He'd better just resign himself to whatever fate they've got planned for him, honestly.
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Being a prostitute wasn't anything that Steve had ever actually planned on being part of his life. It had just... happened. It had been after his mother had died, and with his constant illneses, it wasn't like Steve could hold down a real job. Living as close to the gay strip as he did, he always got propositions. It was just that one night where he'd been so panicked over how he could possibly get by on his own... Sure, Bucky kept telling him that he didn't have to, but Steve had his pride, and the last thing he wanted was to keep being dependent on him. It was just the right combination of circumstance. The man that propositioned him wasn't bad looking, not too old, dark hair and grey eyes and he looked.. normal, if that was the word. And well, the money he offered was enough that all his morals aside, Steve found himself flush-faced as he nodded slowly, let the man take him back to a hotel.

And that was how it had all started. He still wasn't... he didn't stand on street corners and bat his eyelashes, but he had a few regulars, and he'd learned where some of the hotspots were. It was enough to make a living. He was always very vague about what he was doing for work whenever Bucky asked. He said things like contracting and temp work and other things that weren't one-hundred-percent lies. He just... he couldn't tell him. He didn't want to see the look in his eyes, have the argument where Bucky told him he didn't have to do this.

It is what it is. It's enough to live off of, which was far more than he was looking at beforehand. When he's approached about the idea, Steve can't help smiling, an easy agreement as they explain the setup. He's never actually done something like this before, but it doesn't make him uncomfortable, at least not in the scale of what his profession is, these days. If anything, someone who's a little less experienced sounds kind of cute. He's expecting him, of course. He knows that most people in his line of work go in for the whole crop tops and booty shorts thing, but Steve's never been that sort of person (at least, without a request, anyway).

He's just in slim jeans and a light button-down shirt, some soft inoffensive background music. He's found it helps with the awkwardness of first meetings, even if most of the time that awkwardness is his own. But, eventually he's slipping to his feet, answering the door with a slightly sympathetic smile. "Come in," he invites with a slight gesture of his thin fingers.
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When they first came up with the idea, it was in the midst of a 'let's-whine-together-about-Peter' session; something along the lines of, "He really needs to get laid, way too uptight won't even go out to drink on his 21st, honestly -". And then Gwen got that glint in her eye and they talked each other into it.

Of course, they weren't just going to hire anybody. There was some serious vetting and investigation that went into picking Steve! And as far as they could tell, Steve seemed - well, shockingly well-adjusted, for someone in his profession. They'd offered him double his usual, even though Steve was more than willing to go along with it. The first half, Gwen and Harry had paid upfront; the second, Peter was carrying in the envelope. Let it not be said they're not generous people.

"Um," The first intelligent word out of his mouth. Peter's a little wary - though he doubts his friends would ever send him anywhere dangerous - but he steps inside because, frankly, Steve didn't exactly ring 'threat' on Peter's danger scale. He looks around the room, more than a little confused. "...hi?"

Peter adjusted his glasses, shifting from foot to foot. "Sorry I - my friends gave me this address." Because that explains his random presence. Though...this guy seemed to have been expecting him?
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He hadn't quite realized that they weren't going to tell him what was going on, but it clicks from that first um that he doesn't have a clue what he's doing here. He has to struggle not to let his amusement be too obvious. Instead, he lets Peter step in, closes the door, and looks him over. He's cute, not much older than Steve is, and with all the grace of a fish out of water. Steve knows the feeling, and it's a little refreshing, honestly, to not be the awkward one, for once.

The apartment is nice enough, a little spartan, but pleasant enough. Decidedly normal. "I know. Happy birthday, by the way." The thing is, he could sympathize. Given Bucky's attempts to take him out on double dates, friends of whomever he was going out with, he could almost imagine him trying to buy someone for him as a birthday present. Of course, Steve would be furious, so he's sort of trying to gauge Peter's reaction to the situation, and figure out how much talking into this he's going to need.

"Do you want a bottle of water?" It's an easy offer, with that subtle security of closed containers. Most people didn't exactly trust prostitutes and Steve was good at picking up on what people were comfortable with and adjusting for it. He liked giving people what they wanted, or what they needed, and in Peter's case he didn't think these were the same thing. He considers not telling him outright, seeing how long until he picks up on it, but decides that way would probably be messier.

"Or I can tell you why you're here, if you haven't figured it out," he offers with a curve of his mouth. Steve seems in rather good spirits about the whole thing- playful, almost. It's strange, but this whole thing has made him more comfortable in his own skin. He does it for the money and not the pleasure, but there is pleasure, and there's a certain sort of power in knowing men with money and means find him desirable enough to pay for the service.
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"...thanks," Peter offers a small smile, relaxing just a little. Whatever was going on, this guy seemed to be in on it, so. Maybe he'd just go along with it; although he's never seen Steve before, so he's wondering where Gwen and Harry met him. School, maybe? Not that Harry went to school, but. Okay, he really had no idea, this was only becoming more confusing.

"Oh, uh, sure. Thanks." Peter tugged at the sleeves of his jacket, a nervous habit. "Long subway ride, you know, it's...uh, hot, down there." Trust? Well Peter trusted Steve, even if he seemed a little off-kilter about it, because Gwen and Harry really wouldn't send him anywhere dangerous. He hoped.

"I really haven't," Peter confesses, offering Steve the envelope. "I can only assume I'm meant to bring this envelope here, but why - "

For all his science smarts, Peter really can be clueless. Anyone even a little more socially savvy than Peter would have put the pieces together by now. But the other piece to it is - Peter has met plenty of sex workers. You just did, living in New York. Steve is, honestly, the complete opposite of what Peter has come to expect, so it's not even on his mind.
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Steve smiles and takes the opportunity to slip away for half a moment, returning with two cold bottles of water. He hands one to Peter and cracks his open and sips at the water to try and mask his awkwardness. Because he'd never had anyone he was supposed to sleep with who didn't already know what he did, and explaining that was... a little more awkward than he'd expected. Still amusing, but it also made his chest twist a little. Not that he was scared, exactly, he just... It was hard, having to find the words.

He takes the envelope when Peter offers it, and takes a cursory look inside before setting it on the counter. He'd been willing to do it for half what they'd offered, so it's not like he's remotely concerned about the amount in the envelope. He takes a breath and smiles at him with a thin press of his lips for a moment as he tries to decide on exactly how to phrase this.

So, maybe the booty shorts and glitter-encrusted crop tops would have made this more obvious. He takes a breath and then takes a stab at it, fiddling with the cap from his bottle of water as he talks to try and not look as clueless as he suddenly feels. "Your friends seemed to think you were undersexed, so... Well. They thought they'd, uhm. Fix that for you. I mean- I think I'm your present."

God, he hoped he wasn't blushing.
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2016-06-18 12:38 am (UTC)(link)
Peter accepted the bottle with a small smile, noting the attempt to ease the awkwardness. He wanted to apologize to the guy - whom he hadn't even gotten a name from - for Gwen and Harry roping him into whatever was happening. They tended to kind of...barrel on in their plans without really thinking about the imposition they might be.

Steve took the envelope from him and Peter watched his reaction, uncapping his water and taking a sip. He didn't seem at all surprised by the contents so...if this was for a piercing Peter was going to kill his friends.

Then Steve starts his explanation, and Peter frowns, somewhat adorably confused. "Undersexed? You - " He's taking another sip of water when it clicks, and he promptly starts choking, flush creeping onto his own cheeks. They didn't. They wouldn't!

...they absolutely would, god dammit.

"I'm not - I mean I don't - not that you're not - uh - " He's a disaster, arms flailing a little as he tries to find words, literally any coherent words. "...This is not what I was expecting. Not that I was expecting anything persay, I told them not to get me a present - "
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Steve looks worried for a moment when he chokes on the water. Okay, maybe that hadn't been the best idea in the world after all. But, at least now he's not the only one blushing. He watches him through his flailing, and smiles a little ruefully when he finally figures out how to speak sentences again. "Calm down, it's okay," he offers with what he hopes is a reassuring look.

He bites his bottom lip for a moment, worrying it with his teeth without thinking about it as he tries to work all this out. At least now he understands why they'd insisted on paying him double. He takes a sip of his water, trying to settle his nerves before flashing another smile at Peter. "Look, I'm not going to force anything on you. So just... stay a while?" He sets his bottle of water on the counter and takes a couple steps closer, but not so close that he's pushing into his personal space.

"We can stay here and talk if that's all you feel comfortable with," he offers gently. His hands held out, palms up in that subtle gesture of harmlessness. There's a part of him that wants to show him something, make him feel something, though. Just a soft touch in his blue eyes as he looks at Peter.
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Well, to be fair, they never said it would be easy to sleep with Peter, king of the dorks.

"I..." He'd have no trouble walking right back out that door if it just meant snubbing Harry and Gwen, but Peter would feel bad about walking out on Steve. He had nothing to do with any of this, it was just his job so - Peter nodded slowly, ducking his head a little. "I guess I could stay."

"Yeah, thanks," Peter took Steve's hand, obliging. Steve might be able to talk him into it but - for now he was still trying to process everything. And Steve - well, he wasn't a bad looking fella. Those baby blues were more than enough to melt Peter's heart; Steve's the type of guy Peter might have eventually stuttered his way into asking out on a date.
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Peter takes his hand and Steve smiles, letting his hand curl against the other man's, his thumb softly stroking against the side of his hand. A muted, non-threatening sort of affection. "Good," he murmurs softly, watching as he ducks his head, and as uncertain about this whole thing as Peter is, he's certainly cute. His nervousness just makes him seem a little more endearing to the blonde

Steve was more than willing to give him time to process, to take this easy, as comfortable as he could. Peter seemed like a nice guy. If he's honest, his awkwardness reminds him a little of himself back before he got into this sort of thing. He can also understand how awkward it must be to have your friends decide that what you needed most for your birthday was to get laid to the extent that they were paying someone no small amount of money to do exactly that. "They seem like they mean well," Steve admits shifting so he can sit next to Peter on the couch, the faint press of his slight frame next to him.

Part of him doesn't want Peter to leave, wants to make him feel good and wipe away that overwhelmed look on his face.
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Peter wasn't even going to touch that can of worms - the fact that Harry and Gwen thought getting laid was what he would have wanted for his birthday. Which, don't get him wrong, intimacy was great and all but - really? Couldn't have gone with a new microscope? What about him screamed sexual frustration? Don't answer that.

"Yeah they didn't - this wasn't done out of malice." Which is why he could scarcely be angry with them. They honestly did mean well, even if they were snickering about him. "I'm sorry. This must be really weird for you."

Peter left his hand in Steve's, trying not to look as nervous as he felt. He didn't think he was fooling anyone.