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Under the Sea AU Meme

Under the Sea AU Meme

Whether it’s the little mermaid or 20,000 leagues, this meme is all about the mysterious depths of the sea and the creatures that live in it. Which now very well may include you. Are you a marine biologist, a submarine explorer, or a creature of the dark and murky abyss? Perhaps, like Ahab, you’ve spent years on the waves, hunting some creature that lurks beneath. Perhaps you live in a house by the sea, and every night you watch the waves, but tonight the waves have dragged in something new and different.

There are unknown realms beneath the sea. Dread Cthulhu sleeps. Ariel sings. And adventure is awaiting.

How to play:
- Post with your character’s preferred role and a prompt or two, along with preferences and any canon or AU info that might be important.
- Venture forth into the watery deeps.
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OK here we go

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[Matt never thought he would face some of the most immediate peril to his life while taking a trip on a boat.

This was supposed to be relaxing, according to his friends. Just a couple nights away, and despite his protests, they'd already paid for it. He didn't want to spend time away from Hell's Kitchen, didn't want to pass even a few nights that could be better spent fighting crime, but... he couldn't afford to give away his secret identity either. It was a compromise, even if it didn't make him happy.

So, there he was, sailing back toward New York after an anxious few days when the hull of the boat scratched against something large underwater and began to sink.

Everything was so loud. People were rushing for lifeboats while Matt tried to help anyone however he could. In his rush he didn't notice the crack in the floor, tripped, and went tumbling into the water. The impact knocked him unconscious. If anyone noticed there was nothing they could do to save him as his body began to sink below the sea.]
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AHHHH i love it

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[Peter really wasn't supposed to be this close to the shoreline, but somehow he always ended up doing what he shouldn't, didn't he? It was just, these fish always got caught in the boat wake and Peter had to swim up and save them. He couldn't just let them go, and that brought him dangerously close to the shoreline.

And then there's this big, hulking thing above him, except it's floating downwards and - is that a man? Peter starts swimming for him before he can stop himself. Humans aren't supposed to be underwater like that, Peter knows this as a fact. So he grabs the man around the middle - he's not moving, he's no danger to Peter, and starts swimming.]
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[Matt didn't wake up until they'd just about made it to shore.

He coughed and spluttered, clinging to whatever it was that was carrying him to safety.

A person?

He was able to tell that much once he was coherent enough to think, but something was definitely off about them. Head spinning and body weak, Matt could only bring himself to speculate a little as he was ferried to safety. Whoever this was had a very distinct scent to them, one that he doubted he would ever forget even in his current state.]
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You're okay. You're going to be okay.

[Peter definitely should not be talking to the human, but he's not really awake, is he? He's coughing, sure, but Peter is pretty sure that's because he's not meant to breathe water. He doesn't have gills the way Peter does - okay, look, he's a nerd, alright? Humans fascinated him, and Peter learned as much as he could about them.

He only hesitates briefly before swimming even further inland. Peter's careful to keep the man's head above water, but otherwise tries to hide them under the ripples of the waves. At least it's dark, no one will be able to see them as Peter comes ever closer to the shore...

Day is beginning to break by the time they make it to a small patch of sand and rock, under a bridge on the north side of Queens. Peter has to admit, at least to himself, that he's mildly terrified. It's so loud here, so much traffic and so many people - he's definitely worried he'll be seen.

It's not without effort that he pulls the man to shore, heaving his own body up the sand. His tail isn't exactly conducive to land. Once Peter's got him there, though, he isn't sure what to do.

So he, uh. He pokes it. Him. He pokes the human in the cheek, brow furrowed.]

I really hope it isn't dead. Please. [Who's he even talking to? God, he's such a dweeb.]
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[Matt drifted in and out of consciousness as the stranger swam him to shore, his breath steadying by the time he was placed down on the sand. He blinked his eyes open, staring blankly up at the sky, though his other senses were in overdrive.

Most obviously and unusually, his feet, which had lost their shoes by this point, had bumped up against something that most definitely wasn't a leg. If he didn't know better, he'd think it was part of a fish.

But he did know better. The person was speaking to him, a young man's voice. He should probably confirm that he is, in fact, alive.]

I'm okay. [His voice was soft and weak, but he was able to speak. Thanks to this unknown savior.] You saved me. Who are you?

[And how was he able to swim with another person for such a distance? It seemed incredible.]
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[The man's eyes were opening, and Peter leaned back a little, nervous about being seen. But...he wasn't looking at him? Sorry if he's being rude (probably yes), but Peter hesitates only briefly before carefully waving his hand in front of the man's face. No, it didn't seem like he was able to see him.]

I'm - my name is Peter. [He smiled, resting a warm hand on the man's arm.] And yourself?

You're on land now. Are you feeling okay?
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Matt. [He replied, blinking as he sensed a hand move over his face, but otherwise showing no signs of recognition. That hand felt oddly warm on his arm though, like he hadn't been in the cold sea water for quite some time.]

I'll be better after I sleep, I think.

[And he imagined Peter would need a good deal of sleep too after dealing with the shipwreck and swimming such a distance. And then Matt would have to do something to pay him back for his help, not that there was ever anything that could come close to repayment for a life.]

Thank you. For helping me.
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Matt. [The human was called Matt. For some reason, this made Peter grin; he had such a normal name. Of course, what he was expecting he wasn't sure, merpeople weren't all that different from humans but - well, it wasn't like he'd ever met one before.]

You want to sleep? [Peter glanced around nervously, wondering if he would be able to just leave Matt on the beach. Well, perhaps he could stay and watch over him, if only for a little while. He'd hardly like it if any harm came to Matt now that he was on land.] I couldn't let you drown.
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I don't know if anyone else even noticed I'd fallen in.

[Not to say he blamed anyone considering the chaos, and how he'd been primarily concerned with saving people to worry enough about his own safety. He was lucky that someone was looking out for him.]

I'm exhausted, and I think I hit my head. [No, he knew he hit his head, though it might be too dark for Peter to see any blood in his dark hair. The majority of bleeding happened during the trip back to shore, anyway.]

I need to get home. Where do you live?
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I didn't see anyone, after I grabbed you.

[He's not sure he would have been able to carry more than one person, even if he had. He hopes Matt's friends made it; there were more on that ship, surely?

Peter reaches out to smooth down Matt's hair, a gesture more to calm himself than the human.]
Then rest, if you need to. You're safe now.

Far away from here. [He'll probably stop to rest on the way home, holed up in some alcove far below the dangerous boats. But it's a long swim, both ways.]
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Hopefully the rest made it to the lifeboats.

[He sighed, closing his eyes again. It was difficult not to feel reassured knowing the person who saved him from a watery grave was keeping an eye out for trouble while he barely had enough energy to speak.

The hand in his hair was a bit strange, not the usual type of touch between strangers. He wouldn't say anything about it now though- he didn't want Peter to go away. Matt was curious, intrigued even, with quite a few things not adding up right.]

We shouldn't stay here. My friends back home... they'll hear about what happened and start to worry. Same for you, I'm sure. [And since his phone was gone to the depths with his shoes, he'd have to contact them some other way.

That might take awhile.]
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[Peter says nothing, watching Matt close his eyes again. He smoothes out the man's hair gently, wicking the water out of it. He was no doubt cold; Peter was starting to feel the chill just sitting on the makeshift beach, body temperature accustomed to the water.

To be honest, he's kind of fascinated. For all he's been told humans are dangerous, this one seems tame, grateful and kind, even. Perhaps it's because he can't see Peter isn't one of his kind?]

This might be where we part ways. [Peter murmured quietly, glancing back at the water, the early morning light reflecting off of it. Where Matt went next, Peter couldn't follow.]
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[He reached a hand out slowly and clumsily, and his fingers ended up brushing against a bare chest. No shirt? He might have thought that was more odd if he'd been in a clearer state of mind.]

We can catch a cab together.

[His hand ended up landing on one of Peter's arms. Was he going to leave him now, after all that? These areas weren't safe to pass out or go around half-dressed, assuming he even knew where they were.]
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[Peter rested his hand on top of Matt's, smiling gently at the concern. There was nothing to be done about it, though; the facts were simple. It was surprising to Peter he'd even made it this far up the beach and besides - not all humans were blind. They'd certainly notice his giant tail.

He's glad Matt's okay, though, that's what the ultimate goal of pulling him all the way inland was in the first place.]

Where you're going, I can't follow. Be careful, okay?

[He squeezed Matt's hand before started to pull away, tail undulating against the sand so he could turn around.]
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What- where are you going?

[Matt tried to push himself into a sitting position, hoping to maybe follow after him, but... he was headed toward the water.

He collapsed back down into the sand, confused and exhausted. By the time he woke up later he wondered if the whole thing had just been a dream and he'd washed ashore himself. The people who retrieved him later on seemed to think so, as did Foggy and Karen.

The next few days involved a great deal of rest and recovery. Matt also had plenty of time to think, about both the accident and the 'dream' he'd had of a rescuer. But what if it hadn't been a dream? Maybe he could find him?

The thought was encouraging. The more he mulled over the idea the more he became convinced that there really was someone out there who had saved his life that night. Maybe it was a foolish notion (the others certainly seemed to think so), but he couldn't stop thinking about it.]
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[Peter takes back to the ocean, hiding under the water, saving up his strength to swim back. He really had come quite the distance, and with a passenger, no less, so he succumbs easily.

When he comes to, there are two striped bass staring at him. They're kind of creeping him out, but then they start talking, telling him about the humans, and wouldn't he like to meet another one? Aren't they fascinating?

It's enough to get him to follow them, underneath a dock on the Manhattan side. To their master, who offers him legs. Is that even possible?

Peter's honestly not convinced it's possible, but - well, he's curious. Always has been, and maybe that's what gets him into these situations, leagues away from home.

The police find the naked man washed up on the jagged shore, a little worse for wear (mostly from the rocks), but otherwise unharmed. They think he was attacked, perhaps by someone they've been trying to catch for a while. It's not the highest paying gig, but it's enough that Nelson & Murdock gets a tip about it.]
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[Foggy tells Matt that there is no case... not yet, anyway. What's the point of interviewing someone when there aren't even any suspects yet? Anyway, they're a defense firm. They don't represent people like this.

He ignores Foggy and decides to at least speak with the guy, mostly thanks to curiosity hitting him about where he was found. Naked on the shore. The same shore Matt had washed up on after the boat accident.

It's almost certainly nothing but a coincidence, but as he sits down across the table from the young man who had been 'attacked,' a familiarity quickly registers. Maybe he's just noticing the similarity in scent and heartbeat because he wants to find connections with the mysterious person from that night. That explanation is reasonable enough, and until he hears him speak, there's no reason to seriously suspect anything.]

So, can you tell me what happened that on the beach?
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[Peter feels different. He keeps moving his legs, standing up - wobbly though he may be - and walking around the interrogation cell. They've given him a change of clothes and a sandwich - peanut butter and jelly, nothing he's ever had before. It's certainly not kelp, which is what he's used to.

His voice is definitely different. His gills are gone, not that he couldn't breathe air before, but apparently that was why humans couldn't breathe underwater. It makes his voice different, not quite as deep as before - which is what you need, communicating through walls of water, a deep rumble that will travel.

He hasn't been talking much, since he was brought here, simply because he doesn't know what he'd say. How he'd explain. But when his 'lawyer' comes in to talk to him - what is a lawyer and why does he have one? - Peter barely hears his question. It's the same human from before, that much he recognizes, and Peter tries to remember a name.]

- Matt?

[Is what he answers instead, clearing his throat a little.]