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It's just like nature intended.


  • Comment with your character, preferences, and the like. You'll probably want to include just what you're comfortable with, because this meme will have some out-there choices.

  • Also, feel free to assume any amount of aphrodisiacs as needed. There's a proper option for that, but you can combine it with any others for ease of play.

  • Speaking of, you'll most likely want to mention if you're cool with assumed CR and AUs.

  • WITH THAT SAID. Reply to others. RNG. You know the drill.


  1. Societal: The culture you grew up in forces you to breed in order to keep society going. Understandable, isn't it? There may be freedom to choose who you'd like to be with, as long as you get it done, or your partner

  2. Station: As a royal or equally important person, you have an obligation to produce an heir.

  3. Heat: Going through cycles is normal for your kind, yet this is the first time you've actually had the urge to full-on procreate.

  4. Aphrodisiac: You're so pushed full of juice you can't think straight, but you do know there's one thing you want to do.

  5. Drugged: As in the above, you're out of it - this time, even more so. What you want to do isn't an issue.

  6. Confined: More like the breeding stable concept, where characters are imprisoned and forced to mate through that way.

  7. Feral: You've been driven to the edge, like an animal in rut. You have no other instincts but to fuck, fuck, fuck.

  8. Last of Your Kind: The two of you must reestablish your race, no matter what.

  9. Last of Your Gender: You're valuable because of your ability to give or carry life, and you're the only one.

  10. Has to Be You: You're the one destined to bring about one special offspring, for good or for ill.

  11. Garner Sympathy: Remember that moment in Catching Fire where Peeta tells everyone Katniss is pregnant? Being pregnant or appearing to be so would be quite advantageous to you two right now.

  12. Moving Too Fast: You're attracted to each other, and maybe there's a little something more, but all of that's put on high octane when you're thrown into the fire and have to perform.

  13. Better Me than Anyone Else: Whether your love is platonic or romantic, you figure it's better that it's you they're mating with instead of someone who'd be cruel or cold to them.

  14. Hate You: The person you despise more than anyone the one you have to breed with? Some would call that a cosmic joke.

  15. What Won't Kill Them: If you breed with them, you'll hurt them, but if you don't, both of you will die.

  16. Pressured: Everyone around you is telling you that you need a baby, that your relationship isn't complete without one.

  17. One-Sided: They'll love you if you give them something that's a part of you.

  18. Humiliation: In your eyes, seeing them parenting/carrying your child is an ultimate blow to their ego.

  19. Modification (aka the MPREG option): You can't carry a child, at least not without some "fixing."

  20. Sudden: Quick! Something's burst through your door and is making you mate under fear of death. You'd better hope there's someone suitable nearby...

  21. Marriage: In order for others to consider the marriage consummated, you need proof.

  22. Mechanical: Robotics and machines will help in the process, making breeding much more efficient.

  23. Scientific: Men and women in white coats are the order of the day, and they have a vested interest in seeing you breed...or how you respond to the threat of breeding.

  24. Create an Army: You're particularly strong or talented, and important people want your offspring to mold to their desires.

  25. Never See: Any child the two of you birth will be taken away as soon as it comes into this world. What's the point?

  26. Cross-Bred: You two are not of the same species, but there are people or forces who would love to see what would come from your union.

  27. Unusual Pregnancy: Did you expect it would be a normal human pregnancy? If one of you isn't human, that would be impossible! Nine months may be far too long of a gestation period, and you can't exactly feel something like, say, eggs kicking.

  28. Love 'Em and Leave 'Em: In this world, breeding is like an assembly line. You just do your duty and move on.

  29. Mates for Life: contrast to the above, when you breed in this world, you're bound together for the rest of your days.

  30. The Deed is Done: They're already good and pregnant, but you are required to continually mark your claim.

  31. Tragic Ends: Did you really believe that you'd survive if you went through with breeding? Your performance and hesitation was noted, as was your rebellious spirit. You're less of an asset and more of a liability, so your life is forfeit.

  32. Happy End: Actually, it all worked out for you! You were lonely before or constantly in danger, and now, you're safe and have a companion - and maybe even a family!


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Peter Parker | Amazing Spiderman | OTA

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[Hey hey hey :D Interested in something with Bruce? Let me know if you have any preferences!]
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[Sure, I'd love to! No real preferences, I'm down for pretty much whatever~ ]
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[Awesome! Maybe we could do an ABO type thing, maybe where Peter is the omega going into heat [maybe one of his first?] and alpha!Bruce helps him out, with either intended or unintended consequences?]
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[Works for me! He could be a late bloomer (perhaps an effect of the spider bite?), or neglecting his suppressants.]
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[I went with some assumed CR, but feel free to change whatever you like!]

Although Bruce and Peter hadn't been able to spend a lot of time together, their Avenging activities had given them the opportunity to fall into an easy friendship. Despite their age difference, Bruce could respect a lot about Peter - he had a brilliant mind and a quick wit, and he was a pretty good person overall. It was easy to see why he and Tony got along.

What Bruce hadn't really thought about was the chance that he would walk into the Tower's living quarters one day only to scent something unmistakeable in the air: an omega in heat. A young omega. An omega that smelled suspiciously like -

"Peter?" he called out, walking through the floor gingerly, somewhat anxious about accidentally barging in on something he shouldn't. "Are you here?"

His own alpha instincts were flaring up, but he did his best to suppress them. He wasn't like those aggressive alphas, the ones who took what they wanted without even considering their partner's well-being. He would never dream of forcing himself on Peter.

...then again, that scent was so good. Sweet and bright and full of possibility. Without realizing it, the hint of a growl rose in the back of Bruce's throat as he grew closer to the source of that scent.
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[Fine by me! (: ]

Peter was loving being an Avenger. It was one thing to swing through the streets, protecting people, but it was a lot easier without a) cops shooting at you and b) backup when Doc Ock reared his ugly mug. Peter was the youngest, certainly, but he was judged (mostly) by his skills, which was the best Peter could have hoped for.

He was closest with Tony, for sure, but he tried particularly hard with Bruce. Peter was interested in biochemistry, but held a fascination for all science. He just tried not to be too irritating with his questions to the good doctor.

Most people assumed Spiderman was an Alpha. His powers seemed to point that way, definitely. But Peter Parker was born an Omega - thin, average strength, bad eyes and even worse asthma. The bite had fixed all of that before his first heat, and Peter didn't really mind. So what if he wasn't an Omega? He was something new, something in-between, and that was fine.

When his temperature started to rise, Peter didn't think anything of it. He asked JARVIS to turn up the air conditioning and went about writing his Composition paper. He was too focused on his work to recognize the signs of a heat long overdue. It wasn't until he shifted on the couch that he felt the wetness under his thigh, and he glanced down with a barely-supressed whimper. Oh.

"Bruce?" Peter responded, clearing his throat. There was a blush high in his cheeks, fever beginning to clamp down on the unprepared Omega. "Yeah I'm in here."
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Bruce knew that Tony had all sorts of information on each of the Avengers tucked away inside his databases, but he wasn't one to pry - his own files weren't exactly admirable, after all. He'd always just assumed Peter was an Alpha or perhaps a Beta, still too young for the characteristics of his kind to truly appear. He hadn't expected him to be an Omega, much less an Omega who, apparently, hadn't gone through a heat in a while.

Then again, Bruce wasn't exactly a stereotypical Alpha. Most people expected him to be an Omega: passive and physically weak, he fit that profile perfectly. What most people seemed to forget was why he acted that way. The Hulk wasn't some random thing, after all. It was an aspect of his personality that had been strengthened and exaggerated. The passivity he exhibited was necessary to keep himself in check.

As Bruce rounded the corner and came into view of the living room, Peter's scent grew ten times stronger, making the scientist's nostrils flare. Even from this distance he could see the redness on Peter's face, and it stirred something within him, some need to reach out and press him close, to wrap him up and keep him safe. Bruce's pace quickened as he crossed the room, concern etched across his face.

"Are you alright?" he asked, knowing it was a stupid question even as the words left his mouth. He could see and smell everything that was happening a thousand times more strongly than Peter could hope express with words. Alpha senses weren't something to scoff at, particularly when they'd been sharpened by a brush with radiation.
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More like hadn't gone through a heat ever. He wanted to crawl out of his skin; it was like his body didn't know what to do about the biology overriding his healing system. Peter had even less idea of how to deal with it, sitting ramrod straight on the couch, quivering with the effort it was taking to hold it together.

"I - uh - I don't think so." Peter admitted, and woah, Bruce looked extremely worried. That was enough to send Peter panicking a little, the pen in his hand cracking under the pressure from his palm. Then he made the mistake of inhaling - he didn't know Bruce could smell that good. What cologne was he wearing?

Peter didn't even realize he was leaning forward until he almost fell off the couch, hands flying to grab at the seat cushions. "I. Uh. What. I need to - er - go. I should go. To my room." Maybe hide under his covers until he gathered his bearings enough to figure out what the hell was wrong with him.
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Poor Peter. Apparently this was his first heat, judging from his responses. He seemed utterly bewildered - Bruce could only imagine what his body was going through. Having altered biology made the transition into full adulthood even rockier than it usually was, especially when said biology was capable of super strength and rapid healing. Peter would be alright, but it wasn't going to be comfortable getting there.

Bruce's pace slowed as he reached Peter, and he tread more cautiously, all too aware of his own body's responses to the blossoming Omega in front of him. He could see Peter's pupils dilate, and the way he leaned forward was telling. His body knew what it wanted even if Peter didn't.

It would be so easy, his brain told him. So easy to reach out and take him, claim him, use his body for what it was meant to do. But Bruce wasn't about to forego his substantial self-control just yet. Instead he knelt in front of Peter, ignoring all his Alpha instincts to appear large and powerful, instead favouring a position where they could be eye-to-eye.

"Peter," he began, trying to keep his voice gentle. No matter how he tried, though, he couldn't suppress the husky notes that drifted in. "It's alright. You're in heat." He hesitated for a moment before reaching out to press a hand against Peter's shoulder. Even with the cloth of his shirt in the way Bruce could feel how warm he was.

"I can help you," he said, then immediately regretted it. Help? 'Help' from an Alpha usually meant one thing, and he was sure Peter was clever enough to figure that out even in his confused state. "If you want," he added hastily, trying to backtrack.
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"Heat? But I - I thought I couldn't do that anymore." So many of his other Omega traits had been erased, rewritten by the bite. Peter fidgeted, wondering if Tony would be angry that he was soaking through the couch. Probably not, unless Pepper was; then he'd be all over his case. It's such a mundane thought, but he latched onto it as though it might keep his sanity intact.

Bruce's touch eased something inside of Peter and his fingers found Bruce's wrist, closing around it without thinking. The brush if his thumb against Bruce's pulse just seemed like something he should do, some instinct he didn't know how not to obey. Still, it wasn't as though he minded, although he'd probably be embarrassed later.

"Help." Peter echoed, staring back at the doctor. He could put the pieces together, even if he was a little distracted. The news that Bruce was an alpha wasn't terribly surprising. He was a little out of the norm, but weren't they all, the little band of supers that they were? "You mean - ?"

This heat was bad, and only getting worse the longer he sat there. Now that it had kicked off, it was really speeding up, blazing and on its way to an inferno. If his metabolism was four times what it was before, what's to say his heat wouldn't be, too?
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What was he thinking? Bruce hadn't come here thinking he was about to take advantage of Peter. He didn't want that. But the poor kid looked so flushed, and he was so warm, and the fingers that curled around Bruce's wrist spoke of a need to be protected and taken care of. 'Help' wasn't supposed to be code for 'let me fuck your brains out on this couch'. It meant that Bruce would keep Peter safe, would help ease the discomfort of a heat that was otherwise overpowering.

"I won't do anything you don't want me to," he said quickly, his expression earnest as he looked up at Peter. "I won't hurt you." Unlike some Alphas. What would have happened if this heat came on when Peter was out walking around? Or worse, when he was fighting off bad guys? The thought drew another soft growl from Bruce's throat, low and protective, and he shifted closer.

He paused again, trying to put his thoughts in the correct order, before continuing. "It'll be easier with me around. I don't have to touch you, but I can keep others away." 'Others' meaning Alphas who would be much less caring than Bruce - not that there were any with access to this floor, but the point was still there. If his own Alpha scent was mingled with Peter's, those 'others' would know to keep away.

"Let me help you," he said, his voice soft and pleading. More than anything, he didn't want to see Peter going through this heat alone. He knew how awful that was; he'd seen footage of others, heard stories of Omegas left untouched for countless cycles, writhing and desperate and empty. Just his scent and presence would help, would provide some amount of comfort, even if Peter didn't want to be touched.
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He had already proved himself by sitting down to talk to Peter, rather than posture and preen as any other Alpha might. More than that, Peter already trusted Bruce. How could he not, when he left his life in Bruce's hands - the team's hands - most days? The team couldn't hope to be a force against evil if they couldn't trust each other?

"I know you won't." Peter bit his lip, considering it. There was definitely something appealing about the idea of Bruce helping him through his heat. You could chalk it up to hormones, but Peter had always felt calm with Bruce nearby. On bad days, he'd abandon Tony's lab in favor of heading to Bruce's floor, quietly doing his homework in the corner. He never felt pressured to talk about what was wrong, why he wasn't in the best mood. It was a safe space, for which he was grateful. "I trust you."

They huddled together, probably closer than they should be, and Peter nodded dumbly, wrapping his other hand around Bruce's fingers. Besides, if he did something Peter didn't like - highly unlikely - he could stop him. He could stop Bruce, at least in this form. "Okay. If you - if that's okay with you."

"What are friends for, right?" Peter laughed, a little high-strung, and let out a deep breath. "Have you - I mean you've probably - this isn't new to you too?"
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A relieved smile crossed Bruce's face when Peter agreed to let him assist with this. From the teen's earlier comment, it seemed that his other Omega characteristics had been suppressed for long enough that he hadn't expected to ever go through something like this. Bruce found himself giving a silent thanks that it was happening here, in the tower, where they could ride it out safely, instead of out on the streets where any Alpha could do whatever they wanted. Peter was strong, of course, but an Omega in heat didn't always act rationally.

The press of Peter's hands against his skin sparked more impulses inside of Bruce, but he did his best to ignore them in favour of smiling kindly. Peter trusted him. How could he betray that? Even if every molecule of his body was urging him to press the kid against the couch and - no. At least, not until Peter definitely, 100% agreed to such a thing.

He shook his head a little and tried to focus on the question. "No, I've done this before," he replied, his tone soft and reassuring. That had been a long time ago, but he hadn't forgotten how things worked. Besides, his research had taken a turn into Alpha-Omega biology more than once, so he was aware of the reasons for their bodies' responses to one another.

Knowing the science didn't make it any less tempting, though. Peter looked so good like this - his cheeks flushed, his expression vulnerable, his body leaning forward to close the gap between them like he needed Bruce. The scientist had to take a breath to focus on rational thought.

"Peter," he began, his tone a little more curious now but just as gentle, "How much do you know about going through a heat?" It would be better if he knew what to expect. A frightened Omega did not a good heat make.
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He honestly hadn't. Not that he thought he'd been turned into an Alpha overnight, because his usual impulses didn't feel any different. Part of why he struggled so much with hurting people, even when they were out to hurt him. Omegas weren't meant to fight, weren't terribly inclined to, unless their family was at risk. And if this had happened out on the streets - if he'd been cornered in one of the many alleyways he frequented, crime-fighting...well, it didn't, and they should be grateful for the luck.

Peter narrowly suppressed a whine, already inviting Bruce closer, drifting into his personal space. Bruce's scent was heady, powerful, driving his own scent out of his nose, which had started to burn. A welcome change, certainly. He managed to gather himself enough to pat the cushion next to him and invite Bruce up to the couch level.

"Not a whole lot." Peter admitted, using every ounce of his control to let one hand off of Bruce, running back through his wild hair nervously. Okay, so maybe he didn't pay attention in school. Not about that, anyway. They never talked about it scientifically, so he'd never cared. And then the bite happened, Peter drew his own conclusions, and he'd never looked into it. Never bothered to wonder about the what ifs. "It should last a week, sometimes more, sometimes less. The worst days are the first three. Most Omegas get feverish and secrete kyglcerin."

"Commonly known as slick." Peter cleared his throat, shrugging sheepishly. "I mean that's - about as far as public education goes."
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When peter patted the couch Bruce smiled gratefully and moved to sit next to him, closer than might have been wise, their thighs brushing against each other. Physical reassurance was just as important as verbal in this case; Bruce knew that Omegas needed a strong, stable presence to focus on at any point in their lives, much less during a heat. Omegas were designed to have a partner, just as Alphas were, and being without one could be frightening and isolating.

The mention of public school education made Bruce snort derisively. Kids missed out on too much these days. You'd think sexual education would be more important, all things considered, but he supposed that's the best they could do given their limited budgets. At least Peter had the basics right.

Looking over at him, Bruce found it impossible to resist the urge to reach out and press his palm to Peter's forehead. He was burning up; no wonder his face was flushed. Instead of pulling his hand away, he allowed his fingers to smooth themselves back through Peter's hair, doing little to tame how wild it was. So easy to grip, he thought, so easy to -

No, no. Not now. He cleared his own throat and smiled again. "That's the important stuff," he replied, nodding a little. "I guess they wouldn't have taught you about Alpha responses." His hand slid back further, down along the back of Peter's skull, before coming to rest lightly against his neck. "Or scents. You probably think I smell pretty good right now, huh?" His smile widened a little, natural Alpha dominance peeking out from beneath his usual mild-mannered appearance. "I don't know if you can tell, but you smell amazing." Like citrus and sunshine, young and bright and good.
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The press of Bruce's leg against his just encouraged Peter's instincts, and he started to lean into Bruce's side, unbkthered by the intimacy. In fact, Bruce was right - he was craving it. The last person Peter had been with, truly been himself with, was Gwen. Beautiful, brassy Beta Gwen. She was almost every bit an Alpha, without the hyperagression many of them possessed. Peter suspected that had more to do with upbringing than anything else. But for the first time in a long time, he'd felt less lost, letting her tend his wounds, curling around her and listening to their heartbeats, side by side. When he'd lost that - well, it was still rough. How had Bruce lasted these years without a mate, especially the last few more trying ones?

Peter sighed happily, leaning into Bruce's hand, his own moving to the man's collar, fingers playing over his shoulder gracefully. Bruce's hand almost seemed to cool him, which was something he sorely needed at this point. "No, they always separated us by classification."

"Yeah definitely do." Peter inhaled again at the mention. Bruce smelled like pine and lavender, with just a hint of spice Peter couldn't quite place. His own scent smelled too sharp to his nose, but combined with Bruce's it seemed...mellow. Pleasant. "Isn't - uh, isn't it designed to be...appealing?"
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Peter's touch was somewhat unexpected, and it affected Bruce more than he would've liked it to. He forced himself to even out his breathing, to keep himself focused, but the touch of those fingers - so lithe, so graceful - made him lean a little closer, his body wanting to experience more of it. If he were honest with himself, he'd admit that he wanted to feel Peter's hands on his skin directly, not just around his neck and collar but on his chest and abdomen and - well. That was the Alpha in him speaking, so it was only natural.

Still, he wasn't about to force Peter into anything, no matter how bad his heat became. Swallowing, he took another breath, allowing himself to enjoy Peter's scent once again before replying, "Yes, it's meant to attract Omegas by smelling like things that are enticing. You know, warmth and shelter and strength. The things needed in a mating partner."

Bruce smiled again, but it was tighter this time, and his eyes had become hazy with desire. His grip on Peter's neck grew a little stronger, though he did what he could to restrain himself. Aware of how quickly this could go downhill, he gave Peter an apologetic look and said, "Peter, I care a lot about you, so I have to be honest - it's really difficult to sit here with you when you smell and look like this." Somehow, despite his age and experience, a slight flush managed to creep up the back of Bruce's neck and onto his face. "Especially when I know how much easier this could be if I could mate you."

He was nothing if not honest, and he knew that Peter deserved the truth. He wasn't about to attempt some sort of seduction or anything like that, not when he was with such a young Omega. He wanted everything about this heat to be as comfortable as possible, and if that meant admitting his own weakness and getting someone else to look after him, that's what Bruce would do.

But if Peter did want him around, well... who was he to refuse?
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"It, uh, it's working." Peter informed him, tittering nervously. But Bruce had to be smelling this too, it wasn't just Peter. At least, he hoped not, because that would be hella awkward. He's never really thought about mating, except in the general sense. He wasn't a normal Omega, after all, but Bruce smelled...right. Suddenly the words 'mating partner' didn't seem quite so out of reach.

Peter whined softly, relaxing despite the tight grip. In fact, it almost seemed to encourage it; someone strong, someone he could just present to and - woah, where did that thought come from? Peter felt his flush turn up a notch, red flooding his cheeks. It seemed like Bruce was having the same issue, if the red in his cheeks was anything to go by - then his words only confirmed it.

"I - uh - I mean - you could. Maybe. Um." Peter is maybe freaking out a little, and he absolutely doesn't want Bruce to leave. He smells too good and it feels good, sitting there next to him. He tucks a little further into Bruce's side, curling himself as tightly as he could. He was pretty adept at turning himself into a pretzel, what with the superhuman flexibility and everything. "If - you wanted to."

In all honesty, it was probably safer if Bruce did? For starters, his heat was extremely intense right now and if another Alpha caught a whiff of him...

Then there was the fact that they were superheroes. Maybe it was worth something, mating to someone who could handle their own, who couldn't be used against him. Someone he didn't have to hide his identity from.

And then there was the simple fact that Bruce smelled so damn good. Peter had smelled Alphas in rut, and he'd never scented anything like that before. That had to mean something, right?
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Watching Peter's face redden further was simultaneously enticing and worrisome. Bruce knew he was crossing a line here - Peter was a kid, a child almost - but at the same time, being in heat signaled the entry to adulthood. The plain fact of it was this: mating would help. It always felt good to have your needs met, and when a heat had been delayed for as long as Peter's apparently had, the discomfort associated with being left alone could only become more intense.

And Peter was responding so beautifully, leaning into the touch and curling up like that, clearly in need of protection and love. Bruce could scent the slick now, too, and one glance southwards informed him that, yes, Peter was very capable of producing that as well. His grip tightened further before relaxing, his hand reaching back up into Peter's hair to card through the loose strands gently, practically petting him. Bruce felt the desire to care for him grow stronger, and soon he knew it would be the only thing he could think about.

He swallowed, trying to digest Peter's response. It was consent, but just barely. Alphas didn't generally care about that; they had a right to take any unmated Omega for their own, especially when the Omega was in heat. It was just how things were. He couldn't let one of those Alphas get to Peter. Maybe it wouldn't happen this time, but how could he ensure Peter's safety in the future? There only seemed to be one option.

Closing the space between them, Bruce allowed himself to brush his nose against Peter's temple, inhaling deeply. There was fear there, but also excitement. Leaning back just a little, he gave Peter a serious look and replied, "Only if you want - really want - me to. I won't force you into this."
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He was a kid only by certain standards, but hey, he was practically a full grown adult. Granted, he couldn't drink (didn't matter, he couldn't get drunk with his healing factor) and he couldn't rent a car (but he lived in New York, he didn't even have a driver's license). Speaking of intense, it really was getting hot in here, but that only made him press into Bruce's side more, fingers catching on the collar of his shirt.

The couch was a total wreck; they'd almost certainly have to get rid of it, or risk some serious discomfort every time an Alpha walked into the common room. Peter made a pleased noise at the hand in his hair, eyes slipping closed briefly. He couldn't remember feeling this comfortable in a long time, even as the pressure of heat was bearing down on him in full force.

"I do. You smell - " Peter cleared his throat, tipping his head up to look Bruce full in the face. "You're not forcing anything on me. I need - I don't know that I can get through this alone. And you really do smell incredible."

"I'm not, uh, I mean, you should know that I'm - clearly a pretty late bloomer." Peter sounded apologetic, sighing in relief as Bruce pressed his nose to Peter's temple. "And I don't know the full extent of what the bite did to me. Is it even, like, safe to mate?"
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Christ, Peter's eyes were so dilated the colour had almost disappeared behind the black. Bruce found himself having trouble actually listening and not just staring at him - or worse. But that need to teach and protect was still present, and the way Peter sounded when he spoke, as if he were trying to apologize for something he had no control over, made a tiny growl slip from Bruce's throat. He continued to press his nose to Peter's temple, rubbing against him a little in an attempt to scent-mark him - an instinctive reaction as well as part of the buildup to mating.

The question was a good one, and it made Bruce hum thoughtfully. "I'm not entirely sure what effects it'll have," he said at last, his voice soft and warm, "but I doubt you can hurt me." A wry smile appeared on his lips and he reached down to grasp Peter's chin gently, making sure the teen was looking at him directly. "I'm not exactly pure-blooded either."

This was right, he realized. The two of them together, him teaching Peter about this, making sure he felt good and happy - what other Alpha could possibly understand what Peter was going through? What other Alpha could be so confident about their individual safety? Possessiveness stole over him again and Bruce couldn't hold himself back any longer, not now that Peter had given his clear consent. He let out another sound, this one meant to alert Peter to what was about to happen, before leaning in and sealing their lips together. It wasn't a rough kiss - in fact, it was incredibly chaste, all things considered - but when he pulled back Bruce knew it was useless to deny himself any longer.
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His homework was entirely forgotten at this point, eyes wide behind his glasses. The growl had him shivering, goosebumps rising on his skin. When people looked at Bruce and didn't see an Alpha - how could you not? Peter swiped his thumb along Bruce's jaw, an involuntary response to the perpetuation of Bruce's scent on his skin.

That got a burst of nervous laughter, but he pressed his cheek into Bruce's palm, despite his jitters. "Don't Hulk out, I mean - there's a 98% chance I'd die if we - uh." He bit down on his bottom lip to stop the flow of babble. "I don't care. Bloodline doesn't matter. My Uncle wasn't pure either." And sure, Aunt May's family had given her a very rough time over it but - scent was scent, and your heart knew who you were suited to better than your genetics.

He's still surprised when Bruce surges forwards, a small squeak escaping him, but it's not an unwelcome surprise. He hasn't kissed anyone in a while and the heat just made Peter all the wilder. Even though it's fairly chaste, Peter felt like his lips are burning, needing more of Bruce, now. He parted his lips, swiping his tongue gently against Bruce's bottom lip before he pulled away.

Now his cheeks were nearing firetruck levels of red, and Peter abandoned all sense of shame, pressing fully up against Bruce's chest, practically sliding himself into Bruce's lap. "Please. I want you, Bruce, fuck - "
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Peter's reaction is more than Bruce could have hoped for. There's a beauty to the way his body responds, as if it's only just woken up to the world of possibility promised to Omegas. As difficult as life can be for their kind, there are many good things to be had, as well: a strong, protective partner, a loving family, the prestige and desirability of being a beautiful and fertile being. Bruce is determined to show Peter the better side of things, the route that his life should take - the route that he deserves.

The wantonness with which Peter moves and speaks sends Bruce's brain fully into Alpha mode, and he growls again, louder this time. His hands come to rest on Peter's waist, holding him against his lap properly, and he leans up to kiss the teen again, all tongue and teeth now that he's been given permission to use them.

It's hard not to tear Peter's clothes off and slide inside of him right then and there, but somehow Bruce manages. He wants the buildup, wants to hear Peter begging for him as he's made ready to take Bruce, to be mated by Bruce. The state of the couch is no longer an issue; Bruce knows that, by the time he's finished, it'll be even more of a mess than it already is.

His lips pull away from Peter's just to kiss and suck a long, lingering trail along his neck, teeth appearing here and there to suck small hickeys into the skin. He wants to show that he's been there, wants others to know that this Omega has been claimed. "You sound so good, saying my name like that," he murmurs, hands massaging Peter's hips, enjoying the weight of the boy's body against his own. "I think I'll have to make you say it some more, hm?"
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With Bruce as his Alpha, Peter would get all those things and more. And maybe he'll be good for Bruce too - no longer isolated by some sense of guilt, of worry over hurting people. Out of any Omega he could have possibly chosen, Peter is surely the most durable. And Bruce - he's getting him right at the very beginning of his blooming, from the very start. That might only attune him more to the Alpha further down the line.

Peter's ass is wet, soaked through his pants. Damn, those were nice, too, new - he went through clothes with unfortunate regularity, losing them in hasty Spiderman changes, or ripping them simply by accident, pulling too hard. He responded to the kiss, terribly eager, tilting his head to deepen it, lips sliding in harmony with Bruce's. He's rough, but not unduly so; Peter can tell he's kissing an Alpha, and damn if that doesn't make him want it all the more.

"Bruce," Peter breathed, heart stuttering in his chest as Bruce littered his neck with marks. Unfortunately, they'd begin to heal within the hour - but he supposed that just gave the two of them opportunity to try a little harder. After all, recovery time was exacerbated the more often he injured a specific area. "I'd love to."

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