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[personal profile] spideyguy 2016-06-14 03:17 am (UTC)(link)
[The adrenaline after a fight is an intense thing. Until Peter met Steve, he didn't really have any sort of outlet for that. He'd swing home, buzzing with the near death experience, crawling around his room until it wore off enough for him to sleep. Perhaps that was what was best for him, though it did tend to leave him jittery.

But then - a chance team-up, running into Cap out on the streets. They'd worked together before, however brief, usually in a passing encounter with the Avengers. Peter had a tendency to act on instinct, so pulling Steve out of the way of the exploding car and rolling to a stop, together, on the opposite rooftop - he would have done that for anybody.

Kissing him, though, in a fit of we're-not-dead-hooray energy, that wasn't part of the plan.

So now they're here, quite a few fights later, and maybe Peter should be more concerned with the fact that this was becoming something of an after-battle tradition with him and Steve. He's got the super soldier pinned against the wall, costumes undone just enough to get to what they need to, Peter's mask pulled up over his nose, Steve's somewhere lost on the ground. Peter's a lot stronger than he looks, which was particularly helpful when lifting the 240 pounds of solid muscle that was Steve Rogers.]

Fuck - [Peter panted quietly, against Steve's ear, hips thrusting forward again, dragging Steve up the brick wall, hard.]
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[personal profile] priceofvalor 2016-06-14 04:40 am (UTC)(link)
[A fight is something that’s necessary only some of the times and Steve’s had to balance the rush of adrenaline with the strange mixture of elation and regret over any combat. Battles have left him hyped up with victory or relief, or drained to the point of coming back and crashing despite the massive amounts of super-human endurance he had. But none of those results are things he enjoyed, the ups and downs enough to leave him wondering which it would be this time.

However, Peter’s different. Peter doesn’t have the history behind him that the other Avengers have with Steve. Despite the teenager’s naivety in some areas, the super-soldier finds him refreshing, to see someone so young with the same passion for doing what he can do for the little guy. And Steve, despite his looks now, has been that little guy before. The brief times he gets to work with Peter show him that all over again. Which is why he had nothing but gratitude for the other hero for yanking him out of the way of the car. A teammate through and throu—

What’s the rule on kissing your teammate?

Steve’s surprised reaction only lasted for a bit (1940’s mindset and all). And now this kind of thing’s becoming some sort of interesting repetition. Each time, however, he doesn’t find that intense hype or the impending drain, but instead a heated warmth that’s far more satisfying. The scrape of the wall behind him doesn’t quite make it through his suit, but the pressure’s there and it feels so good. Cool air nips at what skin’s exposed between them and Steve hooks one leg around Peter’s slimmer limb, calf pressing to the back of the other hero’s knee.

Blonde hair’s lost some of that style he puts it in, a few fringes hanging damp over his forehead as he tilts his head down and captures the boy’s lips with his mouth. He tastes familiar. Must be the state. This kid’s got a lot more strength than he looks like and Steve’s come to appreciate that, both on the battle and out. Muscles flex under his suit and he breaks the kiss with a husky breath as hips rock forward and his back rushes up the wall again with another steady thrust. Teeth on his ear and the soldier wraps his arm around Peter’s neck, holding onto him hard as his only remaining leg’s already on the toes of his boot.]

Language— [Steve gasped, pressing his fingers against the other’s shoulders. It’s a tease between them by now, maybe even a compliment. With the next thrust, he abruptly flexes and muscle hardens against the younger hero, dragging him closer.]
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2016-06-14 07:36 am (UTC)(link)
[The way they fell into each other was perhaps a heat of the moment, blinded by combat experience but it - had an addictive sort of quality to it. Maybe it had something to do with how lonely Peter was, though he would hardly admit to it. And maybe Steve is a little lonely too; when they first kissed (who had even initiated? Peter's memory blurs over that straight to the oh wow he can kiss hot damn part) Steve had held back, for a brief moment, before he gave into it. Peter wasn't sure why, and he wasn't inclined to ask, if that meant thinking about what they were doing, really.

Are they teammates? Peter also can't recall getting the candy-coated invitation to join the super secret boyband, but hey, invite or not, Steve's doing a pretty good job convincing him with his tongue alone -

Peter groaned against Steve's mouth, pegging him up against the wall again, a hard meeting of their hips. Steve's got this kevlar layer thing going on, but Peter's suit is all breathable spandex, so suffice it to say, Steve is going to be able to feel pretty much everything going on with Peter. What? He had to be aerodynamic.

Peter slid his hand under Steve's thigh, lifting him a little more, encouraging him to give in and just wrap his legs around Peter's waist. He could hold him, no problem, seriously. It'd definitely make drilling him into the wall a whole lot easier.]

You love it, my fuckin' potty mouth. [Peter purred the accusation, tilting his head to bury his face against Steve's neck, mouth hot over his pulse point. The next thrust made Peter's toes curl, and he pressed Steve into the wall, more than ready to get even closer. He pressed his chest fully to Steve's, feeling the lines of hard muscle underneath his suit, as well as Steve's dick, trapped between them.]
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[personal profile] priceofvalor 2016-06-16 12:56 am (UTC)(link)
[ooc: sorry for the delay; work's being a pain in the ass. thanks for your patience!]

[Steve was one to go on gut instinct as much as he was willing to go on plans. But that kiss up back then had been totally unplanned and pure instinct. From the pause to the returned touch that kicked off all of this. Loneliness… maybe. Peter’s a lot younger than the other Avengers and superheroes running around and Steve’s from a completely different time. They’re both out of place and he somehow sensed that back then. Kissing back had been easy. And surprising at just how good it was (in its own kind of not-perfect way after a near-death victory excitement). Thinking about it beyond that hadn’t been important.

He considers Peter a teammate, which for Steve, is more or less synonymous with “ally.” They work together with a common goal. And besides, it’s not like Steve would be pressing his tongue all the way into Peter’s mouth if he wasn’t close to him. Or tilting his head to the side to deepen the kiss as their bodies come flush together all over again.

That groan’s hot and a sharp grunt snaps between them as he’s shoved against the wall again, the impact of narrow hips against his own jolting through his body in the best way. He may have his layered costume on, but it’s not so thick he can’t feel the strong, wiry body shifting against him. And of course his fingers are uncovered and they’re more than happy to run over Peter’s shoulders and grip at his arms, feeling the way his muscles flex beneath that red and blue spandex. To say nothing of what’s uncovered between them…

He hikes his leg a little as fingers wander under it, but then jerks his head back, breaking the kiss with a heated pant as he finally gives in and pulls his leg clear from the ground. An agile motion and a strong leg wraps around Peter’s waist, trusting him to hold the rest of his body weight. And God! the next shove as him grinding against the wall and trying to squeeze the breath out of the younger hero with his legs.]

Guess I can’t lie to you. [Steve grits out between a mixture of growl and grin. But it melts into a blissful expression as a mouth laves over his pulse point and his blood churns in his veins. The next thrust is hard, slamming inside, and the blonde throws his head back with a sharp cry of encouragement. One hand latches around the back of Peter’s neck and he digs his bare fingers into his skin, barely finding the rim of his mask. It’s tempting… but he always obeys that rule and never messes with his mask unless Peter gives him the go ahead. He flexes, chest hardening against Peter’s as they grind together, and he bucks upward with his hip, driving his dick against the flexible definitions of the wall crawler’s abs.] Peter…
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2016-06-16 06:13 pm (UTC)(link)
[ooc: it's all good!]

[Peter would love to have a team. People he could rely on, could call when things got rough. He sort of already did that, with Steve particularly (and he had a few vigilantes on speed dial), but his beat was his beat and he didn't often like to ask for help. Everybody had problems, he should be able to handle his own. But a team? Well, that was official.

It's almost too much, this dirty fuck against the alley wall, and Peter groans, muffling it against Steve's shoulder as he thrusts into him again, bouncing him against the wall. That's another thing, about the two of them - they don't have to hold back. Peter isn't going to break Steve the way he would a normal person (though that didn't bode well for the wall, really).]

Fuck - [Steve wrapping his legs around him changed the angle, pushing Peter deeper. His hands find Steve's waist, lifting him pretty much effortlessly, pinning him to the wall as his hips continue, Steve's grip on him encouragement enough.]

Nope. I can hear heartbeats. [He's pounding Steve's hips into the wall, hard and fast. Peter helps grind Steve's dick against his abdomen with a soft huff of amusement.] Want some help there, or you saving it?

[He knows the fingers at the edge of his mask are a silent question, and Peter doesn't pause his thrusting as he turns his attention, briefly, to checking the area around them. No, he can't hear anyone that would care. Besides, if someone caught them - they'd probably assume it wasn't actually Captain America and Spiderman.]

You can - if you want. No one's - around. [Peter manages, hips undulating against Steve again.]
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[personal profile] priceofvalor 2016-06-18 04:43 am (UTC)(link)
[Steve respected Peter’s decisions and personally tried to stay out of the wall-crawler’s area. But it was a relief to know that he could count on him if the need arose for it. Being more of team player than others, but still preferring to trust his team’s judgement (or his own) over those of politicians and other agendas, he had his fair shares of lone wolfing.

Or in this cause, a pair. Steve clenches his hand over Peter’s shoulder, head bowing as the next thrust hits home and his entire body tenses up. Each claim has him rocking against the wall and he does his best to keep his legs twined around the smaller hero’s even though parts of him want to simply let go. A louder, sharper groan breaks free and he clenches down with his body, dragging at the length driving in and out.

It feels good, this quick, heated thing that has no reluctance. He really hopes this isn’t something important because the next impact leaves a brief crack in the wall. Apparently this brick structure isn’t designed for two super-powered heroes to go at it without restraint. A breathless oath slips out again and Steve hikes one leg further up Peter’s body, letting the spread pull himself even tighter around the other’s sex.

His back hits the wall again and Steve cries out as the angle changes intensely. Blonde hair drips with exertion as he drags his head back, eyes half-lidded from the sensations. An unconsciously-sultry grin plays at his lips at the younger man’s cheek.]
I can feel heartbeats. [Every thrust buries Peter back inside and he’s able to feel just how fast his heart’s going as it throbs inside his length. The nuzzle of his dick between the lines of Peter’s abs encourages him to buck forward, thrusting firmly against his stomach.] Saving… for when you—ngh—do.

[Once he gets permission, knowing Peter’s checked the surroundings, Steve hooks his fingers under the rim of the mask and pulls upward, dragging the material off the other hero’s head. He always likes seeing Peter’s face, his expressions beneath that styled rush of brown hair. The mask goes in one of his belt compartments for safe keeping and Steve returns his hand to Peter’s head, burying fingers in brunette before dragging his head forward and claiming his mouth in a heated kiss.] Look good tonight… aah… Pete.

[Aka: Neither of them got punched in the face this time.]
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2016-06-24 08:29 pm (UTC)(link)
[It's hard, sometimes, to discern what the right move is when something bigger than the next bank robbery hit his turf. For a while there, crime slowed down when the Avengers set up camp, but it wasn't too long before it started right back up again. Humans never really changed.

Peter's grip tightens on Steve's hips, as he clenches around him. There's going to be a vaguely man-shaped indent in the wall by the time they're done, but Peter can hardly care. A bed certainly wouldn't survive this; though they'd never been able to make it that far when they met in the street.]

That so? [Peter's getting close, can feel something hot and heady pooling in his stomach, balls drawing up against his dick. He's determined to fuck Steve through his orgasm, though, so Peter doesn't stop, trying to get in as many thrusts as he can manage.] M'getting close. Shit, Steve, you're fucking tight -

[Peter's smile is bright, cheeks flushed with the heat of arousal. He kisses Steve back eagerly, wet and with maybe a hint of teeth, but it's a good kind of sloppy.] Not so bad yourself...

[He can feel a bruise on his side, and he's sure Steve has a scrape or two somewhere, but it's inconsequential. The ultimate goal is to feel this coupling in the morning, rather than fighting bruises.]
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[personal profile] priceofvalor 2016-06-30 01:12 am (UTC)(link)
[Humans are humans and thought Steve wishes he could believe in their inherent goodness, well… Life teaches hard lessons and he’s seen plenty in his life to prove otherwise. He still wishes to protect the innocent as much as possible. At least, to some extent, their very presence can help with that.

Not that it’s making much an imprint right now, beyond his shoulder adding a few more cracks to the wall as Peter continues to rut into him. He keeps both arms wrapped around the smaller hero, panting heavily as he bows his head over the red-clad shoulder.]
Some time… we really should… get a room.

[His breath comes in hard pants and it’s difficult to get out, but that’s hardly anything to complain about. Especially when he feels the younger man speeding up and heating against him. Legs clench harder around Peter’s hips and he pulls his head back as those words seep into his ears.] Yeah… almost… there—!

[He’s going to comment about that “tight” remark, but the next thrust steals his breath and his head clunks back against the wall, leaving him flush faced, open mouthed, and closed eyed as his body rocks and hikes with every motion. He manages to get one eye open, landing his gaze on Peter’s face and that bright, flushed smile of his.

Damn this kid’s cute. His own boyish smile vanishes into the kiss and he pushes into it with enthusiasm and arousal, nipping a little and enjoying the slight mess. It makes it feel more natural, better, more—

Steve breaks the kiss, panting harshly as his body seizes up. Muscles bulged all over his figure and he squeezes like a vice around Peter’s shoulders, waist, and cock, probably leaving bruises on the former pair. Flutters ripple inside him and Steve drops his head back again, holding on for another few breathless moments before he abruptly shoves his chest up and cries out into the night air as he finds his climax.

Wet heat bursts between them and Steve practically “swallows” around the younger hero as he pounds inside him, fucking him through the duration of his rather lengthy orgasm. Streams spatter against them both, sticky, thick, and white, and all Steve can see is white and Peter’s face in his memory. And that’s amazing.]
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2016-07-03 04:21 am (UTC)(link)
[There's just so much of it sometimes Peter feels like he's playing an endless round of Diner Dash, until he inevitably fails. Ten million people and there's always another one, around every corner, hurting a fellow human.

Oh, you've gone and jinxed it, Steve. Peter presses chest to chest with him, leaning heavily into the wall.]
Could you even...make it that far?

Come on. Come on. [Peter murmurs, lifting Steve up higher on the wall as he clenched around Peter. Fuck, that felt incredible. Peter is so close to losing it, it's all he can do to cling on and keep his pace, stuttering only a little.

Watching Steve orgasm is a thrill in and of itself. For starters, he makes the best damn face. Head tipped back, lips open wide on the harsh pants coming out of his lungs - stunning, honestly. Steve's eyelashes are especially fascinating - they're so damn long. Peter grins triumphantly, grasp on his own pleasure slipping. He manages to do as he intended and fuck Steve through his orgasm, but not by a particularly large margin. Steve's orgasm is long and drawn out; Peter's costume is a mess, but he can hardly care.

Peter's moan was muffled against Steve's insistent mouth, two more hard, driving thrusts against the wall before he's gone, spilling into Steve's ass as he tightened around him, that silky heat.]
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[That’s people for you. Steve’s impressed that Peter, in his youth, has such a resolve that, despite the endlessness of it all, still encourages him to be the hero people need, even when they don’t want him. Steve’s never said how much Peter inspires him and he hopes he gives the same back to the younger hero.

Speaking of giving… Steve’s breath rushes out in a heavy grunt as he’s pressed into the wall, flexing and groaning as he feels the other hero’s chest flush with his own and those thick words teasing his ears. He can’t respond, too overwhelmed by his climax, but no, no he can’t make it that far. Not right now.

He rolls his hips and clenches down in the same rhythm of his peak, uncontrollable and subconsciously timing it with those encouraging murmurs as Peter lifts him higher against the wall. It feels so good and he doesn’t want it to end, pulsing out his pleasure and gripping the other hero over and over with every part of himself.

It’s maddening as Peter fucks him clean through the onslaught, his cock thrusting further inside and forcing his tunnel open and around him despite the way it’s swallowing around his length. Until finally he can barely get anything else out and the pulses die away into little shudders. Enough he can drop his head, chest heaving, and pry his eyes open to gaze at Peter through heavily-lidded eyes. He wants to see him now that he’s got his vision back… and Peter’s so damn close to the edge it’s beyond tempting.

He’ll apologize about the mess later. When his mouth isn’t being plundered by a tongue and low moans at the younger hero thrust into him twice more, hard enough he hears the wall crack behind them. The kiss muffles a hot, heavy groan as Steve feels Peter thicken harder inside and suddenly everything’s breaking, heat spilling far inside him and filling him up. He bucks shallow and needy, husky voice thick and intense as he clenches down with every stream Peter gives him.

Damn that cuss sounds nice…]
Nh… Damn, Pete.
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2016-10-22 09:03 pm (UTC)(link)
[It's a thankless job, but Steve already knows that. He knows how hard it can be, and how, above all, it's worth it. Maybe that's part of what's brought them together like this, that mutual respect and empathy. It can be hard to find someone who gets it.

Steve fucking rides him, and it feels amazing. Where did he learn just how to make Peter's whole body shiver? All of his post-fight adrenaline goes into fucking Steve right into the wall, hard, bodily thrusts of his hips into Steve. It's kind of funny; Peter can hold Steve against the wall without breaking a sweat, but Steve gripping him, accepting Peter into his body, is more than enough to make him a little weak.

It's completely worth it. Peter shudders as he empties into Steve, not even registering the wall crumbling behind them. His fingers dig in hard enough that he may very well leave bruises, but they're definitely the good kind. Peter pants harshly against Steve's mouth, trying to find the air in his lungs to speak as the orgasm high leaves him breathless.] bad yourself.