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married to the music

the music prompt meme
i. comment with your character
ii. others will respond to you with prompts
iii. reply with a scenario befitting the prompt left to you
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pull the wicked flower out from its bed
man's been wasting so much time
sending the children out to fight
don't you think maybe it's about time?
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Going to try a post-TASM2 thing, let me know if it works for you or if you'd like to change it!

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[Peter has been alone much of his life. Orphans weren't exactly known for making friends easily. Harry - he was Peter's exception. They were an odd pair, but they suited each other. But time had a way of eroding things, and even though their friendship stood the test of years, their communication had not.

So Peter lost his Uncle in solitude, struggled with the pain and grief and sudden power. Dealt with it all on his own - made a few grave mistakes on the way - but then there was Gwen. Bright, brilliant Gwen, and Peter definitely didn't deserve her, but he took her anyway.

Then she was gone, and it was his own self-imposed isolation. What he wouldn't give to take that back, now. When she was gone, she wasn't gone, not like she was now.

Yes, Peter has been alone much of his life, but never like this. No Gwen, no Harry, distancing himself from Aunt May as he has been for a while now in an attempt to protect her. With great power comes great responsibility, sure, but why didn't anyone tell him it would be this solitary?

He doesn't visit until several months after reclaiming the mantle of Spiderman, settling into a new, somewhat harsh routine. He needs to be strong, physically and mentally, to see Harry, and he wasn't going to do it until he was sure he could handle it.]