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Fell into your world

Fell Into Your World Shipping Meme

It can be hard enough being ejected from your own home - imagine being plucked away from your home world! This could be because of your own doing, you were too evil or too ambitious to stay, or even due to an accident. Those temporal shifts can be a little much. Whether by design or by chaos, however, you end up in the same place...or, rather, a different place. Theoretically, this world could be very much like your own, with only a few minor changes, like a purple sky instead of a blue one or lion-demons instead of tiger-vampires. On the other hand, it could be completely different, anywhere from more technologically advanced or less so or even filled to the brim with bizarre creatures. They still use cars? What are those infernal beeping devices? Why does no one have feathers or gills? Needless to say, this could be overwhelming if you are possibly powerless and definitely alone.

But you're not alone. Someone, a native of this world, has ended up tangled into this whole affair with you, whether they want it or not. You can't turn that down. They're your only ally, your only anchor in this brand new world. Maybe, just maybe, they can show you a thing or two to help you back up on your feet. Or, best case scenario, back to your home! When you're out of the frying pan and into the fire, though, nothing is cut and dry. Everything about this world may not be so horrible - it may be fun, even - and this person you've ended up with, oh, they could be worse. In fact, you may be beginning to feel at home with them.

Remember. This is not your real home. You want to go back, don't you?

And what about the other party? Of course, you may be less than thrilled that you now are playing tour guide to what seems like a crazy person. Perhaps this was out of the kindness of your heart or you may be forced to play babysitter, but it all leads to you keeping an eye out on them. They have to be lying about all this! Sure, they may talk strange, unconsciously insult you, and act like the simplest things confuse them; that has to be an act!

...still, act or not, you're starting to see that there's more to them than their goofy ways and there's more to your feelings toward them than you thought.

how to play
  • Comment with your character and preferences. Don't leave your comment blank! Mention something about your character's world in the comment for the canon blind (ie, "ancient Greece" or "dystopia with kids killing kids - the Japanese version"). It doesn't have to be long, it can even be a few words! If you have any other ideas, include them.
  • Reply to others. Use the RNG - or not. Whichever you prefer.

  1. arrival → You've just arrived...and someone has seen it. What's your impression? Good? Bad? Get the hell away from them? It may depend on why you're here in the first place.
  2. not so different → Huh, this could be your own home in the universe, except for a few subtle changes. But those changes stand out.
  3. different time → The place you've ended up is either much more advanced or much more primitive than you're used to.
  4. different world → They breathe oxygen? Where is their night vision?
  5. magical moment → See the gif. Essentially, it's that moment of interest before everything goes absolutely wrong.
  6. disbelief → So, they says they're an ancient Roman or a magic sky god. Did they hit their head?
  7. argument → No, no, no. You're not going anywhere until we get you some clothes and some help.
  8. forced to take them in → You have no other choice but to take this person in. You were either charged with the task or feel guilty.
  9. offer of shelter → You actually want to take them in out of the kindness of your heart.
  10. depowered → Were you a powerhouse before? Well, now you're an average joe. That'll teach you.
  11. misunderstanding → Here, we don't walk around in loin cloths, draw swords, or barely bathe or eat toothpaste. We also don't ride dogs, either.
  12. friendly fun → Being around here isn't always bad. You get to see new sights, taste new foods, and make new friends. Your milage may vary on the last one.
  13. introduced traditions → Time for the newcomer to show their host something from the old country, so to speak, or the reverse.
  14. romantic moment → Dancing or sitting under the stars or your own preference. Go wild and be creative!
  15. showing you care → They have helped you out a lot since you've arrived. Perhaps you can return the favor by lending a hand or solving a problem?
  16. the romantic shift → The typical turn of events where the two of you begin to see each other in a different light.
  17. not my type → Your usual type is more glamorous or more...possessing of gills, but the bond between you two endears them to you.
  18. jealousy → The newcomer misunderstands the dynamic that's already set in place.
  19. someone back home → You find yourself growing closer to your new friend, but you're already taken back home.
  20. confession → You both admit it's more than mere interdimensional alliances.
  21. smut → You've reached that point in the relationship, or you're about to leave, or you're just curious about the people in this world (remember that scene in Howard the Duck where - nevermind, actually).
  22. epic fight → Two worlds collide and big bads from the past are coming to threaten your temporary home and new love.
  23. reformed → You've learned your lesson and turned over a new leaf. As much as you can, anyway. You're more open, less cocky, whatever the case may be.
  24. sacrifice → Unfortunately, you won't get to go home. You selflessly put yourself in harm's way for your lover.
  25. going home → Time for a heartfelt goodbye. Will you see each other again or is this it?
  26. new home → You've learned and gained so much, you've decided to stay in this word.
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Alright, let me know if this works for you!

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[Here's the thing about New York: you don't live there for twenty years and stay surprised by much. New Yorkers had a way of picking up and carrying on. Whether it was a human threat, aliens, or mutants, they just brushed it off. Peter had spent his entire life on the small-yet-huge island, so this was pretty much engraved in his soul.

Being Spiderman brought on a whole other level of Shit. Giant lizards, a man with metal octopus arms - so needless to say, when he's halfway through changing in an alleyway and he's blinded by a flash of light it doesn't get much more than a sigh as he starts pulling his suit back on.]
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Perfect! :D

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[Usually when Abby drops into a new universe, there's some element of planning involved. Or, at least, the shift is voluntary and he can feel the hum as his implant tunes itself. This time, though--this time the shift feels like someone shredding a violin bow across his psyche. It's nasty, instantaneous, and accompanied by a disorienting burst of light.

Abby's vision clears swiftly enough, and he finds himself standing at the mouth of an alleyway fairly similar to the one he'd ducked into to eat his street-vendor lunch. The graffiti's different, though, and the people walking by the end of the alleyway are wearing significantly fewer hats.

He must have squeezed his lunch a little hard in the cross. Even if his clothes might otherwise have let him go unnoticed until he got his bearings, the front of his shirt looks like he just committed a murder. Unnaturally red chili--the especially spicy (and delicious) kind--drips in globules from his hands as he shakes them free of bits of wrapper. He'd only had, like, one bite. Damn.

Thanking his lucky stars that he hadn't been in the middle of crossing a street, he heads deeper into the alleyway.]
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[Peter's changed back into his suit by this point, webbing his backpack with his civilian clothes up above them at the top of a fire escape. He's not sure what that flash was, but he knew by now it was better to be safe than sorry. This proved to be the right idea when a guy with a blood-stained shirt came his way down the alley, shaking blood off his hands. Woah, okay, gruesome.

Peter lands in a crouch a few paces in front of the guy, tilting his head up at him. The bug eyes can be somewhat unnerving in the shadowy light of the alleyways at night, but Peter just uses it to his advantage.]

I'd freeze if I were you.

[The mask, however, also makes it a little hard to see that the front of Abby's shirt is covered in chili, not blood, despite Peter's enhanced senses.]
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[Abby freezes, half because he's ordered to and half out of instinct in the presence of the unknown. A wad of beans and meat takes the opportunity to slide from the front of his shirt and land between his toes with a splort.]

I can do freezing.

[He's already holding his hands out, so he shifts them slowly to 'hands up' and studies the creature. Humanoid. Spider motif? Possibly red and blue? It's too dark at this point to tell whether or not the creature is mimicking a human shape or if it's actually some flavor of human. His implant's hum says he's never been to this universe before, and just because nobody's wearing any hats doesn't mean there's also a lack of large urban fauna. Worst case scenario, he's stumbled into some sort of metropolis-predator's lair with his the guitar slung across his back as his only defense.

While also covered in tasty-smelling meat.]

You probably don't want to eat me.
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[Alright, now that Peter has had a second to take stock of the situation, he's really not understanding. The guy looks like Peter is the one doing the mugging, staring at him seemingly without recognition. Which, okay, he wasn't that big of a hero, but that must mean that this guy wasn't local.]

What? Dude, no. Do I look like Hannibal Lecter to you?

[Then Peter tilts his head, wondering. No. Not in Queens, surely - ] ...did someone try to eat you?

Alright, hold on. [He takes a step forward, coming close enough to peer at Abby's shirt.] What the hell is all over you? [He's going to trust his senses to alert him if this guy tries to attack him.]
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Hannibal Lecter?

[Abby blinks at the creature in incomprehension. Without context for the name, he's adrift, one of the reasons he prefers to keep his mouth shut when dropped into new worlds. Still, though, the emphatic 'no' that prefaces the name shifts the creature from 'a threat to appease' to 'a concerned native'. Which is honestly not much better, considering.]

Ah, no! I'm fine, I'm fine. Nobody tried to eat me, I just--

[As the creature steps forward, Abby leans back, hands still in the air.]

It's chili. It's... it's chili. The best late-night tube chili in New Angoulême, from a cart, like, four blocks from here. See, it's--

[Abby lifts his hands slightly to highlight that he's not reaching for anything and tilts his head just far enough to stick the side of this thumb into his mouth to demonstrate its edibility.]


[There must have been a hot-pepper stuck to his thumb, because the spice heat hits him a moment later and he wheezes. Scrunching his face up, he tries to smile at the creature as sweat pops out on his forehead. His next words come out strangled.]

It's good. It's--I, er, squeezed the tube a little hard.
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Oh, come on, really?

[This is muttered mostly to himself. No one appreciated his jokes besides Deadpool, who really did not count. He figured that one would at least be mainstream enough, but sorry Peter, wrong civilian.]

Chili. [And - yeah, okay he was eating it. Still a little suspicious, Peter reached up for his mask, tugging it just over his nose - yeah, he could smell it now. Definitely not the bloody massacre he'd first taken it for. Whoops.

But then - ]

There's no chili cart four blocks from here.

[Peter wracks his brain, mentally doing a lap around the area and - yeah, no chili cart. He's lived here his entire life, so he's reasonably confident he's right.]
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[Abby coughs at the residual spiciness and wheezes for a moment, weighing his options. He has zero percent doubt that there's no chili cart.]

There was, otherwise I wouldn't be covered in chili.

[Sometimes details transfer between near-match universe, but only sometimes. He's busy enough weighing his options in running vs. trying to explain that it takes a second for it to finally click that the guy in front of him just peeled up his mask.]

That's a mask! Oh, wow. Okay.

[Totally derailed, Abby drops his hands and lets out a melodramatic sigh of relief. He might be in a universe closer to the ones he usually sticks to after all.]

A mask. That's the best news I've had all day. So you're human?

[He pauses and corrects himself.]

That was rude. Sorry. It's not polite to make assumptions. Human or near-human? Er--I mean, that's not your actual skin, carapace, or otherwise natural covering?
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I don't know what you do in your free time - are you okay?

[How did he go from nearly webbing the guy to the wall to concerned for his health? Jesus, Peter, some vigilante. This whole situation is just weird, but he isn't sure what to do about it. And then - ]

Yes? It's a mask? What did you think it was, my freaking face?

[Oookay, definitely more here than met the eye. Peter cocks his head to the side, lips pursed in consideration.]

Yeah, I'm human. Not mutant, either. [Though people did tend to assume he had the X-Gene.] Superhero? Spiderman? No, dude, this is my suit. My superhero suit. Because I am a superhero.

[Very subtle, Peter.]

Are you human?
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[Clearly, Abby has made some grave errors of assumption and he pauses to process the terms 'mutant', 'superhero', and 'Spiderman'. He folds an arm across his chest and taps his lips with a knuckle as he considers. At this point, he's probably just going to have to hop into a shower fully clothed anyways.]

It's... well, your mask isn't too far off as humanoid faces go. Seemed reasonable to me. I'm--so you're a superhero in a superhero suit, but human. What exactly does being a superhero entail if it requires a formfitting suit that makes you look like a human-mimic?

[Abby gestures at the whole getup. The spider motif makes a heck of a lot more sense now. He blames the shift's disorientation.

Before he gets too far afield, however, he realizes he hasn't answered the Spiderman's question.]

Oh, yes, and I'm human. Well, human for some value of human, I suppose.

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You...don't know what a superhero is.

[It's becoming apparent that Abby is not what he seems, and Peter is really debating whether or not he wants to get involved with alien bullshit. That was reserved strictly for Manhattan.]

I - fight crime, bring about vigilante justice? Dude, where are you from?

[That doesn't necessarily make Peter feel any better about...anything.]

What does that mean?