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the picture prompt meme

the picture prompt meme

I — Comment with your character.
II — Others will leave a picture (or two, or three...)
III — Reply to them with a setting based on the picture.
IV — Link to any pictures that are NSFW, please.
V — Be aware that this meme will likely be image-heavy. That's kind of the point.

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[personal profile] novusordo 2016-05-30 07:15 am (UTC)(link)
It had turned into a game a few decades ago, one that his superiors would not have approved of, but maybe that was his own little rebellion. While he might have agreed with HYDRA's goals in the long run, everybody wanted to assert a little bit of their identity in the world. Steve had done it by continuing to sketch - throughout the decades, he would fill up notebooks and then leave them scattered, hidden in little caches for someone to find.

Every now and then, someone pieced together the clues - Steve would find out and he would come along to collect the book for it to be destroyed. It usually resulted in him destroying the person who found it, too. It hardly hurt, even when it was a teenager like this one. He cracked his knuckles after that last punch to the kid's jaw - the blood on his gloves wasn't his own.

"I told you this could have been quick, but you had to open your mouth." The irony of this situation didn't escape Steve, considering his past - but he wasn't that weak creature anymore.

"You should've just handed the notebook over and shut your eyes." Steve began to close in on the teen again, his eyes somewhat pitying the kid.
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Peter had a bad habit of stumbling into things he shouldn't have. So it's not all too surprising when the sketchbook he finds buried in the back of the New York Library archives is capital T Trouble. The notebook itself is unassuming - Peter figured it was the scientific journal he was looking for - and the contents began equally as innocent. They were good, no doubt about that, landscapes and objects - and one guy, consistently, throughout the book.

It piqued his curiosity, though, especially after the sketch of what he later found out was a Kriegsmodell, AKA a Karabiner 98k, or a german sniper rifle from waaaay back.

Then he started digging, and now he was here, spitting out a mouthful of blood onto the ground. His glasses were gone, smashed and knocked off to the side. He looked up at the assassin, managing a small smile. "You can have the notebook. But I'm a little harder to annihilate."

Peter waited until Steve moved closer before rearing up to punch him. He may not have any formal training, but he did have an unexpected amount of strength on his side.

"You know, for an artist, you've really got the monochromatic look going on. What gives, Picasso?"
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Steve's usual instinct was to avoid getting hit, but he assumed this kid didn't have much in the way of strength. He was wrong. The punch sent shockwaves of pain radiating through his face and his body staggering back. The only other person who'd ever been able to land a hit like that on him was Bucky, and he had been augmented just like himself. Steve tried to shake off the pain and brought a hand up to his jaw, turning his dazed eyes from the ground into a sharp, questioning stare at the kid.

"I'm starting to see that." That the kid wasn't going to be easy to kill. He had enough experience to believe that it wasn't a fluke that the kid had managed to hurt him - the physics just didn't add up. Whoever this kid was, he had something extra. Brow furrowing, the soldier chose this time to keep his distance, to keep the kid talking.

"Where'd you learn to hit like that?"
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"Oh, wonderful. I'm glad you've had such a wonderful revelation." Peter wiped his mouth on his sleeve, grimacing at the blood. He'd be hurting for days - if he managed to get out of here, that was. Which, he might be able to pull off if he got the webshooters out of his back pocket and onto his wrists...

"Fight club. Not really supposed to talk about it." He backed up, eyeing the assassin warily, hands tense, behind his back. "Where'd you learn to draw? I don't see you as one of those art-classes-at-the-Y types."
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"Don't buy into appearances," Steve replied, unable to hide the little quirk of his mouth into a smirk at the kid's Fight Club reference. He had managed to see a couple of movies between freezes and that had been one of them. Also, he noticed the way the kid was moving his hands - this one didn't seem like the type to be carrying a gun, but again, looks were deceiving. His eyes shifted back up to the young man's.

"So what is it, really, that lets you hit that hard?" Steve began to move to the side, not exactly capable of circling the kid in this alley, but trying to get out of his direct line of sight.

"Some kind of drug? Get hit by radiation?" He knew a lot of the possibilities, working for HYDRA. "Got a little alien in you?"
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"You're telling me you're a card-carrying member? Let me guess, a Color Me Mine monthly member?" Peter has a way of chattering on even when he's in the process of losing a few teeth. Currently, he was inching the webshooter out of his back pocket with two fingers.

"Would you believe me if I told you I work out?" Peter offered a crooked, bloody smile. "I mean, I get that you've been busy beating the shit out of me, so maybe you didn't notice how totally stacked I am."