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( nursed back to health shipping meme. )

Nursed Back to Health

  • Comment with your character, preferences, preferred role, and any information you'd like to include.
  • Your character has either been injured/sick and had to be taken in (possibly against their will) or has been the one to help somebody like the former. Through the mending process, the two characters in a thread have fallen in love - or at least grown closer and more affectionate.
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[personal profile] rumchocolatesouffle 2016-06-12 03:33 am (UTC)(link)
The night had started off feeling like he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He'd just been leaving an art gallery for extra credit near Queens when all hell broke loose. A large metal dumpster went careening past him and hit the building next to him, a few rocks flying off and striking him. They'd leave bruises, but it was sure better than getting hit with the dumpster. Just as he looked in the direction the monstrosity had come from he saw Spiderman being thrown high up into the air by this thing with a ton of long metal arms. No, it was a person in the center of all those arms wearing some kind of mask and costume. Kurt's heart pounded in his chest in panic until he saw his hero catch himself with his web and swing to a building's wall safely.

Sirens were going off up and down the street from emergency vehicles to the stores' alarm systems creating a terrible racket. The noise and the chaos created by the strange man and his arms throwing chunks of concrete and even a traffic that crashed into a building not far from where Kurt was standing. He scrambled back so he was up against the art gallery, hoping it'd reduce his chances of getting hit with anything else. He'd go back inside, but he couldn't just leave Spiderman- which was pretty dumb since what was he going to be able to do for the guy?

He yelped as one of those metal arms caught hold of the superhero and crushed him against the wall he'd been climbing. It was hard looking away, even if Kurt knew he was just taking an unnecessary risk. The screeches of police cars distracted him briefly but as he looked up Spiderman was getting thrown into an alleyway nearby. To Kurt's surprise, the violent man with the metal arms retreated as more emergency vehicles drew close.

This wasn't good. Spiderman had told him once he couldn't go to the hospital. They'd just try to blame him for this anyway. Running as fast as he could to the alley, Kurt found him on the ground. "Spidey! Spidey, it's me Kurt. Come on, we've got to get you out of here. Can you hear me?"
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Unfortunately, this is really just another Friday night for Peter. Swinging around, sorting out trouble, when lo and behold, somebody was out to kick his ass. Wasn't that always the way? The fight with Doc Ock spilled out into the streets, and while Peter tried to minimize the damage, it was kind of difficult to contain it and defend himself at the same time. In the end, both declined a bit - but if the good doctor was beating the shit out of Peter, at least he wasn't crushing citizens into the concrete.

The world was a blur of pain and too much noise - Peter was losing, his head was ringing and - oh, he's being thrown, now, what else is new?

He can barely lift his head, groaning incoherently when Kurt reaches him. He was pretty sure he blacked out there for a second - someone's touching him, but they don't register as a threat so Peter can hardly bring himself to care. "Nngh - ugh," He twitched, gritting his teeth and willing his body up.
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This was bad. This was really bad. Kurt was freaking out now that he could see Spidey wasn't in any condition to get himself out of this mess. He remembered hearing things about how you shouldn't move someone who could potentially have back injuries, but Spidey was in far worse danger remaining here. He was so tremendously glad he'd followed taken that new apartment here in Queens. It wasn't much, but it'd have to do.

As carefully and as quickly as he could, Kurt slipped one of Spidey's arms over his shoulders and awkwardly stood up. He'd never tried carrying a person before but he had adrenaline pumping through his veins and the trademark Hummel stubbornness. Muttering a soft curse to himself for not taking the dancing lifts class sooner, he half carried/ half dragged Spiderman further down the alley to the neighboring street. He set Spidey down for just a moment so he could hail a cab. Hoping the taxi driver was one of those guys too numb by his job to really care what they were doing.

It took longer than he was hoping but eventually, he found a driver to take them the rest of the way. An extra twenty seemed to shut the man up well enough, but he didn't have a lot of cash to spare. It was worth it if Spidey would be safe. Holding the masked man upright, he kept glancing down at his body wondering what injuries they needed to take care of. He really hoped he wasn't making this worse.
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He just had to heal. He just had to rest...

Peter passed out again, something of a dead weight on Kurt as he was carried over to the next street. His body had to heal enough for him to wake up again, which he didn't until they were already in the cab, groggy and disoriented. He'd be very worried if he knew Kurt was being seen with him, but as it is he can barely blink his eyes open underneath the mask, twitching against Kurt as they rode in the cab.

"Who..." Peter grunted quietly, stumbling out of the cab with Kurt. He was lucky Kurt was holding him up, though, because he honestly wouldn't be able to himself. "Where...ughn..."
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Why did the movies have to always make this look so easy? Carrying someone who was passed out was way harder than he thought it would be. He was far too determined to do it to quit, but there would be sore muscles later. Once they were getting out of the cab and then slowly up to his apartment (ugh, why did he get a fourth floor apartment?), he shifted so he could carry Spiderman like a yoke across his shoulders. Clenching his jaw, he knew he should be answering the poor man's worried mumbles, but he couldn't divert enough energy to do so.

It seemed like it took hours instead of just twenty minutes to reach his home and carry Spidey onto the futon he used as a bed. It was just a studio with one main room that doubled as a living area and bedroom with a small kitchen and a bathroom off of it. It was all he could afford on his own and that was even a stretch.

With a groan, he rolled his shoulders and looked down at his injured friend. He could see where some spots were soaked from blood and there were several tears. Sighing, he hoped Spidey really did trust him to some degree.

"I'm not going to hurt you," he told Spidey, unsure if he was conscious or unconscious. "It's just me.. Kurt. You're safe. I.. uh.. I'm going to need to get that shirt off you though. I swear I'm not going to do anything to jeopardize you." Please please believe him!

Fetching a bowl of water, a clean cloth, and the first aid kit, he striped out of the stained shirt he was wearing. Another outfit that would end up destroyed. He didn't even want to think about the bed. "If you can hear me, I'm just going to take off your shirt."

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Peter wasn't even that heavy - well, reasonably so, but he was pretty tall, lean. Sorry, Kurt, but he's of no help as you carry him upstairs; seriously, you're an angel. He groaned again, head twitching against Kurt's shoulder, but with no immediate danger - his Spidey sense was unusually quiet - he just couldn't force his body into action.

The apartment smelled familiar, saturated with Kurt's scent as it was (yes, he knew that was a weird sentence, it's why he never bothered explaining half of his powers to people, it was WEIRD), and that helped Peter relax a little, even if he hadn't identified Kurt yet. Clearly, whoever was helping him could be trusted, in some fashion.

"" His head felt jumbled, but Peter didn't do anything to stop Kurt, letting his eyes fall shut under the mask. If Kurt were to try and remove the mask, maybe he'd have a spike of adrenaline - but the top half of his suit is fair game.
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If Spiderman had been much heavier, Kurt wouldn't have been able to get him upstairs by himself. He hadn't stopped to think what that might have meant doing and he was glad he still didn't have to. That was at least one bullet they'd dodged tonight.

Kurt would be fascinated by all of Spiderman's powers even the ones like scent that was weird too. Just what all could the man smell? Hopefully it wasn't quite like what he'd read from werewolf fantasy stories. Neither of them needed to know when Kurt was noticing how attractive Spidey was. That was awkward with a capital A. The only reason he might need to figure something out with the mask was if he needed to try and get him some water or pain medicine. Right now, he was going to see what he could do with the rest of his body. He meant that in the most platonic sense too! No checking out the unconscious person.

Hearing Spidey repeat the word safe, Kurt smiled softly at him. "Yes, you're safe. I promise. Rest and don't worry." He'd never really undressed someone before, so this was a bit awkward (there was that word again. If only it didn't work for so many of these situations!). He winced when he finally pulled the shirt off and discovered all the bruises underneath. There were a few cuts, so he focused on cleaning those and bandaging them as best he could. He had never taken any first aid training, so it wasn't the best. Glancing down at Spidey's pants, he guessed there might be cuts there too.. but removing someone's pants? Was he really going to just let Spidey bleed out because he was getting squeamish?

"Can you feel anything hurting below your waist?" He asked, not really expecting a response. Come on Kurt. You'd already seen him in his underwear before. This was no different.

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Peter would be a red mess if Kurt asked him something like that. No, it's nothing quite so potent; all of his senses had been enhanced by the serum, so perhaps he could hear an uptick in Kurt's heartbeat or feel a change in his body temperature but not something quite so...invasive.

Unfortunately for Peter, nothing short of a horse tranq would cause him much relief. Damn super healing, burned it out of his system before it could take full effect. Peter just focused on breathing, resting and letting his strength slowly return as Kurt peeled off the top half of his suit. A few of the wounds started healing, slowly, as Kurt cleaned them; but that was only the superficial damage, not what lurked underneath his skin. Still, it was bound to look kind of cool.

Peter mumbled incoherently, wanting to help but just...still dazed. This time, however, he was wearing briefs, not leaving much to the imagination, if Kurt ended up pulling the lower half of his suit off. Not that there wasn't a whole lot showing anyway - it was spandex, after all.
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The moment he was done with all of this, he was signing up for a first aid class! Fortunately for Spiderman, Kurt could be very modest and he highly valued personal privacy. So when he finally stopped being too skittish and just removed the bottom half of Spidey's suit to treat a major cut along his thigh he did his absolute best not to 'look'. He wasn't perfect at it, of course. He was already attracted to the mysterious man and for whatever reason the change in underwear type was noted. Kurt just might have noticed that he filled the briefs nicely before getting a blanket to partially cover him. Please forgive him Spidey, he was doing his best!

By the time he finished cleaning the cuts on his legs, Kurt stared at a bruise on his chest as it literally vanished before his eyes. "Whoa," he whispered now wondering if any of this had been necessary. If it hadn't, he owed Spidey a big apology. Tucking Spidey in bed, he slipped a pillow under his head. Cleaning up the first aid supplies, he went and cleaned himself up. He debated whether he could just lie and surrender a less desirable outfit to be demolished than what he'd actually worn today. It really was a hard thing to do even for his new hero. Tossing everything that had been touched in a laundry bag, he'd do his best to convince Spidey it wasn't necessary this time.

Once he was showered, had his tea, and in comfortable pajamas, he looked around the room unsure what to do now. Spidey was in his bed that was also his couch. Just how freaked out would he be if he woke to find Kurt next to him? It seemed like an infringement of boundaries, so he got a spare blanket and curled up on his one living room chair. It had an ottoman at least, so despite not being a recliner it wasn't too bad of a spot. He only drank half his tea before setting it aside and drifting off. Unlike Spidey's magic healing, there would be a couple bruises visible on his face tomorrow from the debris thrown around.
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Honestly,'re not that dangerous. Poor thing. If you were ringing any danger bells by taking his pants off, Peter's spidey sense would surely wake him up. Like if you went for the mask - probably. He hoped he'd wake if that was the case. Maybe Peter did rely on it a bit too much.

Peter was completely out after Kurt finished cleaning the cuts on his legs, body starting to kick the healing up a notch. The only thing that would really help him was sleep and food - although, by cleaning his wounds, it certainly expedited the healing process. It wasn't all for naught.

He was out for the majority of the night, barely budging as he healed. He woke, too early, around 6:30, groaning and pressing a hand to his head. Wicked headache; he'd definitely wiped the fuck out. "Where...huh..." He opened his eyes, blinking at the mask. He didn't often fall asleep in it unless it was bad. When he finally turned his head, to look around - Peter legitimately had no idea where he was.
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[personal profile] rumchocolatesouffle 2016-06-17 10:24 pm (UTC)(link)

If he ever did have to remove the mask, which he likely never would, he would cut out eye and nose holes on a cloth just so he wouldn't see who was under the mask. That was Spiderman's personal business! Technically so were his pants and what was underneath them but what was a boy who wanted to patch his new hero back together to do?

It had been uncomfortable on the couch. He swears he tried. He wasn't even fully awake when he gave up and just moved to the bed. He'd started off all good intentions by keeping to one side giving Spidey plenty of personal space. Unfortunately, that hadn't stuck. As Spidey stirred, Kurt was pressed right up against him like he had his very own Spiderman body pillow. He'd managed to keep his hands to himself and not be literally draped over him like he used to do when he was sleeping in the same bed as his ex. Sensing him move, Kurt slid an arm around his waist not wanting that big nice warm thing to go away.

He normally got up around now but he had been up a lot of the night and then had a few hours of very poor rest on the chair. He had an alarm that he forgot to set last night. It didn't matter usually since his internal clock got him up most days even before it went off. This morning was a whole different matter. He was warm, comfortable, and Spidey's bare skin smelled wonderfully masculine. It teased his dreams when he moved his hand along firm abs and smooth skin. With a content little sigh, he relaxed unaware of the awkward position he'd just put Spidey in.

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[personal profile] spideyguy 2016-06-18 12:37 pm (UTC)(link)
Peter could sense the other person there and froze, when Kurt's arm tightened around his middle. His spidey sense was silent, though, so Peter wasn't too worried about it and - oh, that was Kurt. Wait, why was he at Kurt's? With his mask on? Peter tried to remember, and coming up blank was not at all reassuring.

Then he noticed the lack of the rest of his suit. Top and bottom, he was in his boxers. He was in his boxers in Kurt's bed as Spiderman wHAT.

Peter was busy trying not to freak out when Kurt copped a feel, and Peter flushed underneath his mask. Um. What do. Peter had certainly never been in a position like this before, and he had no idea how to handle it.

Eventually, he settled on gently grabbing Kurt's hand, stopping the motion, and turning his head over to whisper, trying to wake him. "Hey, uh, Kurt? Kurt, hey, buddy, uh - "
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These things happen Spidey! It really wasn't his fault when the superhero had such lovely muscles to feel. His ex had had some well defined abs too but he was the furthest from Kurt's dreamy mind. In his sleep though, he was picturing someone who didn't wear a mask but had wormed his way into Kurt's heart. A most adorable nerd that Kurt enjoyed thoroughly spending time with. If only he could speed things up a bit so they could be sharing a bed. Although the person that was currently next to him was also part of his fantasies. It was confusing in the daylight but while asleep it didn't matter. Peter or Spidey, were both worth dreaming about.

Hearing his name, Kurt made a reluctant whiny sound and tried to ignore him. It didn't work so he pulled enough to look up at the noise. The new angle of his face showed Spidey the lovely cut on his bottom lip and bruise on his cheek from the debris flying around yesterday. There were other bruises but a few of those were from his adventure getting Spidey up the stairs to his apartment. His eyelids rolling up slowly, face inches from that mask with the big strange eyes, and... "AH!" Kurt shrieked, jerking backwards so hard he almost fell off the other side of the bed. As he stared panicked at Spidey, it gradually dawned on him what he was looking at though he had no idea why. Looking around confused, he was just about to ask Spidey what the hell he was doing in his bed when he remembered. "O- oh.. oh my god.. I'm so sorry.. I forgot.. " Oi! He almost had a heart attack. Thanks Spidey!

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He was hurt? Peter frowned at the sight, turning his head a little to look at the bruise on Kurt's face. How had he gotten that? It bothered Peter that he couldn't remember what had happened, but it was all one big blur. Every inch of his body hurt, though, and he hoped Kurt had fared at least a little better than that.

Peter flailed, getting caught in the sheets and nearly toppling off the bed, when Kurt screamed. That was enough to get him wide awake, heart pounding in his chest - some delayed fight or flight reaction. "What are you - why are we - are you okay?" That's what Peter managed, flopping back against the bed and just giving up for a second when he failed to get his foot free from the sheets.
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[personal profile] rumchocolatesouffle 2016-06-25 06:48 am (UTC)(link)

Kurt took a moment to catch his breath before answering Spidey's question. His heart was racing. That mask though.. yikes. If you weren't expecting it was really freaky looking! Suddenly he realized how Spidey flailing like that would be bad for his injuries.

"Oh crap. Calm down," Kurt requested, drawing closer so he could unwrap his legs. "You were hurt, Spidey. Stop moving. Let me make sure you're okay." When nothing was obviously gushing blood, Kurt took another deep breath to keep himself calming down. "I'm sorry. I know this is shocking. It was really necessary though. You were hurt by some weirdo with a bunch of metal arm things and the police were coming. I uh.. well.. this is my new apartment. It's just us. I'm sorry about the futon... I need to buy a sleeping bag or something." His train of thought was all over the place as he tried to get Spidey to calm down and get himself to relax. Explaining what happened when he was just coming down from a panic wasn't easy.

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[personal profile] spideyguy 2016-06-27 07:02 am (UTC)(link)
Peter often used it to his advantage, the fact that people couldn't see his facial expressions and prolonged silences? With this mask? Very intimidating, could be taken any number of ways.

"I'm fine." He wasn't, not really. He fucking hurt all over and was frankly kind of grateful Kurt untangled him, because he wasn't sure he'd be able to do it himself. Still, Peter managed to tell himself he was settling back down on the futon for Kurt's benefit, sagging into the pillow. "...Doc Ock, yeah. Shit, he hit me - I guess I blacked out."

"No, no, it's fine. Thank you." Peter laughed, mildly embarrassed, though he couldn't help looking around the apartment. It was nice. "Thank you for helping me. You didn't have to do that."
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[personal profile] rumchocolatesouffle 2016-06-29 08:45 pm (UTC)(link)
Kurt nodded as Spiderman figured out just why he was unconscious. He felt terrible for not having found a better way to tell him all of this without scaring him, but it wasn't like he had experience with this. Now that Spidey was awake, he felt even less confident about continuing to share the bed with him. It still didn't feel very respectful of the other's personal space.

His cheeks colored lightly at the last statement, especially at his own reply. "Of course I did, Spidey." He tried to bite his lip as a nervous tick but then winced when he was reminded of the cut. Ow! "I couldn't have left you there. I'd never be able to live with myself is something bad happened to you.. well.. worse than it already did. Sorry about that."

If he'd had a way to prevent Doc Ock (was that what Spidey had said?) from hurting Spidey he would've. His heartbeat had quickened as they found themselves in this rather intimate setting. Spidey was in his bed, mostly naked and Kurt only had his pajama bottoms on. The way Kurt kept looking at Spidey was just how he looked at Peter- smitten.

Clearing his throat, he got up. "Are you thirty or hungry? I didn't know what to do about your mask. I didn't want to compromise your secret but I don't know if you have any cuts on your face. I think I have a mask from when a friend tried to play Zorro once if you want me to try and find it. Or uh.. I could just not look. I don't know." He was rambling because he was getting nervous by his own growing attraction to the superhero. It was really stupid to have this crush when he knew quite well that it couldn't go anywhere. "I was planning on washing and mending your suit after some sleep. I can do that now if you'd like me to."
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2016-07-02 11:21 pm (UTC)(link)
If Peter minded the shared space, he didn't indicate it. It's Kurt's bed, Peter's the one intruding. And yeah, maybe he was a little bewildered when he woke up, but now that it's been explained, he's fine.

"Don't apologize, Kurt, seriously, you did me a favor." Peter assured, noting how nervous Kurt seemed to be. He felt kind of bad, really, and if it's possible to look sheepish in a mask, Peter is succeeding. "I probably would have just crawled onto a rooftop and passed out." This is a much better alternative, obviously.

"Thank you. For respecting that," Peter made a vague gesture towards his mask. A lot of people would have jumped at the chance to unmask him, and he was exceedingly grateful. "I don't feel any. If I had, they probably healed. I heal fast."

"Oh you don't have to - that's very kind of you, Kurt, but I don't want to put you out." Any longer than he already has. Peter has such a difficult time accepting help, even at his worst. Not that this is, by far, his worst.
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[personal profile] rumchocolatesouffle 2016-07-03 12:21 am (UTC)(link)
Kurt was just having issues, it had very little to do with what Spidey actually thought or was doing. The assurance that everything was fine did help some. Kurt managed to smile a little at that,clearly glad to have helped. "A rooftop as opposed to another elevator?" He teased lightly about how that had been Spidey's method of finding somewhere to pass out last time.

"I noticed," he remarked as he looked down Spidey's body. For once, it wasn't to check him out either (though he couldn't help but notice a little). The wounds he'd tended were almost gone by now. "How do you do that?" Very lightly, he touched a spot on Spidey's arm that had a nasty cut and bruising before but now was just a discoloration of skin.

He glanced over at the clock and saw it was still only four in the morning. His sewing machine wasn't that loud, but he had a rather obnoxious neighbor who would hit the wall if he did anything too loud. "Um.. well.. I'll just soak it to get any blood out and maybe I can sew it when I won't wake other people up. Would that be okay?" He knew Spidey would say yes or would say he didn't have to even do that but it gave him something to focus on besides his silly crush. It was remarkably distracting.

As he picked up Spidey's suit, he paused. He thought a moment before looking back at the recovering superhero. "Actually.. I was wondering something. You know I'm like.. an ally right? Like I wouldn't ever do anything but try to help you. Right?" He would hope he'd given that impression with the last time they saw each other and the rally and now this. He'd earned at least some of Spidey's trust hadn't he? "Would you tell Peter it's okay that I know you two are friends? I won't tell anyone else, I swear."
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"The elevator was not my proudest moment," Peter tipped his head back in a soft laugh, relaxing against the pillows. He really was sorry he had to get Kurt involved like that, that day. It was exceedingly unfortunate - wrong place, wrong time, poor guy.

"It''s one of my powers." Peter found himself admitting this, watching Kurt admire the bruise on his arm. He normally didn't give out any information freely, ever, but...yeah, he did trust Kurt. Even if maybe he shouldn't...he did. "I heal faster after eating, or sleeping."

"You really don't have to Kurt, but I...I'd appreciate it." He took a deep breath, forcing himself to accept the kind gesture. And it really was kind of Kurt, he didn't have to do anything for Peter! He literally owed him nothing and yet here he was, bringing Peter back to his apartment to care for him and mending his suit.

"Kurt," Peter sighed, resisting the urge to pinch the bridge of his nose. "Yes, I do know that you're trying to help. Just - we're not friends. He's more of I let him take my picture. He gives me news. He doesn't know me, and it's probably best that nobody knows I'm even aware of him. Or you! It could be dangerous."
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As scary as it had been initially, Kurt was quite glad they'd met in that elevator. It had been thrilling and it had started whatever it was he now had with the strange masked man. It had led him to Peter too and that was a wonderful addition to his life.

As he looked at the healing bruise, he listened as Spidey explained his power to some degree. "Are you hungry?" He asked, hearing the healing worked better with food. Or he could just stop talking to the poor guy and let him sleep. That might help too.

"I know," he said gently to being told he didn't have to. It was clear to him that the superhero wasn't used to have any kind of help. Still, it brought a smile when he accepted it- or even more, appreciated it.

It was odd hearing Spidey say Peter and him weren't friends but in a liaison kind of relationship. Before he could stop himself (and he really should've) he asked, "Aren't we friends?" Why would he ask that? Why? His cheeks colored as he realized that question had been out loud. "I mean.. uh.. I'll go put this in water." The suit he meant. It was hard to get too far away since the studio apartment was so small.
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2016-07-26 01:36 pm (UTC)(link)
If only Kurt knew they were one and the same. Seriously, Peter is so shitty at keeping his secret this was ridiculous. "I don't want to take your food, Kurt, that's too much." He ate a lot when he was healing. And Kurt was a struggling artist, in New York, not to mention a college student. Peter would feel hella guilty.

Kurt's smile relaxed some of Peter's nerves, and he rested against the futon with a modicum of comfort. And it took a lot to get him comfortable, especially in a strange place but - well, Kurt was doing a damn good job of it.

Peter wasn't sure what to say to that, and he kind of gaped for a second beneath the mask. "...yeah, we are."

"I just don't want you to get hurt." Peter called after him, when Kurt started to get up and run away from him.
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It was true, he was a poor college student. He would gladly share what he had but he likely wouldn't know what to do with the amount Spidey needed to heal properly. If it was that much and they weren't dealing with secret identities, Kurt could suggest a buffet but that didn't really work here.

As he was about to disappear into the bathroom to wash Spidey's suit, he flashed a smile back at his guest. It felt pretty special to hear the man confirming they were friends. He wasn't worried about getting hurt despite what he'd witnessed tonight. Naively, he was sure no one was paying them much attention so it wouldn't matter. It wasn't like he was waving a big sign saying 'Spiderman is sleeping here!' after all.

When he came back out, he moved back into the chair he'd tried sleeping in last night. "You should try to rest a bit longer while that soaks." He made a mental note to find a new, comfier chair. This one worked for reading but it was going to be hard to get a couple more hours of sleep in. Covering a yawn, he watched Spidey for a minute. "You know.. if you ever did want another friend Peter wouldn't be a bad choice. He's a really good guy and smart." Cute. Sexy. He couldn't wipe that smile off his face just thinking about him. Which sort of made him feel guilty for the reactions he was having to Spidey. It seemed more like dating someone while also having a crush on a movie star. One was pure fantasy and wouldn't be anything else no matter what happened.

"He's kind of lonely too, like I'm sure you are," Kurt added sadly. His heart just broke for the boy he was dating and how hard his life had been. His two best friends both dying.. he couldn't imagine. He'd lost his step brother which was bad, but two people at once? In such a short period of time, he'd really grown to be very fond of the other young man. He was quirky and nerdy and Kurt just loved it. He almost forgot he was talking to Spidey as his thoughts drifted toward his sciency beau.
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He didn't need to wave a sign; chances are, somebody had seen something, and if they hadn't, they'd been unbelievably lucky. Peter would have to check the block at least three times before he actually left for home. But yes, they were starting to become friends, despite Peter's best efforts to keep Kurt safe.

"I - " Peter cut himself off, hesitating as he watched Kurt settle in the chair. He shouldn't stay. Every second he laid there resting was another second Kurt was in danger. But to be honest, his entire body ached, he wasn't really in any condition to go swinging around town. " can sit here, with me, you know - it's your bed, Kurt."

"Peter needs to stay out of this," He says, and the words feel weird in his mouth, talking like he's a separate person. "...good kid. That's why I let him take my picture - he wouldn't get good shots if I didn't let him." A pause, then, " think he's lonely?"
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The offer to come and sit on the bed with Spidey had the softest blush touch his cheeks. Hesitating briefly, he moved over to join the healing superhero with a quiet thanks. Even if it was his bed, it felt strange (a good strange) to be in bed with someone else. It had been a very long time since he'd been in bed with anyone and never here in this apartment. He wondered briefly when that would change for Peter and him. He understood they were a new couple and Peter might need a while before he felt comfortable getting into any of the physical affections but.. he couldn't help hope it wasn't too far off.

It might be weird that they were talking about Peter like he was someone else, but it made it all the more obvious that Kurt was totally clueless about Spidey's identity. The thought hadn't ever crossed his mind they might be the same person. "That's really nice of you to let him take those pictures. It's helping him out a lot." Kurt wished he could do more for him. "Yeah, I do. Hopefully not as much as he used to be." Since.. they were dating. He would hope he was good company and helping ease some of the hurt that lingered from Peter's friends dying- not that he could ever replace them or make that feeling ever go away completely.

It was ironic that Kurt was talking about how lonely Peter was when it was just as true for himself. His dad was in Ohio and he'd moved away from his friends because they were so busy and rarely had time for him anymore. His ex-boyfriend had been his best friend for so long and now they didn't talk. There was something very comforting and familiar about Spidey that was bringing all of this out. How late it was and now being in such an intimate setting wasn't helping Kurt's verbal filter. "I'm sorry. I know you're wanting to keep your distance with him. I'm not trying to force the issue." It was just nice talking about Peter to anyone who would listen. Sue him, he was twitter-patted.

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