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the floor is lava

Just share the bed with me.

For whatever reason, the floor is unacceptable as a place to sleep. It's messy, the dog is there, THE FLOOR IS LAVA, or maybe there's flooding. Who cares why it's not acceptable, it just isn't. Normally, that's not an issue, but tonight you have a friend over. Maybe it's the safest place, maybe it's hurricane season and your house is the only one out of the path of the storm. Stop trying to figure out the details, just get over it and share the bed with that person! Sexy times are not required. Intimacy is not required. Just share the damn bed already.

 Do you need options? Here! Have some options!

1. It's late. You're tired. Too tired to drive and THE FLOOR IS LAVA.
2. It's late. You're drunk. Too drunk. Honestly, how did you drink that much and not die? Should we take you to the hospital? Here, just stay in this bed with me. No, you can't sleep on the floor. THE FLOOR IS LAVA.
3. It's early. You thought you'd just come by and visit but you can barely function. The bed seems inviting. Guess what, you're invited into the bed! Yes. The bed. Not the floor. THE FLOOR IS LAVA.
4. DO YOU LIKE TO SPOON? SPOONING IS OKAY. And yes, the floor is lava.
5. Figure out a reason why you need to share the bed.
6. The Crack Fun Insane Option - Actually Play the Floor is Lava Game!! Move about the room without touching the floor... because the floor is lava.

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[ooc: sweet. :3 Also if you don't get another tag ASAP, I passed out because I've been up over 24 hours!]

It was freezing cold. Titanic, push-your-boyfriend-off-the-big-floating-door-so-you-can-be-warmer cold. Nineteen years later and Wade was still pissed off about that movie. There was obviously enough room for the both of them on that big stupid door, those idiots. Fuckin' Rose. Christ. That was all Wade could think about right then--the cold and now Titanic--and Spidey's apartment was literally right in front of his face, so how could he contain himself? I mean, the window was right there. He was literally five seconds away from sweet, sweet relief. Unable to resist temptation, Wade lifted the windowsill and stuffed himself through as quietly as he could. Which was as quiet as a marching band setting off bombs behind them.

There was a huge crash and a loud thump. "Shit! Fuck--ow! ...Oh god no!!" Another crash. And then, in a tiny voice, "Petey...?"

Somehow he lost a combat boot to the fire escape, but that was of no concern to him. The fact that he was somehow wearing a lampshade and sitting on a pile of books was a little more unnerving. And painful. Great.
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[ooc: it's all good! get some sleep!! ]

Peter doesn't get a lot of sleep these days. He's in class, he's on patrol, or he's taking care of one of the other five billion things he has to do. So when he takes a night off? Decides, what the hell, I guess the city can survive without me for a few measly hours? Of course something has to ruin it.

Or rather, someone. Isn't that always the way?

Peter is passed out, starfish style on his bed, blissfully unconscious. A few textbooks were scattered next to him, glasses askew on his face - it's clear he fell asleep studying. His spidey sense isn't what wakes him - but Wade's disastrous cascade through his window certainly does. Sends him straight up to the ceiling, actually, in a flurry of books and sheets.

"What the hell -" Peter is not above yelling, back up against the corner of the ceiling, a defensive and automatic position. " - Wade! Seriously?"
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[ooc: just.... just one more tag.]

"Present!" Wade groans when he has to pull a book out from his ass. Welp. Let's just be honest, there were much better things he'd rather have near his ass when he was at Spidey's. Not that he would say that out loud or anything. Hopefully. His gloved hands pushed the offending books out from under his rear as he hoisted himself up off the floor. It was definitely a lot warmer in the apartment than it was outside, but he couldn't for the life of him make this stupid chill go away. Oh god. He knew what Jack's final moments were like now.

That was when he looked down and noticed that he had pretty much ripped one of the books in two. Using his bootless foot, he tried his best to push the remains into the nearest crevice without Peter noticing. All better!

"Why the hell do you have so many books? This isn't Beauty and the Beast. Or well... I guess it could be. I am definitely a beastly creep and you are a very brainy beauty. But I doubt you want to wear that frilly yellow dress..." Wade stopped blabbering enough to actually notice Peter on the ceiling. "...Did I interrupt something important?"
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[ooc: bwahaha that always turns into an endless cycle ;P ]

Ohhh there goes his organization for his midterm paper. He's going to have to restack all those books and hope Wade didn't break anything, because Peter so doesn't have the money to replace any of them. Like the last time, with the flamethrower which - Peter resolutely wasn't going to think about. It was a dark time.

"Please, for the love of god, close the window." He's also pretty sparing on the heating. Spiders were cold-blooded, so it tended not to bother Peter too much - he thought his human biology made him run a little hotter, so as to accommodate this change. Still, he's paying for it, he doesn't want the hot air escaping.

"Some of us are trying to get a degree and become functional humans in society." Peter had to make a conscious effort to get down from the ceiling, dropping to a crouch on his bed. "Creep is right - the hell are you doing, climbing through my window, Romeo?"

"Precious hours of sleep, yeah." Please, does he look like he was doing anything weird? Don't answer that.
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[ooc: FML. I have no self control.]

You know what? The thing with the flamethrower was totally... not his fault. Wade thought he saw a cockroach (or very large sentient dust bunny) and he just so happened to have the flamethrower attached to himself. His hand slipped. The end. It was an accidental throwing of flames.

At least he didn't bring his recorder this time. Apparently playing Celine Dion songs outside Peter's window at 5am was unacceptable. Well, excuuuuuuse him for being a romantic!

Oh shit! No wonder Wade could still feel that chill. He shut the window just as a gust of icy wind flitted through and wowee! That was rough. "Yeah, yeah, Petey pie. Most of the humans in this society are about as functional as Fergie full of iced tea at a Black Eyed Peas concert. Or well, shit. I guess she was pretty functional at that concert. Maybe a little too much if you catch my drift. Ahaha! But that's beside the point!" All while Wade was rambling, he kept inching closer to Peter's bed. That part of the room was like the surface of the sun compared to everywhere else and Wade was all about that warmth.

"You know what. Maybe I climbed through your window so I could play you a song on my recorder again. Since you asked me for an encore last time," Wade visibly shivered at that. The spideybed was looking exceptional comfortable, even if it was littered with papers and books. He could just... give them a little nudge and sink into the mattress... "Spidey don't get no sleep!"
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[ooc: you and me both i dont stay up till five am why do you ask
also i love that you linked that cover so much xD]

The fact that Peter let Wade anywhere near him with a flamethrower was really his own fault. Still, he wasn't exactly keen to take responsibility for that particular incident so...yeah, Wade was in hypothetical doghouse for at least 7 years (if anybody asked Peter, which, incidentally, they didn't).

Oh, Peter remembers that catastrophe. He has very sensitive hearing! Wade just about made his brain explode, and not in a fun way, no, Wilson.

Peter groaned and buried his head in his pillow. Whatever Wade wanted, it looked like it was going to be a long night for Peter. "If you climbed in here to sing Fergalicious I swear to God - "

"You and I remember that very differently," Peter grumbled, shaking his head and peeking out of his pillow suspiciously at Wade when he heard him moving. As Peter recalled, he'd thrown various objects out of his window before eventually webbing the recorder to Wade's mouth and dragging him halfway to Manhattan.

"Spiders absolutely need sleep - ah!" Peter swatted at Wade when he tried to sit down on the bed. "You're not sitting on my bed if you're bleeding. I have ONE set of sheets. And no, I'm not patting you down."
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[ooc: Right? Oh my goodness. I am that friend that sends that link just when you forget it exists. I'm evil.]

7 years was a really long time to be in the doghouse, so maybe Wade could find a way to get out on good behavior? Pfft. Snowball's chance in hell. It was almost like being around Peter just upped the amount of hijinks he got into. Petey was his good luck charm! Kinda!

"No, sweetums. No serenading tonight, cross my heart." He made the motion with his finger. That's how serious he was. Wade whined when Peter caught on to what he was doing and swatted him away from the bed. Christ! That was where the warmth was coming from! He was like a living furnace and Wade wanted to get all up in his business if he got his way. Stat. Hey! It was mostly good intentions this time... And there was barely any blood on his suit for once! Well that was a lie. He got shot in the thigh like 12 times today and there was still blood all over his leg. But dayum, he could go for a good pat down. Just one. Just a half pat.

"Spidey. Peter. Petey pie. Snookums. Please. I'm freezing. Please let me in the bed. I promise I'll be good. Scout's honor!" He tried to bat his eyelashes at Peter as he did the scout's sign, but the mask completely ruined the moment.

Desperate times called for desperate measures. "The floor is made of LAVA and I will die! Please! Oh benevolent Spidey! Have mercy on me! Ooo shit! If I take the bloody suit off can I hop in? You can't complain about blood getting everywhere if I remove the blood, right?"
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[ooc: His other work is unparalleled.]

Yeah, Wade Wilson and good behavior, in the same sentence? Peter couldn't think of a more fitting definition of an oxymoron if he tried. This was why "Team Red" was such an awful idea - Matt would almost definitely kill them both. And don't think for a second that Wade's immortality would stop him.

Peter was really starting to worry for Valentine's Day. God only knew what horror Wade would grace him with, if this was how he acted on a regular basis. "Hell no! My Wade-Destroyed-This-Thing-That-I-Own fund is running dry, dude, and I'm not buying another set of sheets! No."

"You were never a scout." Christ above, what kind of karma was this? @God, why? "You can't die, Wilson, take a chill pill."

Peter buried his face in his hands, pushing his glasses to the top of his head. He was too tired to fight Wade staying over, but damn it, he was serious about the blood. "On two conditions! One, you better be wearing underwear. Two, there better not be any blood on your skin, either!"
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[ooc: HAHAHA. How did I not know this was a thing?! omg I can't. You are the best for sending me that. Seriously. Christ. Are you ready for a novel? Sorrysorrysorry.]

Oho~! Matt would definitely obliterate him for sure. He might go a little easier on Pete, but that's because he's a pure little cinnamon roll. Unlike Deadpool. He was more like when you leave your cinnamon rolls in the oven too long and they turn into a burnt rock you could use to bludgeon someone to death. That was much more fitting.

Ahh~ Valentines! Dude, that was already covered. Billboard? Check. Photoshopped provocative image of the two of them? Check. It was just enough to prove his undying love to his favorite dreamboat.

"Petey! I told you that I will buy whatever you need. Especially if I exploded the previous thing. I don't know why you won't accept me as your sugar daddy. I am offended." Wade pouted, his lip visible through the mask. Seriously though, as much as he spent on pain medication he still had enough to repay Peter. Next time he wasn't even going to ask and just do it instead. Regardless of how that could extend his stay in the doghouse.

"I was too a scout! In a... past life! So there. I win." Oh man, oh man! Wade's face erupted into a huge smile when he realized Peter was actually going to give in. He rubbed his hands on the bullet holes on his thighs to make sure the dried stuff was off what skin was visible. "Hold on, hold on. Give me a moment." It was almost comical how Wade darted off to Peter's bathroom in a blur. He whipped off the suit and set it on the tub--trying to be considerate for once--used the sink to get the last little bits of dried blood, and then ran back into Peter's room.

Now that he was damn near naked--nothing but his Spiderman boxers left--he was even more cold than before. His whole body practically convulsed at the shiver that ripped through him. "Banzai!" Wade dove onto the bed and was instantly hit with delicious warmth. He moaned as he slipped under the covers. Finally. "I swear you will not regret this snuggle party, Petey. I am King Cuddlebutt. The best of the best. The few, the proud."
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[ooc: i just imagine wade giving peter a card that sings that, honestly. HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOT.]

The Devil did not tolerate shenanigans of...pretty much any kind. And where Peter showed a certain amount of restraint in hurting Wade, Matt was not above drawing blood. Peter wasn't convinced Matt didn't enjoy it, actually. But that's what he got for being friends with vigilantes - aaaaand he's not going to think about the fact that he just called Wade his friend in his inner monologue, fuck.

Peter knows you're behind that blog, you know the one. They're not Brangelina, they don't get a couple name, god dammit.

"Sugar daddy implies that I give you something very specific in return, Wade, and I'm not selling you my body." His words are somewhat muffled by his pillow as Peter faceplants into it, but hey, can you blame him? "Destiny's Child said it best - I don't think you're ready for this jelly."

"The Boy Scouts were founded in 1910, what other life are you talking about - " And then he's gone, and Peter sighs, lamenting his fate, but otherwise resigned to it. Seriously, he just wants to pass out in peace, why is that so much to ask? "You make a mess, you clean it up!"

Peter clears the bed of papers, mere moments before Wade flops onto it, blessedly. That's when he sees the boxers, and yes, he's judging you. "Please, do not call yourself that. It's not a nickname, you're not going to convince me."

He's not a Marine either, and Peter snorts, punching his pillow before collapsing back onto it.
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[ooc: YES. Oh my god yes. I just cackled so loud! I literally almost used that same Destiny's Child line last tag!! Day. Made. Again. ♪♬FIRE AWAY~♪♬]

Deadpool built this city. He built this city on shenanigans.

Oh yes. It was Wade. There were no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Thousands of followers were waiting to see Spiderman and Deadpool make out. It was the best~

"Well, hell, Petey! As much as I would come running if you rang the dinner bell, have a little more faith." That image though. This was not safe terrain for him. Peter was an 11 on the hotness scale, especially when he had those ridiculous Kpop-looking glasses on. He hit all the right buttons. Even the ones he didn't know existed. "While I disagree on not being ready for that jelly, I will agree that your body is definitely bootylicious."

It was so warm under this blanket. If Deadpool could die, he would die happy right now. His hands and feet were finally starting to warm up again and he felt that fuzzy comfort that happened right before you slept the sleep of the dead. At Peter's challenge he turned to face the other man head on. "Oho. But I am indeed King Cuddlebutt, Petey. The art of the snuggle was passed on through many a generation before I was taught the secrets to unlock its true power." He grinned and scooted closer. "You should turn around and be the little spoon this time. Just sayin. You'll be calling my King Cuddlebutt by tomorrow morning."

Wade was probably the most comfortable he had been in a long time. Peter was honestly the only person patient enough (other than Cable) to put up with his bullshit AND still make him feel like he wasn't useless. Even if Wade didn't say it, it meant more than he could ever begin to explain. Most people gave up on him. Hell, he wanted to give up on himself.
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[ooc: this was clearly meant to be, idk shit about the stars but they are aligned]

It's not like the pictures Wade posts are even that flattering. Just of his ass at the most random moments -

"I can't be bought." Peter swatted at him again, said glasses dislodging from his head and falling against the pillow next to him. He sighed, folding them and carefully laying them aside. He didn't even need them anymore, but it was force of habit - and mostly for May's benefit, really. "Since when were you a licensed booty appraiser?"

Wade's kind of nearly naked in Peter's bed right now, they've passed the point of 'safe terrain'.

"You need to stop hogging the covers," Peter all but whined, tugging at the blankets to get more than a corner. "Is this going to turn into the origin story about the ninjas because I will punt you across the river." Peter did nothing of the sort, though he did crack an eye open to watch Wade warily as he scooted closer. He was going to regret this, wasn't he? "Oh I'll call you something, alright. Watch it, Wilson."

Peter had been warned - by many - about Wade. Deadpool. Branded a psychopath, a killer, dangerous and not to be associated with. And sure, Peter had nodded along at first - the guy killed people, and that didn't jive with Peter.

But then he met Wade, and yeah, he could be coo coo for cocoa puffs, spewing things that didn't make a lick of sense, like he was on the Office or something - but Peter's thusly dubbed 'Spidey sense' had never tingled, not once, around Wade. He'd never been a threat to Peter - not that he couldn't be, but evidently he'd never wanted to be.

People thought Peter was equally as nuts, to 'hang out' - as much as Wade stalking him around New York could be considered hanging out - with Deadpool, but Peter was inclined to trust his instincts. They'd never failed him, ever, and he didn't think Wade would be the exception to that.

So yes, sometimes his patience wore thin for Wade's antics, but Peter didn't treat Wade any differently than he treated Matt, or anybody else, for that matter. He knew he could trust him, when it came down to it - and psychopath or not, Wade was still a person. It seemed most forgot that (it might have helped that Peter knew what it was like, to be a pariah in the superhero community, but his lips are sealed).
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& now I must pass out for real

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[ooc: Well clearly! omg FML. As I cry forever. I caught feels at the end of your post & then at the end of this one. God dammit, Oasis. God dammit, Peter. You blessed cinnamon roll. I have so many Peter Parker feels as is & you just sucker punched me a good one.]

There is never an unflattering picture of that ass. It's not humanly possible.

"Since 'dat ass' came into publication in 1963, Petey." Wade giggled. Oh god. His mania was starting to die down. That was a good sign. "Honestly, I was born a booty appraiser. I wanna be the very best. Like no one ever was, Peter."

Wade sighed and shifted so that there were enough covers for Peter too. He wasn't usually greedy with blankets but it was just so freaking cold. "There." He leaned over and tucked Petey in so a draft couldn't get into the sealed blanket dome of warmth. "No ninjas. Just sleepy times, baby boy." Was it normal to feel like a human-shaped blob of jello? Because that was what he felt like at that moment. "♪~I like it when you call me big papa. Throw ya hands in the air if you're a true playa~♪" Wade very unenthusiastically put his hands in the air out of respect for Biggie Smalls. Rest in peace, you majestic soul.

It was so easy to burrow into the warmth of the covers and just be for a little bit.

Peter had a good head on his shoulders and an unfailingly good heart. If Wade ever thought that there was a possibility of his presences corrupting or tainting him in some way, he would have left a long time ago and never looked back. But Petey was one of the purest things this stupid, dirty world had left. He was damn near uncorruptable and Wade would be damned if anybody changed that. But for right now. He was just a snuggle bro laying in a manly manner next to his snuggle broseph. And that was enough for him.

"G'night," he yawned, curling onto his side but trying not to take up too much room. Wade half yawned, half sang, "And after all... you're my wonderwall~♪"
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[ooc: welcome to my life. i am constantly drowning in Peter Parker feelings haaa my hell]

"I was born in the nineties, Wade," It's not the first time he's had to remind him. See what Peter means about saying random shit that doesn't make any sense? "Beating the elite four doesn't give you an appraisal license. I want to see some documentation, dude."

Peter will second that; he's getting cold, since Wade woke him up and made him abandon his blanket nest for the ceiling. He didn't even contradict the 'baby boy' comment, like he sometimes did (usually when they were out on patrol, in front of citizens), just closed his eyes and relaxed into the mattress. "...what is it with you and rap music? Honestly." And no, he's not calling him Big Papa, the same way he refuses to call him King Cuddlebutt or any number of other nicknames Wade has tried to pass off on him.

Peter wouldn't necessarily agree with you on the 'unfailing' part, but he didn't think Wade would ever 'corrupt' him, not in a way that mattered. Peter had laid down a flat law of 'no killing' when Wade was with him, and it had only ever been broken once or twice. Peter had been angry, of course, but at the same time, the fact that Wade had broken his promise said something about the kind of situation they were in. Still. Peter is more likely to let someone kill him than take a life himself.

"Night," Peter mumbled, barely twitching even when Wade semi-invaded his personal space. He's trying to be nice. But - "Okay, no. Wonderwall, really? I'll fight you, Wilson, that's unacceptable under my roof." Yes, he's requesting another song before he sleeps. He can't fall asleep to Wonderwall.
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[ooc: Right? I saw the Deadpool movie & have been in feelings hell ever since. Immediately rewatched TASM movies.]

"Whatever you need to help you sleep at night, snookums." Wade curled closer to the pillow. He really was a snuggler. So he needed at least a pillow to hold when he slept otherwise he tossed and turned all night. Apparently Wade was the stealer of heat though because he was getting to a comfortable level of warmth finally. Finally. "I was born with an ass appraisal license. And do you know how hard it is to beat the elite four? It took me a really long time to get the right team of Pokemon together. I wasn't a cheater. I didn't read a guide. My Blastoise was the Destroyer of Worlds though. I miss my Pooky." Yes. He named his Squirtle Pooky who evolved into a giant Pooky at the end. It was fitting.

The 'no killing' thing was pretty rough because some of the fuckers they fought really deserved a bullet to the head. But Wade was a good boy and pushed back that part of him whenever he teamed up with Spidey. The more he refrained from killing, the easier it became for him. Even though there would always be a part of him that felt that some psycopaths deserved to have their license to breathe permanently revoked. Maybe he was a little bit vindictive. Just a tiny.

Just as he was about to fall asleep, he heard Peter whining about his song choice. "Really? Fine." He cleared his throat. "I love the night life. I got to boogie~ on the disco 'rouuuund~♪" Nailed it.
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[ooc: after the Deadpool movie I trolled AO3 for all the spideypool fic I could find >.> ]

There was only so much fidgeting Peter would take throughout the night before he kicked Wade's ass off his bed. That's no idle threat, either. Peter snorted, again - it seemed to be a frequent occurrence, in Wade's company. "I don't think they can give a baby a license, sorry. Depends on which elite four you're fighting. Anything past Firered is a joke." He did nod, though, approving of the choice in starter. Peter always chose the water type. Easiest to get by the first few gyms, which let you catch the necessary Pokemon to continue - " - wait, Pooky?"

Hence, the few times Wade had broken that streak - well, Peter was usually out for the count by that point anyway. Which probably didn't do anything for morale, on the whole. Still, it was a good habit to practice, and Wade seemed - well not less manic, but perhaps less unfailingly wild the longer he went without killing.

Forgive and forget more like resent and remember.

"...alright, that's passable." Nice choice.
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[ooc: Me too! 99% of my ao3 bookmarks are spideypool fics now. haha. I have been ruined.]

As long as Peter didn't try to steal the pillow that Wade was currently snuggling then he wouldn't fidget too bad. Well, as long as it wasn't that or one of his night terrors. They were left over from his extended stay in the Weapon X program. "At least that's one thing we can agree on. I'm fiercely loyal to first gen, thank you." Without realizing it, Wade shifted just the tiniest bit closer to Peter. It was the warmth. Yeah. That was why he kept inching closer. "Yes, he was my Pooky. The strongest and fiercest of Pooky babies."

It wasn't very smart of anyone to knock out Spidey when he was around. That was like flipping his switch from 'peace' to 'murderate'. It was one thing to shoot Deadpool or even cut off a limb, ain't no thing but a chickenwing. But you harm a hair on Spidey's head and you were getting shish-kebab'd real quick. Anyways, it seemed like Petey had managed to domesticate him. Wade wasn't as feral anymore.

"Do you need me to continue serenading you with Alicia Bridges until you fall asleep, baby boy?" Wade just grinned, half awake. Honestly, he knew the answer but couldn't stop himself from being an ass.
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[ooc: we should compare xD it's practically canon, in wade's head, anyway.]

Peter was no stranger to nightmares; though Wade's were probably a lot more physical-torture-centric than Peter's. Seriously, had no one ever bothered to question just why Wade was the way he was? Not that they were likely to get a straight answer, but you didn't jump to vigilantism without a reason. "I mean, technically Firered was third gen..." Uh huh. Excuses excuses, Wilson. "How many did you have?"

Yeah, the few times Peter went down, he woke up to either a) fire, b) blood, or c) Taco Bell. Surprisingly, the last one was the most frightening, considering Wade had carried him all the way home without Peter waking once. Domestication...well, the X-Men did start calling him 'Deadpool Detail', like he was Wade's handler or something (mostly Logan. Peter answered when Logan called because he might not be able to kill Wade, but that just made Wolverine angrier - so if Peter could talk Wade down from enraging the guy with adamantium claws, he would.)

"Some Frankie Valli would really mellow me out," Peter teased sleepily.
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[ooc: We should! Oh man. If you want the rec list to end all rec lists, I can make that. & yeah it's pretty much canon to Wade. haha. Petey will forever be Wade's Wonderwall.]

Maybe that was one of the things a lot of people didn't realize about being a superhero; the amount of baggage you carry for the rest of your life. It wasn't easy. "Well, yeah. But first gen was better. I was just admitting to third gen being acceptable." And that was a lot coming from him. "There were many Pookies after Pooky the first." Yes, Wade named every one of his starters Pooky.

Fire, blood, and Taco Bell; the American way. Or well, he was Canadian, but wasn't particularly good at being a Candian. He was horrific at apologizing. Honestly, Peter pretty much was Deadpool's handler without meaning to be. Spidey was the only person that could talk sense into him. Fortunately he managed to keep Deadpool from being sliced up like Christmas turkey. That would've taken a while to heal up from. It was just so fun pissing Logan off though!

Wade should've known. The only other person as big a smartass as him was laying next to him in bed right now. "I need you babyyy and if it's quite all right. I need you babyyy to warm the lonely nights. I love you baby, trust in me when I say okay~♪" This may have been one of his karaoke songs.

The award for most adorable sleepy voice went to... drumroll... Peter Parker! Wade couldn't even handle it.
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[ooc: Dude yessss. Also there's a video you should see. And I mean honestly. I was actually planning on doing a Spideypool section of my playlist when I finally finish it xD WHICH BY THE WAY Wade quoted the Frankie Valli song I'm listening to w h a t ]

And superheroes? They were even more likely to have a guilt complex than the average person. It was one of Peter's main motivators which, ha, so unhealthy, honestly. "Ruby & Sapphire were incredible, I don't know what you're talking about." That got a laugh out of him, muffled though it was against the pillow. "How original."

Talk sense into him or distract him long enough to get him out of whatever situation he'd wrapped himself up in? It was up for debate. How had he signed up for this job again? This is why he shouldn't go on Craigslist. Canadian on the outside, American on the inside. Terribly poetic.

"Not bad..." Peter mumbled, and wow, okay, please don't tell anyone but Wade kind of sung him to sleep. His face went slack, completely, and he hummed quietly, fingers curling against his pillow.
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[ooc: YES!! I freaking love that video! So funny! Poor Peter. lol. He puts up with so much. Dude SAME. I've been working on a spideypool playlist on 8tracks that I was going to add to my playlist section. Ahahaha!! Apparently my Wade muse is a mind reader. The stars have aligned! Shit I need a spideypool icon too. I'll have to make one.]

Even though he may not have seemed like it, he carried his own guilt too. Though not as heavily as Peter. It's just that his way of dealing with his guilt was explosions and firearms. "Fine, fine, Petey." What he wasn't saying was that Ruby and Sapphire's starters didn't live up to first gen's starters for him. But Peter looked so tired and Wade was actually keeping himself from yammering on for once. It was difficult. "Pooky kept reincarnating, okay. Don't judge my child."

Wade rolled over so he was facing Peter. It was nice seeing a happy, relaxed look on his ridiculously good-looking face for once. "Gnight, baby boy," he whispered. When had his body gotten this heavy? It had been so long since Wade felt this safe and comfortable. Everything finally caught up to him and he realized just how exhausted he really was. Before he knew it, he was out like a light.
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[ooc: "WOAH! W O A H !" His legs are literally wrapped around Wade in that panel smh. Yesss link me~~ ]

Everybody had their coping mechanisms. Wade's was a little bloodier than most but - well, Peter was trying his best not to judge. Everybody had skeletons in this business, the difference with Wade was, he wasn't nearly as ashamed of them as others might be. "I loved it, it was awesome." Fight him, Wilson. "How many times did you play through that game?"