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the picture prompt

the picture prompt meme

I — Comment with your character.
II — Others will leave a picture (or two, or three...)
III — Reply to them with a setting based on the picture.

IV — Link to any pictures that are NSFW, please.
V — Be aware that this meme will likely be image-heavy. That's kind of the point.

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a bit post ca: cw if that's alright

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There have been arguments that Steve doesn't know how to turn off the War. That he's a soldier lost in time and he'll never be able to be anything else. And as far as that goes, Steve can't help but agree--mostly. He likes his job. He likes what he does. He has to help people. He doesn't know how to turn his back from a fight and it wasn't lip service when he said that if he sees something going south, he can't ignore it.

But there are times when he hates the consequences of his job, and this? This is one of them.

It seems like it's always the kids, isn't it? That keep getting hurt.

He'd seen the hit that took the kid down, seen it and hadn't been able to do anything to stop it--there's likely something broken, he can see him spitting up a mouthful of blood. Steve's got to believe it's a lacerated cheek, a broken tooth that tore into a lip, a bleeding gum --something that isn't a hell of a lot worse. He couldn't stop the hit, but he's here now, down on one knee--the tactical pants pressing firm against the asphalt. He misses the uniform, most days, but he doesn't have a right to it, anymore, not really. It makes him a damn easier target.

Kid, you still with me? You alright?
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Works for me!

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[Peter's still not sure how he got caught up in this fight in the first place. His domain was the everyman, the petty street crime; the car thieves, the bank robbers, the muggers. He's New York's street watcher; he wasn't made for this kind of fight. At least, he's not convinced he was, but here he is, webbing people much stronger than he is, faster, more experienced. The fact that he hasn't accidentally been killed yet is kind of a miracle in and of itself.

The hit was unavoidable. Part of what's gotten his ass this far was his spidey sense (okay, most of what's gotten him this far), the ability to feel an attack coming. It's the only thing he has going for him against trained assassins. But when everything around him offers nothing but pain, he has to pick which hit he's going to take. The explosion to his left spells out third degree burns, so the blunt force trauma on his right wins.

It takes him a second to answer, but eventually he's able to gather his words beyond the dizzying breathlessness.]

I'll live. [Peter makes a face, blood dripping onto the ground. At least the mask stopped the worst of the asphalt burn when he skidded along it, but it's pretty torn up, tuft of hair peeking out the side of it.] Ow.