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happily taken?

the fake married meme

be it for a job, in order to get your inheritance or to fool your nosy neighbours, you're pretending to be married. now the question is, do you want it to be real or can you hardly wait for it to be over?

( taken from here )
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[Peter honestly has no idea how he got roped into this. He's not even sure he's a full Avenger - he never got the candy-coated invitation or anything, but it's become habit for them to call him, or vice versa. It's nice, for once, to have some back-up other than Matt, who has more than enough of his own problems for Peter to be calling him anytime things got dicey, and Deadpool, who is decidedly less back-up material and more of a problem than anything else. Peter still appreciates him, though, because it isn't like there are many other people willing to take a bullet for him (this fact isn't diminished just because Deadpool can survive a bullet, nor because he seems to enjoy saving Peter's life).

Anyway, he gets a call requesting his mildly-urgent presence at Avengers tower, and Peter's not really doing anything better (pfft, coursework for his molecular biology course? bye), so he heads over. The receptionist is a little skeptical, but a quick word from JARVIS gets him the go ahead.

He has no idea what it's about until he gets there, which, in retrospect, was probably part of the plan the sneaky fucks. You're the only one who can do it his ass. Natasha just didn't want to, and yeah okay maybe Sam and Steve were a little too overt to be sneaky, but Wanda? What about Wanda? She had just as much experience as Peter!

Whatever the case, it's needless to say Peter loses the argument he was half-heartedly trying to win, and now he's standing in their brand new townhouse, the Lang-Parker townhouse jesus fuck, staring at the wedding band on his left hand. His aunt thought he'd gotten a cool internship, yeah I guess you could say that.]
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( scott's wanted to get married again after peggy. he can't lie about that. since he was a kid he'd had this idea of falling in love--in real, true love--with someone, and then spending the rest of his life with them. he's in his early thirties now, but he's got for all intents and purposes the same idea: he wants a nice house, a nice spouse, and a domestic life that involves a lot of incredible sap.

now he's getting it, but in a way that has him questioning what it is his pseudo-teammates think about him.

now, scott likes peter. since that first time in queens with the awesome pie and scott making his blood sugar suffer, he'd come to the conclusion that peter is awesome. and so whenever he passed by new york and he'd come close to the kid's hometown in the midst of his "exciting life as ant-man", he'd drop by and say 'hey' and they'd hang out. this doesn't count scott's texting him every so often, sending messages ranging from life-questioning texts at three in the morning to pictures of cassie with ice cream on her nose.

but just because scott likes peter doesn't mean that he knows what to think about being his husband.

while peter stands dumbfounded, scott's unpacking things, startled at how ordinary is from the china to the picture frames. it certainly gives him flashbacks to when he and maggie were still all right, but the only difference is that his and peter's rings are just for show. )

You know we're holding an introduction party in here tonight, right? ( shaking off that strange feeling, scott goes back to making the living room look presentable. ) I don't know why these neighbours are so closely-knit, and frankly I'm afraid to ask because it might be Satanic, but we should probably start unpacking before anyone, uh. Gets here.
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[ Peter had never really thought about getting married. Not that he didn't want to, but it had never been a goal. Maybe it was because he wouldn't be able to imagine it until he found the One; maybe once he met that person, he wouldn't be able to not imagine it. It should be natural, right?

To be fair, Peter did begrudgingly see the merit in sending the two of them. Scott was pretty much smiling 24/7, and Peter without his suit was about as intimidating as Elmo. They'd be able to get information out of people, and get invitations to places the rest of the team wouldn't.

And they were being passed off as gay, which was a whole other world of information a straight couple wouldn't be have access to.

Peter enjoyed Scott's company. If there was anyone to be stuck with - well, he's kind of glad it's Scott. Peter might even call them friends, at least in his own head - Scott's older than him, Peter didn't want to be weird about it. It's just - he didn't have friends, so if someone was texting him - at any time of day - it was his Aunt. And now Scott, which was kind of nice.

Plus, Cassie was absolutely adorable, so Peter didn't mind those at all. He'd usually snap one of the NYC skyline and send it back, from an impossibly high place.]

Right, yeah, sorry. [Peter shook himself out of it, offering Scott an awkward smile. They could do this. It wouldn't be that weird. Okay, it'd be weird.] I've lived in the same neighborhood in Queens my entire life and we're reasonably close but...yeah, I don't know. Did you see the application to live here? It was like thirty pages.

[Peter moved to start unwrapping the furniture, intending to put it into place around the room. Everything was ordinary, fairly tasteful, despite the few rainbow-colored items Natasha had snuck in.]

...we should get our story straight. Like, where we met and stuff. [Peter's not going to mention the age difference, because he'd inevitably get awkward, but they should probably prep an answer for that, too.] Who proposed, uh -