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minor injury meme.

You or your meme partner has been hurt, but don't worry! This time around it's not that bad. You can still limp your way out of this mess.

1. Sprain/strain. How did you screw up walking?
2. Broken bones. Simple fractures still hurt.
3. Cuts. Hopefully one of you has a sewing kit.
4. Burns. Location, location, location. Let's pray this one isn't on your ass.
5. Concussion. No, they're most likely not holding up fifteen fingers.
6. Other. I'm not a doctor.

1. Stupidity. You did this to yourself.
2. Accident. Is an unintentional attack still an attack?
3. Attack. Don't lie, you deserved it.
4. Other. It's probably still your own fault.

1. Home. Did you remember to invest in a first aid kit?
2. School/Work. This should be excellent for getting you out of doing stuff!
3. Outdoors. Predators like the smell of blood. Clean up asap.
4. In the water. Hopefully there aren't any sharks!
5. Other. Like a hospital. That'd be handy.
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[Would you be game for a Peter?]
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[ Absolutely! ]
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[What do you think of both of them being injured and trying to patch the other up because they're both convinced they'll heal fine?]
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[ Omg, yes, that sounds perfect! ]
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[Doombots. EVERYWHERE.

Peter's been swinging, punching, and smashing for at least an hour and a half. Something about accessing Stark Tower servers, Peter doesn't even know, but when Doombots started tearing up his turf he knew he had to drive them back into Manhattan. This, of course, turned into another forray into the Wonderful World of Avengers Problems.

Which, isn't Dr. Doom usually fucking around with Mr. Fantastic? Since when did he start setting his sights higher?

It's safe to say Peter is less than impressed.]


[Peter's reflexes act before he can think about the physics of what he's doing, and he shoots a line of webbing at the Captain's chest, dragging him out of the way of a Doombot lining up a flamethrower - which, by the way cool, but also, what the fuck.

Of course, physics decides to kick in and remind Peter why exactly you don't pick up a 240 lbs boulder of a dude, while you're swinging in counter-rotation to said boulder. Centrifugal force is a bitch, coupled with the fact that as Peter's being yanked back towards Steve, a Doombot added momentum to the mix by punching Peter square in the chest and sending both of them through the side of a building.

He's pretty sure he blacked out there for a second, because when he comes to, the skies are clear and his spider senses have quieted down considerably.

All things considered, Peter's come out of this fight pretty A-OK. He winces and tries to sit up, a little dizzy but pushing through it with minimum nausea.]

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i'm so sorry for the delay on this, finals week has eaten me

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[ It's really by luck and luck alone that Steve doesn't fall ten stories after getting blasted out of the building. He manages to stay conscious and grab onto the edge of the floor with his free hand, hauling himself back up just in time to fling his shield and take out two Doombots in one go.

Once the immediate threat is gone, he goes to check on Peter, who's ended up hanging from the side of the building by his web. Said web is strong enough that Steve's able to pull Peter back up without any threat of it breaking and sending him on a long fall, but it's a close and scary thing.

It takes a minute or so for Peter to actually come to again, with Steve sitting close-by, his senses tuned in for any stray Doombots. They're not as precise as Peter's senses, but they're better than nothing.

As soon as Peter shows any sign of life, Steve rushes over to take a knee next to him. ]

Hey, kid, you okay? You saved my bacon back there.
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it's all good! I know the feeling well

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[That's the thing about Peter's particular brand of heroics - it's honestly a recipe for disaster, pushing himself to his absolute limit and then hoping it didn't kill him. He's damn lucky the web stuck - although he's fallen further before and still lived to tell the tale. Through sheer dumb luck and a healing factor that could bring him back pretty much from the brink of death.

He's literally hanging by a thread (haha) when Cap hauls him up, and even his subconscious reflexes are down, not a twitch to be seen until he finally comes to.]

M'fine. [He's not, not at all, but Peter grunts and forces himself to sit up. Ow.] Woah, headrush:

Sizzle sizzle. [Lame bacon joke is lame, but Peter is 90% sure he has a wicked concussion, so he thinks he can be forgiven.]

Dude, you're bleeding! [Nevermind the fact that Peter is bleeding and his vision is a little blurry, Captain America is bleeding.]
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[ Peter and Steve share that brand of heroics, then. For all that Steve is about strategy and putting together battle plans, in the moment sometimes there isn't time for that. Sometimes you go with your gut -- you run for the grenade instead of away from it.

As someone who is an expert at insisting that he's fine when he definitely isn't, it's not difficult to see what Peter's doing.

So yeah, maybe Steve has a gash at his temple that's bleeding earnestly. That doesn't really compare to the near-death experience that Peter doesn't even realize he went through. ]

Yeah, well, it looks like we need to get you to medical. Can you stand?

[ Steve backs up a little to give Peter whatever room he might need, but he's ready to swoop in in case the kid loses his balance. ]
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[They both have a habit of jumping in front of the bullet and sometimes it really doesn't do them, personally, much good.

Peter's already fumbling with his webshooters, ready to offer to web the injury closed in the hopes of providing some relief. It worked, 9 times out of 10, surprisingly well. Biodegradable material, impenetrable to any dirt or infection that might try to take root in the injury before it could be looked at.]

Yeah, course I can. [It isn't until he's halfway up that he realizes his ankle is twisted the wrong direction, and it takes him down like a rock.] ...okay, maybe give me a minute. Two, tops.
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linking that was rude :|

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[ Steve moves into Peter's personal space as soon as he realizes that he's not going to make it, but the kid manages to fall back down without doing himself any more damage.

Forcing out a breath, Steve looks over his shoulder, still listening for any movement down the hallways or in the stairwells. Everything seems quiet. ]
On the bright side, I think that we've cleared them all out now. You can take your time.

[ Since they have a second, Steve starts to work on wiping away some of the blood at the side of his face so that it doesn't seep into his eyes. ]
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and my tears were blood

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[He's quite possibly the worst at being injured. It's part of what keeps criminals afraid of him - he doesn't stop, even when he's well past when he should.]

For now. What's his deal with Midtown, anyway? Seriously, what's so great about it that it gets destroyed every other week - [Peter's senses aren't telling him squat, so he's not worried. Perhaps he relied on it too much, but it hadn't failed him yet and, if you couldn't have guessed, Peter was kind of reckless that way.]

We can web that shut. [Peter extended his arm, frowning at the quantity of blood Steve was losing.]
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[ Steve is the guy who always picks himself back up, no matter how bloody and bruised he is, and who refuses to run away from fight -- so the two of them are like peas in a pod, really.

While he may not have "spider sense," Steve is also keeping an ear and eye open for anything else. It seems like they're in the clear. ]
Avengers Tower being located here probably has something to do with it. [ Certain villains have decided to make attacking the Avengers their hobby, unfortunately. Steve sighs and rolls his eyes.

Peter's offer is a kind one, but Steve's not sure how he feels about the idea of web on his face. He waves him off. ]
It's fine, it should stop bleeding soon. Once you're ready we'll get you to medical, get you checked out. [ And if Steve has to, he'll agree to a checkup too. ]
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[It's only fitting, isn't it - past or present, the little guy is always the one to turn to good with his power.]

Then why don't they go for the tower? Why is it all the surrounding blocks - namely, my subway exit. [Peter shifted, tilting his leg over and noticing the huge, bloody gash. Nice. The webshooter moves to web that up, because ow.]

I'll be fine. Seriously, this isn't that bad - [He pauses and slowly puts his head between his knees so he doesn't ralph. Okay maybe it's a little less than fine, but still.] Medical can't help me that much anyway. [It's not like painkillers are going to do anything.]
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They must just have a vendetta against you.

[ It isn't that at all, of course. Peter's identity is still a well-kept secret, known only to the Avengers. But giving people a hard time is sort of Steve's job, along with leading the team, so he can't quite help himself. Yes, even as both of them nurse their injuries -- this is just business as usual as far as he's concerned.

When Peter looks like he's going to be sick for a second, Steve leans forward to place a hand on his back and rub it a few times. He'd struggled with nausea enough times before the serum to have an idea of what helps with it. ]

All right... if you don't want to go there, I can just take you back home.

[ Do you really want Cap returning you to your Aunt May, Peter? ]
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You know, that's not the craziest thing I've ever heard. What does that say about our lives?

[Peter doesn't mind it. Acting normal stops him from realizing he'd almost died - which, yeah, that was nothing new, but. Could still make a guy anxious, you know? Steve's still bleeding somewhat profusely, and that's pretty worrying. Was his healing slower than Peter's?]

No, man, I can't - [It's a ploy to get him to go to medical, isn't it?] ...I'll just go to my warehouse, don't even worry about it.

[He's talking about the abandoned warehouse where he skateboards, and he may or may not have dragged a shitty mattress in the loft of it. For when he's too injured to go home.]

I can get there, I'll be fine, man.
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[ It seems like the bar for crazy only ever goes up. Steve has chosen not to let himself be bowled over by it. Rolling with the punches is his way of coping.

Yes, there might have been some subtle manipulation going on when Steve had mentioned Peter's aunt. As much as Peter's trying to shrug this all off and refuse any help, though, Steve's stubbornness won't be so easily stifled. ]

No, I'm gonna take you there.

[ It would be on him if something happened to Peter between here and there, and Steve won't feel at ease unless he knows that he's safe. So Peter will just have to put up with it.

He puts in a call via communicator to make sure that someone is put on detail to clean up the mess they made, then gestures for Peter to join him on the elevator. ]
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You really don't - it's all the way in Queens, man, you don't have to.

[Subtle? Come on. But Peter's already done the coming-home-injured thing. Didn't take him long to figure out not coming home at all was better. She still worried, but it didn't upset her nearly as much as when he came home with a black eye.

Peter sighs and picks himself up off the ground, wobbling minimally. Okay, that's a little better. A sign that he's healing, which is more than welcome. Standing reveals another gash that he webs on his hip, stifling a wince at the pull. Crashing through a building did that to a guy in spandex.

Peter fixes his ankle back into place before he joins Steve in the elevator.]
We could take web express, you know.
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[ Queens isn't that far depending on the method of transportation, although Steve isn't prepared for Peter to offer that particular suggestion. Peter's probably got the super strength needed to carry someone like Steve even while he slings with one arm, but given the state both of them are in? Probably not a good idea.

Steve shakes his head, hand going flat against the wall of the elevator when he finds himself dizzy at the movement. He'll have to keep that in mind. ]

I was thinking of just taking my bike.

[ Somehow Steve doesn't think that Peter would turn down the chance to take a ride on his motorcycle, but he remains casual about it as he pushes the button for the garage level. ]
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[Okay, maybe Steve was right on...all of those counts, but Peter honestly just didn't know when to quit. He frowned, though, watching Steve brace himself against the wall of the elevator.]

You sure you should be driving?

[Yeah it'd be freaking cool. Peter's never been on a motorcycle, but still, are they sure Steve doesn't have a concussion?]

...I don't know, maybe we should take a cab. [If his phone wasn't smashed from the fight he could call an Uber. Spiderman and Captain America in an Uber. The world was an interesting place.]
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[ In all honesty, Steve probably shouldn't be driving, but he also hasn't ever been the one to take the safe route. He's pretty sure that once he's actually centered on his bike everything will fall into place and be just fine, but...

This is a little like Peter trying to take his keys away from him so he doesn't drunk drive. It's the moment of guilt that comes with that thought which makes Steve consider Peter's suggestion more seriously. ]

Well, are you ready to deal with whatever news attention that creates?

[ Peter prefers to keep a low profile. Steve respects that, even if he doesn't have the luxury to do it himself. ]
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[That's about as reckless as Peter, congrats. They really are the worst combination of keeping each other in check, honestly.]

Are you? My stock is in the trenches, Cap. All I ever get is bad press. They're more likely to reflect negatively on you than positively on me.

[He can put his mask back on, it won't matter. He'll use a burner number. Peter's nothing if not overly-paranoid about his secret identity (he's got something worth protecting, so).]
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I mean, there's not really anything to spin here, is there?

[ They'd fought to protect New York yet again, then took an Uber somewhere. Steve's failing to see how that could reflect badly on him, but he also knows that journalists can get pretty creative.

Still, he isn't going to let something like that control what he does.

The elevator hits the bottom floor and the doors slide open, leading them into the garage. Steve glances over at his bike and then to Peter. ]

Last chance to go for a ride. Going once...
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They create it out of thin air. Seriously.

[They could take a picture of Spiderman petting a kitten and turn it into a murder spree, honest to god. It was baffling, and sometimes just downright impressive.]

...Cap I think you have a concussion. [But yes, he totally wants to ride the motorcycle. A monumental dilemma.]
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[ Whatever happened to the honorable title of journalist? Now it seems that most of them are more interested in putting out lies for the sake of selling copies.

Granted, it also means that most of the public know better than to take any of it seriously.

Steve raises an eyebrow at Peter, unimpressed. ]
Even if I did have one, it's probably halfway to healed by now. Going twice...?

[ Work with him, here. ]
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[Yeah, pretty much. Peter does it to himself, though, but hey - he needs to live, too.

Except the ones that do take it seriously, and they're the ones that are the loudest, throwing trash as he swings by.]

What the hell. [Peter shrugged, wincing when the motion turned out to be a bad idea. But yes, he was going to ride the motorcycle. If he could survive a ten story fall, a fiery motorcycle crash would be fine. Besides, even if it hypothetically did kill him - going out on Captain America's motorcycle? Let it not be said Peter doesn't have any class.]