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Under the Sea AU Meme

Under the Sea AU Meme

Whether it’s the little mermaid or 20,000 leagues, this meme is all about the mysterious depths of the sea and the creatures that live in it. Which now very well may include you. Are you a marine biologist, a submarine explorer, or a creature of the dark and murky abyss? Perhaps, like Ahab, you’ve spent years on the waves, hunting some creature that lurks beneath. Perhaps you live in a house by the sea, and every night you watch the waves, but tonight the waves have dragged in something new and different.

There are unknown realms beneath the sea. Dread Cthulhu sleeps. Ariel sings. And adventure is awaiting.

How to play:
- Post with your character’s preferred role and a prompt or two, along with preferences and any canon or AU info that might be important.
- Venture forth into the watery deeps.
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[personal profile] carryon_crow 2016-06-07 09:15 pm (UTC)(link)
[The night was darker away from the coast of southern California, but the humboldt squids surfaced during then, a prime time to study their behaviors. The large squids weren't to be seen so far tonight, the waters calm and still.

Except on the surface breaks a flash of red and white, and at the same time there seems to be a strange singing...]
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[Peter honestly doesn't think he's ever been this far from home. But one thing led to another, and his thesis ended up up being the hunting tactics of humboldt squid. He even got a grant, too, and now he was preparing to collect his data.

But...what was that? Peter turned from where he was adjusting a net and pushed his glasses back up the bridge of his nose. Some sort of...chanting? Whales?]
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[The singing was from a tradeoff made centuries ago, in exchange for restoring a missing wing to a siren. While Henry rarely used its mesmeric powers, they still enjoyed the lovely voice for the fun of it. Such as hunting large squids for parts.

Ahh but here was a human boat, probably waiting for those same squids, flashing all their lights and agitating the shoal. Tut tut!

A large, irregular shape splashed into the ocean, only to resurface toward the closest human. Scent carried differently through air, thinner, but Henry could still find that human smell of dry cloth and squeaky soap.]

Permission to come aboard, sir!

[Their voice is strangely accented, wobbly and enunciated.]
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Uh, [Peter leaned over the edge of the boat when something splashed nearby, peering out into the darkness. His eyesight has improved exponentially since the bite - seriously, he didn't need the glasses, they were more habit than anything else - but he can't quite make out what's moving in the ocean beyond the boat.]

Is there somebody out there? Are you okay?
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[Oh good Henry got the land borders right; that or this human happened to speak English. They didn't think those had changed since they last surfaced, since there wasn't a major conflict like that recently.]

I'm good! Can you throw me a rope or something, boats are slippery.

[Shame humans stopped making wooden boats ages ago. With metal and plastic boats, Henry had a hard time getting a grip.]
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Yeah - hold on -

[Holy shit, what the hell was anybody doing out here without a boat? He was pretty far - couldn't even see the twinkle of the shore at this point. Peter scrambles to find a rope, tossing it over the side in the general direction of the voice.]
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[They grasp the rope with their many limbs, one arm carrying the string with their haul of three fullgrown squids, dead and brick-colored. They land their catch up first onto the deck before slithering on themself.

Henry's top half seems human enough, although very pale for a human, face smiling but eyes shut, short white hair plastered to their head. They wear a kelp-brown vest over a more filmy, sagging black blouse. Everything below is a richer crimson than the humboldts, a mass of moving, slithering tentacles, and two modest fins at the hips. Superficially they look like a vampire squid, but the red is brighter, and the mantle is hitched up like flounces on a dress, suckers alternating with the more typical cirri.

So. An octo-mer.]

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[The squids that are thrown onto his deck are a little surprising, but perhaps this is just an intrepid fisherman? He carefully skirts them, helping the mystery guy on board, pulling hard on the rope to help heft him up.

But then, he's not just a lost human, is he? Peter drops the rope and, frankly, jumps to stick to the side of the wall, more than a little freaked. Too freaked to worry about outing himself, he just. Can barely comprehend what he's seeing.]

Ah - who - what - ugah?
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[Pffthahaha that never got old! At least this one didn't harpoon them on sight, that was a plus.]

Ohh that's a neat trick! Did humans come up with more stuff in... uh... is it 30 years yet? Last popped up 1998.
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...what are you?

[Peter blinked, then blinked again. He was hallucinating, wasn't he?]

Uh - no, 17, actually.
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An octomerm of course! Thought the tentacles would tip you off!

[Henry raises a couple to wiggle playfully.]

Oh so that's.... about 20 years. Nines always did through me off, nyahaha!
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Yeah I - I see the tentacles but - what?
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Haha, do you need a minute? Because it looks like your brain totally stopped!

[Heck, Henry can wait, this is hilarious.]