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Lets Get Awkward


Fall out of a tree and land on someone? Get drunk and hang off a someone thinking they were someone else? Wake up in jail and can't remember how you got there? Take a dare to run naked through the streets and catch someone taking pictures?

We all know what it's like to be stuck in an awkward situation and now you are lucky enough to get stuck in that situation with someone else. Enjoy!

  • Start a comment with your character's name, canon, and your preferences.
  • Tag characters by RNGing/selecting a number between 1 and 12 for one of the prompts or just pick whichever one you like.
  • Play out all of the awkward. Feel free to use any and all NPCs you need to make your situation work out.
  • Profit!

1. Dropping In - Falling down stairs, out of a tree, etc, and landing on or in front of someone. Falling on your face at someone's feet is always fun, right?

2. Eat and Meet - Spilling your coffee in that random person's lap, spitting out that bad sushi right in someone's face or onto their plate, coming out of the cake at that bachelor party and seeing someone you didn't expect, or maybe you got dragged on a date to a new restaurant serving foods you really don't want to eat. Food and awkward are age old friends.

3. Awkwardcalypse - The world is ending and it's too ridiculous to believe, but at least someone else is there with you. Yes those are alien tomatoes out to eat you and you should get out of there. Or maybe you're trying to outrun whatever plague is making people strip their clothes and run around naked. Are those zombies part of a musical about brains? Crazy is happening and you feel like the only sane person left.

4. The Morning After - You did something really stupid last night and you just ran into someone who may have seen you. Get drunk and cry all over a stranger? Moon a bus of people on a dare? Sneak out after some one-night stand before they woke up? Is this even the right person?

5. Put a Chain on It - You just got arrested and what more awkward kind of meeting is there than running into someone in the slammer?

6. Sticking With You - Trapped in an elevator, sinking in quicksand, tied together in a hostage situation, or accidentally pick up a leaking bottle of superglue at the store at the same time as someone else? Somehow you are now trapped together and need to figure out how to get yourselves out.

7. Turn Out The Lights - It's a black out and you're just trying to find a way out or get to the nearest light. Lots of awkward things can happen in the dark. Oops, that wasn't a doorknob you just grabbed.

8. Can You Hear Me Now? - Drunk calling the wrong number, sending sext messages to your best friend instead of your partner, lots of awkward things can happen over the phone, but at least you can't see each other while you're doing it.

9. Under the Influence - Had a little too much at that party, or maybe you're prescription allergy medicine kicked in at the worst time, or you've just been hit by a curse where you can only speak in sexual innuendo. Something is influencing you and the situation is only getting more awkward from there.

10. Caught in the Act - It could be something completely innocent, but when that other person walks in, it looks like anything but. Maybe you're being a little naughty and public restrooms really aren't the place for that sort of thing. Or maybe you're on the run and need to drag someone in for a quick make-out session to throw your pursuers off your trail.

11. Double Dog Dare - You know you can't back down from a double dog dare! Even if it's the most ridiculous and unbelievable thing someone ever asked you to do. You just hoped you could get away with no one else seeing you do it.

12. Mix and Match - Make up your own scenario or mix a few of the above prompts together for maximum awkward!
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[I can offer you more Claudia, or [personal profile] kid_flash_found if you'd rather a speedster with no sense of tact.]
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[Whichever you'd like to throw at him is fine by me!]
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RNG said 5...

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Claudia couldn't believe it. Jail. This was not supposed to happen, that was why Warehouse Agents were supposed to have badges. Ok, so, she didn't actually have a badge herself, but that wasn't her fault.

She supposed it could have been worse. Maybe. Sharing a cell with a cute, nerdy guy could be a highlight. "I'd ask if you've been here often, but that line really doesn't work in this sitch."
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Peter had been banging his head against the wall for the hour before Claudia showed up. Now he was lying on his back on his cot, staring and moping at the ceiling. He'd been out on patrol, about to come in for the night, when he'd been caught in a shady looking alley.

The cops couldn't prove he was doing anything, but because of the gunshots (which he'd been stopping, thanks) they took him in anyway. If they couldn't pin anything on him - which they couldn't, he let them take their swabs but they wouldn't find any gun residue - he'd be released the following morning. So, a whole night in the slammer. And he so wasn't calling his Aunt.

"Depends on the type of guy you're going for." Peter turned his head to look at her, glasses askew on his face. "But no, I guess I'll have to sign up for a punch card on my way out."
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Claudia sighed, wondering how long it would be before someone in the property room tried out some of what she'd had on her. There weren't any grenades, at least, but the science-fiction ray-gun could be problematic.

"I'm nowhere near desperate enough to pick up people in jail," she said, shaking her head. "Just try not to notice the smell. Otherwise, it isn't horrible. Middle of the week, so probably not too many drunks."
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"Congrats," Peter snorted and let his head loll against the thin pillow. Peter had been lucky enough to be able to hide his gear before they took him in. "At least you can say your standards are upheld."

"Are you? A drunk, I mean." Peter asked, folding his arms behind his head.
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"Nah. I just got caught somewhere I probably shouldn't have been, and we're waiting for some paperwork to go through before some officer comes by with a chagrined look and a lot of apologies," Claudia said, shrugging a little as she sat against one wall of the cell.
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"Same. Except the chagrined part. Lucky." Peter drawled, closing his eyes again. "So you're somebody important, I take it?"
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Claudia scoffed at that. "Not really, but I work a lot with a guy from ATF."

The only problem was that it usually ended up making her look like a snitch of some kind. "I keep telling my boss things would go much smoother if I had a badge, but apparently they don't give those to drop-outs."