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quote prompt;

the quote prompt meme

  • comment with your character.
  • others will leave a quote/lyric/poem. try a sea of quotes or tumblr if you need help searching for a quote.
  • reply to them with a setting based on the quote/lyric/poem.
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[ It wasn't easy, getting back into the states after the Accords, after Siberia. Things haven't been easy for a while, and maybe it isn't the smartest idea to come back so soon. Home is home, though, and he heard a rumor that a certain kid with heart was having something of a personal crisis.

Steve had been watching from the sidelines for a while, waiting for the right moment, and finally---it seemed to happen. He kept his distance, just in case, but came into view on the rooftop. ]

Something on your mind, Queens?
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[Peter has not had the easiest time since the airport.

Sure - the real fight wasn't his. Peter had been put back on a plane and was back in New York within the day. First time leaving New York City ever - in his entire twenty years of life how sad was that - and he went to a freaking airport in Germany. If that wasn't indicative of his life so far, Peter didn't know what was.

But the more he thought about it, going right back to his business, busting street crimes, the worse he felt. He hadn't had a choice in the matter, really; if he didn't help Tony, he'd have told Aunt May, and Peter couldn't let that happen. Not after everything he'd done, how far he'd gone to try and keep her out of everything. So yeah - he'd bought into Tony's schtick a little more than he normally might have, without actually questioning the morals over which they were fighting.

Sticking Spiderman in the middle of everything hadn't helped either. As if public opinion wasn't divisive enough over the web-slinger, now he was taking sides on a national issue?

And Peter wasn't sure he'd been on the right side, even though they'd won, in a sense.

So yeah, he's crouched on the rooftop, staring out over the city. It's one of Those Days, the ones where he wonders what she would say about everything. She always knew what to say.

But she can't, anymore, and in the end that's Peter's fault too.]

Nothing much.

[Peter won't deny, he startled a little when Steve spoke. His spidey sense hadn't pinged it because well - it only worked when someone was a threat. And he'd been a little too invested in his thoughts to listen for another heartbeat or hell, even footsteps.]

What brings you to my corner of the city?
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[ Steve couldn't honestly say he wasn't still upset about some things. Hell, a lot of things. Seeing Peter, he's come to find out who he is on his own after a little digging, after everything that went down, reminds him of the argument he and Tony had about Wanda. Parker is even more of a kid than her, and Tony used him.

Sure, he doesn't know the full extent of it, but that's probably for the best, considering. He knows enough for it to get under his skin. It's dangerous, Steve being here, they could find him if he isn't careful, but he hasn't seen Stark around. The kid needs somebody. It's worth the risk. ]

Looks like a pretty heavy nothing much, if you don't mind me saying.

[ Steve isn't a threat, far from it. Well, not unless he has to be, but not to Peter. He shoves his hands in his pockets, and wanders a bit closer, since the kid hasn't told him to leave or anything. ]

Well, I just got in. Those TSA agents are getting pretty frisky if you ask me. I guess I just wanted to see how you were after the airport.

[ A beat. ]

I'm sorry you got drug into all that. All of---this. It shouldn't have gone down that way.
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[Steve had a right to be upset. The whole thing was just - had Peter known all the facts? Had he stuck by his principles, the ones he fought for, in the names of lost loved ones - who's to say he wouldn't have picked Steve's side, come hell or high water?

Maybe Tony did use him, but Peter can't blame him. Won't, even if he had cause to. It's his fault for not questioning it. For not taking a stand, the way he was raised. No matter how hard it was.

He shoulders so much blame, but he'll never admit it. Just lets it eat at him.

And no, Stark hasn't been around. Peter's glad for it, honestly, even if Tony maybe should have checked on him, after he went down the way he did.]

Guess I'm lucky I got the super strength package.

[Peter turns around more fully, reaching up to pull his mask off. It's just the two of them, and Peter is too tired to worry about his secret identity in front of another superhero. Especially if it's Captain Freaking America.] You go through the body scanner? That thing freaked me out.

I'm fine. [An automatic response. He was, though, physically. Totally fine. Like nothing ever happened.]

Maybe not. I was never meant for the big leagues. [He glances out across the city again, looking at the twinkling lights spread out forever in front of them.] You know Tony didn't even have me sign those stupid accords?

[And that should have been the biggest red flag, shouldn't it? That Tony hadn't even asked him to. That he knew, somewhere in his heart, even at his most steadfast, that they were on the wrong side.]
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Doesn't look like the kind of thing that super strength helps out with. You got a lot of heart, I wasn't lying when I said it, but it can only take so much.

[ Fine. Sure, Steve believes that. Like he believes that Fury is off someplace retired. ]

I think you're meant for a lot more than you give yourself credit. You protect this city all on your own pretty much. [ Then it comes back around and Peter mentions the Accords. How Tony drug him into things without giving him all the information, and Steve---he feels angry again. The kind of angry he felt when he found out about Wanda.

He wanders closer to the edge, where the kid is sitting, and looks out over the city. ]

I know a little something about being out of your depth. When SHIELD went down it was from the inside. It was rotted at its core and none of us even knew. I thought I was helping. I thought what we were doing was right. Turns out I was helping the bad guys.

But at the end of the day, once the dust cleared, I knew where I stood again. I think you know where you stand. The thing you have to wonder is if you're gonna sit there wallowing in guilt, or if you're gonna get back out there and do what's right.
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Then why is more stuff always piled on? [Steve's not wrong. There's only so much someone can carry, and Peter is 99% sure if Aunt May were the next casualty, he'd lose his mind.]

I do what I can. [Somehow, it never feels like enough. There's always more. It's an endless cycle, and sometimes he wonders if anything he does actually matters, in the grand scheme of it all.

The city is a field of twinkling lights from here, and Peter glances out over it, letting the wash of city sound fade into the background of his mind. It could almost look peaceful, from this distance.]

But what's right? I just go back to busting street crime and getting garbage thrown at me? What difference is that going to make? [He sighs, dropping his head into his hands. Shouldering boundless guilt is kind of his MO.] I'm not wallowing. I get up, I do my job. But I'm just not sure anymore.
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Because people like us are the only ones tough enough to carry that kind of burden. That doesn't make us infallible, though. Sometimes you need someone with you, to help you share the load. [ Now that he knows who Queens is, were something like that to ever happen, god forbid, Steve would find his way back to make sure the kid wasn't alone. No one needs to be alone during something like that. ]

It's all you can do.

[ He stops talking, listening when the kid tells him what's going on, and lays it all out for him. Finally, he covers the rest of the distance, climbs up on the ledge, and takes a seat next to him. ] That's part of it, yeah. You keep what you can at bay, you take care of your city. More important than that, you take care of yourself, and what's---[ He reaches over to prod gently at his chest over his heart. ]---here.

Cause without that, the doubt creeps in, and makes you question everything you've ever done. You might have gotten caught up in a rough bit of drama to start, but you're here now. You're on more than just Stark's radar, you're on mine, and that makes you one of us.

And we don't leave anybody behind.
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People like us. [That got a snort out of Peter, but at least he's smiling a little. The person who used to share his load is gone, and Peter isn't sure that's a hole that will ever be filled. Steve means well, though, so Peter nods. Maybe he should concede that point to someone a little more worldly than he is. As for May...Peter can't even think it. He's already so unbelievably lost.] What are we, even? You and me. We're not humans, but we're not mutants. Not natural mutants, anyway.

Not much left in there. [That's a lie, but sometimes it doesn't feel like it. It feels empty, and he clings to what little he has left to avoid the pain.] Have you seen some of the papers? When the dust settles, they blame Spiderman for the damage, you know? I've got a bounty on my head for more money than I've ever seen in my entire life.

Thanks. [Peter looks down at his hand, stretching and testing his glove idly.] But I'm not exactly Avengers material. Small fry in a huge pond.
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Yeah. People like us. [ Try as he might, Peter isn't going to shrug him off. Unless he gets that web-slinging involved, but that isn't likely here and now. He looks down at his shoes, and the twinkling lights out there around them. ]

We're us. What happened to us, what we've been through, it amplified us in the best ways. [ He says it, remembering what Erskine told him once. ] There's plenty left in there. I see it.

I have---dozens of countries after me. My friends.

You're welcome. [ He looks over at the glove, curious. ] New tech? I think you're made of plenty of Avengers material. [ A quirk of a grin and a chuckle. ] Haven't you seen the pictures of me before all this?

You've got nothing on me, kid.
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[Something new, then. When Steve emphasizes it like that, Peter can hardly think of it as a bad thing. Maybe the Captain just has that effect on people. Peter's not going to examine it too closely, not just now.] It doesn't make sense, sometimes. Why it worked for me and not - [He can't finish the thought, keeping his gaze steadfast on the city.] Does it ever get any easier? For you?

Wanted by NATO. How'd you even get back into the country?

Sort of. New suit. Not sure I like the fiber density yet. [But it hasn't torn on him, which is more than he can say for his old spandex. That gets a laugh, though, and Peter nods, scrubbing a hand back through his wild and windswept hair.] You got me there. I was the same, 'cept for, you know, the wonders of modern medicine. [Which brings him back to why the serum worked on them. Perhaps that had something to do with it? Underlying genetic compatibility based on - ]
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I know some people still.

[ Well, he's not wrong. But today isn't a day to go toe to toe with Peter about it, just gently reassure. He'd argue that he didn't have an effect on people, but he imagines those people would argue back. It's just the way he is. ] Things that happened to us, they amplified everything we already had in here. [ He reaches up and touches his chest over his heart to emphasize it. ] It doesn't always do the same for others. Sometimes there's something else lurking where you least expect it.

[ He's quiet for a few moments, looking away from Peter and back out the the lights surrounding them. To the city stretching out far as the eye can see. ]

No. [ He remembers what he told Wanda before everything went to hell with the Accords. He stands by that. ] But you do what you have to, save who you can, but that doesn't always mean everybody. If you can't accept that, then the next time, there might not be anyone saved.

Stark's tech? I saw the videos on Youtube before. The old one wasn't bad. [ He leans in, like he's telling a huge secret, only most people know this thanks to the Smithsonian and recovered footage. ] I used to wear a costume. Before that, I used a trash can lid for shield.

[ Humble beginnings, the both of them. Maybe that's why Steve felt like he needed to check on Queens like he is. Part of it, at least. ]

I got rejected so many times before the Army took me. Well, before Erskine did. [ He watches Peter get a slight faraway look on his face. The kind of look he's seen on both Stark and Banner's faces when they are working on or figuring something out. ]
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[An unintentional effect, maybe, but there's something difficult about contradicting someone who believes in upholding such strong values, to the ends of the earth. The way Steve believes so sincerely is almost too much. Has a tendency to make people feel guilty.] I'm not - I've got some of the same stuff, underneath. Lurking. Just doesn't seem fair that it chose whatever good I have left while some people don't...get that.

Any casualty just...seems too much. [Maybe, in the end, Peter would die trying. But the way he grew up, the way Ben and May raised him - he's just not cut out for the bigger picture game.]

The old one was spandex I sewed together myself. [That does get a small smile out of Peter; he was a little salty about it, at first, but Stark was right. He did need better protection than the skin of his teeth and some breathable spandex. Spandex doesn't stop a bullet; trust him, he knows.] A trash can lid?

Erskine. [The name brings Peter back to himself, eyes widening just a little. He's going to try very hard not to geek out, but when Steve's waving around famous scientists' names at him, well.] He - that man was brilliant.
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[ It isn't his intent to make anyone feel guilty. But stubborn he is, and even for all of the good he does, he does still have a dark side. Which, unfortunately, came out in all of this. He's not proud of that, but there isn't much he can do about that now save to pick up the pieces and move on. ]

And it might always feel that way. [ It still does for him, but he has to keep going. He has to be objective. The difference between one person in the street and a whole building full. He doesn't like the decision, but someone has to be able to make them. ]

I saw those videos. Nice handiwork. [ That incredulous tone about the trash can lid earns a hearty laugh. ] Yeah, trash can lid. Didn't stop the guy from pummeling me into the ground, but he was being disrespectful. Luckily, I had someone there to drag my ass out of the fire.

[ Steve's smile gets a little rueful at the mention of Erskine and his brilliance. It isn't wrong, but he misses him. Of course, even if he hadn't been killed by a Hydra agent, he would be long dead now. ] He was. He was also a firm believer in what's inside. Not outside.

[ It's why he picked Steve of all people. ]
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[And that's the terrifying part, isn't it? That's the thing that keeps Peter up at night. This dark part of himself he didn't realize existed as deeply as it does. He's seen the worst of New York, sure - Steve has seen the worst of humanity - but somehow it still isn't any less shocking.]

I just don't know that I can do what you all do. I'm not - I can't. [For the little voices inside his head, even if it costs him. He just can't accept it, and maybe that's naïve and maybe the world can't always operate in black and white, perhaps there are shades of grey - but he can't operate that way.]

Thanks. [Peter can't help but laugh; he's been there, he gets it. Bloody knuckles and an even bloodier mouth because he can't shut it up in the face of stupidity.] Guess some things never change, huh?

Can't exactly say he was wrong. [Peter nods to Steve, the only success. Everything after him had been...pale imitations. Peter was probably the closest, but even he wasn't completely up to par.]