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Scheherazade / Harem Shipping Meme

Scheherazade / Harem Shipping Meme
Straight out of the Arabian Nights, or any variety of the spin-offs and spoofs since, in a beautiful and fantastical realm of magic and djinn. You may be the great ruler, prince, or sultana of the realm, or you may be the tribute, captive, or arranged marriage spouse brought before that ruler.

1. Arranged Marriage - You’re both royals or nobles of some variety, but one of you has been sent far from home to be wedded to a stranger in a foreign land.
2. Ambition - You’re just one beauty in a harem of dozens—or hundreds—but you’re determined to stand out, to earn the exclusive attention of the ruler, and to take your place by their side as the ruler of this land.
3. Scheherazade - One night with the king (or queen). Perhaps your one-night spouse had their heart broken, like in the story. Perhaps they’re simply a monster, or they have other motives. They may kill you in the morning, unless you can convince them to delay, by at least one more day.
4. Tribute - Perhaps your land was conquered, or perhaps you’ve been sent here to secure an alliance. Either way, this wasn’t your idea, and you aren’t particularly happy about it.
5. Within the Harem - Both characters are residents of the harem. You hardly see the ruler, and they don’t matter. What does matter is the friendship—or love—that you have found within the harem, and, possibly, your plans for escape.
6. Outside the Harem - You’ve fallen in love with someone you shouldn’t. A guard, a servant, or someone outside the palace entirely. But in order to be with them, you’re going to have to break all the rules.
7. Arabian Nights - Wildcard scenario, play any elements from the Arabian Nights that you please. Magic carpets, powerful djinn, curses and treasure!

How to play:
-Post with your character, preferred role (ruler, harem, other), and any other relevant info
-Reply to others. Use RNG or choose your favourite scenario!
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(Interested in Darcy?)
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(I'd definitely be up for it!)
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(Number two looks promising!)
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[Sure, do you prefer Peter or Darcy to be the ruler? I'm cool with either (although Darcy is probably better at putting herself out there as far as Harem goes) ]
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(I think it would be fun for Peter to be the ruler. Let Darce work her feminine wiles~)
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[Peter wouldn't exactly characterize himself as excited for the proceedings ahead of him. But a prince needs to produce heirs - that's his function, in higher society. The current pool of eligible females in his social standing is zilch, which is why they've put together this harem. A gathering of roughly thirty women, and he's supposed to take one as - what, exactly, he's not sure. Concubine? Is that the right word for it?

He's been told that they're all "exquisite in the bedchambers, sir", which doesn't exactly make him feel much better about the whole thing. But, Peter has a duty, a responsibility, and he always upholds his word.

So the parade of women starts, each getting five minutes with him before he says yay or nay to bringing them to the next round of will he or won't he. Peter's trying his best not to feel totally awful when he rejects a few of the women.]
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[Darcy had been born into a lesser quality of citizens. Peasants if you will. Which was bullshit in her opinion. But being the daughter of the town's baker didn't give her a really high social ranking and so she too had to make her way in the world. Provide of her parents and younger siblings.

Being lead into a small but lushly decorated room the curvy brunette stood there wearing only a collar with a dainty tag on it that read a number instead of her name and a pair of sinfully high heels.]

Your majesty I present to you number 6346. [Darce almost scowled at that but quickly smiled at Peter as they were finally left alone. Dropping to her knees she started to crawl towards him, her heavy breasts swaying with each inch the moved forward.]
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[He's been at this for at least an hour or two, but every time a woman enters, Peter can't help but feel awkward. He's not like the guys that go down to the brothel every other week; he's just, never been into that sort of thing. The closest he's gotten was a fleeting courtship with a servant girl that was cut off swiftly the second her father found out about it and married her off.

Number 6346 is a bombshell of a woman, and Peter subtly clears his throat as she - woah, was she crawling over to him? Of all the women he's seen today, none of them have done that.]

You - don't have to do that. [Peter blinks at her, crown a little lopsided on his head. She's clad in nothing but those very high heels and the customary collar. A bold choice, where some women had left a little (though not much) modesty, she was showing off what she had.]
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[The smile on her ruby lips only widened then as she continued to crawl forward, the carpet actually soft underneath her hands and knees. Of course it would be, it was the palace after all. But her game plan was to be bold and make an impression. This was a once in a lifetime thing and she wasn't going to let it slip through her fingers.]

What would you rather me do? [She asked softly as she crawled up and between his legs, her hands resting on his thighs.]
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[Peter has honestly been thrown for a loop by this, unable to help it as his eyes trail down her curves. She's right there in front of him and clearly not intimidated by him.]

Tell me your name? [A simple request, and Peter let his own hand come down on top of her's, warm and gentle. He's not stopping her, though.]
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[She's actually surprised by the question but doesn't let it show on her face, her fingers flexing against the material of his pants. His touch is nice too and can't stop herself from dipping her head down to place a kiss on the top of his hand.]

Darcy. [She replies softly as she locked her gaze with his, her tongue slipping out to lick along the length of his index finger.]
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[Her kiss leaves a the red outline of her lips on his hand, and it gets a smile out of him. Alright, he'll bite, he's curious. Maybe even curious enough to pass her on to the next round.]

Darcy. A very pretty name. [Her tongue is wet, warm and inviting against his finger, and Peter clears his throat again, watching her.]

You understand what being chosen would entail, correct? [Clearly a stupid question if her entrance and current activity was anything to go by, but something Peter felt he needed to ask everyone.]
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[Check. Mate.]

Thank you, your majesty. [She whispers and actually manages to blush at his question, her body pressing closer against him as she nuzzles at his hand.]

It means I surrender my body to your will.
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[Her breasts are pressing against his leg, and Peter blinks down at her, feeling - well, his usual level of flustered, but also, perhaps, endeared? In the strangest way, but he'll take it.]

Yes. With the main purpose being - bearing my child. [Peter brings his free hand to her cheek, thumb brushing over her cheekbone. Darcy really was very pretty, and try as he might to be kind about it - well, the entire purpose was to find a woman to bed. He could certainly see her warming his bed.] Are you prepared to take on the duties of my concubine?

You understand, there's no turning back from this life. [They've only a minute or two left, but at the end, before Peter chooses, he'll give her a choice.] You'll become my property.
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[Of course she knew all of this, and it was something she had willing chose to do. Not only would it secure a nice life but it would also bring in a steady income for her family. Her parents were older now and it was getting harder to work. Now they wouldn't have to worry and that's what mattered the most to her.

Her eyes shut when he caressed her cheek and she found herself humming happily, another soft kiss was pressed to the top of his hand.]

Your reputation proceeds you, my lord. Always such a gentleman. I would be honored to be yours and bear you many healthy children.
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[Well, she's not wrong there. The family of whoever he chose would be compensated heartily, more than taken care of for the rest of their days. As would Darcy; it wasn't like life in the palace would be much of a hardship in that regard.

Her response is promising; she's clearly at peace with the idea, whereas he's sent others home for wavering.]

Then I suppose I'll be seeing you after your physical, Miss Darcy. [Peter rests a hand on her head, brushing over her long, dark hair. Time's up. But he's passing her on to the next stage; a full body and health examination.] Number 6346 moves on to chamber A.
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[She manages to look humble as she gracefully climbs back onto her feet, her body swaying with each step she took. A proud smile stays plastered on her face as she's lead out of the room. It's a few hours and a very intrusive physical later when she's placed in his bed chamber. The last test would be within these walls and she was anxious.

Dressed in a sheer white dress that left little to the imagine nation she paced barefoot in front of the fireplace, her body shivering as she waited.]
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[They physical is invasive, but thorough, and weeds out a lot of the potential women. He's left with six, and it's determined that he'll test each one personally before making his selection.

Darcy is the fourth in the line-up; it's the second day of testing, and they've built modest breaks in for his recovery, God bless. He may be a prince but he's still a mortal man.

His arrival comes with little fanfare, surprisingly. A swift knock, and Peter slides into the room with a soft smile.]
Darcy. Glad to see you've made it. [Yes, he remembers her.]
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[She looks up as he enters, her expression hopeful as she smiles brightly at him.] Your majesty. [She replies with a modest curtsy before moving towards him. Falling to her knees she presses a kiss to his hand, this one not leaving a mark behind then since she had decided on a more demure makeup look. After kissing the top of it she flips it over so that she can press another kiss to his palm before rocking back on her heels.]

I pray that you're not too exhausted for me.
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[She's certainly more constrained than she was before, and Peter wonders which Darcy he liked better. Maybe both, equally. She's still just as gorgeous. It also proves she can make herself presentable, which will certainly prove important if she's to accompany him to other countries, not to mention sit at his table.]

Certainly not. You'll have as fair a chance as anyone, my dear. [He wants to tell her to call him Peter, but at this juncture that would be inappropriate. Only if she was his would she get that privilege.] This is your final impression on me, maiden. Treat this as you would if this was our bedchamber.

I'll let you start, but you'll take my direction as I see fit. [Peter takes Darcy's hand, gently tugging her up to her feet.] We'll start with just your mouth.
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[There are many sides to Darcy and she's testing to see what he likes, what makes his blood burn with desire. What makes him think of her and only her. His gentle command has her smiling as she rises back up.]

Have a seat, my lord. [She replies softly and waits for him to take a seat in one of the plush soft chairs in the room. Once he was sat she made quick work of unbuttoning his shirt, her soft hands sliding inside to caress against his chest. Pushing the shirt off his shoulders she moved behind him to start messaging his shoulders, her fingers skillfully working out any kinks.] Let me help you relax, ease your troubles away. [She purrs against his ear before pressing a kiss to the side of his neck.]
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[To be honest, she has been lurking at the edges of his mind. Wondering if she'd made the cut. Not that the other women weren't lovely, but...well, she appealed to him in a primal way Peter wasn't completely comfortable admitting aloud.

He follows her lead, seating himself in front of the fireplace, watching her settle in front of him and start undoing his shirt. Well, that was different already - most of the women so far had gone straight for his fly. It intrigues him, and Peter definitely relaxes under her fingers, shy smile pulling at his lips.]

What troubles do you think I have?
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It's quite strenuous having to make a decision like this. [She replies in a soothing voice, her hands working along his shoulders and neck, feeling him relax right beneath her finger tips. Once she had worked ever kink out of his muscles she made her way in front of him before crawling onto his lap. Her skirt lifting up so that her bare sex was pressing against him.]

It's my job to make you forget your stress even just for a little while. [And with that she was running her fingers through his hair, her nails dragging gently against his scalp.]
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Honestly. [Peter mutters, closing his eyes and rolling his head as she massages down his shoulders. It does bleed some of the tension out of him, and Peter feels particularly content as Darcy settles against him. Of course, they haven't given her anything but the all-but-sheer gown, leaving her exposed as she sits on his clothed lap.]

I'm glad you understand. [Peter let his hands move to her waist, holding her against him and letting her do as she would; for now, at least, if only out of curiosity.]
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[It felt good to see her skillful work doing the trick, he was so relaxed now and the way he was watching her left her feeling so exposed. Even more so than that scrap of material they called a gown. His hands on her makes her tremble and she as continues to massage his scalp. Peter's hair was so silky and smooth that she loved running her fingers through it and she finds herself leaning forward to press a kiss to his forehead, her ample breasts pressing against his face.]

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