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✖ Whether you're in New York, Chicago, Hong Kong, Istanbul or Melbourne-- you have now entered a world of organized crime. 
1. Post with your character's name and series on the subject line;
2. Pick an era, pick a rank, pick your weapon of choice and get to it;
3. Reply to others with one of the scenarios below or another of your choice.
4. Have fun!
1. You're a new soldier-- time to learn the ropes from an elder.
2. One of you screwed up big time, so it's time to call in some help from the other.
3. You don't like how the current family's being run... it's time for a coup.
4. It's time for a promotion! Are you the other person's new right hand? Or is the other person jealous that you're the boss's new right hand?
5. Your own scenario.
1. This deal just went south, so it's time to turn on each other.
2. You're being traded or just switched to the other team-- how does it feel?
3. Are you on someone else's territory? Maybe it was an accident, or maybe you need to talk.
4. You've been sent to make a deal. You need to work with a group you hate to get something done.
5. Your own scenario.
1. You're supposed to keep your lips shut but you need to tell someone-- a best friend, a parent, just someone you shouldn't involve.
2. You thought this warehouse was deserted, but it looks like a civilian just caught you in the act!
3. It's time to do some recruiting, and you hear this other character's good at keeping secrets.
4. Someone's really mad at you, and it's nothing personal that the other character has to beat you up-- they're just orders.
5. Your own scenario.
Taken from here.

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Peter Parker | Amazing Spiderman | OTA

[personal profile] spideyguy 2016-05-09 08:02 pm (UTC)(link)
[He'd be an awesome criminal.]
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[personal profile] deadlydelicacy 2016-05-10 12:57 am (UTC)(link)
((Hope cross canon is ok? Any preference on what to go with? He seems like he'd be a good thief, if he wants to steal family secrets from her family and she catches him in the act. Or they could be at a negotiation gone bad either on the same side or opposites.))
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[Yeah I'd be down to try it! I'm not familiar with her canon though. No preferences, he'd be a great cat burglar though.]
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Bianchi did not visit her home often when she could help it, she'd made a name for herself in the community that gave her an identity outside the Scaduto family and she was fine with that. No one who grew up in that kind of environment really came out of it whole and she and her brother were no exception. But occasionally she had to come back for one thing or another or just her father trying to find someone new marry her off to to secure his succession. But this time he'd been smart. He'd hired her. Well not him specifically, he knew she'd have told him to take a hike if he'd come to her himself. And he really was too proud to ask things of her. That would acknowledge that she could manage her life herself. Something she'd been doing just fine for years now, thanks. No he'd sent Lupo to hire her.

Lupo explained the job, guarding the family's contracts while the new safe was built. Guarding. It's like he couldn't even acknowledge her real strengths. She had accepted though because Lupo had to report to her father and she actually liked Lupo. She'd rather he didn't get disappeared just because he couldn't convince her to babysit some paperwork. Which was how she found herself back in the family villa, camped out on a sofa with a briefcase full of all the agreements her family had signed with other families sitting on the coffee table in front of her.

They had a security detail for these things and the security detail still patrolled all the outlying buildings and land but she was stuck in this place looking sulkily at that briefcase after having another discussion with her father that had devolved quickly into yelling and then slammed doors. She was going to charge that bastard through the nose for this job. He and a contingent of security and his left hand had left half an hour ago for a meeting in Catania. And most of the serving staff had finished for the evening leaving the place quiet.

She leaned back on the couch and ran her fingers over her face wondering how she could feel like she was a 14 year old being punished again instead of a grown woman who killed for a living. She should have let Lupo fend for himself dammit. She never would have but she could think it. Instead she stood in a huff and went to the sideboard to pour herself a finger of whiskey.

((Haha yes, well, this isn't all that AU for her. She's a mafia hitman in canon - power to create poisons etc, and the daughter of a Don. Good luck to him! Going with cat burglar for his strengths!))
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It was a simple job, passed to him via a loose brick in an alley on the bad side of town. Peter wasn't exactly part of any agency; he was more freelance, taking jobs now and again. Either when he needed the money or sometimes just when he was bored. He didn't consider himself a criminal, because obviously, criminals had to do that for a living. He was more than self-sufficient without it, but a little cash boost never hurt anybody. Science wasn't exactly overflowing with cash, at least not for the scientists now, was it?

Point is, he found the little envelope wedged between the bricks and he knew it was going to be fun. For starters, it was some expensive looking paper, and there was an upfront one grand stuffed in with the gig details. Word of mouth traveled fast, apparently he was recommended. Nice. Maybe he should invest in business cards.

The job was fairly simple - get in, get the shit, get out. For somebody who could crawl on the ceiling without gear, it would be a total breeze. Peter suited up in his all black gear, sneaking past the guards with ease. They weren't looking in the shadows for a flexible spider-burglar. Their mistake.

What he wasn't counting on is someone being in the room. Peter dropped down with barely a thump outside the door, bracing his hands on the doorjamb and the doorknob. A quick thrust of his palm splintered the lock, other hand muffling the noise, and he eased the door open slowly, looking for sensors.
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Whiskey in hand she paused in the middle of that quiet room at the sound of a soft thump. Her eyes scanned the room and she tilted her head a little in the direction she thought she'd heard the sound. And then came a muffled crack and she took her glass with her, touching her fingers to the briefcase before knocking it to the ground and kicking it under the couch with a foot. Her eyes narrowed at the door.

The glass bubbled a little in her hand which whiskey shouldn't do. And she stood perfectly still staring as that door silently swung inward. The door was expensive and heavy and the hinges were oiled perfectly which meant other than a displacement of air there was nothing at all to hear.

She could make out a dark shape in the dark hallway not yet lit by any of the lamps in the main room. Bianchi didn't crouch down, she didn't even make an attempt to hide, she just stared at the person in the doorway, one hand on her hip, the other dangling a glass of whiskey. She didn't announce herself just yet though, better to find out who she was dealing with because no one who worked there would have broken the door to get in.
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Peter crept into the room slowly, listening. He didn't detect the normally-inaudible buzzing of extra security but - ah. That was definitely a heartbeat, the inhalation of air through someone's lungs. Well. They didn't seem to be attacking - didn't even seem to be hiding. Peter wondered, briefly, if he was meant to be kidnapping someone. But no, the note hadn't said anything about that.

"Well this is awkward." Underneath the professional cat-burgling suit, he's still Peter Parker, grade A shit. He straightened out of his crouch, staring at her with the expressionless mask. "Would you believe I'm sleepwalking right now? I mean take a look at these awesome footie pajamas, right?"
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The person who moved quietly into the room was dressed head to toe in black. And it wasn't the usual burgle cliche this was a full body... stocking? OK, this is admittedly not the oddest thing she's ever seen which probably says a lot about Bianchi's life. The person who straightens up is lean, graceful and clearly a man. He didn't look like someone who pumped iron at the gym but he was in good physical condition which no, she didn't hide noticing and she had taken a decent pause to do so with an almost clinical interest. The mask was odd though.

Especially considering how angry the eyes looked in comparison to the goofy words and devil may care attitude emanating from a mouth... area in the face. "If you were sleepwalking you would be dead." She replied, Italian accent sounding lazy and unconcerned. "So no, I wouldn't believe that. But," her gaze slid to his clothes again, "it does beg the question, what exactly are you wearing?" Like that was the most important question here. Bianchi can be irritatingly capricious when she chooses to be.

"And what do you think you are doing?" Ahh there we go, back on track.
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Well it hid his identity well enough and allowed him to move with relative soundlessness. None of that pesky fabric-rubbing-against-you noise for the high level bugs to detect. Pardon the eyes, Peter simply thought they looked cool, the sharp, severe angles. It also made him relatively unreadable, which he liked.

"You don't know that. I could have made sleepwalking talents." Peter crossed his arms, leaning against the doorframe. "My uniform. Pretty sweet, right?"

"My job. What are you doing here?"
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If nothing else Bianchi could appreciate a costume that could put you in silent mode. She rarely gets the chance for quite that much flat out sneaking. Usually people know she's around for her jobs. It's part of the gig. They just don't know she could take them down with a glass of water. The eyes do make him look dangerous. Body stocking aside.

"Perhaps if you could fly in your sleep," the Italian offered, she thought, magnanimously. Her gaze traveled down the 'uniform' again now that he'd announced it as such. "It does have a certain... exhibitionist flair." Well no one who dressed head to toe in something that skin tight could be shy about things. It probably cut down on wind resistance and rippage but she had no idea he could swing from buildings either.

"This is my home." She replied dryly. Not that she particularly liked being in it but at least she belonged there. "I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess you're a thief." He wasn't a kidnapper if he was wondering what she was doing there. And it would be pretty stupid to send someone to kidnap her anyway. Unless you wanted the kidnapper dead. Then it was brilliant.
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"I thought it could be a neat distraction," Peter quipped, stance relaxed. Kind of odd, falling into a pleasant conversation with someone you were trying to burgle, but hey. That was just his style. "You know, I sewed this myself. The inseam is impeccable; I'm very proud."

"Really?" She certainly didn't look happy about it. "I'm going to need to see some proof of I.D., ma'am."

"I prefer the term cat burglar, but yes. Non-violent, too." He raised his hands, showing the lack of weapons. Well, the webshooters, but they were black and if she did see them, might assume they were used for climbing. Technically, they were. Where would he even keep weapons in a uniform like this?
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"Well it is distracting." Bianchi offered, her own stance almost lazy though she still held the glass of whiskey and her gaze didn't leave him. She found herself smiling at both his boasting assessment of his sewing skills which she could not contradict as the outfit looked professional if body stockings could be considered professional and at his absolutely cavalier attitude about the whole robbery. He was definitely not concerned at all about being caught. One had to wonder what kinds of tricks he had up his sleeve. As for the conversation, asinine situations seemed to happen around her anyway, a conversation with a would be thief was just skimming the top of the insanity that was her life. Insanity which she contributed to with a will.

She chuckled quietly, a warm rich sound. "I'll show you mine if you show me yours."

Her head tilted a little as she considered him and repeated, "Non-violent." Well she certainly couldn't promise she was the same. But she wasn't going to broadcast to him that she could put up a fight. Even if she saw his webshooters she wouldn't know what they were.

"So tell me, will you still try to steal from my home?" Try being the operative word here. She might be barefoot and drinking whiskey but she still had a job to do. Her father would be severely annoyed to see her dressed down quite so much for a guard job but she didn't really care what he thought so long as she was prepared to do the job.
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"Woah, ma'am, I'm strictly professional when I'm working. But, if you'd like me to come after hours..." Peter trailed off with a shrug, body language attributing more expression to the mask than there really was.

"Again with the innuendo - baby, really, all you have to do is ask for my digits."

"There's no reason for blood, not over some stupid package." His hands folded neatly behind his head, entirely nonchalant. Her question got a tilt of his head, almost in consideration. "Steal, no. Burgle, leave for an anonymous client, and collect cash on? Certainly."

"But is it really theft if you just hand it over? Then we could go out for pie. That's what I'm doing after this. You're welcome to join."
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Oh this man was funny. He probably got annoying for some people but she found the juxtaposition of his attitude with the situation refreshing. "Yes I can see how very professional you are." She replied, her voice still warm though there was no more laughter.

A soft lift of her shoulders, "What can I say. I'm not very professional." Her head tilted a little to the side. "Do you know what is in the package? Perhaps it is something blood has already been spilled over."

"I do like baked goods." Her tone was regretful now. "Unfortunately I can't just hand over family property. What was it you were looking for exactly?"
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"The epitome of class, I know." He spread his arms, lips curling into a smile behind his mask. She wasn't budging, but she also wasn't attacking, so he'd keep at it.

"Not specifically. I just collect a paycheck, sweetheart, and they don't pay me to be curious." Even if he was, a bit. But Peter knew when to keep his running mouth shut.

"Well maybe you could just look the other way and I could pick it up. I'd hate to make you do all the manual labor."
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It was probably good he'd noticed she hadn't moved. And didn't particularly look like she planned on moving.

"Bianchi, not sweetheart." Goodness knew enough men used 'sweetheart' to condescend in her daily life. Sometimes it ended in vomiting and bleeding if she was having a bad day. "Perhaps it is worth shedding blood over, some things are."

Her head tilted as though she was trying to see his expression behind his mask. "I wouldn't know which way to look. What is it you are after, dolcezza?" She swirled the whiskey in the cup absently, but her muscles were tighter now, ready for him to make his move.
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"Bianchi. My bad." Peter corrected, raising his hands, apologetic. He was a lot of things, but he hadn't meant to offend. "Not in my world."

"Down at your shoes. Can't go wrong there." Peter kept his tone as neutral as possible. "I'll know it when I see it."
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Apparently the American thief hadn't had politeness ingrained, no automatic exchange of names. At least he wasn't stupid. Though it would be fun if he slipped up. "Mmm, yes, I imagine your world is very different from mine, but some things are universal, are they not? Love is something to shed blood over, the survival of family, things can have many repercussions in the wrong hands. The things you take may not involve bloodshed immediately but they may lead to it later."

She gave a negative shake of the head. Although looking at her feet would actually keep her in range of seeing him try to get the briefcase now under the couch. "I'm afraid things may have to get impolite soon. For now I think I'll just watch you, you are very interesting to watch after all."
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Oh, he had pretty much zero class. Born a pleb, and a pleb he will die. This was why Harry had never taken him to any of those fancy benefit dinners - not that Peter had any desire, at all, to go to one. "I highly doubt it. I don't really deal in that sort of thing. Whatever it is, I'm not looking for anything so destructive."

"Aw, shucks, really? I won't fight you." But he sounded terribly confident about that.
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"Ignorance of the item doesn't wash your hands of the blood." She replied wryly, but she didn't press any farther than that. He seems completely unconcerned with having an audience.

And for that matter he seemed pretty unconcerned with having an audience that seemed willing to get argumentative about him finishing his job. She glanced at the coffee table which held a candy jar and the leftovers from her dinner. Then she looked back up at him. "Then what will you do?"
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He answered with a simple shrug. Blood he could handle, if he had to. If she was pushing him that way, certainly.

"My job." That's all the warning she gets before he's on the ceiling, taking in the room at large. "Now if I were a valuable, where would I be?"
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Bianchi was... not expecting that. The man seemed to hit the ceiling in the blink of an eye and she felt her eyes widen and something slipped out of her mouth in Italian that generally meant 'what the holy fuck?' before her stance widened and she looked at him warily, the liquor in her cup making an odd boiling noise as her own instincts kicked in.

"You would be in a safe." She replied sounding annoyed trying to hide her complete discomfort at seeing someone clinging to the ceiling like it was perfectly normal and acceptable. Which it was not! But then again she knew men who could fly around with fire shooting out of their hands so this wasn't that much more odd.

She narrowed her eyes and waited for him to make his move. She was glad she'd had the forethought to dump the briefcase on the floor and kick it under the couch. Who would think to look there?
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"There's no safe in this room," Peter said, sounding terribly confident about that. Perhaps it's because he's managed to set her on edge; or so it appeared, if the assumed-expletives in another language were any indication. Honestly, though, he wasn't seeing any of the usual signs of a hidden safe and/or chamber. There wasn't much in the room to hide anything like that anyway, and the vibrations he was creating in the ceiling weren't giving him anything to work off of.

"Hey, don't mind me," Peter crawled along the ceiling, giving Bianchi a wide berth, eyes scanning over the room.
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Well it's not entirely true, one of the books in the bookshelf is a small safe for valuables. But she's not going to tell him that either. It's definitely not the right size for what she's got in the briefcase. "If you say so." Is all she offers, but her voice is tight. He needs to come down here and fight her like a normal person dammit. She turned as he moved around the room, leaning down once to pick up a handful of leftover pasta, which was messy but she only had so much to work with here. The pasta seemed to turn an awful purple color over the course of thirty seconds and something that definitely looked like smoke was rising in the air. Holding the whiskey in her left hand she hauled back with her right and threw it in his general direction.

It was more effective ingested but it would definitely eat at anything it touched. And something was squirming in that mass of noodles. The sauce would help stick it but it was still going to drip down from the ceiling. Well her dad could afford to replace a few rugs and pieces of furniture. "Come down from there right now." She demanded.