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( nursed back to health shipping meme. )

Nursed Back to Health

  • Comment with your character, preferences, preferred role, and any information you'd like to include.
  • Your character has either been injured/sick and had to be taken in (possibly against their will) or has been the one to help somebody like the former. Through the mending process, the two characters in a thread have fallen in love - or at least grown closer and more affectionate.
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[Normally, Peter went to Matt with something like this. Or Jessica, if he felt like punishing himself (she was not the most sympathetic person in New York, that was certain). Usually, though, he either a) went home to patch himself up or b) collapsed on a rooftop and fell asleep to let himself heal.

This, he thought, counted as an extenuating circumstance.

So here Peter is, staggering on Scott's fire escape, debating whether or not he should actually knock on his window. Sure they maybe sort of had a thing, but that was why Peter was hesitating in the first place. He didn't want to ruin it.

Another look at his arm, twisted at the wrong angle behind his back and, well. He knocks on the window. This isn't something that's going to heal on its own if he doesn't get help setting it - and he can't set it on his own, he really can't.]
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( it's the ants that tell scott there's someone out there. he's got his speakers up to close to a hundred, the ant-man suit stretched out over his coffee table because of his tinkering, but he shrinks it quickly and slips it into his pocket before turning the music down.

the window. he's got a good idea who it is based on that alone, but the moment he actually gets there and sees a familiar wash of red and blue, he can't help the amused shake of his head and the smile as he opens it. )
Dude, seriously? You're hitting how many clich-- ( and then his voice dies out just like that because holy fuck peter's arm is...

scott takes a little breath, lips pressing into a thin line, and then points. )

Um. This isn't a monster make-up thing, is it?
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[Jeez, now he feels bad about not boomboxing outside Scott's window. Peter uses his other hand to pull his mask up, sheepish if woozy smile on his face. It also sucks to watch Scott's smile disappear like that. See? He's already ruining the moment.]

Would if help if I said yes?

[Peter pitches forward before he can stop himself, practically collapsing through the window. Ow. His arm burns and he catches himself on the window sill, shaking his head to dispel the dizziness. It's not very effective.]

I should have brought pie.
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No, you--oh, God, I don't know what you should've brought or-- ( scott's babbling a little, blinking hard as he goes to collect his fallen hero. and damn it, he's trying not to look at the arm, but even in the middle of picking peter up and holding him against his chest (bridal style would usually get a couple of jabs, but now scott is just worried) he can't stop thinking about it.

how the hell does anyone's arm get that twisted? )
Oh, man, your healing thing... how does that work for this? What do I do?

( he should at least get points for not losing his shit immediately. but then again, scott's the kind of guy who does what has to be done before having his mental breakdowns. he's considerate that way. )
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But you like pie. [Poor guy. At least when Peter turned up at Gwen's he hadn't looked so damn gruesome -

Peter cuts off that line of thinking, strength leaving him when Scott picks him up. He can't even protest he's just - damn, he's tired. That's his healing factor, trying to pull him under, but no, he can't let his arm heal like this or it will be a billion times worse when he wakes up.

It uh. Wasn't his lucky night. Also maybe there was some torture involved but like. It's f i n e. ]

You're going to have to set my arm. Just shove it back into place. [He can already feel that the tendons have started healing, painful and wrong.] Don't worry about hurting me.

[They also can't do painkillers, because a) the longer they wait the worse it will be and b) it takes about as much as a horse tranq for Peter to feel anything. He pats Scott's chest weakly with his free arm, mask lost somewhere on Scott's floor.] I'll be fine.
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Right. Sure you'll be fine. Okay. ( scott might be speaking with disbelief in his tone, but that's because he's not quite over what he's looking at. he manages to put peter down on his couch, pulls out a handkerchief from his pocket, and folds it put to hand it to him. ) For your mouth. Put it between your teeth.

( it's beyond him how much pain peter might be in right now, but he was told not to worry and so he'll try. granted, he's still worrying, but at least he isn't visibly freaking out now. scott's pretty sure that's going to hurt more than help.

scott turns the music back on because he doesn't want to hear the snap.

he takes hold of peter's arm, the other resting on his shoulder, and he's got some vague idea of how this works from his prison days and the people he's seen. scott's never actually had to do it before, though, so he takes in a breath. )
Sorry if I do this wrong.

( and when he does it, he still hears the snap around the noise of monkey majik. fuck. )
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Kinky. [He takes the handkerchief, fingers trembling just the slightest, but doesn't mention it as he balls the cloth up to put in his mouth. Honestly, that's not a luxury he's had before when setting a bone. Nice touch, Scott, he's glad he came to you and not Jessica.

Peter blessedly doesn't crack a joke about the music, even though the speakers making the buzzing in the back of his head worse. He recognizes that it's something Scott probably needs. He's going to make it up to him for this, really, he will.

His fingers are warm, but even the slightest touch hurts - Peter clenches his jaw and touches Scott's elbow in some semblance of reassurance. It'll be fine. He'll -

Peter's glad he doesn't get any more warning, because holy shit. He can't even stop himself from screaming into the cloth, bucking up off the couch out of pure reflex. He just hopes he didn't hurt Scott when he has that visceral reaction.]
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( that's one thing scott never wants to hear again: the sound of peter's agony. in his knee-jerk reaction peter'd kicked him, but scott barely hears that, only makes sure that the arm is in place and then bites his lip when he has to make sure peter's forearm is in good position, too.

another crack, and scott thinks he's done. never mind the fact that there's considerably bubbly music playing. he brushes tentative fingers over peter's arm, takes in a small breath and exhales even smaller.

scott manoeuvres him down, takes one of the pillows perpetually on the sofa just so he can put peter's newly set limb on it as gently as he can. his fingers brush through peter's hair, slowly bringing him down from the rush of pain in tender, tender touches. )

You have more wounds, don't you?
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[He's lucky he didn't break Scott's leg or something, kicking him. The second crack gets another cry of pain, though it's not nearly as agonizingly painful as the first one. He slumps completely, half-on, half-off the couch, mildly dazed.

The gentle touches are more than Peter could have hoped for, eyes wet with tears unshed, simply from pain. He's not a crier, never has been, not over something like this but - sometimes, jesus, the body just betrayed you.

A slow, fumbling hand comes up to pull the cloth from his mouth, and Peter nods a little, thumb brushing over Scott's wrist.]

Can you check for a concussion?

[He also may or may not need stitches; he'd webbed the wound shut, though, so at least he's not ruining Scott's couch.]

I'm sorry, Scott.
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What--no, don't apologise, okay? If anything I'm sorry I'm not--I don't know, better at this...

( what is it that people do to check for concussions? scott goes for brushing his fingertips against the edge of peter's cheek--soft, careful. the worst thing, he thinks, is that peter's trying his damnedest to look like he doesn't need help.

but he'll dwell on that later.

he fumbles for his phone with his free hand, pulling it out and turning on the flashlight-- )
Sorry if this is too bright. ( --and then goes to check the reflexes of peter's pupils. when those react the way they ought to, he goes through the cycle of questions. )

You know what day it is? Where you are?

( and it might be stupid, but there's a method to these things for a reason. so he adds, ) What's your name?
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You're great, Scott, don't even worry about it. I'm the one imposing on you.

[Scott was definitely a better choice than Jessica. Congrats, you might have secured yourself a place on Peter's roster of People To Call When Near Death (it's a pretty short list). Peter presses his cheek into Scott's touch, anxiety beginning to ease. Not that he didn't have a right to it, as beaten to hell as he was.

Peter's pupils dilate properly, though if anything they seem to adjust too fast. The spider bite, at it's finest.]
Thank you.

Monday, your apartment. [Peter offers a small smile, flexing his fingers against Scott's arm.] Peter Benjamin Parker.
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( benjamin. how can scott resist smiling back at him? )

Okay. Okay... ( this is where he'd want to kiss him, but scott's not sure whether peter's head is killing him or not. he decides it's better to be safe than sorry, but he does brush his fingers through all that brown hair and tries not to pay attention to the stiff part where blood had caked it, or the part with the webbing. affection can be shown in a lot of ways. )

Feel dizzy or anything? What was it you needed me to stitch up?
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No, just a little...tired, I guess. That's my healing trying to work...

[Peter closes his eyes, letting himself relax when Scott runs his fingers through Peter's hair. Ohhh that feels nice. Like really nice. Some of the blood flakes away, and he silences the wince in his throat.]

My thigh is - there's kind of a, uh, a bullet in it.

[It's okay, he can dig it out himself. But it'd be nice to be sewn up by hands that aren't shaking.]
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"Kind of"?

( that's scott's disbelieving tone, but the expression that accompanies it is fleeting; he leans in and kisses peter's forehead. ) Give me a second. Get out of the suit while I'm gone.

( so he disappears for a moment, heading to his bathroom. peter's regenerative abilities are still beyond scott's level of comprehension, but it's enough for him to know that he ought to rush before anything stupid happens. when he returns he's got a bottle of vodka with him, but this one he passes to peter for nothing other than liquid courage. )

I don't trust your dirty hands to do this ( a hand pats peter's thigh ) without getting an infection, so I'm taking it out. With forceps. Okay?

So you better drink that 'cause I have no anaesthetic whatsoever.
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Kinky, Scott. [Peter calls after him, but he dutifully starts taking off the suit, peeling it off in two parts. His upper half is easy, but the lower half hurts, especially with the blood and webbing he has to cut through.That leaves him in his briefs on Scott's couch, which are less white and more red, now.

Peter accepts the vodka with an amused look, raising an eyebrow at Scott. His intentions wipe the smile from his face, though, morphing it into concern.]
Scott, are you sure? You don't have to. I've done it before. [On a rooftop, alone, using nothing but his hands.] I don't want to ask you to do that, it's - not pretty.

I also, uh, [Peter uncaps the bottle and takes a swig with a wince.] Can't get drunk. I mean, I can, but it would take seven bottles of straight vodka every... [A pause for math skills.] Seven liters every half hour. And anesthesia is the same concept. My healing burns through it, like any medication I try to take.

[Even when bleeding on Scott's couch he's a nerd.]
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( and scott--god fucking damn it--he can't resist it, the way he leans over and presses his lips to peter's in a kiss much softer than the rest of the night must've been to him. something about his weird biology, about the metabolism; it's so normal around the fact that spider-man is bleeding on his couch, and he can't help the little laugh. )

It's the thought that counts. ( and he supposes if peter's not going to be able to drink it, he won't feel too bad that scott pours it over the bullet hole in his thigh. Just pretend you're getting drunk and maybe you'll feel better. ) Now quit being cute, all right? I'm gonna get this thing out of you now and I don't wanna rip you out more.

( scott disinfects the forceps, and with his other hand (cleaned previously, obviously), he starts to open the wound further to dig in it.

prison's taught him a lot of things, like staying stable in the wake of so much blood. his heart might be hurting at the thought of peter in pain, but at least his hands are steady, and they remain that way even when he finds the bullet and starts to pull it out millimetre by millimetre. )
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[Peter takes the kiss for what it is, which is a reassurance. That he's okay, that he's here and he's safe - Peter's sure Scott must be freaking out a little, even if he's not going to say as much. He lets a hand come up to stroke over Scott's cheek, offering a quiet smile as his thumb brushes over Scott's cheekbone.]

And I thank you for it. [Okay, fuck, that burns. Peter doesn't say a word, though the couch creaks when his hand grips one of the arms. He hastily pulls it off before he breaks Scott's furniture.] ...tough order, Scott, I'm cute as hell.

[Ho boy. This is not fun, not in the slightest. Peter's lips are a tight line - it doesn't hurt as much as resetting his arm, so he's not going to be a baby about it. But his knuckles are white and he sticks his feet to the carpet because otherwise, his legs would be all over the place.]

Please, Scott, [Peter grunts, trying not to shake.] Just pull it out. Like a tooth.