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( other-wordly )

Otherwordly Meme

Sometimes all you need is a word to spark off an idea.

1. Post a comment with your character's name, canon, and any preferences you may have (no shipping, no smut, etc.)

2. Leave the comment blank or post a word or two in the body.

It may also help if you list scenarios you would like to play.

3. Reply to other people, either with words you picked out, or words they posted as prompts for a thread.

( A cleanup of the previous Otherwordly Meme. )
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[ooc: okay cool! let me know if this works for you!]

[Peter has always kind of been a mess of a human being. The bite neither bettered nor worsened this. Despite the grace he displayed in battle, he was still just as clumsy - more likely to catch the glass he knocked off the table, yes, but still just as likely to knock it in the first place.

So when he skateboards right into someone, outside Oscorp? He manages to lessen the impact, but they still both go tumbling to the ground.]

Ohhh god, hey, I'm so sorry - [Cue Peter fumbling desperately to try and help pick up everything the two of them have dropped.]
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[Really, it's at least halfway Roman's fault, to be fair. He's not used to big cities, not used to a place where people don't avoid him or whisper his name just inside earshot. He likes it better here, he thinks. Better than than Pennsylvania dump, than steel mills and shared dreams and too much fucking death. He hates being anonymous, but there's a sense of freedom he's never had before.

He clatters to the ground, all six-feet-four of too-thin lanky frame, tailored clothes and perfect hair. If Peter's sharp he might catch that touch of unnatural grace as he tries to catch himself, but with Peter tumbling into him it doesn't do him much good. They both hit the cement, and Roman loses his cigarettes and his latte.

He almost says something scathing, but instead he just looks sulky, full lips curled into almost a pout. His long, thin-fingered hands trying to smooth out his hair as too-green eyes scowl up at Peter. It's all veneer, because Roman's honestly a little lost. He has money and a name, but no direction. It was like having some part of him stolen from him after everything.]

Shit. You know, pedestrians don't actually score for points.

[Which is about as civil as Roman can manage, looking up for a moment almost like a deer in the headlights.]
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[The city did wonders to clear your head, honestly. Peter had lost count of the number of times he had taken advantage of that, walking through the city until he felt less trapped in his own mind. Life's problems seemed so far away, if you knew where to go to distract yourself.

The guy reminds Peter achingly of Harry, as many young businessmen do nowadays. The suits, especially; Harry was always so well-groomed, very much a point of pride with him. The cologne shopping was probably the worst thing Peter had ever had to endure with his friend, who eventually settled on BOSS.]

Sorry, [Peter says again, catching the scowl and handing him back his cigarettes. The latte is a lost cause, but Peter picks up the styrofoam cup anyway. He's the opposite of a businessman - ratty hoodie and skinny jeans with a hole in the knee, presumably from falling so often.]

They do, actually. And the points stack, in combos, if you knock multiple people down. [Peter offers Roman a hand up off the ground, pushing up from his knees.]