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Rescuing leaves a good impression

❝My Rescuer❞ Shipping Meme

There is no possible way the two of you could have gotten off on better footing. One of you saved the other. You were complete strangers - or just as good as - yet someone put aside that fact and swooped in when they saw trouble like a guardian angel, whether because of their own moral reasoning or just being at the right place at the right time. The one who was saved? Well, they can't help but be grateful to their rescuer...and, perhaps, all that high octane emotion will lead to more. After all, you've never felt so much towards one person.

Will you be able to finally have peace alongside this person, or is all really as it seems?

How to Play
  • Comment with your character, preferences, and etc. Is your character more likely to rescue, be rescued, or either?
  • Reply to others.
  • RNG for your prompt and thread!

  1. No Hope: They were in a situation that looked incredibly bleak, such as being kidnapped or held prisoner. It was likely they would never see freedom or happiness again. That was something you couldn't stand for.
  2. Life Threatening: It was a simple accident, but it could have ended their life. You stepped in and pushed them out of the way or caught them as they fell.
  3. Harassment: Hey, leave them alone, pal! They clearly don't want your attention or your perverse remarks.
  4. Stand Up: You're being tormented and verbally abused by your peers. Finally, though, someone steps in and defends you.
  5. See Myself in You: They're different - like you are. You don't think they deserve to be treated this way...and neither would you.

  6. Ridiculous: Uh oh. A giant octopus is attacking you! Can anyone, will anyone save you from certain doom?
  7. Saved...From Boredom: Your life seemed like it was in black and white before this person introduced you to color.
  8. Superhero: Saving people is your job. Why is this case any different?
  9. Justice: What's happening before you is disgusting. You have to get justice for this victim; of course, that "justice" may also be needed for yourself and your sense of fragile reality.
  10. Spur of the Moment: Rescuing someone was never in your plan, but you couldn't pass up the chance.
  11. Love at First Sight: They saved you, and you fell. Or the other way around.
  12. Bring Back Happiness: All that was good has faded until you got a new lease on life.
  13. Guilt Complex: In the past, you failed. You'll never let anyone get hurt again.
  14. Not Only a Job: Technically, you were hired to take this person from their captor to another captor, yet in the end, you changed your mind.
  15. Warming Up: You can't help but soften towards someone you owe your life to.
  16. Honor Among Thieves: Your record may not be squeaky clean, but there are acts even you cannot condone.
  17. Gone Too Far: Your rage at seeing a living being treated this way has welled up, and the one who was victimized has to pull you back. Can they?
  18. Hurt Because of Me: In your defense, your savior has been injured. You feel a certain sense of sinking culpability.
  19. Patched Up: After the fight, both of you care for each others' mental and physical wounds.
  20. Who Rescued Who?: They may have physically saved you, but you emotionally saved them.
  21. The Truth Comes Out: You learned that your "rescue" was a fabrication to gain your trust. Has your relationship changed them? Even if it has, can you ever believe them again?
  22. All's Well: Once out of the limelight and out of harms way, you two can explore the prospect of getting to know each other better.
  23. Violent Delights Have Violent Ends: Your relationship ends as it began: with violence and despair.
  24. Doesn't Last: All of your attractions are a flash in the pan. When it comes down to it, you can't make it work between you when there's no danger to draw you close.
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I am really behind--some stuff went down IRL. Willing to try if you are!

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[Luke is a small-town boy. Okay, let's back that up--Luke has hardly ever been to anything resembling the city. Mos Eisley had been a revelation, as cool as he'd tried to look, and in the years since he's been mostly on the run, living in Alliance encampments, going into populated areas only on missions.

The fact that he's suddenly rolling onto hard ceramacrete with buildings towering stories above him, when he'd been exploring the ruins of a Jedi temple, is alarming. Less alarming, in the sense that it's actually more familiar, is the fact that it takes him about ten minutes of poking around trying to get his bearings to get into trouble.

The two men are larger than Luke, which isn't a feat really, and both are human, which also isn't all that unusual. They also seem pretty willing to talk, despite the dead-end alley they've all met in, though they're starting to get a little antsy at the smaller man's insistence that they tell him 'what planet he's on.'

Their utter incomprehension of his question is starting to make Luke think he's found himself someplace very unusual, indeed.
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I backtag into oblivion dear, don't even worry about it!

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[Peter is, interestingly enough, quite the opposite to that. He's never left the city. If he ended up in an open cornfield he'd probably have a panic attack. Or vertigo.

He's just out on his regular patrol, newly patched suit on his back, fresh refills in his webshooters. It's been a slow night, all things considered; a simple robbery, a few carjackers. Nothing to write home about. He's honestly kind of considering packing it in for the night when he hears the guys giving Luke a hard time. Sounds like his kind of party.

So Peter swings into the alley, sticking to the wall high above them. They're getting impatient, now, frustrated by the strange questions, and one of them asks - Peter uses the term asks very loosely - for Luke's wallet.]
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[Does Luke's outfit look like it has pockets?]

Look, if all you want are credits, you should have said so. I don't have any.

[This does not engender any goodwill in the men, and they begin to advance, backing Luke up into the corner of the alley, a clear trap for even a large human male given the lack of exit and the distance of the fire escape ladders above. Luke raises his hands in conciliation, though really it's also an aid to what he's about to do, which is convince the gentlemen their energy is best spent elsewhere. Preferably donating their own currently to someone less fortunate.]
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[They start muttering about credit cards and Peter can see that this is about where he should intervene. Street thugs weren't always the smartest anyway. He drops down, landing in a crouch, blocking the exit of the alleyway. The bug eye lenses reflect dim light filtering in from the street lights, somewhat of an unnerving effect. Until he opens his mouth, that is, and gives a loud.] Yoohoo! Oh boys.

[Spiderman is obnoxious in ways Peter Parker is not. He gives the three men a friendly wave, more than ready to depress the triggers on his webshooters and take them out.]

I feel like the maid; I just cleaned up this block! Can we keep it clean for like ten minutes?
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[It's almost reassuring, the creature dropping from above, because there's something familiar about having something odd happen, having someone not-human enter the scene.

Until Luke gets a good read on him and realizes it's a human in some sort of strange suit.

Still, there's a distraction, and Luke uses it to reach out and, with a mere wave of his hand, use the Force to knock the two against opposite walls of the alley.
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[Okay that - now that was a little out of his usual. Peter paused, gaze flickering to the two men pinned against the wall and the victim, who wasn't, exactly, so.]

Er. I'll give you points for surprising me. [He's not pinned against the wall, which he's guessing is a Good Sign.]You mutants are going to put me out of business.
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[Luke's brow furrows at the weirdly-dressed guy, but he takes a moment to glance at the other two men and murmur something that sounds like 'sleep.' They slump over simultaneously, and he lets them drop to the ground.]

I see. I'm supposed to pay you, now, for defending me. It's a unique racket, I'll admit.
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What? No, man. [Peter waves it off easily, though he does pause to glance at the guys when they slump over. He can hear their heartbeats, so at least he knows they're not dead.] ...Figure of speech.

I'm a...volunteer. [Yeah, let's go with that.] Who are you? One of Xavier's?

[He's never met the guy, but word gets around.]
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[Luke frowns.]

Who? Look, no one will even tell me what planet we're on, but I don't know any Xavier.

[It's mysterious, too, how the costumed guy seems to think his powers unusual, but not unheard of. What does he actually know?]
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Oh you're one of those. [In Peter's experience, you've got three categories: augmented humans (Iron Man), mutants (Wolverine), and aliens (Thor). Peter is in a weird space, along with Deadpool, Daredevil, and the like - altered humans, perhaps half-mutants, where their X gene was forcibly enabled (Peter doesn't know if his powers have anything to do with his dormant X gene or not. He's not too keen on blood testing).] Welcome to Earth, buddy. Or Midgard, whatever floats your boat.
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[Luke frowns. He's not familiar with either designation.]

The Earth system? I must have gotten really lost. [Luke doesn't get lots. Even when he doesn't know where he's going or where he is, he wouldn't call it lost. He usually knows, at least, how he got there.]

One of what?
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We just call it the solar system. [Peter shrugs, because sorry Luke, he can't help you there.] Where were you trying to go?

Ah, you know, the aliens. Asgardian, or whatever. [He makes a vague gesture with his hand, then tilts his head, considering Luke for a second.] ...although you look a lot less, uh...I don't know. Aren't you guys usually huge? [Okay, the most he's got to go off of is Thor, who's fucking massive.]
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[Luke frowns slightly, thinking, aren't you a little short for a storm trooper?]

I'll have you know I'm fully within average height for a human.

[Okay, maybe he has a slight issue.]
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2016-07-03 03:49 am (UTC)(link)
Wait, you're human?

[Clearly not the answer Peter was expecting, and he crosses his arms, sizing Luke up for a second.]

How can you be human and not from this planet?
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[Luke frowns, mostly in confusion. The question doesn't even make sense to him.]

I've never heard of this planet. There are humans all over the galaxy.
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2016-07-03 09:11 pm (UTC)(link)
Well what planet are you from?

[Peter shook his head. He'd seen a lot of things but this was actually striking his disbelief.]

Humans haven't colonized any other planets. Just this one.
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[personal profile] neverjoinyou 2016-07-03 10:16 pm (UTC)(link)

[Luke sighs, running a hand through his hair. Okay. This planet, while in some ways clearly advanced enough to have, you know, streets, is obviously backwards.]

You know... never mind. Probably the less you know, the better.
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2016-07-03 10:22 pm (UTC)(link)
Where's that?

[Not in this system, obviously. He must be from pretty damn far away.]

The less I know? Hate to break it to ya, buddy, but there aren't a lot of people around who are inclined to believe you. [All things considered, he's lucky he ran into Peter.]
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[Luke shakes his head.]

This is crazy. It doesn't make any sense--I must be lost, to find myself on a planet that's forgotten how humans got here.
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2016-07-06 01:28 pm (UTC)(link)
We've been here for over 2000 years. We started here, there's archeological evidence.

[Peter sighs, wishing, not for the first time, that he could run his fingers through his hair. He's got a secret identity to protect, though.]

Anyway, you're lost. So you might as well let me help you find a way to be not lost.