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unusual bffs

Nothing in the world is too much to do for this person. They're your best friend in the whole world!

...somehow. Even though you may not always be on the same page when it comes to your bestie status. Even though you make the Odd Couple look normal. You've always got their back, and they've got yours, and they're always ready for an adventure - or for you to drag them on one.

  • Comment with your character.
  • Reply to others. Remember, the crazier, the better! Crossover, crosswhatever, adopted or assumed cr. Just get your character a weird bromance.
  • Thread: have girl/guytime, stand up for or protect your friend, kick their ass if they're being a jerk, cheer them up, go on an epic quest, play video games, teach them a skill, make flower crowns, idec. Have fun and be cutiepies.
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Bucky Barnes - mcu - open

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[Good with Civil War spoilers.]
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Going a little pre-CW, hobo era

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[Peter wasn't even on patrol when he met Bucky. He was skating home from his afternoon lecture at ESU, knees guiding the board in between pedestrians. He had come up on his usual shortcut, swerving into the alley, but the big hulking dude kind of stopped him in his tracks.

Peter didn't know what possessed him to do so, but when he opened his mouth to ask if the guy was okay, he ended up offering him a sandwich.]

You just - I mean, you look kind of hungry. [Peter sputtered lamely, tucking his skateboard under his arm. Well. Nice going, Parker.]
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hobo era, omg

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[Bucky never stayed anywhere for long. It was safer that way, practical, and he liked flitting from place to place for the most part. He misses having somewhere permanent to go but home had always been people and he didn't trust himself to keep anyone around anymore.

So he kept his hat pulled over his forehead, chin tipped down. Didn't meet anyone's eyes. Cut through alleys and kept to himself. He's surprised at the kindness, abrupt as it is, but doesn't let it show.]

I could eat.

[The need for company possesses him to accept the offer with a light smile.]
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I mean, it's not wrong xD

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[The bewildered offer - seriously, what even, brain-to-mouth control, Peter - is accepted and Peter thought that maybe the guy wouldn't look half as scary if he shaved. He managed to keep his mouth shut, though, in favor of returning the smile and shrugging off his bag to open it. Aunt May always packed two sandwiches (he was hungry, and she knew it, 4x metabolism or not he was still a teenage boy) and he hadn't had time during lunch period to eat the second one.]

It's ham and cheese. If you're not like, lactose intolerant or something.

[He stepped closer and offered the plastic wrapped food. Yes, it had the crusts cut off. Stop judging, jeez.]

My name is Peter.
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haha :D

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I'm not.

[Bucky's charmed by the offer of food, amused that the sandwich has the crusts cut off. It tells him that this guy's either got someone at home that cares enough to take the extra time or that he doesn't like the crusts on a sandwich. Neither observation is a bad one.]

Bucky. [He reaches out and takes the sandwich, gloves on both hands even though it's not warm enough for them.] Thanks.

[Still standing in an alley, one he'd been about to duck out of when Peter crossed his path, isn't the most appealing place to eat or talk.]

I'm new to the area. Mind telling me about it?

[It's not technically a lie. He hasn't been here in a while.]
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[Either one points to chickenshit, yes, he's aware. He may be a shit (read: he was, absolutely 100%), but chicken wasn't exactly in his repertoire.]

Bucky. That's cool. Is that a nickname? [It sounds like it's short for something, but he could be wrong. People named their kids Valencia nowadays, who knew?]

Sure, yeah, I've lived here my whole life. [New York, he could chatter on about this city for hours. Peter nodded to the opposite mouth of the alley, the shortcut he'd been trying to take. They can walk and talk in a place that doesn't smell like a dumpster.] Queens, one of the boroughs, obviously. This area is the more residential side, families, decent people. Walk a few blocks in any direction and it gets a little hairy, though.

[His expression storms over for a split second. But he's Not Going To Think About It.] Don't want to go wandering too late at night.

We have the best pie in, dare I say it, the entire state of New York. [He gets back on his riff in record time, swinging his bag back onto his shoulder.]
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[This guy was talkative. More than Bucky was used to, but he hasn't completely forgotten how to be around other people. Some liked to talk, others preferred to listen. Bucky knew he had to do both here in order for this to work.]

Middle name's Buchanan. Bucky for short.

[That earns Peter another smile. They were practically neighbors, or they would've been if Bucky had lived there any time within the last twenty years. He'd grown up in Brooklyn, but he knows better than to share too much. The less Peter knows about him, the safer they'll both be.]

What kind of pie is that? [Bucky's got a bit of a sweet tooth, but that's a pretty hefty claim and he's kind of curious if it's true or not.] If you don't say it's something with fruit in it, then I'll know you're lying.
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[Peter was tapping into a bit of his Spiderman bravado just now, using his nervous energy to ramble. It was easy, once you got on a topic of conversation. And really, the longer they talked, Bucky didn't seem all that frightening. Peter was overreacting, blowing everything out or proportion. You're Spiderman, dude, chill.]

That's so awesome! [Peter never could help his excitement, and it bursts out of him now, unbidden.] Like Daisy Buchanan from Great Gatsby. I loved that book.

I mean personally I'm a sucker for the key lime pie but the apple will knock your socks off. [Whatever the truth may be, Peter means it, jutting his chin up defiantly, smile reaching his eyes when Bucky smiles back at him.] Seriously, glue them on now or you'll lose them.
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[If Bucky had wanted to hurt Peter they'd be fighting already, and he doesn't do that anymore. He keeps his head down and tries not to attract any extra attention to himself. It doesn't always work, but it has for the most part.]

Something like that.

[He knows of the book, but it was published a few years after he'd been born and that's not a conversation he wants to have.]

Lead the way. [Now that they were talking about it, they might as well.] You're awfully friendly with a guy you just met in alley. Hope you're not planning to beat me up and take my money.

[His mouth quirks and he raises a brow. Whoever was cutting the crusts off Peter's sandwiches might not be happy with him talking to strangers in dark places.]
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[Peter considers it for a second before shrugging. Sure, why not? It wasn't like he'd planned to start classwork right away after school anyway. One needed some time to relax, and what better way than with pie?]

Do I look like I could beat you up?

[He smiles, though, thinking that he probably could (any normal guy Bucky's size, yeah).] My Aunt always says to be friendly. They're only a stranger if you don't say hello.
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[Bucky tries not to underestimate people. He knows that size, and appearance, don't necessarily line up with what someone can do.]

I don't know. Maybe.

[He smiles again, a natural response to Peter's.]

That's smart. Good strategy. [There's a brief pause as he adjusts his backpack, follows Peter out of the alley and towards this amazing pie he's been talking about.] As long as you're careful.
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Want to arm wrestle and find out?

[Peter tosses his board down and steps onto it, idly coasting next to Bucky. It's only a few blocks away, not terribly far.]

Are you going to mug me? Because I can tell you right now I have enough quarters for a piece of pie and maybe one load of laundry, and that's about it. Also maybe some gum, but you're welcome to that without the holding-me-at-knifepoint part.
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Are you sure you wanna go there?

[Bucky's fingers flex, curl and uncurl, the metal flexible, stiff in a way that only metal can be. He's teasing, oddly comfortable around Peter even if he'll never quite be able to relax around him.]

If I was gonna mug you, I'd have done it back there.

[He pauses, Peter shouldn't have said he had any.]

I wouldn't say no to some gum.
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You're the one taking a fool's bet. I'm stronger than I look!

[They certainly make an odd pair, ambling down the street towards the diner, but Peter's fine with it. Whatever his story is, Bucky has already endeared himself to the teenager.]

That sounds suspiciously like what a mugger would say. [Peter grins, shifting his bag on his shoulder to rummage through the first couple pockets of his bag. His hand extracts, triumphant, holding up a Bubbletape.] Hurrah!
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You're probably right.

[Bucky raises a brow at the Bubbletape, honestly, he doesn't know what he'd expected. Did the type of gum say anything about a person, give any extra insight? It made Peter seem young. Something that he envied but also felt protective of.]

Thanks, pal.

[He takes a piece, snaps it shut, hands it back.]

What do you do for a living?
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[Look, it's the best flavor! Plus, those containers were like...indestructible. Why couldn't cell phones be made out of the same plastic? With how often Peter accidentally smashed his phone...

Peter beamed and slid the Bubbletape back into his bag, shrugging it back onto his shoulder.]

I'm a full-time student. Going for a Biochemistry degree at ESU. Part-time photographer, but it doesn't pay much. Trying to get an on-campus job at the bookstore or the coffee shop, but we'll see. [Vigilantism was his main job, but Peter wasn't exactly about to say that.] What about you? What do you do?
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Why Biochemistry?

[Bucky's expression flickers, a brief passing of quirked brows and lips. He's not curious, or asking, because he doesn't think Peter looks smart, Bucky doesn't judge based on appearance, but, he was kind of intrigued.]

Just show them how friendly you are, you'll get the job.

[He says it with confidence. Bucky figures, with how outgoing and kind Peter has been, that any place would be lucky to have him.]

Day laborer. Odds and ends, wherever people need help.

[It's the truth. Bucky didn't have a career or a job. He moved around too much and didn't need the extra attention.]
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It's my favorite life science. And - it's what my dad did.

[Physics made him want to die. Biology and chemistry alone weren't quite as interesting and...he wasn't really counting geology.]

Aw, thanks for rooting for me. We'll see. I think they're more likely to hire a girl though. Females can upsell anything.

[Maybe it's because he's kind of lonely. Maybe it's because Bucky seems kind of lonely too. Takes one to know one, right? But it's not every day you meet someone, randomly, who doesn't really have a pre-conceived notion of who you are.]

Dude, like roofing and windows and stuff? Because I could definitely use some handyman tips.