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Nap attack

Someone Is Sleeping in My Bed!

It's morning in EST. But maybe not for you -- A little too late to be sleeping but y'know what? That's okay. People nap. Sometimes the bed is oh so cozy and you want to snuggle under a blanket and sleep forever. And you don't care if it's your bed or not. You're going to sleep. Like a boss.

Too bad someone doesn't agree.
The Poster is the character who is asleep.
The Responder is the one who discovers the sleeper.
Therefore, the Responder must do one of three things

I. Decide you know this person! (Castmate, previous threader, whatever.)
Go to Random and Roll.

a. Wake them up - You don't care how friendly you are to the person in your bed; they need to get up.
b. Happy Awakening - Such a shame they're so deep asleep when you're in the mood. How about a nice wake up call? (if you don't like smut, keep this to cuddles, kisses, hugs, or reroll)
c. Prank! - Oh, this has just go to stop. They need to be punished. But how?
Can't beat 'em, Join them - Push 'em over and snuggle up. You're too tried to deal with this craziness right now. Or sleep on your couch.
d. Let them Sleep - Whatever, it's noon. They're asleep and you got things to do. Regard them or disregard them.

II. Decide you have NO CLUE this person is! (People that haven't threaded with each other before, crossovers, castmates who haven't met.)
Go to Random and Roll.

a. Scream 'OMGWTFBBQ GET UP' - While this is probably the default reaction, it's a pretty honest one.
b. Prank! - What a better way for you to remember this moment of meeting than by painting a mustachio on your new 'friend's' face? (Remember, it's your bed. Be wise on what you do.)
c. Gently wake them up - Oh, the poor dears! They must be exhausted but they can't stay here. Be nice, even if it isn't IC for your character. This is what you get for rolling. Shake them up quietly. Or reroll.
d. Get to Know them NON-Biblically - Well, they're asleep. But they left their wallet, important work, or identification out (no matter how OOC it may be)! Let's see who's REALLY sleeping in your bed. (Use your own judgment on what you find. As a suggestion, have the most they find is the sleeper's name and maybe place of work.)
e. Tie 'em up - FUNCTIONAL tying up. Not kinky, no matter what the other party might think. Let them continue their blissful moment of rest. They'll answer questions later and you'll be safe and sound.

III. Decide - f**k the police. You hear me right. F**k 'em.
You move forward and make your own fate!
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I. I literally. I just can't.

[Bleeding all over his sheets, really? Who the hell raised you, anyway? Aunt May would kill him for pulling something like this on a friend.]

Are you even alive?

[A poke to what Peter thinks is the only non-injured patch of skin Matt has. Yes, he's riffing to an unconscious man, it helps him feel better. Daredevil could be dying in his bed.]
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[personal profile] jurisdevil 2016-05-17 06:22 pm (UTC)(link)
[This wasn't the first time Matt had collapsed on someone else's bed with severe injuries, and it probably wouldn't be the last. Assuming he survived the night. The latest Big Bad around town wasn't playing, if all those cuts and bruises had anything to say about it, but he was persistent and healed faster than most. He would probably live.

Sometime before passing out, Matt had managed to remove his helmet and the top half of his Daredevil suit. Peter already knew about him, one of the few who did, so why worry about the secret identity part? Doing so had given him the opportunity to tear pieces of those sheets into strips and bind a few of the wounds, though by now they'd all soaked thoroughly through the pieces of cloth.

He did wake when poked, eyes flashing open and staring up at the ceiling as he worked to steady his breathing. This wasn't a random roof or alleyway. He was safe here.]

I meant to be awake before you got back.
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[Keyword probably. Peter sighed, moving away from the bed to look for wherever he'd tossed his first aide kit last. He lost track of it plenty, kicking it under his bed or into his closet when he was done patching for the night. It was fairly well stocked with the best in street medicine, and he brought it up to Matt's side when he finally found it.]

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

[He picked up the bottle of hydrogen peroxide first, scrutinizing Matt in the dark. His vision was good enough, they didn't need to turn on the light.]

You couldn't have tried to spare my sheets a little? Jeez, dude. Can I unwrap your arm or will it fall off?
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[Hell references. Of course. Matt definitely felt like he was dipping a toe into the River Styx, though he'd endured just as bad before and came out fine. More scars to add to the tapestry.

He listened as Peter looked around his room for something, hearing the sound of a bottle with liquid swishing around. It didn't take more than a guess or two to figure out what that was.]

I'd be more worried about your mattress.

[The unfortunate thing was likely covered in blood. He'd be happy to help flip it over later.] And no, nothing's going to fall off.
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[He's more than happy to self-indulge on the worst spider puns in the world, Peter will absolutely take advantage of the hell jokes.]

Man. [Peter dragged out the word, fingers moving to lightly free the makeshift bandages from Matt's wounds. He didn't want to cause unnecessary pain, but some of the strips of fabric were sticking, congealed blood making this task difficult.] The worst vigilante friend. Seriously. Deadpool will at least twist his intestines into balloon animals.

Could have fooled me. Did someone run you over with a lawn mower? [He didn't bother warning Matt about the sting, pouring the disinfecting agent over the uncovered wounds. Tetanus was nasty, and he didn't know who had beat Matt to hell with what.]
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Yeah, my body parts don't grow back. Shame.

[He could handle the discomfort of having the pieces of cloth pulled off despite the dried blood making them stick. Having disinfectant poured over his open wounds was another matter, and he hissed loudly at the vicious stinging all over his torso. Damn kid, why was he letting him help with medical issues anyway?]

Do you have any idea what you're doing?

[Well, obviously a bit of an idea, but his mood wasn't exactly at a high point all things considered. Matt knew he should just be grateful to have any help and leave it at that.

Or maybe he should try stitching himself up. That'd be an option if he had the energy and focus.]
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I know, right? So inconvenient.

[Peter wipes the fizz away with a clean rag, letting it wash out anything Matt might have contracted from rusty piping and falling in god-knows-what in some alleyway.]

Saving you from the precipice of death. [He has a nurse for an Aunt, give him some credit.]

[Peter starts treating Matt's chest, poking lightly at a few of the bruises to see if he had any broken ribs.] You're going to have one hell of a Grimace costume tomorrow.
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[Right, the nurse. A nice little tidbit of information he'd surely heard about before but didn't remember now, simply assuming that Peter knew a little bit of first-aid due to his own vigilante outings.

Either way he seemed competent enough that Matt endured the subsequent poking at his chest without complaint. He could tell the ribs weren't broken, though if the fight had gotten just a bit worse, they probably would have been.]

It's not that bad. [He frowned, even as a good portion of his body ached or stung.] If I can just rest for the day, I should be good to go later on.
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Are you kidding? You look like death warmed over.

[Peter was all for slapping a bandaid on it and calling it kosher, but this was going to take at least two days to heal, by his count.] Who did this, anyway?

[Out comes the thread and needle, because the gash on his chest is just deep enough to warrant it. Peter holds up his lighter, running the flame over the needle to disinfect it.]
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Good to know.

[Matt didn't want to hear that he would have to be in bed for two days. The thought of being stuck in bed too long made him... itchy. As though his body wasn't in enough turmoil already.

The sound of a lighter flickering on gave away what was going to happen next. Hopefully the kid knew how to sew.]

Who? Doesn't matter. I'll take care of it.

[They had their own areas of operation. No need to involve Peter in his fight, even in a small way as giving the name of his current target. Things could get messy when more than one of them began tangling in the same case.]
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[Hence why Peter didn't tell him. Better to just bolt the front door and let Matt figure it out when he woke up feeling like he'd gone through a sausage grinder. Threading the needle takes a few minutes of muttered cursing, and two pinpricks that heal before the first drop of blood can squeeze out.]

Relax, I just want to know who to beat to shit when I have to avenge your dumb ass.

[Yeah, Matt would take care of it if it didn't take care of him first. Peter pauses to get out the numbing cream, swabbing it over the edges of his wound with a q-tip. Maybe that would make it a little less painful as he stitched his chest back in two.]
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[He huffed a laugh, though his chest didn't appreciate it.]

That's why I won't tell you. Even if you're joking.

[Peter's abilities might be of a different nature of his own, but that didn't mean he wasn't susceptible to being horribly beaten by the 'right' person. Matt didn't want that to happen, especially not to someone so young and recently involved in this type of life.

He appreciated the thought of something to take the edge off the pain. Jessica probably would have given him alcohol instead. This was probably better.]
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You're insanely stubborn. Look, just don't straight up die in my bed, okay?

[Vigilantes and their weird sense of pride and protection. Not that Peter didn't partake in the psuedo-culture, but still. It was nice, occasionally, to ask for help. But if Matt said he had it - no matter what it looked like - then Peter had to reluctantly back off. At least now he kind of knew what Foggy meant when he complained about Matt giving him heartburn.

In Peter's experience, you had to reach fuck it level to go to Jessica. She was pretty unsympathetic towards pain (or maybe she just didn't like Peter, who the fuck knew) and yeah, alcohol was her go-to solution.]

Seriously, though, what did they hit you with?

[Peter held the edges of the wound together, carefully starting to stitch Matt's chest back together. At least he was neat about it, working in careful rows, pulling the ripped flesh back in.]
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[Matt tended to give everyone who knew him various ailments, from heartburn to headaches and anxiety. Another part of being heavily involved in that vigilante culture, especially when the bad guys keep threatening to target anyone you care about. Makes it difficult to risk putting those people in harm's way.]

I won't die.

[Instead he would continue to exist in this fiery torment until these wounds began to heal. Thanks to the numbing ointment, however, he could barely feel the needle poking into his skin and stitching him back up. Small favors.]

A sword. A really sharp sword. [He hated being attacked with swords, especially when the wielder had extensive training and knew how to keep their vitals exceptionally quiet.]
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Famous last words. Now I kind of want you to die so we can have that engraved on your headstone.

[Peter found it kind of wonderful to have 'super' friends, as it were. People who could defend themselves against the crazy threats that wormed their way into his every day existence. To be honest, he kind of stopped associating with anyone who couldn't. Too much pain, too much danger, and he couldn't put anyone else through that again.]

Seriously? A sword? Who even carries a sword anymore? What is this, Kill Bill?

[Besides Deadpool, who was the exception to every rule. And he held a strange fondness for them, which Peter wasn't about to question. Peter's stitches moved a little slowly; he didn't want to pull too hard and risk breaking the thread, or worse, Matt. Sometimes he didn't know his own strength.]
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[He had to smile at that. Not a bad idea, his friends would probably agree with the idea of something so ridiculous being on his headstone. If they didn't complain about him discussing morbid issues.]

A lot of people carry swords. You just haven't come across any.

[The Hand. Ninjas. For the kind of people you don't expect to exist, it would only make sense that they wouldn't rely on guns. Guns were much easier for Matt to predict, anyway.]

You're surprisingly good at this. [As far as he could tell, the stitches felt even. He had a good deal of experience feeling someone stitch him up.]
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[It would be so Matt to get himself killed. Foggy would probably be convinced it was just to spite him. Peter would be capital letters Not Happy.]

I think they're all relegated to Hell's Kitchen. How do you have so much awful crime, anyway? Queens is bigger, like what the hell?

[Peter had only ever been caught in one of those fights once. Hadn't seen the swords, mostly hand to hand and towards the tail end. He was probably quite lucky.]

What, you think you're the only one to get cut in half around here? [Peter smiled, though, tying off the thread so he could start a new row.] Lots of practice. I sew my own suit.
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[It seemed that all Foggy could talk about these days was the danger he put himself in. Peter probably had the right idea about distancing himself from ordinary people... but it wasn't that easy. At least not with Foggy, whom he'd spent so much time with in law school and had developed such grand plans to work together as lawyers.

That was all fading away, gradually but surely as the next day would arrive.]

I wish I knew. [Definitely lucky, though with his unique abilities he might have made it out okay. The webs would certainly help.]

Hm. [He grunted as Peter tied off the thread and began a new line of stitches. Matt wasn't sure he wanted to know just how many would have to be added.] Impressive, but you could really use more protection.
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[Peter thought the same, but even the best of friends could become the next supervillain of the day. The strangest of things made people so, so bitter nowadays. You just had to watch your back.]

One day the city will get sick of it and torch the place. You're welcome to crash here when the fire and brimstone comes down.

[It was pretty nasty. Honestly, Matt was lucky he couldn't see it. How he'd even made it across town to Peter's apartment was somewhat of a mystery; Peter knew he'd have just collapsed on the nearest rooftop and let his healing work on it.] Can't. Fucks with the aerodynamics. It has to be precise, swinging 20 stories above the ground.
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They've tried, in a sense. It's not gonna happen.

[He wouldn't let it happen. As many problems as it had, Hell's Kitchen was his home. It would likely always be his home, especially after... well, he didn't like to think about what happened to Elektra, even though forgetting was impossible.]

Makes me wonder about the first time you decided to try jumping off a high building. How'd you know you wouldn't fall to your death?

[Matt had extensive training as a kid. Peter was mostly self-taught, as far as he knew.]
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I don't know, have you seen the mayorial campaigns this year? Lots of clean up the city types.

[Several of whom decried the vigilante community as part of that clean up effort. Peter probably shouldn't have, but he may or may not have left a controversial web message in front of a certain candidates house.]

Uhhh... [Peter's tone was just as sheepish as his face, and he tied off the second row of stitches. More numbing cream, just to prolong the relief.] The gains outweighed the risks?

[The first few months on the street have been rough. Alone, in over his head, with a city that didn't want him and made it a abundantly clear. Seeing the underbelly of his home in a way he'r never thought he would, but he kept going, refused to stop when he knew he could help at least one person.]